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Devotee Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you for this opportunity. Your service is great and you are as blessed as Hemadpant Ji is in spreading the love and faith of Sai. May Baba bless all of us in such a way, so that we are able to repair the lives of all our fellow beings. Kindly do not publish my name and email id. Please do not disclose it. Please publish this whenever you can.

Baba is the strength in my life, just as He is in all of our lives. He came to Shirdi, a small village and settled down amidst us, only and only to help us and love us and heal us. That was God’s Will. Baba lived in His Dwarkamayi, in front of the burning Dhuni and the scorching heat of Shirdi, always repeating Allah Malik, and teaching us to do the same. The way He lived His life is enough to make us want to hold Him and love Him, for His simplicity, His unconditional love that only a Mother can provide and His knowledge of all things that only God can have.
But why am I telling His devotees and children things that they already know. I think it is because I love Him just like you do, and I love talking about Him all the time. So that people at my workplace make fun of me saying I act like some Yogi. I honestly do not mind the taunts, because somewhere deep within, the love grows with each taunt. I don’t want to protect Sai. He can protect Himself. But I hope He blesses each person that taunts me and Him, with faith and knowledge of Allah, of Ram, of Jesus, of God himself.

Here is my recent experience. I was at work last Monday and Tuesday evening, when my Father called me to say, he had taken my Mum for a checkup because she had been dizzy for two days. The doctor took her ECG and said there is a gross irregularity in it and needs further tests. Since he was a physician, I came home and immediately booked her test in a hospital for a cardio to check her. When I went out to get an auto, it was 8PM in the night. I walked out alone praying, and saw an auto parked with His picture on it in orange. This happens but not too often, so I felt happy. We went to the hospital and the doctor said that she would need to undergo some tests, but he would be out of station for the next two weeks.

We came out of the hospital and I remembered a relative mentioning that there was one renowned cardiologist, very close to where we lived. I called the enquiry and got his number, but he was available only the next morning. So we went the next morning, and when I went in to see the doctor, this was the first thing I noticed after greeting the doctor. Just behind him on a raised platform, there was an idol of Sainatha in Orange. There He was again, telling me that He was with us then and always. I was not surprised by this reassurance, but I was happy deep within. I submitted everything to him, and went thru the ordeal of tests with my mother. My father and mother both cried separately on my shoulders while waiting for the results. I had no words to console them, but reminded them of Sai's presence, and sat and prayed the whole day at her feet, doing my Nama Japa of Guru Raghavendra and Sadhguru Sai continuously. Two days later, the results came while holding the results and taking them to the doctor. Again we took an auto, and needless to say, there was Sainatha, in orange on the windshield of the auto. We went to see the doctor and the doctor said, the results in the ECHO test and blood tests were clear, and said that he did not see a problem, but has recommended one more test called a CT scan, to rule out any problems. I have submitted myself to His love. Though I have asked Him to rescue my mother from any pain, and asked Him to make sure I suffer most of her Karma, and the same for my father. I know that somewhere we all have to accept His Will. My Sai Sadguru will take away most of our suffering, and ensure that only what we can bear will be given to us. I will live my life in a way that will do Him proud. Whatever happens, may my Faith in Him never decrease. Regards. Om Sai Ram. On Sri Raghavendraya Namaha

Experienced Baba Presence In My First Visit To Shirdi

Sai Sister Deepika Ji from India says: Hello Hetal Ji, Being a Sai devotee, I feel very proud of you for maintaining such a nice blog where Sai devotees can share their experiences whether its happiness or sad. I had gone through this blog 2 weeks ago and subscribed to it so that I will not forget praying Baba daily. It’s a reminder for me to remember and chant Baba. I had a wish to share my experiences with Sai devotees. It has come true now with your blog. I am in USA now. By the grace of Sai, I married to very nice person from a very good family. Baba presence is there for each and everything that happens with us. He showers His blessings all the time on His children directly or indirectly. Few we may not recognize that it’s because of Him. He makes us strong and tests our patience and faith on Him by keeping us tough situations and but finally gives fruitful happiness/success. I love You, Baba. Be all the time with us and help us all the time shower Your blessing on us. I had so many experiences with our beloved Baba, where I felt His presence and blessings on me and would like to share with our Baba devotees starting from my first experience. I feel so lucky for being devotee and daughter of Saibaba. I had a wish to visit Shirdi if I get good marks in 10th. Baba's grace, I got good marks, but I could not go. After that I thought to go after my 12th as I got good score. Then too and with EAMCET rank, I couldn't go. I might have not tried hard to go to Shirdi. I joined some engineering college. Fortunately my hostel was just in front of Saibaba's temple. So almost daily I used to go to temple after doing pooja in room. Then only I used to go to college. Temple Pandit Ji gave me Sai Satcharitra book to me. This is truely Baba's blessing and kind on me. I had no idea about Sai Satcharitra before that. At that moment I could not feel His blessings. But now I am feeling very happy for being blessed by Baba in temple itself in front of His idol. I read Sai Satcharitra many times during my engineering. Visiting Shirdi was like a dream to me. Baba’s grace, I got good job and I joined the job in 2006. I really had tough time because of some silly issues. I used to read Sai Satcharitra book for peace of mind. Baba might had a plan to bring me to Shirdi and feel His presence. Suddenly I got a call from my parents about Shirdi trip. I was so happy. Finally the great day has come. I went along with my parents and brother to Shirdi. It was almost 7 years, I had a wish to go to Shirdi. As Baba always says until and unless we get our turn, we can’t visit Him though we try hard. It’s all Baba's kripa and He decides. I really felt happy, when I experienced the Shirdi air for the first time and I felt shivered, when my feet touched the place where Baba actually stayed and showed His all Mahima's and blessed His children. Tears rolled out of my eyes. I had wonderful Saibaba Darshan. To my surprise, when I touched Baba Samadhi and praying Him. Pandit Ji, who is just beside Baba told me “Hyderabad se aaya Beti”. I got wondered how he knows I came from Hyderabad. He is nothing, but Baba who made him to feel His presence and blessings on me. That was really amazing experience I felt all the time, when I remember that day. As I still wanted to see Baba again immediately, I visited Baba Samadhi second time with my father again. Also I sat in front of Baba and reading last chapter in Guru Charitra. One old man was talking to my father and said your daughter looks very intelligent and good. She has a very bright future ahead. My father felt very happy saying this to me. I was so happy for being blessed by Baba and I feel like am daughter of Baba and I am His loving child. Then I visited Dwarakamai and Chavadi. My heart felt very happy and peaceful. If I had gone after my 10th or 12th, I would have not felt His presence and missed the joy that I experienced as I was not aware of Sai Satcharitra that time. As I read Sai Satcharitra so many times, I know the greatness of Dwarakamai and Chavadi. Tears were rolling out like anything, when I was around Dwarakamai and Chavadi and such a nice feeling for being in the place, where Baba spent all His days. Jai Sairam. Sairam be with me till my last breath and help me in all the ways and my family. LOVE YOU BABA. Bless all your devotees. Shower your blessings on us.

