Saibaba – My Saviour – Sai Devotee Sweta

Saibaba – My Saviour

Sai Sister Sweta Ji from India says: Namaste Hetal Ji, this is Shweta from Bangalore. I am writing my experience for the first time. Hetal Ji, you can share my name, but please don’t share my mail id. Hetal Ji, I am very thankful to you for creating this blog. You are the Chosen one. This blog helps many devotees like me to strength their faith and patience on Saibaba in difficult times.

I am emotionally shattered. I have promised Saibaba that I won’t think of taking my life until November. But each day is passing with so much difficulty and so I have decided to pen down my experiences one by one to keep my faith going. Saibaba is the only ray of hope I have now.

Basically, I am from New Mumbai and my family is a great devotee of Saibaba. In everyone’s house, we have a big portrait of Saibaba, which we worship. Every year some or other from our family will visit Shirdi. My grandparents believe in Saibaba a lot. My late grandfather was very fond of non-vegetarian food. But only on Thursday’s, he used to eat vegetarian dishes happily. Every Thursday, whatever we prepare in the house, firstly we offer some part of meal to Saibaba. Even today after my Granddad’s death, we follow this.

When I was young I hardly used to understand all these stuffs. But when I look back, I realize that there is some connection between me and Saibaba. He was always around me, with me. There was a Saibaba temple in the long route to go to my school in Sakinaka, Mumbai. In the morning, in haste, we used to take short cut, but while coming back home especially during exams, we used to take long cut and visit this Saibaba temple. I was very fond of the Prasad, which they used to distribute on Thursdays. After exams, I used to talk to Baba that Baba, this question was so difficult today or today's exam was so easy. It was fun. But when years passed, I lost touch with Him. But He was always there with me. But I never noticed. When I moved to Bangalore, on Thursday's I used to go to Saibaba temple in Malleswaram 15th cross. As a girl, I used to pray to Him to give me a nice boy in my life, who will love me a lot. In the workplace, I fell in love with a guy. We used to talk, chat, but when finally we decided to meet as on our first official date. I asked him that we will visit some temple first and then we will go to restaurant, etc. He took me to Saibaba temple, which was very next to his office in Koramangala 7th block. Later during courtship, we used to visit a park. Next to that park also, there was a Saibaba temple, which we used to visit together. All the above incidents, I didn't realized when they were happening. But today, when I look back, I noticed that these meetings with Saibaba in every phase of my life, can't be a coincidence. There is something between me and HIM. He is always around me. I have many more experiences to share, which I will be sharing in coming days. God Bless All. Om Sai Ram.

Me, My Shona and Sai

After one and half years of courtship, I felt that my boyfriend doesn’t love and care me, but he is using me. I felt really bad. I was hurt as I love him so much. I always treated him like my husband. He was rich and I came from a middle class background. He is a Tamilian and I am a Maharashtrian. I thought this relationship will never workout and so I broke up with him. But deep in my heart, I loved him a lot and always wanted him to be my husband. I broke up with him on August 27, 2011, I was completely shattered. I cried a lot and was sad. In the workplace, while chatting, one of my friends mentioned the miracles of reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. I had never heard about it neither I’ve seen it before. I was travelling to Mumbai shortly. So I wanted to buy it as soon as possible as I knew my family members will never allow me to go out of house as they doubted that I have a boyfriend and they wanted me to get married soon. Finally, I asked the priest in one of the temple, which I used to visit regularly in S.R. Nagar, Bangalore that where I can get Shri Sai Satcharitra. He told me that you will get in N.R. Colony near Raghavandra Swami temple. Same day, I went in search of that book, which I had never seen it earlier. I was desperate to get that book like a fish desperate for water. I knew this is the only hope to get my Shona back in my life. I went to N.R. Colony. After searching I got one. But I didn’t know that it was duplicate one and not the original one. As I remember told by my friend that it is a red color book and this was not one. I completed reading that book in one day itself. Then I started doing Saptah of Shri Sai Satcharitra to get married to my Shona soon. I was home for 15 days in Mumbai. In the meanwhile, I even decided to do Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat once I’m back to Bangalore for my Shona. I told Baba that I wanted an Idol of Him from Shirdi itself as I didn’t had any idol in my Bangalore home. And on the 9th Thursday, I will wear a blue saree and will do the Udaypan in the same temple where I and my Shona met for the first time in Koramangala 7th block as mentioned in my first experience ‘Sai- My Saviour’. On the last day, of my Saptah, a boy came to see me for marriage. I was reluctant. I didn’t want him to choose me, so I didn’t paid attention on how I should look. I decided to go in front of him and his family in simple chudidar itself. But my mom wanted me to wear a saree. Finally, she told to wear Blue color saree, which I have never worn it before. I had completely forgotten about this saree. For that I thought, for the completion of Nav Guruvar Vrat. I have to buy a new Blue color saree. Sai Baba completed my one part of my wish. This meeting ceremony with the boy was held in my Mama’s (maternal uncle) place. There was a photo of Sai Baba in the hall. I thought, yes, my Baba is with me. The boy liked me and our family decided to get as married soon. I was surprised and shocked. This was the last day of my Saptah, I asked my Shona from Baba, but why Baba gave me this boy. I was confused and thought, fine, as per Baba’s wish. I was packing my bags to leave for Bangalore. I saw an idol of Saibaba kept very behind in our showcase wrapped in a plastic cover. I asked my Dad, from where he got it as I had never seen it earlier. He told he has bought it in 2001 from Shirdi to give to his Boss as a gift, but I was not able to give. The Saibaba idol was so beautiful, white made of marble, same which I wanted to do my Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. So Saibaba completed both my wishes of blue saree and His idol from Shirdi. I took both the things and came back to Bangalore.

Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat

When I came back to Bangalore from Mumbai, my to-be-husband started calling me, messaging me. We were supposed to get engaged in March and married in November. But while talking to him, I felt something somewhere was wrong. I don’t love him and can neither will. I love my Shona. I am cheating this guy. He deserves a girl, who will love him purely and truly, but not me. I was unable to connect to him. I used to not feel compassionate toward him, when he was ill. But in the same way, if my Shona was ill, I would have gone to the end of world to make him feel better. I had also started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat to get married to my Shona. Meanwhile, I was also sending a prayer to Shirdi through Hetal Ji’s another website ‘prayerstoshirdi’. I had prayed to Baba that if Shona comes back in my life, I will help one crore strangers. All their thank you will be my way of saying ‘Thank You’ to Saibaba for bringing my Shona back in my life. Finally, after having no contact with Shona at all since 27th August 2011 after Break up, My shona mailed me to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on 28th December 2011. I was happy, but sad. My marriage was already fixed with someone else. At the same time, in the pretext that I want to prepare for my upcoming MBA exams. I started avoiding talking to my to-be-husband. I was feeling guilty. Shona started mailing me that he misses me, etc. I told him every single truth about my marriage, my family background, my status and everything. Shona told that he doesn’t care about my background. He only knows that He loves me and I love him. Everything could be sorted out if we stay together. After listening to him, I cried with happiness and felt that I haven’t chosen a wrong person. He is the one for me, chosen by Saibaba, as I’ve mentioned in my first experience ‘Sai- My Saviour’. On 29th January 2012, we met for the first time after breaking up on 27th August 2011. I was happy, but sad, uncertain about our future. Everything was in Saibaba’s hands now. On 2nd February 2012 (i.e. 9th Thursday, the day of completion of my Nav Guruvar Vrat), I went wearing a blue saree to the same temple where me and my Shona met for the first time of Saibaba temple in Koramangala 7th block as promised. I reached around 12 pm, did puja and started distributing food along with the lunch, which temple authorities give to people on every Thursday. In the evening, I went to Malleswaram 15th cross Saibaba Temple. I told Baba, I think, this is the last time I’m coming to your temple. I sat there in the proximity of my Sai for a long time. When I went back home, my dad was sad. He told me that he got a call from my to-be-in-laws stating that they are not interested in me because of my behavior toward their son and so they are cancelling the marriage. I was so happy. I asked my dad at what time did you get call. He said around 12:30 pm, that’s the time I was in Saibaba temple distributing food. My Sai Guruvar Vrat completed successfully. I am happy for that boy also. I hope He gets married to a girl, who will love him. I think, bitterness for a short while is better than spoiling somebody’s life. I wouldn’t have been able to give even 2% for the relationship, but I can give 200% to the relationship of me and my Shona. Sai Guruvar Vrat does work. I’ve seen it myself, the biggest miracle of life. Just we have to do it with complete faith. I’ve more experiences to sharing. I’ll be sharing next time. God Bless All. Om Sai Ram.
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Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Sweta Sister,

