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Lord Sai Baba has account of all our past deeds and thus it is very well known to Him at what time what His devotees should get. See how below experiences of a devotees say so.

Sai Sister Vidya Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Sai Ram. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful blog, which inspires us to develop “Shraddha” and “Saburi” in life. My heart is always overwhelmed and my eyes fill with tears of love and gratitude for our beloved “Sai Baba”, who guides us all in our lives. You are truly very blessed to be chosen by Baba to touch so many lives with positivity through your blog. Baba is directing my life since many years and many a times I have found direction in my life only due to Baba. Here, I would like write my experiences of Baba’s grace, where He saved me from death not once, but thrice. Please feel free to edit it and make necessary corrections if you want. Please kindly do not publish my email id.

I have been a devotee of Baba since I was a young girl and though we have beautiful photo of Shri Sai Baba in our house since my school days. I understood Baba’s importance and felt very close to Him since college days. I have visited Shirdi three times and each time, I have learnt something new. I will write about them in detail some other time. Here I want to write my experiences of how Sai Baba saved my life thrice after I moved to USA after marriage.

I moved to US couple years back. My husband is a very loving and caring person and he supported me in everything. I always had a dream to pursue further studies here and work and become successful in life. In order to do so, I had to adjust to life here and I took driving exam and cleared it. Once when I was driving back home from an institute, where I was taking a course, I got rear ended very badly (in USA we have speed limit and we do not cross it and it's usually very crowded on the highways and rear ended is when a car is hit by another from behind). I was shocked and initially I didn't know what was happening. I was jolted forward and thankfully my head didn't hit the dashboard due to the seat belt, but I felt that my trunk was hit badly. It was my first experience and I was very scared. Luckily, I moved to the last lane and waited for the police to come and also nobody in the other car were injured. We eventually were done with all the formalities and later our insurance agents called us and told us that the mistake was that of other person. Through the whole process, I remembered that I was very lucky because the truck in front of me was a very big one and if I had hit it by any amount, I would not have been alive today. I remembered I always kept UDI and Baba's picture with me in my bag and that day Baba and the Hanuman idol, which was on the dashboard saved my life as when my car was hit the Hanuman idol flew up and fell on the seat and the bag with the Baba picture fell down too, thus saving me from the impact. Thus I was saved from death once. Similarly, my second incident was when I was flying from Dubai to Los Angeles by myself. I and my husband went to India to visit our relatives and my husband flew back after spending two weeks with everyone. I planned to stay back and come after a month. Like it was planned, I flew from Hyderabad to Dubai safely and then boarded the flight to Los Angeles. We all boarded the plane and when we were about to take off, the plane was redirected to the airport and we didn't know what happened. All the passengers had to go through security again and again and finally, my plane was stopped until further notice. I was scared that I was alone and tried to inform my husband that my flight didn't take off on time. We waited for 6 and half hours in Dubai and finally in the evening around 4.30 we left for LA. We all came to know later that we had a Bomb Threat in our plane and that the person was caught and held back. Thus Sai Baba once again saved my life for the second time. Finally third time, this year and just recently in May, I and my husband went to LA to see my Parents off at the Airport. My parents were visiting us for few months and on May 10th, they were returning to India. We left them at the airport on time and stood at the gate, waving them goodbye for few additional minutes. I was crying and missed them badly. I was having few issues and they had helped me lot in the past months. After waiting there for about 15 minutes, we left the airport to drive back to our home. When we were driving back, everything was fine and the traffic was moving fast and so we hoped to be home soon. We were discussing about dinner plans, when suddenly all the vehicles on the busiest highway stopped on both sides of the highway. We were wondering what happened and everyone got of their vehicles and went to see. I asked my husband to see to and we came to know that a big power line just collapsed on the highway and in the process many cars and vehicles got entangled and damaged on both sides. Since it was dangerous to drive over power cables, they had stopped the traffic. I consider myself so very lucky because if I and my husband had left early, immediately after seeing my parents off, we would have been trapped under the cable lines which fell, we just escaped by few minutes. Our car was just in the fourth row and in just few minutes if we arrived early, we would have been trapped or injured badly and our car would have been damaged. We both consider ourselves very lucky because Baba is always watching over us and saving us and guiding us. Since in USA, we don't see Sai Baba's picture so much on the cars, I was once wondering how will I know He is always with me, when I am driving and incidentally I saw a red symbol on the car in front of me and ever since then, whenever I see that symbol on the cars and truck here and I know my “BABA” is there guiding me and my life and I feel so happy. Thank You Baba, I completely surrender myself and my life to You and hope You will keep always take care of me and everyone, who loves and believes in You. I have so many more experiences to write, but when ever Baba will inspire me, I will write them. Sai Ram everyone and our Baba is definitely with us all.
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  1. Very beautiful experience Vidya Ji! It is wonderful how so many times Baba has helped save you from dangerous situations. Just as a Mother protects her children, Baba has protected you and your husband (by telling you to stay some extra time at the airport when you were in LA, and by preventing the plane in Dubai from leaving before extra security checks). Baba is there to protect us from many dangers that may come to us in life, and Baba won't allow His children to come to any harm. Om Sai Ram!

  2. O Sadguru Sainath:
    You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient;
    You inspired in me the light of spiritual power.

  3. So true Vidya Ji….Baba is always with all his loving children. You are very blessed…thank you for sharing your experience.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. SAI RAM Vidya sister

    you have unwavering faith on baba…..That's what i feel after reading your experience..


  5. Jai Sai Ram,

    wonderful experiences. Who can harm Baba devotees when Baba himself is ready to protect.

    We should remember Baba and meditate on his name when ever we have some time in the day and mostly remember Baba all the time.

    Jai Jai Gurudev.

    Servant of Baba.

  6. Dear Vidya,

    What you mean by "red symbol on the car in front of me" ??
    Which red symbol makes u remember of baba????Please share if possiblt…

    thanks sai brother


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