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Today’s post is a very well drafted one and i thoroughly enjoyed it to read and post. I am sure it will not only increase our faith on Lord Sai Baba but even show us where we are yet to ripe. I can only pray to this Lord to bless us with the same devotion, this devotee lady has for Him.

With this interesting experience, i would also like to share a good news that i am 20 weeks pregnant and all the time, Lord Baba keeps me engaged in His thoughts. Though sometimes feeling dizzy and sometimes i get lazy to just lie down and read books of Lord Baba, sometimes He makes me well to sit near the screen to work for this and other blogs, i really apologize for not posting experiences at a regular time. As many have advised, We (Lord Baba and I) would be having back up for posting experiences in my total absence for two-three months (exact dates would be declared later on) and i hope this service wont stop due to any reason. Like they say, “The Show Must Go On…” I am sure Lord Baba would be taking care of every hurdle. Kindly all pray for us and may Lord Baba sends His dearest soul to me!

Sai Sister Abirami Ji from India says: Very fond Respected Dear Hetal Ji, Om Jai Sairam. Hereby I am sending my experiences to share with all Sai Devotees. It’s not an issue to disclose my email id and name. Kindly forgive me for the lengthy experiences. But I could not be without putting them here. I like all pictures of Saima and hence added images of Him in between so I kindly request you to put the same please my humble request. Thanking you in advance with the hope that my experiences would be published when Saima wishes.

Before anything, first of all let me bow and place my humble Shaastanga Namaskar to the supreme divine mighty Saima. Anatha koti Brahmanda nayak Rajadhiraya Yogiraya Parabrahma Shri Sachidhanandha Samartha Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ke Jai.

I wholeheartedly extend my thanks and gratefulness to our beloved Saima for choosing me as His child and for the abundant blessing, grace, love care He showered and making me drench with cheers, happiness and contentment so far and for the blessings in the upcoming years too I have fallen in Love with You Saima and I love You. I love You to the core completely and totally. Without You, our life is not beautiful, wonderful. Lose its charm and go meaningless. You are the Maker and complete our Life and gives meaning to it. Being a small creature, I am running out of words to express my complete gratitude towards You our Saima. I just hold the pen here, You, Saima, are writing the whole story. Kindly do forgive us for all our knowing/unknowing sins we did. You warmth us under Your wings and gives protection both in rainy and sunny times. Now, my hearty congratulations and best wishes to very fond, loveable, respected dear Hetal Ji. You are the most gifted and blessed that Saima chose you to do this task. I am a six months old vivid and regular reader of this blog. From the day, I knew this blog and never fail to read them daily. I wish all Saima devotees and their family and who don’t know Saima too to be blessed By Him.

It’s extremely hard to list each and every (endless) blessing we receive in our day-to-day life from Saima to post here. Hence I share some of them. I was chosen by Mother Sai as Her Child in the year May 2011.The first best thing Sai blessed me with is taking me in the spiritual path, which is vital for every human on this planet Earth and letting me know there exists a Supreme power, for which earlier I was an Atheist. He graced me to keep Sai Vrat twice in 2010. From day-1, till date I realize His existence in each and every thing I do. During the first Sai Vrat, whoever attended the prayer, were blessed with the request they placed and were/are happy now by His grace. My Sister-in-law whose child birth was delayed for more than 5 years (let us not say people don’t have child, but say their child birth is getting delayed) and she was told astrologically and medically there is no chance to get a child in this karma. She sincerely with Shraddha and Saburi attended the pooja for the last three weeks and in couple of weeks later, her happiness bound no limits with the glad news for doctor say that she is carrying her junior. The other girl, whose marriage was delayed for many years, got her marriage fixed with a nice person in the very next week of her attending the pooja and got married too now. My other friend’s father, who was suffering from heart blocks, was asked to undergo two major surgeries (most doctors said). But post placing request to Saima, he was told the blocks could be diluted with the help of medicines for couple of months. During my second Sai Vrat, Saima helped me built in confidence and faith on Him that again a couple, who suffered in delay of child birth for more than 15 years, attended the last week pooja with faith and this couple too was told the same there is no chance to get kid astrologically and medically. But Saima broke all this sayings and blessed the couple. She is 6 months carrying now. To mention, my brother is blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl and everyone talks about her charm. Why I mention is she (kid) is the gift from Saima so quite naturally. He blesses with the best and no doubt. Saima – The Destroyer of Karma!

These are the big events I put here. His blessings are not stopping there, but apart from this I have experienced His presence in the little things as well and fulfilling every wish of us be it a little or king sized. He is not bothered about the size of the wish, but all He wishes and cares is to bless His children with the best of best things and constantly thinks and works for His children’s happiness and protection. One day we planned to go Kovilpatti, where Sai temple is there and also few other temples nearby as we have no Sai Mandir in our home-town. I had this small wish like I would pluck flowers (this is the flower that you offer to Lord Shiva) and tie them as a garland and offer to Saima as I did not prefer to buy garland outside. My parents were telling lets us get one garland near the temple and added this tied garland of yours would not remain fresh the next day, when we visit the temple and may fade. My mom said I went nuts, but who cares. As I wished collected the flowers and tied them as a garland. While tying believe me I did not even open my mouth and ask Saima, but this thought was running in my mind like while I reach Saima to offer this garland if it is afresh alike the one plucked then how good it would be. How could Saima remain silent? Since we had the plan to go three temples, we started our journey by 5 am and reached Sai temple by 11.30 am. I tied the garland around 11 am in the morning the previous day, since I had to walk a distance to collect the flowers. Believe, while I took the garland out from the cover, tears just rolled down to see the flowers afresh alike the one tied that moment. Both I and my parents were awe-struck. My Dad told Sai listened your prayers. To mention, I did not sit and pray, but just a thought went on. The message Saima conveyed me is that “You don’t have to explicitly open your mouth and ask me for what you want/wish. I read and understand every human mind and their feelings and bless them”. Saima – The Omnipresent!

