Sai Baba’s Presence In Our Life – Sai Ki Beti

A very encouraging and faith strengthening experience for you all.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sairam Hetal Ji, First of all thank you for this wonderful blog, where we Sai devotees can open our heart and share all our experiences with each other. May Sai give you lots of happiness as you are the main stream for making this wonderful site.

I am here again with my experiences with my BABA. By my BABA’s grace, this is the 3rd time, I am posting my experience. Nothing can be possible without my SAI’s blessings, even to write something here, we need words from Him. He is the wire puller of this universe and it’s so true. Please don’t mention my name and email id, instead you can mention me as Sai Ki Beti. You can feel free to do the corrections where ever necessary.

There is no ending to my Sai miracles in our life. He keeps on intimating us if we do any mistakes, so that we will be on a right path. I have no words to mention what my BABA is for me. I always run out of words when I try to write something about my SAI. My life is full of my BABA and His miracles. I don’t know which one to mention, but I will try to list some for today.

My Sai is so kind that whatever I ask Him, He just gives it to me. I and my sister are very close to each other. We are more or like a best friends then sisters. Some time back, there was a kind of tension in my family about my sister’s marriage as things were not going on right direction. Somehow her marriage was not getting fixed. I and my sister even had a kind of tough arguments that made us have a little difference in our relationship. We didn’t speak to each other for a long time. But every time I used to pray for her and I used to pray BABA to give her a good life partner.

After some time because of husband, I and my sister started speaking with each other and I told her to do the Sai 9 Gurvar vrat for her marriage and even I planned to start the vrat same time. We both started the vrat and BABA heard our prayer. Within third week of our vrat, a very good proposal came to my sister and by 9th week her marriage was fixed and she is happily married and her husband is also very nice and a understanding person by BABA’s grace. Things were going on and then my sister was carrying and she was in due in April and I was very happy for her. As her due date was approaching, we all were much tensed about her delivery.

The given due date was also crossed and she didn’t have any sign of pain. So we all were very frightening thinking it may be the C-section as we were not prepare for that. And even doctor told that as the time is crossed, so they will have to go for the c-section. But miracles should happen as we had a biggest power that’s our BABA with us and it happened.

My sister was just remembering SAI throughout her labor and for her surprise she saw a big portrait of BABA in the operation theater and half of her pain just vanished seeing our GOD there. There BABA came in form of two nurses and told my sister that they will help her for the normal delivery and that she should cooperate with them and they also told her not to tell this to the doctor as that may affect their job. We agree for this and BABA was with us. She had a normal delivery and baby was born healthy without any problem. The doctor, who had suggested for c-section, was so surprise as they had waited for almost 3 days and nothing happen and now it was a normal delivery.

This is all because of my Lord Sai. Without Him nothing would be possible. My BABA is always with us and He is watching us every time. I love You SAI for making us realize Your presence throughout our life and I always pray that You will always be with us and bless us. You are my father, mother, my friend my everything and You know very well that I can’t live without even remembering Your name. So please don’t leave me even for moment because my life is nothing without You BABA. I love BABA. My life is full of my BABA.

I would like to share one more experience which happened to us recently. My BABA knows what is best for us and when should He give it to us.
I have a son and we didn’t have any plans for our second kid due to my health conditions. But may be BABA had some other plans for us so He proved again that He is with me all the time. By His grace, my health conditions improved so drastically that it was very hard for us to believe that I had stopped my medications and I was totally fit and fine. My family people started asking us for the second kid and my BABA changed our mind and somehow convinced us for the second kid. I kept on telling BABA that I am your daughter and other then You who else can know what is best for us. So thinking this way, I left everything on my Sai and BABA every time shows how much He loves me. He showed me how much He cares for me. First He saw that all my medical condition was normal and then He made sure that I was totally fit and fine to conceive and now I am pregnant. Everyone in our family are happy for us.

BABA, how to thank You for what You have done for me. You fill my life with Your presence. Please be with me always like this, and never leave me or get angry with me SAI. After all I am human and I tend to do lots of mistakes. But please forgive me for my mistakes and accept me as Your daughter and be with me always. You are the part of everyone’s life in this world. Please bless everyone with lots of happiness and help us to be a good person and help us to lead a meaningful life. I LOVE YOU BABA.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. OM SAI RAM..

    Very nice experience…It helps me to boost my faith on baba..I lost my patience and upset of seeing my life before I started reading this experience.I'm praying baba to bless me with a child…But my health is not fine and fit to be a pregnant.After reading your experience I realised that baba is leading me through the phase of curing ailments in my body and preparing for the child.Thanks a lot for sharing your expereinces.

