Following are real interesting experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

My Son’s Health

Sai Brother Kanwar Ji from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you so much for your selfless work for the humanity. I wish that Sai Baba keep His blessings with us always. I wish you and your family a very healthy, happy and prosperous life.

I wish not to disclose my id. However you can share my name. I am in UK since 2004 when I came initially for my studies. I have always been a God fearing person and used to pray all the Gods as one. I come from a very liberal and educated family. I have always known Baba and His greatness since I can remember. However, I became His full time ardent devotee after my marriage. I am married since 2008 and have got many instances, when I was blessed by my Dear Friend, My Baba. The experience I wish to share happened recently, few days ago.

My son is 7 months old and has always been a happy child. He never gets cranky or cries without reason. He started crawling 3-4 weeks ago and got into habit of putting everything into mouth. Due to this habit, I think he developed some stomach infection. He was in a really bad state for 3 days. He was so cranky and used to cry every time we used to clean him and change his nappy. We had to clean him every 10-15 minutes. Due to his diarrhea, he developed nappy rash, which was more worrisome than the runny stomach. So while changing his nappy one day, I just got a thought of giving him little UDI and see if that helps. A thought just crossed my mind that I have been reading other devotee’s miracles. Let’s ask Baba to help my boy as well. So with this simple thought, I gave little UDI to my son. After giving him UDI, I had to change his nappy after 3 hours and then next day. My wife advised me to give my son some more UDI. However, I found him fully recovered by next evening. Now 2 days after, I gave him Baba’s UDI, he is back to his joyous mood and he is healthy as before.

My fellow devotees might find this a small miracle. However, I feel blessed that Baba is always with my family in good and bad times. I have never doubted my Baba, but it feels good when you get what you ask for from your Bhagvann (Guru).

I pray Baba everyday and He will be with me always.


Chanting Lord’s Name

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, thank you so much for your wonderful work. I regularly read of your blog. I would like to write my experience. Please do not disclose my name or email ID. Please feel free to correct any mistakes.

I came to know Sainath Maharaj in 2006 and I have several experiences since then. I would like to share two of my experiences. I live in the USA. I used to visit India regularly to take care of mom, who was getting old and her health was not good. In 2006, she got very sick and lost her hearing capacity in both the ears. She could not hear a thing. It was very painful to see my mother in that state. Doctors ruled out that due to infection and her age, she was not going to get her hearing back. My mother was 80 years old. We got her a hearing aid, but mom was not very happy because hearing aid needed to be adjusted and also she needed assistance in putting the hearing aid on. This was very frustrating to her because all this time she had lived an independent life. All of a sudden, I had the urge to go to Shirdi. When I decided to make the trip, six other people joined with me on the trip. We drove from Bangalore to Shirdi. During that entire trip, I just prayed to Sainath Maharaj to give my mother her hearing back in both the ears and she should be independent like before. After few weeks of taking care of her, I returned to the USA. I used to call my mom everyday and one day during the conversation mom tells me she feels some tingling in her ears. She does not know why, but her physician had told her she is not going to get hearing back. She better get used to her hearing aid. Soon after a week, she wanted to test herself and stopped wearing the hearing aid. She could hear somewhat without the hearing aid and in two weeks, she got her hearing in both the ears. I could see the joy and happiness on her face. My koti, koti pranams to Sainath Maharaj. My mother lived until 84 and finally passed away due to stroke.

My second experience was in September 2011. I was planning to visit India during December 2011. All of sudden something went wrong with my health and I had undergo immediate surgery. I had to cancel my trip to India because I needed 8 weeks of rest. I wrote to Sai temple in Chicago and they sent me UDI and holy water. My sister from India also sent me UDI from Sai temple. Every day during my prayers, I was taking little UDI with water and I was praying to Sainath for my surgery to go well and to get well soon. My surgery was scheduled on September 20th at 8:30 am and I had to be admitted to the hospital at 5:30 am in the morning. I went to the hospital after my prayers and I was in the surgery from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. When I opened my eyes in the recovery room, I didn’t even know that I had the surgery. I felt like as if someone had taken me away for two hours in my sleep and brought me back. After my surgery, I did not have any pain. The doctor had prescribed me strong pain killers. I got home the next day and was able to walk absolutely without any pain. Even the nurses were surprised that I did not complain about any pain and no side effects. I got back on my feet within 3 days. All this is because Lord Sainath Maharaj was on my side and He got me well in no time. He gave me a new life. I always chant His mantra (OM SAI SHRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI & also ANANTHA KOTI BRAHMANDA NAYAKA SRI RAJADHI RAJA YOGIRAJA, PRABRAHMA SHRI SACHIDANDA SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI). I know once you put your faith in Him, He will show the way. I have noticed by chanting His name all the time makes my mind to relax, helps to focus on things and also to handle everyday life in a calm way.


My Sai Is My Everything

Sai Sister Sindhu Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram. I feel so humbled that Sainath chose to come into my life. Though I do feel bad that He came so late, but I am very happy that He is always with me for the rest of my life. I pray that I never ever forget Him in this birth or any births.