Sai graced me to share my experiences with my dear and near ones. And whoever trusted Him, were not disappointed. My neighbour family was in much pain in all spheres of Life. Once Saima stepped in their family, slowly the family started to progress and prosper. She is my friend and her 2nd brother’s wedding happened in a single go. Prior to that, they were more chaos about his wedding and her 3rd brother, who struggled hard in his workplace, where he did not receive any salary hikes, promotion or recognition respective of his hard work, dedication and sincerity on the other hand one of the colleague gossiped about him to the management and this brother was about to get fired from the company. In Saima Q & A book my friend questioned Saima for both her brothers. For 2nd brother, His affirmative reply was

“You will get an opportunity. Accept it. Time has arrived”.

That is the new relationship smiles. For her 3rd Brother reply was

“Remember Shree Sai, wait your hard work would be rewarded soon, will get a better opportunity, Shree Sai’s blessings are with you”.

How true Saima words are now. He got placed in IBM, Bangalore. Saima – The timely Helper!

My brother-in-law told me that yes Sai Baba proves His existence and shared his experience the very next day after hearing Saima Leelas he just like that told Saima like. Today I need to get back my golden ring at any cost from the pawn broker. The other fellow, who refused to give his money back for long years, suddenly met him and handed over the entire amount, which helped him get back his ring that he suffered for ages to get it from pawn-broker. Saima – The well wisher!

My aunt one day went late night to collect her dinner from a hotel. It was late 10.30 pm. Streets were empty except for the strange street dogs. All on a sudden, all dogs barking loudly chased and came towards and close to my aunt. She thought that day she is finished and going to be the meat for them and without any second thought at first place she uttered Sai and opened her eyes. To her surprise, all dogs stepped backwards and started heading towards the opposite direction. Her another experience is that she misplaced the complete answer sheet of her students and got dressed from coordinator, who told her before 5 pm try to submit in a bossy tone and strictly. Without having lunch, she started to hunt for the misplaced answer sheets everywhere for more than two hours, but all her efforts ended in vain that she found nowhere. Suddenly she was reminded Sai and not even chanted continuously, but uttered Sai and opened the cupboard and surprises awaits there that the answer sheet flew and fell on her face. Though these instances seem small, only the victim knows the value of the help they got that moment. Saima – The King of all saints!

My other neighbour asked me to add her daughter in our prayers. The girl is bright in her studies and doing std 9. Though, she is good at studies from std 1 till her mid-term in std 9. She secured rank 2 and not rank 1. How much ever effort she puts in. Her name was added in Second Sai Vrat and in Half Yearly Examination in std 9, she stood rank 1 and her mother cried out loud in joyful tears and said all by Sai’s grace and added four of her personal tasks were completed successfully by His grace. Saima – Wonders of wonders!

One day I got this message from Sai Baba Q&A book:

“There is a danger of unexpected death. Let one night pass. Do not sleep at night. Remain awake, and then you will be free from calamity and got success”.

I was much worried what Saima is trying to hint us. The very same afternoon my aunt’s son became a victim that the TV , TV stand and the DVD player fell on him, who is seven years old boy and yelled out .Suddenly my aunt rushed and lifted the TV. Saima’s mercy is always there that there was no damage to the TV and to the kid. His left leg was little swollen by the hit of the TV. Saima’s photo is present there in the living room smiles. Saima – The Rescuer!

This incident I have to mention for sure. In the end of June 2010, my family received a proposal for me. I and the guy came to know each other through internet and we liked/like each other. Our religion follows and goes with astrology and check for horoscope match.

Once ours horoscope were exchanged and checked by the astrologer and came up with the saying no match found and many complications were seen. Since we both and both our families liked each other and progress this proposal. We went with few other astrologers and among them only. One said you can go ahead where rest stood not to. Since we people are brought with strong belief in it both the families hesitated to step further. So there stopped the discussion on this proposal. But the likeliness I and the guy have for each other started to grow day by day. Parent’s fear and the complications in the horoscope made us not to think of union and we kept quiet though both wished to wed each other deep within. Days rolled on. Almost 6 months gone. That was the time Saima chose me as His child and post visiting His temple. I happened to meet an astrologer, who said match is there and things would be fine. The good part is that this astrologer is not money minded and he donates whatever he gets to the have-nots. So serving the needy is his service from his childhood. After that we silly human has much confusions and wobbling mind hence validated the same with few other astrologers again. This shows we lack faith in Saima again. Few said match is there and few others said no match. I feel more ashamed when I go for this stuff, which makes me feel I am deviating from Saima and not trusting Him completely and doubting Him. I was sad and worried why the hell I behave so and have wavering mind oscillating like a pendulum. At one point, I decided not to go with these and Trust only Saima so that I will be saved from this chaos, manias and phobias.

The guy is also His child and visit Saima temple and attends Aarti and Sai called him Shirdi last February. Saima extended His blessings on him that he constructed a house and named it as “SAI MANZIL”. His astrologer told him that he is under bad phase of time and asked him to be careful. The guy told me. By Saima’s grace, he was saved from an accident and left with minor scratches and his experience with Saima is endless.

