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Why Fear When I am Here – Sai Baba

Sai Brother Deepak Ji from UAE says: Dear All, this experience is of today, and was one of numerous such things in our lives, when we fall at our Baba’s feet to seek refuge in Him, and look forward for His intervention. I am writing this experience, since I promised Baba that I will write it and post it today to Hetal Ji’s email address, if I get His blessings. As always, Baba, always gives His blessings, when He knows His devotees are in need and here is such an experience.

Since yesterday, I was feeling heaviness in my head, and there was a certain feeling of hollowness accompanied by dizziness. I knew that my blood pressure was not in control, and this was evident, when this was discovered a few months ago, when I went surgery for my kidney stones (I had posted earlier experience on that). I had decided to improve my life style including proper eating habits, doing YOGA, indulge in exercise and leave smoking. I have now since almost 2 weeks left smoking. Somewhere, after coming from Sai Dham (Kopergaon) and Shirdi, the urge has been declining and I hope ultimately is on verge of death. I will post my experience on trip to Shirdi and Sai Dham separately.

Yesterday, I bought the digital machine so that I can monitor my blood pressure and can work towards bringing it to normal by adopting all these steps listed above. I came home in the evening and measured it. It was as high as 175/120. This is certainly high, and I was uncomfortable. From this morning, I started to follow all steps on health and Yoga, but the feeling was still there. In afternoon, I told my wife that I will consult a doctor, and probably need to start taking the pill to control it, at least till the time, it comes in control. I am still 33, so with proper control, this can be brought back. In the afternoon, when it was just not looking right, I thought I will go to the doctor, but something just told me that I should go to Sai Baba’s Temple (Mandir) in my home, and ask His intervention to give me some relief. I did so, prayed to him, put some UDI in water, kept it in front of Him, and prayed to Him to get me out of His feeling. I asked Him, that I want to take a short nap in the afternoon, and by the time I wake up, if all is OK, I will send this experience to the post. I tried sleeping earlier in the day, but there was no change in my state. I woke up in about 35 minutes, and I was surprised to realize that I was almost 60% better. I took bath, and went to do Baba’s Pooja, and thanked Him. Again, to reduce it further, prayed to Him, and drank another glass with UDI in it. Now, at the time of writing this, I am feeling much better, and have the renewed energy and more or less the feeling of normalcy. I have also prayed to Baba to keep me firm of not getting back to smoking and help me get back to my health. This experience may just be miniscule compared to many larger problems that many of us face, but this is just to reinstate the faith and belief of each one of us in the fact that SAI BABA is always there with us, each and every moment of our lives. OM SAI RAM Deepak Sachdeva, Dubai

Sairam Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, My Sai bless you with lots of love and blessings. This blog has been a source of inspiration for me. Thanks for this wonderful service you are doing. Please don’t publish my name or mail id. I am an IT professional and currently deputed in USA from past few month for a project work. For some personal reasons and sudden problems, I had to make few personal trips to India. Due to my sudden plans for India, my managers in USA were shocked, but they allowed me to visit India. I knew that I am going to incur heavy expenditures. So I asked my USA managers, if I can work from India's office, but continue to get USA salary, since India's trip was only for 2 months. They agreed to let me work from India, but refused for USA salary. They said that when I am in India, I will get India's salary. Disheartened with this, I prayed to Baba and requested him to help me. Time passed and with heavy heart I accepted the fact. I was going through a rough phase and I checked my horoscope too, which was telling all the bad things about present. It mentioned that I will suffer financial losses till June, but July onwards, things will be stable and whatever was happening was the same as described in it. In USA, salary is credited on bi-monthly basis. I was expecting my Indian salary on 30th. But one fine day on 15th, when I checked my mail and I saw my USA account has been credited with USA salary. My happiness knew no bounds, but this incident somehow filled me with pride and ego. I continued to get USA salary till the time I was in India. Now Baba decided to crush my ego and pride in his own way. My Indian manager was not happy with me. One day he called me and in mid of his talks he asked which salary I am getting? Indian or USA? I told him USA. Now my manager was after me and escalated this matter to Indian HR and asks them to recover the US salary. I became upset and realized that whatever I got was only because of Baba blessings and now to crush my ego Baba is teaching me a lesson. By that time I had converted most of the USA salary to Indian Rupees to meet expenses. Now I was worried about the recovery. Also horoscope facts began disturbing me that I will suffer more losses now. My wife told me to leave everything on Baba, which I did and said Sorry to Baba for my behavior. My wife is an ardent devotee of Sai Baba and she holds me whenever my trust upon Baba begins trembling. She is Baba's gift to me. I was upset so one fine day I told Him “Baba I know that I was surrounded with false ego and pride, but now I have realized my fault and surrendered totally on Your feet, if possible please stop this recovery. If it was Your blessings that I got USA salary in India, then no one can take it away from me except You. Now I leave everything on You". On next salary day, I got my full USA salary without any deductions or recovery. This was a miracle and Sai Leela to get me rid of false pride and ego. My humble namaskar and pranam to Baba lotus feet's. Baba now never let me go to clutches of Maya.

