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Bless Me Baba

Sai’s Daughter from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I came across your site one month back, when I was searching for something related to Saibaba online as I was very depressed. Baba has done so many miracles in my life. Kindly do not share my name or email id. I would love it if you could refer to me as His daughter. My mother met one astrologer and he told me that this period is bad time for me until July 3rd. And it is turning out to be bad.

Baba has done so many miracles in my life. I got a medical seat only because of His grace. I passed my final year only because of His grace. But recently my life has taken a bad turn. My love of six years left me 2 months back. He said we are not getting along and we can’t be happy together and left me. I went to the temple and cried in front of Baba on a Thursday. I decided to take chits. But instead of writing in them, in one chit I put UDI from the temple and the other I put kumkum. I cried and prayed to Baba and asked “I am sitting in Your temple under Your feet and crying and asking You. Please tell me what is going to happen regarding my love. I will consider it as a positive answer if I pick kumkum”. In my family we consider kumkum as positive as it signifies mangalakaram (sign or marriage). I asked Him 2 questions and made my sister pick out the chits. For both the questions, I asked the answer came kumkum. Kumkum means positive. I thanked Baba in tears and came out of the temple smiling wide and peace in my heart.

The 1st question I asked was if my love will get back with me. And the miracle happened very next day. My love got back with me very next day. I was happy and thanked Baba. My 2nd question was if I will get married to that guy. And the answer was positive. I had faith in Baba. But after some days again, we started fighting. My Aunty is also a Baba believer. She did pooja to the Baba statue, she has at home on a Thursday and asked Baba if I will get married to my love and took chits. The answer came no. She told me that Baba never gives her the wrong answer. I started crying asking Baba then when I asked, You said we will get married. My mother saw an astrologer for me. He also said I won't get married to my love. I cried everyday. I started losing my health. At present I am doing 9 Thursday's vrat. 3 more Thursdays are left to go. My love wanted me to let him go again. So I met him one day and both went to Baba temple and I told him I will let him go, believing in Baba. But he started crying and asked me not to leave him. I was happy thinking Baba only gave him to me again. But now he wants to break up again next week. He is leaving abroad for his higher studies next month. I don’t know what is going to happen. I promised that I will not marry anybody else and Baba knows that. Please pray for me. Show Your miracle, Baba. His parents also will not accept me. I am very scared. Baba knows I will not marry anybody else. He knows I will come to Shirdi with my love after we both get married. But I don’t know if it will happen. I don’t know if I should wait or if all these are signs that my marriage to my guy will not happen. I have begged and asked Baba to take me from this world. Somebody ask Baba what is happening with me. Pleas bless me Baba.

When You Surrender Yourself To Baba, He Himself Takes Care Of Everything

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji. Thank you for giving us this platform to share our experiences of our Baba with other fellow devotees. I regularly read devotees experiences and it always gives me inner strength to strive in all situations. Please don’t not disclose my name and email id. I have known Baba since 2000 and Baba has shown me His miracles many a times and I am so grateful and thankful to Baba for everything. I had been thinking of sharing my experience since longest time, but something or the other would just delay it. I had also sent out my experience few years back, but somehow I think it was never posted. May be Baba didn’t wanted it to be posted that time. I think today was the right time. I have been working at a company past few months. Recently I got to know that there were lot of changes/moves going on within the company and it wasn’t a good news, though anyhow I was about to go on a maternity leave soon. But still it was stressing me a lot what will happen to my job on return. I had been anxious about it and lot of questions had been hovering my mind what to do. One night I had been reading Baba’s experiences and then I slept. Next morning, when I woke up, I had been stressed out thinking of what will happen to my job and then in my mind I prayed to Baba please do something and show me some miracle like You show it to other devotees. I thought to myself that I will post my experience on the blog. In the afternoon, I was working, but inside I was feeling very tensed and having lot of questions. But then all of a sudden, I got a call from my manager informing me that the one of the person, who had been working with me, has resigned. Since I was soon going to take leave, I should hang in there and later when I return from my leave, I would be getting a better position at a better pay package. Though I was still so anxious that why this is happening and now why they want me to stay with the company at that time. After I put the phone down, I was happy and relieved and thought to myself that this is Baba’s miracle for me. I always told Baba that I have surrendered my life to You. You only know what’s going to happen next and Baba helped me and opened up a better opportunity for me. I don’t know what will happen when I go back to work next year back, but I know my Baba will take care of everything. If Baba has opened this opportunity, He will look after it as well. Thank You Sai for always being there for me and my family. I surrender my life to You, Baba. You are everything to me. Om Sai Nathay Namah. Love You Baba.