Now I and the guy decided to leave it Saima’s holiest lotus feet to choice, wish and decide on both our lives and do what is best for the both the souls. We also decided to go with a fasting (not like having food) for 108 days like he visiting Saima temple regularly all these days and attending Kakad Aarti, lighting lamps, offering flowers, writing Sai Nama, reading the holy priceless treasure Sai Satcharitra, offering daily sweets to Saima idol at home and distributing sweets on every Thursdays on Sai temple. On the end of 108th day, he decided to do certain things (post doing it let me disclose it in the upcoming posts). He gave up his occasionally drinking habit as DAKSHINA to Saima a couple of years ago and Saima helps him to stand on His promises to Him. Saima – The lover!

From my end, I do the same as he does and since we have no Sai Mandir here I do at home. My mother and brother visit Lord Shiva and Thirumal temple daily early in the morning around 5 am. I too decided to join them and read the holy priceless treasure Sai Satcharitra and write Sai Nama there. My mom and brother felt it odd doing so there in the temple. But I was more interested doing the same for Saima, but not to Lord Shiva (it’s not I hate or dislike other God or Goddess, but I see all religious God in SAI BABA and asked Saima Q & A book…

“Go to temple. Worship Lord Shiva and follow the religious rituals there and all your prayers will reach me”.

I went dumbfounded and cried and thanked Saima to enlighten me from my Ignorance. Then and there Saima does this when I go wrong and mould me to be a better child of His. We both before starting placed a request to help us complete this 108 fasting successfully and by His mercy so far things are going smooth.

Now I and the guy are prepared to accept happily with contented and full heart whatever is Saima decision on our lives. Either way Saima is doing goodness to us. Saima – The light to Enlightment!

My younger sister’s experience is also endless. One fine day she planned to visit Saima temple in the evening and left for the noon show. The delay of the movie show stopped her from visiting the temple as it was too late to reach the temple. She was saddened and got into the auto, but how can Saima remain quiet. He appeared in the auto in the photo and showered His blessings on her. Similarly another her experience is suddenly she was asked to vacate her hostel without any prior notice and Saima helped her there too to get and shift to another hostel without much pain and he showed Himself there in the picture smiling (getting shifting to a hostel in Chennai is bit a cumbersome task). The other is He helped her catch the train on time where she was caught in the heavy traffic and she was much sure she would miss the train that day. But she reached the station 5 minutes before amidst the heavy traffic. The tail end blessing list goes on with her smiles. Saima – A good companion/friend!

One day, in a weekly magazine, a student, who scored more marks, got seat for medicine, but due this no sound financial background, he could not make it and was asking for help.

Reading that article my heart went heavy and I said Sairam. The very next day in the newspaper, there came news stating that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister too went through the article and decided to take charge of his entire education expenses. Saima – The rocking and shining star!

The other is recently we heard about the Tsunami, Earthquakes in Sumatra Island and every news channel were updating with the status. I did nothing but said Sairam please save and take care no creature is affected by this. The next day in the newspaper it was published that though the earthquake was severe and read high values no loss for humans and material. See Saima has complete control of Nature and it events. Saima – The Saviour!

I register online for UDI and I received the same on my maternal grandpa’s third death anniversary. Saima – timely Giver! I wished to change my name to Sai Abirami. This even was read by Saima and in the cover of the UDI, it was addressed like Sai Abirami. He helped my mom get relieved from health issues. Saima – The Doctor!

I honestly feel that the above experiences would help you all, including me understand and realise that Our Saima is Omnipresent and blesses and touches us in all walks of Life. Also understand that He always listens to whatever we talk, whisper, think and our feelings. Many instances, He made me go dumb-sruck, awe-struck and well out tears out of happiness.

My humble suggestion is that don’t ever see/seek/deal Saima as your Businessman and go for a business deal with Him. Like If this happens for me, I assure you I would write it on the blog. It really pains to hear people say so. There are countless blessings we receive from Him every now and then, then why should we wait for an opportunity to pen down expecting some miracles to happen to ink them. Are we not drenched by His abundant blessings in our daily Life? Being His child is more than enough to be great, feel happy, proud and are already blessed. Isn’t?

My humble request is Not only see Him as your God but fix Him in every role and relationship and in all dimensions you wish to be it a Mother, Father, sister, brother, companion, lover, doctor, Guru and look at Him in all possible directions all time.

Finally I keep my kind and humble request that SHIRIDI SAIMA knows all about our past, present and future lives. Don’t ever approach Him with an expectation and don’t ever blame, point, get angry on Him, when you feel Saima is not answering, responding to your prayers. He is there standing before us with good fortunes, blessings, love, care, affection and many more, which we cannot list, imagine and not known. It’s our entire unknown past bad Karma standing like high mountains between us and Saima that delays us receiving His priceless treasures. You stretch your both arms and beg to Saima for blessings, but your both hands are occupied with past karmic debts, which you sowed and waiting for you to reap. Once you are done with your harvesting, I mean wash it out completely and now your hands are empty enough to receive the gift from our Mighty Beloved Shirdi Sainath Maharaj. That’s why He indirectly and directly insists us to be in FAITH AND PATIENCE.

Whenever you come across any tree with flowers blossomed try saying all this flowers are dedicated to beloved Saima, not only flowers you can do the same to whatever you wish to, if it’s a sweet stall and when you say so. Saima tastes them and the owner as well as the customers and their families are blessed by our Saima.