    OM SAI RAM..

  2. Sai kiBeti, This is a sucha beautiful experience. Even I call myself Sai beti, though at the moment a very troubled saiki beti. I am also trying for a child for so long after miscarriage a year ago.

    Please pray to our beloved Sai to bless us with a child too.

    May Sai blessings be on you and your sister and family always.

    Love you Sai Baba.

  3. i guess the reason you recieve so much grace from Baba is your positive attitude. from the way you write, i can feel how much of a optimistic person you are. but it's not easy for a normal person like me to reach to that level.

  4. Dear sai beti,your love for baba makes me spellbound.u r so humble and down to earth..baba is with u always..JAI SAI RAM :-):-)

  5. Om sai ram very wonderful experience after reading all sai devotee experience my heart filled wd happiness nd increasing my faith turn in to my baba we all devotee loves our baba as baba loves us plz baba give me patience nd trust

  6. Om Sai Ram
    Beautiful experience thanks for posting.
    you both sister's are truely blessed by our sai ma.


  7. I had a great belief in baba through out till this time. I had been praying him since last october for a cause and my sister's marriage and some of my problems, not even one has been solved till now. All are saying I have become mad of baba…but nothing turned out fruitful. I have really became mad of him and prayed like a mad person. Daily I am not able to take the food properly and my mind keep on thinking about these problems. I have decided not to pray him, If he is a god he should show his presence and show some mercy on his devotees, nothing has turned out good to me. Sorry to write like this all sai devotees, but the pain I am facing is unbearable. Goodbye forever dear baba.

  8. Jai Sai Ram
    You are so fortunate to have Baba in your life.

    I am praying so hard for Baba to come into my life and take me out of my troubles. You are truly blessed.

    Om Sai Ram

  9. Jai Sai Ram,

    Reply to "Anonymous" who decided to stop praying Baba.

    Sister/Brother. There are lakhs or crores of people like you who suffer today, you are not the only one.

    But have one thing for sure, nothing will happen to you. Only Baba will save you and only he alone can do it. You will again write apologizing for your words.

    I am also in your shoes for the last 2 years and for some wishes even for 25 years now. Baba will not let us down.

    We should thank him that he has given us a square meal, lot of them even do not have that.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba.

  10. Om Sai ram.

    We love you Baba.. we love you a lot. Sai is lovely and sweet and cute. With his grace impossible becomes possible.

    We seek your blessings Deva .. may you shower your grace on all of your children and fill our lives with your teachings. We seek your help, blessings, guidance and advice in every step of our life. Please be with us always.

    Love you a lot and many thanks to you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  11. Om sai ram, baba plzzzz help me ajj bhi mei intrw dene gai par kuch nai hua……one month hogaya hai sai baba tensn badte jaari hai…kaise hogaaaaa baba plz help me. Mere loan ka installment dena hai..ghar chalana hai kaise hogaaaa i am worried….ab to aise lagta hai ki itni badi degree yene MBA karke kuch nai mila…ilta loan ka tensn hogaya…plz baba help your this beti..plzzzzzz

  12. Very nice experience Sai Ki Beti! Baba blessed your sister with a wonderful healthy baby and also decided at the correct time for you to have a healthy baby as well. Baba plans everything for us to happen at the correct time; we might not understand why something isn't happening when we want it, but Baba knows better when is the correct time for things to occur in our life. We should just have faith in Baba and He will arrange things for us. Om Sai Ram!

  13. Anonymous devotee who stopped praying to Baba: Even if you leave Baba, Baba has said he won't ever leave his devotees. You may have to suffer due to past bad karma, but don't worry, it will be over soon and your good karma will take over soon and you will have good things happening in your life sooner than you think. Baba will show you Himself, but you just need to make sure you see it (it may be a subtle sign from Baba). Baba also sometimes tests our faith and devotion, just to make us stronger inside. Don't lose faith, Baba will help you, I'm sure of it. Om Sai Ram!

  14. Jai Shirdi Ke Sai Baba
    Jai Shri Sainath Jai Shri Sai Ram Jai Shri Sai Shyam
    Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath maharaj ki jai
    Jagat ke Raja Shri Sainath maharaj ki jai
    Jai Shirdi Ke Sai Baba
    Jai Shri Sainath Jai Shri Sai Ram Jai Shri Sai Shyam
    Jai Shirdi Ke Sai Baba

  15. om sairam..nice experiences..thanks for sharing with us..these experiences helps us in increasing our devotion..thanks hetalji for mentaining this wonderful you alot saima..

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