    This experience is very very nice. You are so blessed to get blessings of sai baba. I am also Tamilian. I will pray for you to get marry with shona itself. You will have the happy marriage life. Tell to your parents and that guy parents now itself. Don't delay it. Happy Marriage life. Expecting the message from you in another experience as you got married with shona. :). My hair stood at end when i read the line you found the baba statue bought by your father, wearing Blue saree at the end of vrat. Great and nice experience. 🙂 Wishes to you and shona


  2. such a wonderful experience. baba knows what is good for us, and at the same time he knows what we want. he will never leave hands of those who has complete faith in him. and true love will never die. you will get what you want earlier. i can say onething that guy is very lucky. whatever be the situation jut remember baba is with you, anybody can leave your hand and cheat you, but baba never. he is our mother, mother can never live apart from his children. and baba is a great mother, who knows how to give and when to give. so leave everything in his lotus feet. always worship him with complete faith. he is always with us. baba bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  3. I started my Sai Guruvar Vrat today and I just finished the prayers an hour ago. And I've come across this experience. How wonderful the way Baba creates more faith in each devotee by showing this type of miracles. Om Sai Ram.

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Sister .. my prayers to Baba to bless you with a loving and caring husband soon. Glad to read your experience, you have Baba with you, so there's nothing to worry. May Baba always show us the right path, and may he be our life-planner always. Let us surrender to him entirely and let him decide our course in life.

    Thanks a lot Baba for everything. Please be with us always, and help, bless, guide and advice us in all aspects of our lives.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Jai Sainath..!!!

    Its wonderful experience. You already got a green signal from baba to get married to your Shona…….. I am 100% shure we will be able to read about your experience of your marriage to your shona very soon on this blog…………

    Saibaba bless your releationship…

  6. wonderful experience sai sister shwetaji.i am also going through this kind of situation.this post again boosted my confidence and faith in baba.thanks sharing this.hope baba will bring back my love to sairam..

  7. very nice thing i understand from all the baba's experiences is that baba only wants a pure devotion…we have to completly surrender on the baba's lotus feet…keep strong faith and patience on baba..and constantly chanting baba's holy name..which saves us from all bad things…Om Sai Ram…

  8. am so happy to read a positive story about someones love gettting success feels good…ur really very lucky sister that baba has answered ur prayers so quickly. I pray to baba that he blesses you both to be together and gets you married to your love asap and also give you a happy and peaceful married life…i wish baba listens to my prayers also soon and gives me my love and husband back forever we both have suffered a lot. I really dont know when baba wud show some mercy on me coz now am shattered from within though i show am cool from the facade. I request all of u to please pray for me coz this pain of seperation is unbearable to me please sai baba i beg u please be a little kind to me baba. I dont know when the big problem will get resolved but atleast baba on this day today atleast fulfill my small wish baba which i asked u this morning…baba it feels terrible to get this silent treatment from u baba my heart is crying for help please for once make me feel that my cries of help to u are reaching u. u know how much i love u baba and u also know how genuine and heartfelt my feelings and love has been i just fail to understand this continuous disappointment baba ab main haar gayi hoon baba please jaldi kuch kijiye baba.
    Lastly al| the best to sweta ur a ladlee child of baba enjoy the grace and blessing.
    Jai sai ram!

  9. I just started Nav Guruvar Vrat. Sai is really superman. He came to me to tell that I am here with you. May god bless you Swetha and you get married to your Shona and have all beautiful life.

  10. Dear Sai Sister Sweta ji…I am very happy to read your experience showing how Baba responds to faith and takes care of his children and that Baba has brought back your love in your life.

    But I was sad to read that you are emotionally shattered. It is very clear that Baba is with you alraedy, please don't lose faith. I pray Baba to be with you at all times and increase your shraddha and saburi.

    I really hope that all your problems have ended already and Baba has given your beloved Shona to you forever to live a happily married life. Really looking forward to hear the good news about your marriage in your next post.