Always don’t priorities placing your requests, but thank and be grateful to Him without fail for what He did to us in all these days. Initially I was low in my trust on Him, but nowadays, every day my faith on Him grows in leaps and bounds. Thanks Saima for being with me to write this article and helping it complete successfully with no interruption. I conclude this post saluting and bowing humbly to Shirdi Saima with the saying “Anatha koti Brahmanda nayak Rajadhiraya Yogiraya Parabrahma shri Sachidhanandha Samartha Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ke Jai.”

Oh Deva. Forgive us all our sins and enlighten us with good thoughts and deeds and keep us under your wings and shower all Your love on us.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Jai Sai Ram!,Wow Abirami Ji nicely sharing all your Experiences.It is realy delightful and i too agree that sai ma can erad our mind ,With Sai's grace your prayers will be answered

  2. Congratulations Hetal Ji.. We all will pray for your safe delivery.

    Abirami Ji Great job. Nice write up… Jai sairam.

  3. Sai Ram, congratulations Hetalji, You are doing an amazing job, I hope by Sai Baba grace you can continue working with this blog during pregnancy and also after baby's arrival, congratulations again !

  4. Dear sai sister abirami,

    M priyank a small devotee of our saima…very nice experience thnx a lot for posting…m staunch devotee of baba but as a small creature of this world i loose faith few times indulging in worldly matters…after reading ur experience m speechless seeing d love of saima on u …i just pray to saima tht please forgive my sins n give me patience like u(abirami).sister can i get ur email id so tht i can be in touch with u…at any point of time if my faith needs any support i will talk to u through mails….i'll be thankful to u if u or hetal di provide me ur mail id ….n yes hetal di congratulation…may saima send his chosen soul in ur life..saima please shower ur blessings on all of us…omsairam.

  5. Jai Sai Ram,

    Congrats Hetal Ji. I like this post a lot. I have below request for Abirami Ji.

    Dear Abirami Ji,

    Can you please include me in your prayers. I need BABA Ji's blessings. My parents are looking for right match for me from last few years but nothing is executed. I need BABA JI's blessings. Baba ji can send right match for me. I am already 33 years old. Its very late. Please pray for me.

    Thanks a lot.

    Jai Sai Ram,
    Baba Ji's daughter

  6. Very well writen. God bless….I liked when u said our hands are full with past karma…we need to clear to receive grace from baba

  7. Om sai ram, really an amazing experience of devotee….baba is omnipresent…thanks baba for being with all of us….
    One question i would likwe to ask to hetalji is that….how can we order udi online ? What is the procedure and what will be the total cost of it…plzzzzz guide me……om sai ram ,om sai ram,om sai ram

  8. Dear Hetal Ji

    Baba is with you. You surely will have a dear soul to baba as your child.

    Baba Blessings and Prema,

  9. Mind blowing narration!!!thanks a lot for sharing ur experiences…
    Congrats hetalji…very nice to hear…baba will definetely shower a healthy nd beautiful sai baby for you…take care of ur health….baba will be there with you…omsairam!!!

  10. Dear SAI ABIRAMI

    Very Thrilling expereinces.

    Now can I get the procedure for your Weekly Vrat pooja?
    I know special ingredient for it is Prema, but else you do. Most of the Baba's Arati's I do not understand- I do understand Hindi, Punjabi or English only & I do not feel contend If I sing or read something if I do not know meanings.

    Baba Blessings and Prema.

  11. Om Sai Ram.

    First of all, hearty congratulations to you Hetal Ji. Baba is always with you and it's Sai's blessing in your womb. My best wishes and Baba will bless you with a healthy bundle of joy.

    Sai Abirami Ji, how wonderfully drafted is your post !! I also pray to Baba to bless us all with the same kind of deep and loving devotion that you have for our SAIMAA. Awesome experiences and it is faith boosting. Baba does love you a lot and will bless you with an amazing life-partner. He will do all that is good for you.

    While reading this post, by Baba's inspiration, a thought came in my mind to have Baba's Puja in my new home. Am newly married and as per some custom, me and my husband are not supposed to visit any temple for a year 🙁 So, we haven't been able to go to Shirdi to seek Baba's blessings. So, i prayed to Baba now that, what if we cannot come to your temple, but you can come to our home and bless us. It's your home, so be with all always. I surrender my desire to have Baba's puja in our home soon. Rest is his wish. I know Baba will arrange for the Puja and Bhajan to happen in our home at the right time and soon. Hope to see you in our home soon Baba.. we will be waiting.

    Love you Sainatha. You are wonderful, loving, sweet and caring. Boundless is your grace. Please keep showering your grace on all of us always, we need you in every step of our lives. Be with us forever, and help, bless, guide and advice us in every aspect of our lives and hear our hearts prayer and wishes. Our sincere thanks to you for being with us always and for all the boons and gifts you have been showering on us.

    May Baba bless us all always and may everyone in this world get to know about Baba, his love and mercy, and his Leelas.

  12. Jai Sairam!!
    Dear Sai Abirami,
    Thanks for posting your experiences!
    Our father Saibaba makes us realise our mistakes and mould us, through his devotees' experiences and words. Thanks for including Sai's pictures.
    With prayers

  13. Dear Hetalji,

    Congrats ! Thanks for this wonderful site! Your baby is blessed to read & feel Sai's presence now itself.
    Praying to Sai for your safe delivery!

  14. Dear Priyambada

    May I know why there is custom not to go to Temple for a year after wedding?

    Baba's Blessings.

  15. SAIRAM,

    Great experiences may sai bless you always and bless all of us to have the same shradha and saburi this is what baba wants.

    He is the only saviour. MAY SAI BLESS ALL


    Baba will bless you always for doing this seva and touching the heart of thousands of devotees who are connected by this blog to baba.