My Experience With Sai Baba

Sai Sister Asha Ji from India says: I would like to share my experience on what Shirdi Sai Baba did in my life, because I prayed Him that if He would fulfill my prayer then I would share my experience in any one of Baba's blog. I don’t want to tell much about me except, I am one of the devotee of Baba. Well, I was 28 at the time of tied knot with my husband. Before that my parent was searching for groom around 2.5 years. But they could not. So all our family members were upset and I almost lost my faith in God. One Day, I shared my feelings with my friend, who is a follower of Baba. She said about Baba and about 9 weeks fasting of Sai Baba. Even my friends were also told about Baba, before my friend informed about him. But, at that time, I did not believe in Him. Because I was never believe in Mahans who is also a human being. My friend informed about Baba on one fine Wednesday and in the same day, my parent got call from my husband side. The next day, I had started my 1st Thursday fasting. During that weekend, they came to see me to our home. They looked very rich and high in status, so we all believed, that also would not set to me. But, I fasted on 2nd week Thursday. At that time, I prayed Him that even, the last groom also would not set, so asked Him to send my groom as early as possible and during third week. We got call from groom side, saying they were all liked me and my family and would like to process my profile. I fasted my third week and like that I fasted for 9 weeks and I completed my viradh, as specified in the “Sai Viradh” Book. When I completed my 9th week, I tied knot with my husband. Thanks a lot, lot and lot to Baba. Baba, please bless my marriage life also. Those who are in Baba's fasting, please have a faith on Him, He will definitely ask our prayers and fulfill them. Om Sai Ram!
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  1. Hi Hetalji as always wonderful experiences. I would like to just say a few words to the anaymous first devotee. Please don't lose heart what ever happens is for the best. I was in your exact situation 2 years back an asked baba the exact same questions and got positiv answers but then at my home they did not agree as the guy is from different caste. Initially I used to also ask baba why did you give positive signs if it would never come true but now after 2 years I realize it's all for good since our lives together might never have been happy since most of the times we overlook things in love. Today I thank baba for guiding me correctly and though I was angry he never left me so thanks baba. I m not saying forget your love but just leave to baba he knows best for our future.
    Om Sai Ram

  2. To the anon devotee from the first experience, please don't lose your heart and health over the guy you love so much. i know you want positive signs to happen but sometimes you just have to face the truth bc it's much better in the long run. even before marriage, your guy (i don't want to call him lover bc i don't believe he truly loves you) is acting quite unstable, can you imagine how he would behave after you marry him. it's much worse later to break up and divorce. just try to move on or take a vacation with your family so you can divert your mind.

  3. Nice experienes thanks for sharing it, @first devotee- Trust Baba completely he will take care of all your problems. DOn worry

  4. such a wonderful experiences. to the first devotee, i want to tell you onething, go to the baba site baba question and, and with full devotion and complete faith ask him about ur marriage with that guy. if you will ask him, with complete shraddha . then you will get the accurate answer. i dont know what the other devotees thinking, but am telling you, just close your eyes and ask with complete devotion, you will get accurate answer. note that, baba never tell lies. and onemorething, if it may positive , then i will be very happy for you. if it may negative, then just keep in mind that , from know baba thinking something good for you. put your complete aastha on him. and follow his instructions by asking another question, soon you will be blessed by baba. baba pls help this devotee. never leave her hand. she require you most.

    jai sai ram!