    Om Sai Ram

  11. oh my god shewta ji its juzt amazing experience….today morning only i was thinking ki kisi ki love story aise hai jo positive note pe khatam hui h…..m also going through the same pain…..i hope dis your experience is the answer of my sai ram

  12. Just wept a lot after reading ur experience.. he kno's whom to give what.. Since ur love was so true towards Baba and Shona u got him back and since we all are baba's kids Baba will bless ur ex fiance also since he knew he ll not be happy nor u both together he did the right thing now surrender every thin to him n be relaxed 🙂

    Om Sai Ram
    Baba Maalik

  13. sweta ji.a lovely experince after along time i read here.mat baba get u both married as soon as i was very unhappy and wanted to kill my life as my separtion is unbearable for me now.i cried alot,listened baba's bhajan ,wanted to read sai sacharitra but didn't feel like to read and atlat i came to this blog as its my habbit of reading hetal ji's blog.whn i swich on my system 1st i typed this web site….

    after reading ur experince now m feeling a lil bettter.i knw baba is ther for all his/her children.but sometimes its unbarabel.without my fault m my is meaningless and m feeling as if i won't get any happiness in my life furtjer though baba is ther.coz baab is seeing me suffreing like this since along time.baba bless all a loving n caring husband which is a dream of all the girls which i ahd but wht baba gave me he only knows.baba plzz save me and my marraige .

  14. Jai Sainath..!!!

    Its wonderful experience…
    yes sai knows everything. Nav Guruvar Vrat is very miraculous . i have been in the same situation and bared the pain of separation for many years .
    but today am married with my boyfriend.. Baba knows who is best for you.. and he never left my side, when i was all alone.. Hve full faith on Sai , live the life as Baba said.. for sure you will be happy. He is never gonna leave your hand.
    please let us know when you get married with your guy.. will pray for ya ..

    Even today got some problem not able to pray Sai , feel the connection is lost between me and sai but then too have faith that he is not going leave me…

  15. I wont consider it positive until u get marry Shona n he behaves fine.plz reply else …it will brk trust of others too.

  16. Nice experience! Although you have had to go through a lot with marriage and your boyfriend, Baba has been there (and will continue to be there) with you every step of the way. If it is part of Baba's plan for you, you will marry your boyfriend. Just have Faith in Baba's plan for you. Even during times when we may forget about our dear Baba, Sai Baba won't ever forget about us and is always thinking about us and the things that trouble us, so you need not worry that Baba has forgotten about you or doesn't care (He never forgets or stops loving his devotees), just like can a parent ever stop loving their beautiful children? Om Sai Ram!

  17. InshaAllah …you will get married to the one u love by grace of Sai Baba…Please pray for me as well…that I should get married to my love…I am going through a bad phase…but Baba is helping me ….I will be sharing my experience soon….remember we need to patient and hold on to our faith strongly then we can achieve everything by grace of our beloved Baba …Om Sai Ram…

  18. Amazing Experience! Shweta Ji, You are really a blessed child of Baba. May you live a happy married life with your Shona!

    Om Sai Ram

  19. this made me cry…woww..shwetha that is awesome.have a great life..OM SAI RAM…sai ram pls bring my love back to me..sai ram sai ram

  20. Hi Sai sister:)
    Even im in similar situation like u. bt yet derz no proper response from him. I belive saibaba deeply & im just waiting for the miracle that baba is going to do for me. please swetha pray for me also. My heart is paining so badly cant bare it. If i would not have Baba with me i would end my life. Thanks HetalJi. your blog help to strengthen our faith on baba.


  21. @Anonymous

    Dear Sai Shweta,

    very happy to hear this.. just be careful. tell the guy whom u r loving to talk to his parents and ur parents. these days , we find only cheating ppl. becare ful. think twice before u leap…

    if i was in ur place , I would say put chits. based on that i would have chossen the decision.
    yeah whatever baba makes it'll be good only.. but be careful..

    om sai ram…

  22. baba pls help her n help me 2 me, as u knw my mom found a guy 4 me..i dnt like him and i love my tuktuk pls help me like this.

  23. wonderful experience dear swetha…as baba's saying goes why fear when i'm here…he was always there with u in every part of ur life and will continue to be…very happy to see this post…i have also started nav guruwar vrat and waiting for baba to shower his blessings on me and my post good news of ur sai ram!!

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  27. Swetha ji, I have few queries about Sai Vrat. Is it okay if we just read the vrat katha and conclude it with aarti. Or should I read the entire book? Please tell me the complete procedure do to the vrat. Please help me. Even, I am waiting for my love to get back to me. I whole heartedly wish Baba that ur wish should come true very soon.


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