    Regards& Best wishes

  17. falling short of adjectives to compliment the beauty of this post…… is just fantabulous…
    abhirami ji ….. wonderful is your dedication and devotion and awesome is your narration. it is very indulging. thanks a lot for posting.

  18. Om Sai Ram Hetal ji….congratulations to you….Baba's blessings are always with you n shall ever remain with you….May Baba bless u with smooth pregnancy n safe delivery!

    Sai Sister Abirami,

    Your post has left me dumb struck….we do experience so many instances everyday when Baba comes to help but we somehow do not acknowledge them n wait for some BIG miracle…..your experiences reminded me of my endless experiences with him everyday!….May Baba bless all of us to have deeper understanding of His constant blessings n kripa on us….OM SAI RAM

  19. sister abirami, u are truly blessed, and we are also blessed to be able to read this and experience once again Baba's presence. If u can guide how u keep vrat, it be good for us too. Although I believe Baba accepts just a smile also in his name.

    Hetalji, congratulations and may Baba bless u and baby always.

  20. Hetal Ji .. many congratulations… May Baba bless you with the best of health and may the lil one bring lots of joy and happiness and prosperity to you and your family.

    Abirami ji.. Its tough to define devotion. It is lived every moment of life and you are blessed to lead such a life. May god bless everyone with such a life…

  21. Hearty Congrautulations to Hetaj Ji. Today I realised that all sai devotees are a part of one family and you being a blessed soul feels like a close relative already. I really am so happy for you as I would be for my sister.

    You and your family for all generations are truly blessed by Baba already. He will be with you through all steps and as you wished make sure you receive his dearest soul as your child.

    Om Sai Ram

  22. Dear Sai Abhirami ji

    Thank you very very much for posting this. It was an amazing experience just to read your post. I was feeling a bit low with wordly concerns the last couple of days and your awesomely narrated experiences and pictures made Tears of joy roll out. The way you've written is surely an indication that Baba himself was making you write it. His leela's are just numerous and you really made my day. Baba will surely bless you and your beloved to be one very soon.

    Thanks once again.

    Shri Satchidananda Samartha Saduguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  23. Dear Sai,heartiest wishes for ur new arrival.Ur baby is really a blessed soul for he is under the hands of saima..Abirami ji could nt explain wat i feel after reading ur experiences.i believe ur travel from atheism to theism has made u to realise and absorb saipa completely..u r really a wonderful soul..u made my eyes open with ur ending lines..salute to u!!

  24. A heartiest congratulation Hetal ji…May Sai bless and protects u and ur baby everytime…

    Dear sister Sai Abirami ur experiences r very nice and really heart touching…May Sai bless all of us…Jai Sainath….

  25. Om Sai Ram

    Dear Hetal ji – hearty congratulation ji….u r so blessed.

    Dear Abirami Ji,

    All are wonder full experience. Very well you have drafted. You said we need to get blessings from our saima, on the otherhand don't for asking something….If we have a blessings then we no need pray. He himself come and give more than what we ask. He is always reading our mind even if we dint ask but mind him, he will shower his blessings.

    Abirami ji dont worry, soon you will engaged as per baba's wish.

    Baba bless each and everyone in this world.

    Om Sai Sree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  26. Dear Hetalji,Congratulation to you.May baba bless u…….I m also 21 week Pregnant.
    Very nicely drafted.All I can say that u r a blessed soul.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  27. Om Sai Ram

    Many Congratulation to Dear Hetalji…

    Dear Abirami,very nice experiences,really ur lucky….please add me in your prayers, baba is not blessing me..really need his blessing to solve my probelms.

  28. Hetal ji heartly congratulations to you. Definetly Baba will send His dearest soul to you. Lord Baba is always with you. All the best.

    dear Abhirami ji, wonderfully experience!! no words to explain the beauty of your post. Baba bless us all with the same kind of devotion. You are truly blessed, and we are also blessed to be able to read this.

    OM sai ram

  29. Dear Hetal ji,

    Hearty Congratulation to you. Sai Appa will always bless you with cute baby sooon. You wil have the happy family life……

    Dear Abirami,

    Experience nice and good. Narrations also soooooo good. You are having more faith and patient. Today my one wish got satisfied by seeing your post. Because yesterday i went to mylapore SAI temple and i was attracted by small statue in that temple. I thought in my mind like i want to have like this statue with me. On that day itself i bought one book. In that book, in front page that same statue portrait. The same statue photo you published as 6th photo in your post(Thanks a lot for posting that photo). By seeing your post itself, it brings more happiness for me. I felt good by seeing all photos in this photo. Through your experience i came to know that we need to patient. Whatever things happened to us, its all because of our bad karma.

    I want to thank to my SAI appa for showing the spiritual path to me(Which i expected). I learned in my life that i should not expect anything in my life and i left all to my SAI ma.



  30. Dear Hetalji! Happy to note the GOod News you've shared with us. May Baba always bless you and family w ith all good things in life.

    Dear Abhiramiji! very nice narration of events. In my married life also similar astrological predictions were made by different astrologers. But Baba gave a positive signal.
    Whatever we are suffering -it's all our past karmas only- good and so called "bad" also.
    At a younger age,yu've realised this- thru SaiMaa.
    May Sai Maa bless you with good things in life

  31. Congrats Hetal Ji!!!

    Abiram ji, Lovely experiences and very nice narration, i am sure your sweet message is delivered to everybody.