  5. I am really disappointed to see so many love stories ending sadly this way…my heart goes out to the devotee in the first experience…I want to pray from the bottom of my heart to baba to atleast reunite her with her love and bless them with a peaceful married life. I myself have been going through the worst in this matter and now have no hopes etal that I would ever be with my love&husband. I just keep wondering why baba cant help such people and i hate to give such explainations that watever happens is for good and all its just a way of explaining to urself and compromising in life. If its in his capacity I would urge sai baba to please help all such couples who are stuck up in such hell and get them married and bless with a happy family life. But yes wat is important in any case is both of them willing to make it work.these days i have seen people giving up too soon or they dont want any kinda struggle in life and have become very materialistic and dont value commitment. May sai baba give some buddhi to such idiots and lastly I would really like to pray for the devotee in the first post coz i know what that pain is and may god not give this pain to any one.

    Jai sai ram

  6. jaisairam

    baba please bless the first devotee..

    baba, please help me also baba, as even im in the same worst stage..i dont know, why are you not answering my prayers? if you give answers or signs also..that also never beccame true..why baba?

  7. Hi Sai Daughter ( the first post) Baba says, dont be restless. Whatever is to happen will happen, and it is what he will do, and it will be for the best. Your love for Baba cannot be conditional. If it is meant to be, he will make it happen, if not then he will definitely get you someone even better. A few years down the line, you will look back and realise this. Have faith, pray and avoid being restless.

  8. to the first devotee i dont know what to say but when i read ur story i wanted to talk abt me.I m in love wid a boy.he left me 6 years back and stopped talking to me all dat and asked me to get married wid somone as he is so scared of his parents to ask abt me bcoz m hindu and he is a sikh.he said his parents will never accept me.its been 7 years dat m waiting for him and m 33 now.i kept subauri and shardha but baba does not listen to one last time m going to ask baba abt my love.m planning to go to shirdi bcoz m tired and has no courage and hope to live this life.same like u i dont wanna get married to anyone else.shayad baba ke darwaje pe jake bheekh manugi to unko tars aa jaye or meri awaaz un tak pahunch jaye.

  9. Three nice experiences.. thankyou for sharing them.

    To Sai Daughter(first post): I'm in a similar situation waiting to get married to my loved one but have a hell lot of obstacles. But after being frustrated for 5 years, one day I surrendered completely to Baba and thought "Everyone has to bear past karma and without Baba's knowledge or blessings nothing happens in the world, so I leave my life completely to you – Please do whatever you think is right for me"

    I'm still waiting in the same situation but My life has improved very much and there is so much peace in it now. All I'm trying to say is I know you want this so badly – I know how it feels but just once surrender it to Baba and see – you will surely thank him later and understand why all these things are happening now. Don't lose faith. May Baba be with you and guide you through this tough path.

    Om Sai Ram

  10. To the anonymous devotees who is disappointed to see so many love stories ending sadly –Dear Sai child, please don’t get frustrated with your circumstances. I can only imagine what you are going through. I am in a similar situation. I’m not trying to say whatever happens is good but remember that we all have to pay for our past deeds in the form of pain.
    If Baba could help all people in troubles? He certainly an but Imagine the world where everyone gets everything they prayed & wished for ? that is not possible- Baba only gives us what is right for us at the right time.
    It is true that some people give up too easily, unfortunately not everyone has the same faith, patience and will power. There are many people struggling to be together with their loved ones forever and it feels like the end of the world, but getting married is not the ending to a love story – its just a beginning.
    Lastly, I really pray to Baba to bless you and hope very soon all your troubles disappear and you have a very happy married life.
    Sai Saranam

  11. @first experience.. please love your man…but remember,
    baba knows better. Like someone suggested, try to divert your mind. it will help. If a man has loved you for six years, but wants to leave you now, he is very unstable. Or there are really issues in your relationship that you cannot resolve. Just pray to sadhguru that the best happens, and get your mind involved in some job. I have been thru this trouble and I know its pains… Please trust Baba. He is the sole giver.