Miracle I Experienced In Chennai

Anonymous Devotee from India says: This incident happened in Chennai in March of 2012. It was a Saturday. I was in my in-law’s place. I asked my mother in law, how far it is Mylapore Sai Ram Temple. She told we could plan a visit to the temple easily. So my dad, my Brother-In-Law, my 3 year old son and I went to Sai Baba temple in Mylaopre. It was a treat to my eyes. I enjoyed every minute of my presence there. I was lost in my own sweet world or tears. I had read about this temple in one of the Sai miracle books and could not believe I was in a place, where I had only read about. We finished temple, went to Marina beach since my son insisted. It was around 7 pm and we went to a restaurant in city center. I hung my handbag, which had my wallet, my cell, my digital camera, my Brother-In-Law’s cell, my dad’s cell. All the valuables were in my handbag, since we had to play in water at the beach. We had nice vada’s and tea at the restaurant. My son had a made a mess in eating and took him to the washroom to wash his face and hands. Meanwhile my dad and Brother-In-Law paid the bill and went out towards parking. I saw them go out and just followed them with my son. We drove 10 minutes and my son asked me “Mummy, give me your cell phone, I want to play some songs”. My heart sank, my breathe stopped. It just struck me that I have left my handbag hanging to the chair that I sat on. We asked the driver to revert back to the restaurant. All the way until we reached the restaurant the only thing I was chanting was “Shri Sai, Jaya Sai Jaya Jaya Sai”. I asked my son to pray for me. He also prayed “Sai Ram, mummy should get her bag back”. To my joy, when I went to the restaurant, my handbag was just where I had left. My Brother-In-Law, who is a localize in Chennai, told that this is a miracle that in such a busy restaurant and that too in Chennai you have got back something as valuable as this. It was a huge sigh of relief for all of us. This boundless feeling of connection with my Baba is something that I have experienced. I have had many such experiences, but for this one I had told Baba that I will share this with the whole world. Regards, Sai Ganapa devotee
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  1. Three faith boosting experiences…thank you very much for sharing them. Especially with the first one, your parents are truly blessed to have a daughter like you.

    May Baba's love be on all his children.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Nice experiences.baba my husband is upset just bcoz of his business.baba pls solve his problems.i love u baba, I know u will give your Kripa sai ram om sai ram.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Amazing miracles of Baba !! Baba please make my husband your devotee.. so that we can rejoice your sweet Leelas together.. bless him to know you. Be with us always.

    We love you and owe you all our happiness.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Please make my son not to fall in bad ways and help him to work better.Be always with him so that he realizes you and comes out of all bad ways and understands life better.

  5. Please sai baba correct my husband to be good husband, good father and most of all good human being. Help my husband communicate and be honest with everyone. Please forgive us Sai Baba for our mistakes, sins and karma. Thank you for you help.

  6. Very wonderful experiences! First devotee from India, it is very nice that Baba showed himself to you when you were helping your mother go for all the medical tests. It was Baba's way of showing you that He is with you. Deepika Ji, although it took you a while to get your Shirdi trip wish fulfilled, Baba probably wanted to call you at the right time also, but it is great that finally you got to make your Shirdi trip and have Baba's blessings there. 2nd devotee from India, it is wonderful that Baba made sure nothing happened to your handbag until you came back to the restaurant (Baba was protecting it for you). Om Sai Ram!

  7. Jai Sai Ram,

    first anonymous devotee, you have great affection and love towards your parents. Please continue this and serve them well. Baba will be very pleased.

    Baba will never forget those who remember him with true love.

    Hail, Hail Shri Shiridi sainath.

    Servant of Baba

  8. JAI SAI RAM. Please Baba give me also all the happiness and experiences as you give the others…Please baba…
    jai Sai Ram.

  9. such a wonderful experiences. baba pls never leave us alone. we can't leave without you. you are everything for me. i will always your daughter, and never leave your feet, till my last breath. its a promise. baba pls accept me as your daughter. bless all living creatures.

    jai sai ram!

  10. Sai maa, thanks for everything!! Especially for getting my brother married. Although its too late but its ok.I think it would be right time for him to receive this happiness from you. But Sai Maa, everything looks good at the right time only. I am 32 and still not get married and I have no hope for the same as no one is doing effort for me. I am all alone. I know this time too shall pass but don't know when. Also, thanks for improving my skin a bit better.

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