    I met my fiance online and we both love eachother since 5 years and both families agreed for our marraige. we had a same issue with our kundali, i did not care much
    and told my parents that sai will take care of us, early morning when i was reading satcharitra i read the story of mule shastri who is a great palmistry and finally he was blessed with gurugobind swami darshan.

  32. Congratulations!!
    Wish you all the best.
    May blessings of saibaba shower on you. You already are blessed to have wisdom to start and maintain this blog. You have spread Saibaba's name and inceresed faith for so many devotees. Babay too is already blessed soul.

  33. Sai Ram
    Hetal ji AND ABIRAMI JI

    What a well drafted experience..Like others, i am also in the queue to get your email id..Rest its your and baba's wish…Hetal ji many many congratulations…!!!!! Hetal ji it would be my pleasure if you will allow me to post experiences in your absence…Let baba and you decide who's suitable for this noble work..

    Sai Daughter

  34. Dear Hetal ji ,

    Hearty Congratulations to you ! Baba will guide you and take care of your health.
    You have a shared a very happy news. Do keep us posted.

    Thank U

    Sai Abirami ji,

    Today morning I was thinking a lot about the number 9 – which the Sai Family knows as the Navavida bhakti , and I get to read so many miracles and types of prayers to Sai.
    You are really very blessed, and I feel fortunate to be able to read all these experiences.

    Thank you.
    Trust in Sai and go forward in your life.

  35. Very nice experiences Abirami Ji! It is wonderful how Baba has helped your sister-in-law have a baby after many years and how Baba also helped protect your aunt from the dogs that were going after her. We should always thank Baba also for all the blessings he has given many of us and also pray for the welfare of others who are undergoing sufferings due to past karma. Om Sai Ram!


  37. Om Jai Sai Ram.

    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Shri Sachidhanandha Samartha Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ke Jai!

    Om Sai Namo Namaha
    Shri Sai Namo Namaha
    Jai Jai Sai Namo Namaha
    Sadhguru Sai Namo Namaha

    Thanks would be an underestimated word to thank our beloved Saima.All I know is to fall and surrender myself completely to Him for blessing to post His leelas he has done me so far.Other than love I have nothing else with me to give you Saima.I extend my hearty thanks and gratefulness to respected dear Hetal-ji. Am more than happy for adding and sharing the good news of yours along with my post.Happy happy happy.All our prayers are there for you ,your family and for the new junior.We wish you to be healthy and have safe delivery.Saima,be with Hetal-ji and her little prince/princess all thro and bless them abundantly in all spheres of Life.

    On seeing my post published by His grace,tears clouded and flooded my eyes.Except joyful tears I have nothing to express.

    Thanks each and every sai devotee for your patience to read this lengthy post.As one of the devotee said Sai purely wrote this and not me and all your constructive compliments reach only Him and His lotus feet.I shall add all of you and your family,near and dear ones in my prayers.

    Thanks everyone for addressing me as your sister and Sai Abirami.

    Dear sai brother/sister ,
    This is the free of cost where you can collect sai udi prasad.

    Sai Vrat:

    1. 9 thursdays is this Vrat.
    2.Keep your place and heart clean.
    3 Get baba photo or idol and place Him on yellow cloth.
    4. Offer any flower and sweet with love.(yellow is His favourite,any color flower offered
    with love is accepted by saima)
    5.Read Sai Satcharitham if you read chapter/day is good or atleast one story.
    6.Get Saibaba handy book that covers all his aarthi songs,astotharam and all related to
    Sai .keep reading them while you pray.
    7.It is good if you get Sai song Cds and sing when you play them.
    8.Take aarthi to sai either in the morning /evening/both while you pray.
    9.Sai never wants his devotee to skip foods.Have lighter food.
    10.Invite your friend,family, near and dear ones to the pooja
    11.Distribute the flower and sweet offered to Sai to the people.
    12. On ending the Pooja 9th week,try to donate food to as much as people possible
    depending on your potential.Also issue 5 or 11 or 21 sai books to people.

    Note: The only way to please Saima is to help others in any means.The more you help the more you are getting close to Saima.

    Its not that you should strictly follow the procedure to do this Sai Vrat.

    Complete Faith,patience and offering even a single flower and little sweet with love,chanting sai sai sai would reach him for sure.In addition donate food ,clothes or any sort of help to have-nots.He doesnt expect big big prayers ,a simple
    and humble surrender to Him is all he wants.

    I have many many experiences to share with you all.

    I once again thank and pray to Saima to bless each and every creature on this Planet Earth.


    Here this is the one great post and narration is also heart touching.
    Yes! You said it very right! "Sai Abhirami ji," We should improve our faith & saburi and pray him to be with us. Rest, it is his duty..we have to believe HIM firmly. DEVA, we love you, be with your presence always.

  39. Congrats Hetal ji,
    sai sis abirrami ji, pls pls pray to baba for me to get me a suitable baba thinks which is best for me.plz plz plz pray.
    Pm sai ram.

  40. Hetal Sister…. May Baba Bless you with his bestest creation in the universe. Congratulations. Abirami Ji..very nice experience.

  41. Dear sai sister abirami ji and hetai ji,

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful experiance,iam a small devotee of a baba,but iam selfish like if baba fulfill my desire then i will pray whole heartly,if not then i will blame on him, i know this is wrong but i have no patience,after that i used to say apology to my wrong thinking,but sincerely saying I love baba with shraddha but not having patience,After reading this experience I am feeling so happy and i got answers to my questions iam asking our god to give patience,thanks a lot……

    HI hetal ji,congrats,you are the very special daughter of our sai,may sai bless ur baby,and ur family,


  42. Congratulations Hetalji, May Baba bless you with good health and healthy baby.

    Sai Sister Abiramiji . Excellent experiences very well drafted. Reading such experiences increses faith ten fold, Thanks for sharing it.

