Three more experiences are shared.

Sai Gave Me Job

Sai Sister Jyothi Ji from India says: Namaste Hetal Ji. I am Jyothi. Previously I posted two of my experiences in this blog. I am really thankful to you for your wonderful service through this blog. This is an awesome platform for all the SAI devotees, who want to share their experiences and increase their devotion thousand folds. First of all, I bow to our beloved SAI MAA and asking apology for the delay in posting this experience.

In continuation to my recent post My Shirdi Trip – Sai Devotee Jyothi, I did Navagurvar Vrat (in April 2011) to get a job in my dream company. First of all, I thought there is some mistake in my Pooja. That’s why Baba didn’t listen to me. Now, I am glad to inform all the SAI devotees that I got a job in a reputed company, which is of my choice. Great Miracle is in April 2012, I started my work in new company. Is this not a miracle?

For me getting this job is a great miracle of Baba. To get this job, I have to gone through 6 to 8 rounds of Interview. Well experienced and technical experts have also been rejected in interview. Compared to all the other persons, who attended the interview at the same time, I could say that I am not good in technical and communication skills. I have gone through only 6 rounds of Interview and got selected with the blessing's of our beloved SAI MAA. Tears rolling down from my eyes, while writing about the love our SAI showed on me. If you rely on our SAI, He will take care of everything. I left out all the things to Baba and sat peacefully. As per my wish Baba gave me the job, but I have to improve my Presentation and Management skills to survive in this job. Now, I am praying Baba whole heartedly to give me all the courage and interpersonal skills to face all the problems. Here in this company, I don’t have any backbone to help me out, but I have Baba to give me everything. I hope all the devotees get blessings of Baba and peace of mind.

Instances Favouring My Trust

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am from Chennai. I have been reading your blog for past 2 years. Really it gives lots of positive energy, while reading though I failed to receive Baba's blessings for my wish. Your blog motivated me to share my little experience too. Please do not publish my name or email id.
  • Experience 1: Though our family is not a staunch devotee. We used to attend the bhajan happening in our neighbour house. That’s how, I started praying Him. Later those neighbour moved to another city, so my follow up with Sai Baba also diminished. Later after 3 or 4 years, I had some personal problem. I didn’t have courage to solve it by myself, so I started praying to Gods. Then I happened to read Sai devotees experience in a magazine. So I thought I should also put forth my prayers to Sai. I thought I should get Sai’s photo to do prayer. Also I remembered my neighbour used to say to my mom, if we wish to buy Baba’s picture, it will come on its own to us. Thinking about the same, I was going to temple on weekend as part of my regular routine. I went to all Sannidhis, and then I was sitting in temple for few minutes before leaving. By that time, a lady standing beside me dropped something. As I was sitting in the floor, I picked it and gave it to her. Actually it was a small booklet. Then she gave that booklet to me. Yes, as you guess, it’s a Shirdi Sai’s book, nine Thursday vrat book. I was very much surprised and thrilled. My thought was like I am thinking about photo, but I got a book. Thinking about the same, I just flipped the pages of the book to find a small black and white photo of Shirdi Sai sitting in a stone.
  • Experience 2: I went to USA on an assignment for a short while. Since my problem wasn’t solved, I was keep praying Sai. Once, I and my colleagues went to Indian restaurant for lunch. There were several Indian restaurants and shops nearby. Also I saw something like temple in that place. As soon as I saw that I was thinking like Sai may be there. I wanted to go there. It was afternoon time and my colleagues had some other plan. I don’t want to disturb them and even If I wish to go alone. I may need to make them wait for me, which I don’t want to do. So I didn’t get the chance to visit the temple. Next week again we went to same restaurant. We couldn’t find a free parking space nearby. So I and two other guys got down while other guys were trying to find a parking lot. So I got some time, I told my friends I will go to that temple and will be back soon. They too joined me. When I entered the temple, Sai Aarti was happening. It was almost going to get over. I filled with so much joy that I couldn’t believe that Sai listening to me or just a coincidence.
Though my actual problem didn’t get solved for which I prayed to Sai. I still believe He is listening to me. But for some reasons it didn’t happen. Now I have resigned my job too, since I am facing failures and it is not satisfactory. Sai please bless with peacefulness to my love. You know whom I am praying about. Also please Sai bless me to find peaceful career.

Thanks Oh Sainatha

Sai Brother Raj Ji from UAE says: Thanks Hetal Ji for this blog. It’s a platform for all the Sai Devotees spread throughout the world. Also, I too insist those, who are not familiar about our Sainatha, to read the blog. My experiences with Lord are legion. It’s just a small incident, which proves His blessings on us. My little daughter, Maithili, was down with normal viral fever, which was endemic. It’s was nothing unusual. Our family doctor too convinced us that this fever shall be abated within couple of days to come as it’s a normal viral fever and kids of her age are vulnerable. But even after few days, in spite of medicines, the fever remains to steadily increase. My wife, usually very optimist, unlike me, too got panicked seeing our little girls plight. I was to commence my daily 20-30minutes pooja and reading of few pages of Sai Satcharitra, when she told me to hurry up to get the little darling of ours to be hospitalized. Further delay, shall only aggravate the situation. I was reluctant to skip my pooja, but I decided to read at least few pages of Satcharitra before dashing to Hospital. Even while reading Satcharitra, my heart was bleeding to see the little soul crying. Finally I prayed Baba, it’s You, who can help this situation. After I completed my reading (without doing the pooja), I got myself dressed, when someone inside me told me to wait for a few while. Saburi. Don’t be in a hurry everything will go fine. I at once told my wife that let us not hurry. Needless to say that she was surprised with my reply. But finally I conceded. After couple of hours her fever abated, she soon became normal. I knew it's only my savior Sai, who saved us. It’s just one of the instances that I shared. The point I want to emphasis here is not the incident, but if you have deep faith (Shraddha and Saburi), He will ferry you from all the dangers. Annathkoti Brahmand Nayyak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj ParaBrahm Shree Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    Lovely experiences. Baba is amazing !

