My Experience With Baba – Sai Devotee Badal

This experience shows how our Lord Sai Baba is ever-living and attracting His devotees world wide.

Sai Brother Badal Ji from UAE says: Hetal Ji Jai Sainath. Below is the miracle happened with me by Shirdi Sai Baba. Please post this in your holy blog. Kindly do not delay to post this. Is it possible to post on 24th or 31st May 2012? This is my request to you as you may be getting so many e-mails to post the miracle of Baba. Please change any where you find wrong. Now I did my part and then BABA MALIK.

I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba since 16th June 2010. On this date, Baba came in my dream and put sacred UDI on my forehead. I think this was the approval for me to be the devotee of Baba. Because of Baba’s blessing, I refrain from drinking and smoking as well. This was all bad habit of me. My birth is on 8th Nov, so Shani (Saturn) is the ruler on my destiny. Most of the time, I am afraid in any case. My life progress is very slow (full of struggle). When other gets thing done immediately, in my case, it takes time to complete. Losing money is part of my life. No idea how Rahu and Ketu style people I met and invested money. Before Baba came in my life on 2010, I lost lots of money doing some stupid business. I took Loan also from some friends and bank too. I withdrew money from my credit card for this business. I was hoping that it will be a good business and then I can re-pay to bank and friends, but that was all cheated. Loan interest went up and I was struggling how to re-pay the loans. Gradually by grace of my beloved Sai Baba, all loans were sorted out. Now I have one loan only. Now I have peace of mind. Any small or big issue in my life sorted out by my Baba only. He is father, mother and teacher of my life. I am very short tempered person. When I get angry or tense, I chant His name slowly and miraculously, I get cool in my mind.

It was Thursday night and Friday is holiday for me (I do not remember the exact date). So I slept little late after my prayer on Thursday. Early in the morning, I saw a dream that Baba is saying that I am giving you one more power. I did not understand initially what Baba is trying to say to me. Then I can see beside my wife one more girl is sleeping on my dream. Clearly I could see both my wife and the girl. On Friday morning, my wife woke up early to prepare breakfast. From the Kitchen, she ran and came to me saying I am feeling uneasy and did vomit. I was smiling remembering Baba and the dream what he already informed to me. My wife was telling me that I am sick due to the food poison and you are smiling. I said no it cannot be food poison. All I can understand is it is good news for us that Baba has already given as advance notice to me early in the morning. I was feeling very happy and told my wife to wait for the 1st test result whether it is positive or negative. Then you will know the truth and I myself did the test it was positive. All of my family and her parents were happy. My parents informed me that since he/she is the first baby in our family, the birth should take place at village. I said OK. Before we planned to go to India on 3rd Dec 2010, my wife suggested me her mom asked to check whether it is he or she. I denied doing the test to keep it as a surprise, but she forced me to do. As I have mentioned above that Baba already given indication that a baby girl will come and after the test result doctor informed me the same. I left my wife at home and came back to Dubai. During her stay at home, she always prayed to Baba and she used to listen the song “SAI RAM SAI SHYAM SAI BHAGABAN, SHIRDI KE DATA SABSE MAHAN”. At the time of my baby’s birth, she felt the presence of Baba.

10 April 2011 at 6 am, my baby came in the new world. I took leave for her naming ceremony and put her name as Saima, so that way, we can utter Sai’s name and remember our beloved Baba. By Baba’s grace, a religious function arranged at our home, nearly about 1500-2000 peoples were feed during the naming ceremony. On 5th of May 2011, I visited Shirdi with My Mom, Dad, Sisters, brother in law and my son in law. We stayed in Bhakti Niwas for 4 days. We had Baba’s Darshan and touched His Samadhi all the time except on Thursday. I did Kakad Aarti standing in the queue towards Samadhi Mandir on Thursday, Madhyana Aarti in Chawadi and evening Aarti in Samadhi Mandir. I could not complete the Sej Aarti, so I felt incomplete. I was standing in front of Dwarakamai and was thinking about my wish if Baba will indicate me or not whether it will fulfill or not. I was just walking and thinking. One fakir came towards me with peacock feather. He hit on my head and blessed with the word what was my wish. I was looking at him and he asked me for Dakshina. I paid him and he left me. It was a surprise for me and will never forget in my life. The blessings become a tune in my mind still. I cannot disclose the wishes, as it’s my personal and I am sure it will accomplish gradually. I was very happy after this incident happened in Dwarakamai.