  43. Sai Ram Hetalji, Heartiest congratulations. May Saima shower his blessings on you to have a safe delivery.

    Sai Sister Abirami, Amazing narration. You are a blessed soul and a loving child of Saima. You not only see the good of your family and friends even all beings around in the world. That is exactly what Sai has been showing us. I was so moved reading your experiences. The photo for Sai – Timely Helper is in my shrine at home and I was so happy seeing this photo, It felt like baba has come to me and told me I am with you. We are going through some very troubled times at the moment and your caption -Timely helper is most apt . He came like a saviour into my life only recently when all these troubles started, and slowly he has shown me the way. I know he will get me and my family through this very soon.

    Love you sai ma. Be with us always

    Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  44. dear sai abhirami
    i am ur sister pl pray baba for me i got married for 19 months but my husband is not able to start a conjugal life he is suffering frm severe diabetis we hv consulted doctors but everything is failed ihave completely surrendered my self to baba. but he is very rude to me n not listening my prayers. i hv lost my confidence faith n luv fr him. i am suffering a lot mentaly n physically .pl help me

  45. Congrats Hetalji on the great news!!!
    May BABA bless you with a healthy and happy pregnancy.
    Abiramiji, you are a truly blessed soul!!
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful experiences of BABAJI's blessings!!!!
    May SAI bless us all to lead a happy and peaceful life.

  46. Om Sai Ram,

    Sai Abirami, wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing with us. Nicely written.

    Om Sai Ram.

  47. Om Sai Ram

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful experiences with us Abirami ji. May Baba bless you always!

    Congrats Hetal ji! May Baba shower his blessings and love on you and your baby always! Om Sai Ram


    SAI Hetalji, Congrats, Very happy and pray for SAIMA's blessings on you.
    Dear SAI Abirami, No wordsma only tears rolling down. I see only Baayajabaayi amma, Mrs. Khaperde and also my daughter in YOU.Enna thavam seidhanai. Enna vivegam, enna Azhagu.So so happy.I just envy.I feel as if I have met my dearest cousin sister after very long period in a festival or home celebration just unexpectedly. As a mother of a girl of your age /stage, I wish /feel happy to share a lot about OUR SAIMA, SAIPPA with you.If possible, give your email id & ph.number.

    SAIMA, pleasePPA always be with us, in us, pl have us in YOU


  49. congratulations hetal ji….
    Abirami ji…thank u 4 sharin dis wonderful experience wid us…
    om sai ram pls be wid us and bless us forever….

  50. Abiramji, Thank You for a very powerful & amazing narration. Unfortunately we humans fail to realize the small things which Baba does for us in our everyday life.

    An eye opener to all devotees seeking Baba's blessings. May Baba bless us all.


  52. Congrats Hetal ji,
    sai sis abirrami ji, pls pls pray to baba for me to get a suitable job that baba thinks which is best for me.plz plz plz pray.
    om sai ram.

  53. Dear Hetal ji, wishing that you enjoy every moment of your motherhood.
    Dear Abhirami ji, indeed one of the most well narrated experiences ever.

  54. Congratulations Hetalji – Babas sweet prasad and blessing will be in your life to give you abundant happiness – as you have given all of us abundant happiness by taking all your effort and love to share his leelas with us. All our best wishes for you and may you enjoy your pregnancy.

  55. Om Sai Ram ! Hearty congratulations Hetal ji ! May Baba bless you throughout your pregnancy & a safe delivery ! Your prince/princess is indeed a blessed soul to having known BABA in the womb stage itself !!

    Hetal ji & Sai abirami ji- please pray for me to conceive a child..
    – Meenakshi

  56. Jai sai ramji
    Dear Hetal ji
    Today after a long time i'm able to visit this site and It start with the good news of your pregency Congratulation and best wishes for your bright future.
    Dear Abhiramji,
    I short of words to express my feeling how good Ifelt after reading your post. you are really a blessed soul who has asim kripa of sai babaji.

  57. Hearty Congratulations, Hetal Ji. I m very happy to hear this good news. May Baba bless you with healthy baby.

    Dear Sai sister Abhirami ji, You are a blessed soul of our beloved Baba. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences & thoughts.

    Om Sai Ram

  58. Dear devotee sai blessings lots lots lots is there for you
    Your one of the lovely child to baba.
    Just amazing the way you drafted just loved it reading all the beautifull miracles of saima

    Love you baba shower your blessings to all beloved devotees and waiting for your tons of blessings baba.

    Baba working hard to get rid all my karmas to gain successfull life bless me baba its so painfull to go through this phase of life everyday i m going mad baba its unbearable baba please lend me your hand and lift me to happy life baba.

    Bless each and everyone baba.


  59. my heartly congratulations to hetalji.may baba bless you and your baby and your family members with good health and peace always.may saima always bless everyone with good health and peace.
    dear abhiramiji thanks alot for sharing your experiences with sai devotees.i liked your narration style very much.i think you are one blessed child of saima.abhiramiji i am facing lots of problems regarding my marriage.i am already in love with a guy but he is one year younger to me so please pray for me to get married with that guy.hope saima will soon bles me.please include me in your name is nanda..

  60. Dear Hetal Ji.

    Congrats… Baba is always with you and u are a blessed without any doubt…his blessings shall continue to shower on you besides all his good souls.

