Yesterday we had read an experience in Shirdi. In today’s post there are two more for us.

Sai Blessed Me

Sai Sister Geetha Ji from India says: I am a journalist by profession. Currently I am pursuing my doctoral degree. I live in Udaipur, Rajasthan. My husband is into investment business and by God’s grace we are a happy family. This year, we were lucky to have Sai Baba’s Darshan in Shirdi twice. We went to Shirdi for first time in March and next just recently few days back.

This is not hearsay, neither any dream. It happened just few days back, when I went to Sai’s Darshan at Shirdi. I visited Shirdi along with my family from 4th to 6th June’2012. I had read and heard many devotees speaking about Sai’s blessings on them and that He really comes to their help on calling. So after reaching Shirdi on 4th, just a thought came to my mind that if Sai Baba is really listening to me and if He is present in Shirdi, then any person just looking like Him or wearing clothes like Him should be seen. In fact I prayed to Sai that if He was really miraculous, then He must show me any person, who looks exactly like Him. Next morning, I along with my family went for the DARSHAN and since it was very rush there, we had to stand 2 hrs in the queue before we could reach Samadhi Mandir. During the wait in the queue, I was on the lookout for any person, who was Sai’s lookalike. But I saw no one like Him.

We reached Samadhi and we offered Prasad to be kept at Sai's Samadhi. Meanwhile Sai Baba's lookalike person thought vanished from my mind, but Baba remembered it. As we walked out of the temple and reached the main road, a fakir crossed my path. He was wearing a blue T shirt with the print "BEING HUMAN", a dhoti, but his face was exactly Sai's replica. He had a white cloth tied to his hair like Saibaba used to wear, with the same white beard. He smiled as he stopped by my side. He didn’t ask for any alms, but my hands automatically held out and handed over a 5 rupee coin to him. He was continuously smiling with peace on his face. He gestured me to hold on as he touched his fingers to his ear and he had a tiny Sai-sticker in his hand. He sticked it on my palm and smiled again as he walked away and disappeared in the crowd. I was dumbfound and wonderstruck. No reason or logic had answer to this experience. If in Shirdi, many people might be dressed like Sai, why many of them could be seen. Secondly this person just crossed my path as if I was destined to meet Him. Otherwise he could have crossed the road much before or after I was away from the place. My family would even not believe my words, but I know, it was Sai who send His messenger to affirm my faith in Baba. It was His way of telling that look, you tested Me and I did what you wanted. Please trust Sai. Experience His presence. He answers. He comes, when called as He came for me. Om Sai Nathaya Namah. I am on a 9-Guruvar Sai Vrat after my return from Shirdi and as soon as my wish is fulfilled. I will write back to share my next experience. Om Sai Ram.

Baba's Divine Darshan

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks for your wonderful blog. You are doing such a noble job. May God give you all the happiness in the world. This experience is a long pending one to Baba. Sorry Baba, I am posting late and I am happy that You allowed me to write on Thursday. Please don’t include my name and email id. My parents were undergoing a lot of stress due to some family problems. Then one day, I suggested my mom that she should do the Nine week vrata and leave the rest on Baba. He will take care of them. Then my mother started her Nine week vrata in Feb 2012. Every Thursday in the evening, she used to visit Baba temple in Malleshwaram. I used to accompany her whenever possible. It so happened that her last week was to culminate on 12th April 2012. I was in Bangalore during that time and I accompanied my mother to the temple. We went to the evening pooja, distributed some sweets to all the devotees. My mom had donated food to an orphanage near our house in the afternoon. We were very happy that her Nine week vrata ended on a positive note without any hurdles. That night, I slept next to my mother. Around 2 am, in the morning, my mother started crying and she woke me up. I asked my mom “What happened?” She replied that Baba has come in her dream. The dream was so real that she could not control her emotions. She was speechless for few minutes. She dreamt that Baba was cooking prasadam for devotees outside the Malleshwaram temple (Just in front of the main entrance) and He gave my mother a cup of curd rice as prasadam. The curd rice tasted divine. My mother saw Baba so clearly that she could not believe that it was a dream. My mother has become an ardent devotee since then. My mother is very grateful to Baba that He accepted her humble prayer so early and gave a divine Darshan. We are ever grateful to You, Baba. Love You Baba. Please shower Your love and blessings to all Your devotees. Om Sai Ram

Shirdi Darshan

Sai Sister Kavita Ji from UK says: We went to Shirdi in July 2010. I had such a wonderful experience during my Darshan. I could see Hanuman Ji, Durga Ji and all forms of gods and goddess in Baba’s murti. I would keep on praying to Baba that Baba, I would like to see You and want to touch Your feet. I came out of the temple and I was searching for Baba and as soon as I came outside from the temple, I saw an old man in white turban and white tunic, my instinct was telling me that He was Baba in front of me. So my hands automatically went to His feet. I had such a very beautiful and memorable Darshan of Baba and I wanted to see Him and I got His Darshan with my family. Baba bless us all. If you keep on looking at Baba’s picture, you will see His different forms. Om Sai Ram.
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  1. Wow…three really special experiences… Thank you very much for sharing them and a special thanks to Hetal ji and her team for offering such a great platform.

    Baba your leelas are truly amazing. May Baba stay in all our lives forever.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Sai Baba had no body-consciousness,but He had great love for His disciples.He saw Divinity in all beings.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless my Mother to have your wonderful experiences. Please come in her dreams and bless her. Take away all her worries and fears. Bless her immensely. Keep her happy always and fulfill all her desires. I love her a lot. So, please keep her under your fortune-filled protection. Bless my family and guide us always on the right path. Make us good human beings. Help us to deserve your grace. We love you a lot and we need your help,m blessings, guidance and advice in all spheres of our life.

    Thank you a lot Baba for everything.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. wonderful experiences.loved reading all of them..may our saima bless everyone with love peace and health..

  5. Jai Sai Ram,

    Beautiful experiences.

    Any one should consider them selves very lucky when Baba himself appears in Dream.

    It is not easy for every one to see Baba in dreams, only the blessed ones.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  6. All the three experiences were wonderful and thanks for sharing. May BABA bless us all with a healthy and happy life.

  7. Today I started my 9 guruvar vrat, please baba, please fulfill my dreams, bring my love back to me, may this 12 years wait come to an end and I get married to him…Om Sai Ram

  8. Very nice experiences! Geetha Ji, Baba came to show you that He is there with you and confirmed your faith in Him by showing you His form in Shirdi (Baba comes to us in many forms and shows us that He is there with us and we need not worry). Devotee from India, it is wonderful that your mother had the nice dream with Baba and it must have been Baba's way of telling your mother that Baba will take care of everything and they need not worry, everything will turn out okay. Kavita Ji, Baba must have wanted to show you that Hanuman Ji, Shiva Ji and all other divine forms are the same as Baba, and very nice you had such a wonderful vision when you were in Shirdi (and also saw Baba himself outside the temple). Om Sai Ram!

  9. Wonderful experience as always Hetalji. Just wanted to share the little miracle of Baba's Udi which happened with me today. Since afternoon I had bad acidity problem and my stomach was aching badly. What ever medicine I took or did anything gave me no relief. On my way home from office I was reminded of Udi so as soon as I reached home prayed to our dear Baba and took some Udi mixed in water and surprising to say within next 2 hours I m almost completely fine. Don't know how to thank our Baba for the medicine so precious. Thanks a lot Baba. Please always be by our side and help us do things right

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