When my baby was 5-6 months, she started talking with the word saying BABA. I feel the indication of blessing of Baba towards my baby. When my baby was 8 months, I brought them back to Dubai in spite of reluctant every of my family. My wife and baby traveled together. She never felt major problem, when she was traveling. Only problem happened that she lost her one bag. Due to my Baba’s help, she could reach Dubai safely. I had arranged a temporary room from my friend, who was gone on leave for one month. During this one month’s stay, my friend assured me that we can get easily the room. But when we stay there and enquired, all said that there is no vacant room. My wife was so much worried. How we will arrange a permanent room and we are not alone we have our small kid too. We asked all land lords if there is any chance we can get a room before 5th Feb 2012. Every one gave hope only that if there is any room, we will let you know. Since we did not have permanent room, I did not bring my Baba temple to the temporary accommodation. It was in my office accommodation and one of my colleagues was doing Pooja daily. I was also tensed and I told my wife, Baba arranged everything like you and my kid came here very safely and Baba knows how He will arrange a permanent room for us also. He has to be permanent with us. Very sincerely and silently I prayed Baba “BABA YOU KNOW HOW YOU WILL BE SETTLED PERMANET WITH US” and this prayed answered to us immediately within 2 days.

Najia is the Pakistani lady and good friend of my wife. She was staying with her 2 kids. The kids were studying and she was doing job. She was staying in the same Villa, where we stay temporarily. My wife and she used talk regularly and my wife told her what we will do if do not find any room. We do not know what happened in her home in Pakistan, she had to rush immediately in 2 days. She informed to my wife. Trust me, I and my wife were so much happy that moment which we cannot express in words. She took her kids and left her job and went back to Pakistan. This was a big and big surprise for us. We can say impossible is possible only by our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba. I supposed to vacant my friends room by 5th Feb 2012, but by my Baba grace, I got the room by 29th Jan 2012 and shifted all house hold material on 31st Jan 2012.

Just recently this miracle happened. I was so worried about money, taking Baba’s name I slept. My laptop was on. I felt like Baba is in our room and on the same time automatically, the bhajan music started. I called my wife and I said see the music automatically started. She told me that I saw Baba is standing there may be He put the music on. I sat on the bed for some time and then I came to the laptop table to shut it down and then I slept again. In the morning, I asked my wife do you know how the music started last night. She said I do not know, but I know only Baba was standing beside the laptop table and I saw some gold fish in my dream. I said this is indication of money and surely Baba will give to us. On our surprise my company chairman came to Dubai for 2 days and on last day of his stay in the evening, he decided to give bonus, which was unexpected.

Gurubhai/behen please advise me your opinion on the above miracles happened with me. Baba will bless all His devotees. Sincere thanks to my wife, who bring Baba in my life.

Jai Sairam!

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Brother ,

    u are blessed i wish baba accepts my bhakti too .i have a question if u could tell us how come u had so many bad habits and what made u listen to your wife and pray baba because even i want my husband to become babas devotee but the problem with him is he so educated for everything in his life he wants logic and i am tired telling him god doesnt have logic .he comes with faith and belief

  2. Dear Sai devotee,
    Sai Baba has supernatural power to fulfill the prayer of His devotees.Sai Baba has fulfilled your desire.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. Dear Badal,

    All sai devottees receives sai blessings and is not known to them instantly. Baba is there to protect so why worry and ask questions about miracle. Keep receiving the altar baba is granting you. Spread the bhakti so that this world becomes a worthy place for all. Sai ke hazaro hath, jis jis ne liya uska nam, woh ho liya uske sath…sainath.
    sainath, jai jai sainath.