Sai Baba Blessed My Brother With Good Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, thanks to you for providing an avenue for devotees to share their experiences with Baba. I feel blessed to be able to read this blog and be able to share my own experience. Please do not publish my name and email address. I have shared one experience that is really amazing. We are two brothers and one sister and all are married. We both younger brother and sister are well settled in our lives. But my elder brother is not stand in a financial manner. He was jobless for the last 3 months and eagerly looking for a job but the destiny was not in favor to him. It was very difficult time to allow the daily routine expenses. We are all tried to find out the job for him. But from the each direction reply comes in negative form. All known and friends were not picking up the phone and they were avoiding us. The situation was worst and he was tense and suffering low BP. I really lost the hope on Baba and cried every time in the front of Baba, but He was not listening. I was annoyed and said the negative words to Baba. But my sister always says that BABA is a father of universe and He will take care of everyone. Suddenly my sister met one girl, who has working in a good Company. With the grace of Baba, she tried the job for him in her company, but again there was silence (No Reply). After one week, HR called my brother for the interview and he cleared the two rounds. We are again waiting for the offer letter. After 2 days, they sent the mail that he is selected for the post and immediate join. But he has no original document regarding salary slip, experience etc. With the SAI name he submitted the photocopy of these documents and we all prayed that HR will not ask for original. This is the miracle of SAI and benevolent of SAI that everything is good and running smoothly. Thank you so much Baba “Aap Jaisa Koi Aur Nahi”. OM SAI NATHAY NAMAH.
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  1. Could anyone help me understand my dream:

    I and my husband have entered some temple and the panditji is inside the temple. I can see that I have 2 rupees note in my hand which I'm planning to offer to the god. I don't which god's idol it was. But then I think of offering Rs 5/-. After this my dream broke and I got up this morning.

    I'm not understanding if I have still not offered Rs 2/- (Shradda and Saburi) to our beloved baba.
    I'm confused as to what it means. Please help me understand my dream.


  2. Om sai ram its realy nice experience each experience showing that we must keep faith nd patience sai never let down their devotees he will arrange everthing for his devotee very nicely iplz sai gives us two most precious things shardha and subri without it we never understand your leelas love u sai bottom of my heart

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you love you and love you a lot my Sai. Please be with everyone.

    Make my husband your devotee soon.. bless him and shower your love and grace on him abundantly.

    Take good care of my Mother, keep her happy always Baba. And make my brother a good human being, show him the right path and give him all success in life.

    Love you and many thanks for everything. Help us to ever remember you.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Om Sai Ram

    Each and every experience are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.



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  7. Sai Sisterji, I feel that five rupees which you are trying to offer is the five evils Kam(lust), Krodh(anger), Lobh(greed),Moh (attachment)and Ahankar (pride). Somewhere in your subconscious mind you feel that you should get rid of these five evils and hence you thought of surrendering it in the form of 5 rupees. this is what striked me when i read your comment. I may not be correct but shared what i felt.

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  9. why we humans are so unstable in our faith . As long as the going is good , we worship God , adore him and so on . The moment our desires don't get fulfilled for some reason , we lose faith in God and try to hold him responsible for all the bad things .How to get over this attitude , some one should advice me .

  10. Thanks anonymous devotee to help me understand my dream of offering Rs 5/-. It really makes sense to me now…thanks again.

  11. Om Sai Ram . Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.Om Sai Ram.
    Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.Om Sai Ram.Om Sai Ram.Om Sai Ram.
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    Om Sai Ram.Om Sai Ram .Om Sai Ram.Om Sai Ram.Om Sai Ram.
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Jaisairam,
    Love you so much Baba.

  13. Very nice experiences! Deepak Ji, it is Baba's grace and the power of the Udi that helped cure your high BP. Devotee from India, it is wonderful how Baba gave you the USA salary while in India, eventhough He had to teach you about pride and Ego, but in the end Baba gave you what you deserved. Devotee from India, it is wonderful how Baba arranged for your elder brother's job and made sure everything with the job process went well. OM SAI RAM!

  14. Ya right mere sai jaisa koi nahi he is t only öne with so big heart tat he make all of us comfartable. Baba plz bless all of us. My deva plz take care of ur daughter… OM SAI RAM … -saipriya

  15. Thank You Baba for showing me your presence as a sign. I want You to be with me always and bless me and my family. Baba my brother is suffering a lot because of his sinus problem. Please cure him Baba. we have no one other than You. Please show Your miracle and make him alright Baba. I will surely post my experience here. Please please help him Baba and also my anni to deliver her baby easy and safe. Please be with us and bless us always Baba. Love You.



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