    Baba, please bless everyone facing issues relationships. I have been through it, and can relate to the pain. Am grateful to you as you solved it so wonderfully and in time. You improved the situation and now because of your grace we are happily married. So i pray to you, dear Baba, please bless all your children with joyous life. Let everyone in this world be blessed with lots of peace and bliss. Solve all the issues of people who are devoted to you and otherwise.Let everyone be blessed with a loving family, good health and prosper in all spheres of life. Let all the people be happy. Your grace can make us good human beings. Please Baba, be with us always, and show us the right path in life. Help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life. We surrender at your Lotus feet.

    Love you a lot Baba and i thank you wholeheartedly for all the blessings you have been showering on us.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. i wonder wen m seeing people getting wat they want from sai dat y not me.i followed both shardha and saburi but still not listening to me.baba its been 6 years dat m waiting for u to bring my love back to me but u r not long i have to wait baba.sai devotees m 33 now and m worried dat even i will get married might i wont hv children bcoz m too old as i checked in google.baba knows dat i dont hv anyone else to rely but only him.i believe in baba but itne salo se wait karte sumthing died inside me and i dont hv any desire to live or to do anything.baba does not listen to me.may be m such a bad sinner dat baba is staying away from me

    • Baba will always do things at the right time.. Just keep praying and talking to him.. Tell him your innermost feelings and trust him fully…
      Talk to baba and he will show you the path!!!

  3. URGENT-Plz as soon as u read this give me ur valuable suggestion.i m in deep trouble and pain,i m Sai divotee since childhood and has believen in his words Shraddha n Saburi,i didnt get a proper match till 35 but i kept my faith in Sai n i got a good match,as it was already late last year i conceived n we were so happy but as u all will say my past karma (which i dont know we are good human beings n cant even kill an ant) my baby died just in fourth month of pregnancy with unknown reason even we have best Dr care,…neway without complaining Baba i moved forward thinking thats my destiny (medically we are fit).
    Now i m in 5th moth of pregnancy (19 week 3 days) and before 5 days after some routine scan n blood test my baby diagnosed with a RARE TUMOUR in whole world Dr dont know its cause and 1 in 50000 live birth in world may have this,no treatment is available as if surgery is done after birth it again grows and may become cancerous in long term,also the post birth surgery affects lower limbs and legs gets affected and none of the Dr in India has done such surgery,as tumour sucks blood babys heart may fail, we took opinion of 10-12 dr relatives n all but all in vain.So i m at the verge of Medical Termination my mind is not working ,again Why Sai Baba is testing me,i m empty no words plz plz say something.

    • Sorry to hear this. I have heard so many miracles about shibpur sai temple. You can check the website and try to contact amitji.

  4. Jai SAi Ram
    Love to read all exps. Please baba bless us with shradha and saburi. Love u baba ji, my paa.

    Om Sai Ram

  5. Very beautiful experiences! Raj Ji, it is wonderful how Baba cured your daughter and even told you to have Faith and Patience while He tended to your daughter. I liked what you said "The point I want to emphasis here is not the incident, but if you have deep faith (Shraddha and Saburi), He will ferry you from all the dangers." Jyothi Ji, it is wonderful that Baba gave you the wonderful job you wanted, and don't worry Baba would not have given you the job if He didn't think you would be successful in that job; don't worry Baba will help you succeed in the new job. Devotee from India, it is wonderful how Baba arranged for the parking lot to be full that day so you could have time to go to the temple and also see Baba Aarthi that day. Baba arranges things nicely for us in our lives, but we just should have Faith and Patience and Baba will take care of everything for us and always, always do what is best for us. Om Sai Ram!

  6. Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

    Please give me good job in my city. Since, 1 and half month i have been facing and strugging for job. Baba, please bless me and give me good job.

    Anonymous devotee

  7. Dear Anonymous Sai Sister who is waiting for her love, I felt very pained reading your comments. Don't lose hope. I used Sai's Question and Answer for your issue and got the answer "wish in mind will be fulfilled" . Sai is showing the way. Don't think about suicide or any negative thoughts. Speak to your love and discuss the problems. I am sure our beloved Sai will guide you, just give your life reigns to him and he will take you through the troubles .

    I am sure our Sainath has planned something for you, sometimes it takes more time. Have shraddha and saburi and everything will be ok.

    Sai Kripa Karo.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. All three are nice experiences.. Thanks for sharing it.
    @Anonymous Devotee, Baba is always listening to us, he will surely bless you. Don't worry.

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba.. have mercy Baba .. bless your children.. people are in so much pain.. please bless everyone with good health, a happy family, good life-partner, healthy kids and all joy and prosperity. Please take care of all your children. We need you. Help, bless, guide and advice us all in all matters of our life. We love you and are grateful to you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  10. @ to all the devotees and anonymous devotee who prayed for me and asked on question answer website.m d one who z waiting for her love.Thank u so much.shayad baba apki pray hi sun le asn he is not listening to me.i feel like baba answer me through u.thanx for giving me hope and light.may baba bless u.

  11. Dear anonymous Sai devotee
    Have faith in baba and baba will surely save your little one from ill health.

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