    Regards and respects


  4. Om sai ram…….sai nath maharaj ko varambvaar pranaam….sai meri bhul ke liye mujhe maaf karnaaa………aur please meri bhakti ko swikar karna baba….help me…hamesha mere sath rehnaaaaaa………om sai ram

  5. om sai ram bhaiya.. lovely experience… you are blessed… sai babai is always with you and ur fmly… need not worry abt anything….

  6. Nice experiance

    I also had a dream today we are doing naming ceremony for my child..Is this the indication from baba? I dont know..but felt very happy

    am also waiting to conceive from last 3years. this time ihope baba will hear my prayer



    I am not agree with your opinion that you are unlucky…you have some shani dasha and all that…you are a blessed soul that what, i feel about you from your had baba darshan in your dreams not only once but many times…i experienced it only once…but yes i am upto baba..

    sai's daughter tanvy

  8. BABA is always with us and he fulfills all our desires….SHRADDHA and SABURI is more important in life…nice experience… OM SAI RAM…

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba.. you are wonderful . please do the same miracle with us also .. let my husband too be inspired and with your grace may be become your devotee soon. Bless him to quit all bad habits and bless us with a blissful married life. Be with us always and help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives.

    We love you a lot Deva .. shower your grace on us always .. leave us never .. pardon our sins and always guide us to be on the right path .. we need you .. bless my whole big family and make us good human beings in the truest sense .. and keep away all sources of disturbance away from us.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  10. why baba is not helping me ,i am so much afaird of any thing that know i can not live a peace full life , i am runing away from all my work because of fear i dont know how to get rid from this fear ,i have a small child baba please show some way . om sai ram

  11. OM Sai Ram, Faith works wonders, it is your faith in BABA that he is with you and taking care of all you problems.
    OM Sai Ram.

  12. Dear Sai Devotee Badal ji,
    I truly believe that with BABA's grace impossible is POSSIBLE. My belief is stronger with my own experiences in my life. They are so many to mention here. I have been posting my experiences that you can read when you get a chance.
    May you remain blessed ever.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  13. Badal Ji, very nice experience! It is nice how Baba arranged everything for you, your wife and your new baby when you returned to Dubai. In spite of all the struggles you have been through, Baba has been there with you and helped guide you and I know He will guide you, your wife and your wonderful new baby girl (she is already saying Baba's name, an indication from Baba that He will bless for her entire lifetime and beyond). Om Sai Ram!

  14. Jai Sai Ram,

    Brother Badal, Baba was the protector of Poor, Rich, down trodden and even animals. He infact treated every one equally and said every living being has a soul.

    So be Happy and Live Happy that Baba has Blessed you in Dreams and gifted you with a Daughter. I am sure you will also succeed in your business and your spiritual life.

    Hail Hail Sainath, the Parabrahma Shri Shiridi Saibaba who created this beautiful universe.

    Servant of Baba.

  15. Om sai ram badal bro very happy to know about ur experience i know baba arragenerd everything very nicely for us nothing impossible for our sai he is God nd Guru for all our devotee nd sai nevet let down their devotee but he always expect two things for all devotee which is shardha nd subri love u deva

  16. Sairam Badalji

    You are truly blessed. Baba looks after His children. There shall be no want in the house of my devotees – Shirdi Sai Baba's saying. Baba bless all. Soni

  17. OM SAI RAM

    Ever Loving Shirdi Saima devotee Badalji,

    On reading the miracles She has done in your life, it is very clear that if we have Unstinted Faith on Her, She will come to our rescue at the right time and at the right moment with a Picture Perfect Precision. I also committed a lot of mistakes in my life, but Our Ever Loving Shirdi Saima continues to bless me despite my blunders. That is the Characteristic of Our Ever Loving Shirdi Saima.





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