Sainath came into my life only because of my cousin’s wife for which I will be ever grateful to her all my life. It was in Aug 2011 that my sister in law insisted I hold on to Him with faith and He is sure to help me in all walks of life.

My sister in law sent me “Daily chanting book of SHIRDI SAI benevolence”. Though I had received a day or 2 before Thursday 24th Aug, 2011 I did not start the parayan as I still had not developed faith or devotion yet, not enough. I was trying to find about His miracles from some of my Sai devotee friends. Since September 1st was Ganesh Chaturti, I wanted to start the pooja on that Thursday. I was preparing myself for a week mentally by randomly going through the book and admiring the beautiful pictures of Baba in the first few sheets. I kept wishing that I should find a nice picture of His, before I started the pooja. So once while flipping through the sheets and thinking the same, to my greatest surprise, there was one sheet with a beautiful picture of Baba’s that was loose as though it was neatly kept in between the sheets. The entire book was a bound one and you can only tear the sheet. All these days, when I casually went through the book, all pages were intact. I was so happy and surprised. I was thinking it was Baba’s way of blessing me by giving me His picture. Yet I was a little doubtful and wanted to check with my sister in law if she kept Sai’s picture for my sake. But to my surprise for the 2nd time, she did not keep any photo, but just bought it from the book stall and sent it by courier. I was so happy for His kindness showered on me and was waiting to start the parayan. Just the way I wanted, my devotion and faith had developed by the time I started the parayan.

I had a dog bite in August 2011 in our lane. That particular dog always barked at me, even when I was on bike. One Sunday 9th October,2011 I thought how long will this dog be ferocious at me Baba? That afternoon, I had a dream that I teased a dog on road and it was about to pounce on me. But a white bearded person caught the leg of the dog and warned it never to do such a thing. Since then, I don’t know how, but that dog has never ever barked at me or chased me. It would look at me and turn the other side. I should have understood that it was Baba Himself in my dream. But one morning, while I was still brushing my teeth, I thought Baba when would You grace me in my dream? That day again, the dog didn’t bother me. I got back home from gym and narrated about my dream to my dad and mom not being sure if it was Baba. Suddenly my niece, who was sleeping, woke up and said “aunty you are so lucky Baba came in your dream” and she went back to sleep. I was too surprised. That’s when I realised He answered my question that I asked Him in the morning. I was so happy. Even today, I walk past that dog, but it doesn’t bark or chase. Now I know for sure no dog can harm me all my life. All is because of Sai Ram’s grace. I also know no matter what, my Sai is always with me. I pray that I always remember Him and love Him for the sake of love and nothing else. Om Sai Ram!!!

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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    Wonderful experiences.. Baba's UDI is the best medicine for good health. The third experience is are blessed that Baba came in your dream. May Baba give all of us such wonderful experiences always.

    We love you SaiNatha. We seek your help, blessings, guidance and advice in all matters of our lives. We are grateful to you for all the love you have been showering on us. Many thanks to you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. Om Sai Ram

    Beautiful experiences. BABA's UDI can cure any health problems. Dear sister sindhu ji baba pulls his devotees towards him from any place.

    Baba solved dog's barking problem in your dream itself.

    Baba pl clear my husband's hearing problem too


  3. Om sai ram………..i thank to hetalji for sharing such a good experience of devotees….
    I hope that sai baba will definately help me also……om sai ram

  4. Sai Baba said,
    "Tyag Sharir Chala Jaunga,Bhakton Hetu Dauda Aunga"

    He made us to feel that He is everywhere.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  5. Om sai ram wonderful expriences ,please solve my fathers vesion problem please help him Baba.
    Om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam

  6. Very nice experiences! Kanwar Ji, it is Baba's Udi that helped your baby with the nappy rash and cured his sickness (that is the miracle of Udi when combined with devotion). Devotee from USA, it is wonderful that Baba was with you throughout your surgery and Baba also guided your doctors to make sure they do well for you. I am glad Baba blessed your mother with some hearing and Baba Himself must have given you the idea to go to visit Shirdi. Sindhu Ji, it is wonderful that Baba came in your dream to prevent the dog from trying to attack you (it was probably an experience for Baba to show you, Don't worry, I'm here to protect you). Om Sai Ram!

  7. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Hetal thanks for posting the Great Experiences.

    Baba's udi is definetly the best medicine in the world. I used to always fall sick and have stomach problems. I was so upset with it because everytime I go to India it use to happen for several years.

    This time before going I prayed to Baba and remember started taking Udi every day. This time Baba saved me and I was healthy.

    I also give udi to my kids every day now and they have never fallen sick for the last 8 months. It's Baba Grace.

    Sister Sindhu, it is Baba who came in your dreams. There is no one else who can be as kind as Baba. Treat yourself very lucky and follow to Baba Instructions. Your life will bloom like a flower.

    Hail Hail Maharaj, Shri Shiridi Sai Nath.

    Servant of Baba.

  8. Om namaha Shivaya, jai shree ram, jai ganesh, jai hanuman, dattatreya, baba ki palkhi, tirupati balaji ki jai, jai durga, jai murugan

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