  12. Dear Sai Devotees, happy to read all these experiences written with so much innocence expressing their inner feelings and faith in BABA. Yes, as in one of the replies, someone says "I know how it feels but just once surrender it to Baba and see – you will surely thank him later and understand why all these things are happening now" is truly correct. Once we place our head at BABA's feet with total faith, we should never ask "WHY" because BABA knows everything ….HE knows our past, present and future. HE will not let anything bad happen to HIS children especially who has shown so much FAITH in HIM.
    May be the person you love is not comfortable you having medical line as profession to share the burden of married life with him, I am just guessing. And once you have chosen medical line, succeeded in that field, keep paying full attention to your profession and someday, you may find someone who would value you as a DOCTOR and happy to accept you as you are! It is hard for any girl to get adjusted with new life as a married woman taking care of all social responsibilities and for a DOCTOR wife it is even more sensitive as as a profession you are dealing with other patients' lives. You have to pay 110% concentration in what you are doing while examining the patients.
    I am not saying just forget you love and attend to your doctorship, but keep peace at your heart and let BABA guide you for your next step. Not blaming yourself or your love or your's and his family members. Have FAITH and SABOORI. May you find PEACE and HAPPINESS in your life.
    Praying for all Sai Devotees the same.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  13. I just read the emotions above and opened a page in Sai Satchartha saying this will bring a point for these emotions and saw in BOLD in the page I opened the following "Come what may, leave not, but stick to your Bolster (support, i.e. Guru) and ever remain steady, always at-one-ment (in union) with him."


  14. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

    Baba save me. I am suffering a lot because of not having job. No salary income, incurred expenses. I lost job. It is very difficult to live without job salary or other income. Baba, i am totally frustrated and not interested in life. I have surrendered my life to you. Please bless me with a good job soonest. Please show me miracle. Baba save me and my family.

  15. Jai Sai Ram,

    my response to first Devotee.

    Sister, many devotees have already adviced you above on how to handle the situation. So I do not want to repeat. I would just say that, sometimes at young age we forget our own loved ones (Mother & Father) who gave birth and sacrificed their lives to give us a better life. "Love" is also dangerous as sweet it is. Nothing comes easy and you should face hardships.

    Destiny and fate is in Baba Hands. Just pray to him and leave it to Baba. You should now progress spiritually and for well being so that you can become strong and support your family. Marriage will definetly happen.

    You mentioned that you are fighting a lot!! then how do you expect to stay calm after marriage? there will be more fights….. but to overcome all this one of you should compromise and have lots of patience and only then you can win over your married life.

    Do not get weak and spoil your health, it will do no good to you and your family. Please do not hurt your parents.

    Pray to the Almighty sai to give you good future and full fill your wish.

    Sister from Cannada,

    Happy that Baba has already blessed you with a long time Job. So be Happy. At the time of Pregnancy, please do not stress because the impact will be on your child.

    Just chant Baba name always and he will take care of you. Regarding your Job, do not worry. The show must go on, so Baba will ensure that every one sails smoothly on this planet.

    Lets bow now to the Holy and Old Feet of Our Sai Sadguru.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  16. Dear Sai Devotee, I pray for your job sooner and BABA will look at you. Keep faith, place your resumes at jobs banks and also try to have more credentials that would help you spot-light your resume.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  17. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba, please bless all of your children.. we all are helpless without your constant love, guidance and support. Please help us all.. show us the right path.. bless us to have lots of faith and patience.. make us do good deeds and thereby we can deserve your grace. You are the sweetest and the most merciful. So we look up to you with high hopes.. please help us.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  18. Nice experiences! Sai's daughter, don't worry, Baba will arrange what is best for you and if it is in Baba's destiny for you, He will find a way for you and your love to be together, just have faith in Baba. Devotee from Canada, it is good that Baba gave you a sign that your job will be safe when you come back, and Baba will make sure that everything with your job goes well and that you have a very happy and healthy baby. Asha Ji, it is wonderful how Baba found you a good husband and very good you didn't lose faith in Baba. Baba takes care of all our worries if we just have faith and patience in His ways. Om Sai Ram!

    Love You So Much Baba.

  20. dear sai devotee… i read your experience please leave to baba everything just concentrate on your work… too loved a guy before two years… he left me with out any reason… but i did not lose my faith on sai…. now iam concentrating on my family and my career….. iam really very happy now… life is going smooth…. now iam loving my parents like anything… divert yourself dear……

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