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Turmoils come in our lives just to strengthen our faith in our Lord Sai Baba. So be calm and face the difficulties with utmost faith and patience. This is what explained by the following experience of today.

Sai Sister Mahalakshmi Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am a regular reader of your blog. I was working in IT for many years before my marriage after which there have been lots of breaks in career and my job search was turning futile. And I have little children to take care of with no help. I was getting frustrated to the core and facing lot of criticism. Please see below how Sai helped me. Kindly do not publish my email id. Please edit wherever you feel so. Thank you for posting my experience.

I have good news to share by the blessings of Sai Baba. I am blessed with a Consultant job in a big Software Corporate with WORK from HOME option.
The miracle of Baba is such to tell the truth I had not even applied for this job. I had posted my resume to a job site some time back. That week by Thursday I was totally shattered at my repeated problems with getting job because of breaks in career due to taking care of my children, every time there would be some response for my job applications, my hopes would raise and then it would be shattered again due to the various issues involved.

So by that Thursday, I had like given up and totally down. On Friday morning, there was a call on my cell. I had missed it as it was Morning; I was busy with my children. And then when I saw the missed call, somehow I felt like calling back on the number to check the call. It turned out to be the call from a person, who wanted to interview me right away and held an interview for 45 minutes. When I asked him regarding job, he said I will reveal the company later, and location if you can work from home all five days (I could not believe I just heard that), and then he wanted his tech lead to interview me on the same day. I had a doctor appointment on that day, so after that I had called the given number and they conducted the interview and then sent my resume to the client company. Trust I was least prepared for both the interviews. After a week I was interviewed by the client company, which was a formal interview and followed by background check. I was tensed about the process, but with Baba’s grace, everything was ok and I was asked to come to client location for initial training for a couple of days. All thru the waiting period, I kept reading Sainath Stavan Manjari and kept listening to Sai Amritvani. Each minute prayed with tears in my eyes to our Sai.

I travelled with my family as my children are very small. And as it’s a corporate, we were located at a Corporate Hotel and the ambience of that place was World Class. Who other than our Sai can bestow us with such honor? It was all happening so fast. We had a good trip and from that Monday I could work home. I found a good nanny, who could come home and take care of my little one. And it’s 2 months since I am on the job. I consider it as a boon given to me by my Sai.

I pray to Sai to help me to take care of my little ones and help me to focus and do my work and help me in every way in my job as it’s a huge project and make me gain confidence and work to the happiness and satisfaction of my superiors and to be steadily working with further extensions in my contract and with good remuneration.

Getting this job is like a dream come true as I wanted to get back on my career, but I wanted my children to be comfortable and not be inconvenienced.

Trust me, the journey to get here was shaky all thru and each step was too tough, but our trust, faith and complete surrender to Sai help us thru all the tough phases of our life. I request one and all, whatever hardships and troubles you are facing, keep praying, keep increasing your prayers and keep being good, Sai is watching everything and is watching every drop of tear we shed and knows everything whatever we feel and think. He will protect us from falling and shattering in this game of life and help us to lead a successful life.

I pray to Sadguru Sai, to help me and my family and everyone to wade thru all the twists and turns life offers to us and deliver us from our bad karma. Hold on to His Nama and His kirtans. I have also questioned Him, fought with Him, told Him I will not pray to You, but I would feel so restless and uneasy, when I do not bow to Him and include His name in my prayers, and I would give up fighting with Him, and say Ok let all the bad things go on, I have no one but You. I will keep praying to You, when You want to do good, You do. I will not leave You. More than me not wanting to leave Him, He does not want to leave me or any one of us. He has the art of pulling us to Him and Strengthen our faith, but we have to trust Him. As He is our kind mother and father, can He ever get angry on us? Please have faith and hope on our Sai. He is there for us for everything.

Please say Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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  1. The core values of Sai Spirituality are Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience).We may not get fruits immediately, today or tomorrow while walking on the path of devotion for which we should not get disappointed. We must take care that our love and trust should not decrease by not getting the desired results early. Our devotion should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the results. Shraddha is the foundation of the path of devotion and Saburi is the time taken to walk on that path.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. Sister Mahalakshmiji,

    Your name is mahalaxmi and you are a sai devottee. so how can lord sai leave you alone. Beautiful sai leela. keep receiving and sharing such ashirwads from lord sai. Sainath maharaj ki jai.


  3. Om Sai Ram
    Beautiful experience and thanks for sharing. Your experience increased faith on our lord sai who is the father of the universe. Pl be with us always baba.


  4. Thanks alot mahalakshmiji for sharing your beautiful experience…..My eyes were full of tears when I read this….I am going through very difficult situation these days…I am praying sai for my marriage…yesterday I was very sad because of some happenings at home regarding my marriage…I really was crying at night alot…I was angry with my saima…but in the morning when I was reading your experience really felt happy and and it increased my faith in saima…thanks hetalji and thanks mahalakshmiji….love you alot saima….forgive me watever mistakes I have done in my life…

  5. Sai ram….
    I have been fighting with baba for not giving me wat i wanted 🙁 i am stopping all of dat and geting back to him as his servant :'(
    its baba himself who has made me read this blog…..
    Sai ram

  6. Om sai, What a wonderful exprience ,tears rolled down when i read,even i had undergone same exprience now working with a good IT company only with baba's blessings..Bless one and All Baba.
    Om Sai Ram ,Om Sai Ram ,Om Sai Ram.

  7. very nice experiencemahaaxmi ji.sai's leela are great.i have also got a good job by th grace of as totally work place is near tosai temple.OM SRI SAI NATHAYA NAMAH.



  9. Om sai ram.
    Sai baba aap sabki help karte hai..plzzzzzzzzz meri bhi kijiye…..mere upar bahut saari zimmedari hai… kiya loan lekar…ajj job nai hai kaise hogaaaaa baba………ghar chalane mei problm aari haiiii……..pata nai ek ek pal darr laga rehta hai….job diladijiye baba …plzzzzzzzzzz


  11. Very nice experience! Don't worry, Baba will watch over your kids as Baba is the one who helped to arrange this job for you. It is good that after testing your faith, Baba finally rewarded you with something even better than what you expected. Wish you best of luck in the new job! Om Sai Ram!

  12. Om sai ram…. wonderful experience, i m going through the same state taking care of my family and have break in my Carrier. but after reading this my mind is clam and have full trust in my baba he will make everything good… thanks for sharing this experience with us..
    Jai sai ram..

  13. Thanks to everyone for responding.Please keep praying and trusting Baba, he has a plan for all of us.

    Jai sai ram


  14. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Mahalakshmi,very well composed and written. Your story applies to many devotees who may be facing similar problems like me.

    Baba, the Great Sai, always has his plans. We need to be patient with faith but it is not easy we say but its all upto the Lord to pull the wire.

    Do not worry sister, once Baba has saved you there will be no turn back.

    King of the Kings shri Sai Nath Maharaj the Great!!

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba.

  15. Jai Sai Ram,
    Sister Mahalaxmi,Baba always with you .Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    SAI RAM.

  16. Om Sai Ram,

    I generally read and never post comments due to various reasons. But, reading this my eyes become wet and want to tell you that ur very very lucky to have sai beside you.. hes awesome. Keep loving sai…

    Om Sai Ram… Jai Saibaba ki Jai….

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