    Dear Sai Abhiramji,

    though very long experience but still felt contended to read all through. May baba bless us all…it is true that in our daily routine life..we experience so many miracles which we can't even mention on daily basis. Baba's blessings are always with us and until our past karma's debt is over, we should not complain/blame Baba. OM SAI RAM JAI SAI RAM

  61. Well written and gave me very fine lessons..This is the first time I am responding though a devotee of sai since long time .I particularly liked the line…do not treat Sai as businessman and strike deals with him…SAI …I ahve always prayed that Sai knows best and will do the best for us…I am your child,Sai and please forgive me if I have behaved or written anything wrong here

  62. Dear saiabirami
    thanks for sharing wonderful saileelas.I can feel your complete surrender and faith on sai in your experiences and the way you expressed.I would like share my sai experiences.At first I am not the big fan of sai frankly speeking it was like idont hate him but i did not believe I whole heartedly surrender myself to my diety durga ma even now.But my husband is sai devotee.we married in 2008.I came to usa cause my husband is working in USA.Due to some reasons I did not go to india unlil 2012 i.e after i gave birth to baby and he was of 22 months of age.what happed here is during my later pregnancy that is when i was 7 months old i was diagnosed that i was is dangerous condition that i should not work and I should not be left alone at home.we (me and my hubby) were in deep depression .then my husband told me to read sai satcharithra .since I was in bed rest i read the book while lying on the bed without considering any food restriction .i thought full faith and love for sai the most important wonder of wonders i had ultrasound after a week when start reading the book.Imagine what doctor said you and baby are out of danger and she added you can now start exercising to ease ur labour .this is the miracle that draw me to the holy feet of saibaba from thence i have been having so many experiences with my sole guru father, mother sai natha.I will share them later when ever sai permits iam in deep sarrow but still believe sai will give answer to that believing faith and patience principle taught by my baba.waiting for him once he gives answer to my problems i will share them with you blessed people.I am sure he will be with people who believe him whole heartedly.

  63. Very nice experiences.Let me tell you one thing that you are really blessed because baba has started taking care of you and others who have been included in your prayers.

    I also agree with the fact when u say that we should unconditionally love baba.We should not say that baba please give me this and then I will share my experiences with others.Moreover,at times, people also say that give me so and so and then I will offer you prasad of 10 rupees.We forget that those 10 rupees have been given to us by Baba.Baba just need devotion from us not prasad offered based on conditions.

    I also had some big experiences of Baba.How much Baba has done for me only I know and no one else in this world could have helped me except Baba.Nothing is impossible for Baba.Only I know how in a year's time Baba has changed my life completely.Le me share little bit of it.I work as contractor.So I was looking for job.Hence,some company took my interview on the phone.As per me ,my interview went really bad and I was sure that I will not be selected for the job.After interview was over,I got selected.Since I got selected so I decided to make a move.At that time I had no idea that Sai Baba is doing all this.When I started working at new place.I met somebody who was already working there.We both became friends. Now this guy who was already working in the company was waiting for me because he was suppose to take me to the temple(All this was Sai Baba's play without any of us knowing).

    Through this colleague who later on became my friend,I met my Gurujee who communicates directly with Sai Baba always all the time.Through my Gurujee, Sai Baba helped me a lot.Before I actually met my Gurujee,Gurujee was sitting in one part of the country and I was sitting in other part of the country.I had no idea that Baba is going to arrange my meeting with Guruji.Sai Charitra says that when Baba invites somebody then he arranges everything for his reception.When I was invited ,baba arranged everything for me.How in the company I met a person who knew my gurujee.How that person who never keeps anybody as his room mate ,kept me as his roommate.How and why he took me to the baba's temple where Gurujee were staying.The guy with whom I was living took me to the temple everyday in his car and he did not even charges ingle penny from me.Baba knew that I did not have much money.In the end Gurujee told me that I have reached to the temple because Baba has called.I did not reach there on my own accord.

    I will write more and in much more detailed or elaborate manner when I share everything with you.I have many more experiences to share with you.

    Some unbelievable experiences such as baba did not accept me when in the morning arti my thought were not good.How Baba stopped gurujee and did not allow me to touch flowers which were offered to baba in the morining.

    How Baba told gurujee that I am hungry and asked me to eat something.Before I left for temple I said in my mind that I am hungry,I did not even utter those words from my mouth.When I reached temple baba told swamijee that I am hungry.How Baba gave me his photograph.Lot more guys ,Lot more to come.

    I am very happpy and very lucky that baba is with me.I am also blessed.

  64. hey sai abiramiwhats wonderful experience u posted. thank u for sharing with all sai devotees. can u pls keep me in ur prayers. we want our business to flourish, and help my parents. Thank you. God bless u and ur family with abundance:)

  65. wonderful experience abirami mam am also from tamilnadu,my husband got transfer(which is not good for us and for our carrier) so kindly pray for my family to get some good transfer as soon as possible.please engelukaga pray pannunga.

  66. I need the help of all. I had lot of faith in Baba I completed reading guru charita. for getting above 30 in GRE. I went to baba,s temple before the gre and payed with all my heart. I was expecting to return with a happy heart after the GRE and imagined myself thanking Baba with all my heart . But to my bad luck I got only 295. I dint go to babas temple after that though i want to. i AM NOT EVEN ABLE TO talk anything to baba though i an convincing myself. It is llke i am angry on baba, Even those who dont study really good are able to get a better score han me. and now too i have many problems. baba y ru doing this to me. i m lways with one worry or the other and to all those who read this please help me to get back to my original stat and a happy life with baba

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