Sai Baba’s Timely Help – Sai Devotee Saveetha

Always when in distress we call out to Lord Sai Baba to help us. He is so merciful that He comes running to us.

Sai Sister Saveetha Ji says: Hi Everybody, This is Saveetha from India. I did my Computer Science and Engineering in Tamil Nadu. I completed my degree on May 17, 2012 (Baba’s day) and I am posting this experience on same day. Before I start to pen down I thank and pray SAI BABA to make people understand what I say and to feel them that they deserve to read it. Dear everyone this post is too long please be patient and try to complete reading this post.

Hetal Ji, you are really great and I have no words to thank you. I hope you remember me. I mailed you to post a note in which I asked some help to complete my project. Please feel free to make necessary correction in this post, but please don’t neglect any point. Let my name and place be visible to all, but secure my mail id.

Person, who feel SAI is not with them always or SAI is not supporting or SAI is not helping or if anyone has negative feel on SAI, please do read this. Person, who feels SAI is with them always and SAI as great, please you too read this post and increase your devotion. Now let me start to pen down my experience.

From childhood, I never faced any difficultly. I use to pray all GOD and sometime I questioned myself as I am getting all what I expect, so why I should pray GOD? The answer for that question was answered and I experienced presence of GOD that too Hanuman and SAI Ji while I do my final year engineering. My favorite GOD is HANUMAN Ji. Whenever I am tensed and whenever I am afraid of something I pray Him and chant His name. I should thank HANUMAN Ji, who directed me to pray SAI too. SAI came to my life through my brother, who got a good job after a long trouble by HIS grace.

Everyone knows the value of final year project. A very popular company came to my college and asked us to join with them to do project. Some of us too joined with them by investing lot of money because certification from that company is really a valuable one. We were nearly 10 people batch and started a project. To say truth that company done project and gave to us. All 9 batch mates got their project and were ready to present. Though some batch mates suffered and they managed by arranging in some other way.

The main goal of that company is to make students to get their pre prepared project, but as we got a very strict guide, we insisted them to do the project what we said. They did that for a name shake, but I and my guide was not satisfied. Whenever we call them, they said they will try again, but time goes on we tried our best and asked them they didn’t respond properly. I prayed SAI, cried daily. I used to shout HIM, scold HIM and even asked many questions, which make HIM to get hurt. I used to ask HIM to answer me through net. Whenever I do, HE will answer “A friend will help you and you will get satisfy” and some other answer, which is very similar to the same. During those days, I faced many problems in academic.

I suffered a lot for it. I don’t know how to express what I felt while penning down, but hope you people would understand. I even asked Hetal Ji to post a note, where I mentioned all my troubles in project work. I thought I might get some help by posting that notes, but SAI made something in middle. Hetal Ji personally told some reason and mailed me by asking about my trouble. By seeing Hetal Ji’s mail at some right time, I felt like our SAI mail.

I asked help to lot of friends, but none came forward. We were not in position to do that project somewhere else because we gave lot of money to that company and felt like something to get money from our parents again. Then on one fine day, my mom called and forced me to ask help from my cousin sister. I too did same. She gave a project center number. I called them, but there was no response. I tried a lot, but I got a network problem. This was happened on Tuesday. Then same week Thursday, I called that center again and asked help and they replied as they will try and asked me to call after 2 days. I did same. In middle, I cried and begged Baba a lot. I felt Baba will help, but as human we all will get some fear as time moves. With GOD grace, I got project from that center with fewer amounts. This happened on next Thursday. Really it is impossible for a man to do project within 2 days. But such miracle happens. I got help from a stranger. I have to thank him a lot here. I had a hope on him because that center was near to the street name SAI BABA COLONY.

My review got postponed many times in which Baba made me to escape. Final review was planned on MAY 16 2012. We were 12th batch. Mam informed us that we may be first batch on next day MAY 17 2012. Hope you all can understand a fear of students, who do something first. In all colleges, people who do review first will suffer a lot than last one. There was one external and one internal staff for our review. Internal staff was very strict and asked many question during review. We were very afraid because we prepared one project in PPT and report and we had another one project for demo. That is the project what we do and what we explained was totally different. Though I got project at right time, it was not a correct project what we expected. So we were in trouble. But we were planned to convince them. But seeing that internal, we loosed all our positive thought. 11th batch was presenting and Mam called us suddenly and asked to present next. We don’t know what to do. When I run my project I got error. My heart bit started to increase and felt like crying there. I don’t know what to do. I was chanting SAI SAI. Nothing was there in my mind. Suddenly Mam asked 15th batch to present and we escaped on that day, but we were first to present on MAY 17 2012 (Thursday). I had full hope on SAI.

On next day to my surprise, I heard internal had changed. I felt very happy, but at next second after I heard that internal name, I was shocked because she is too strict than the before internal. We presented our project in PPT. First help from BABA was while we were present, internal was not there. There was only external. We presented and while at the end of our presentation, our internal came in. I thanked SAI for such a moment.

While showing demo, both external and internal saw and they asked many queries, which we managed. They found the difference between our project and what we presented. They asked us to discuss correctly and to come back again after some time. I was really tensed and don’t know what to do. Again we went and showed her, she analyzed a lot and finally said “your project was too good, but something is missing and i am not satisfied”. This sentence made me feel happy and sad. Everything is under SAI. He will take care. Though she said this in words I know SAI will make her hand to put good mark. I suffered nearly 4 months for this and finally I completed my project on MAY 17 2012 at 12pm and I am posting it on same day at 7pm.
My graduation ended on BABA day. I have full hope that HE will help and support me throughout my life. Thinking myself without GOD in this situation, I feel too sad and something. Here where I got answer for my question which I questioned before.

Dear devotees I don’t know whether you understand what I said, but I like to say that SAI make us to be in trouble many times, but at last HE will take care and protect us. It is like a scene in SAI SATCHARITA in which BABA pinch SHAMA and see his angriness.

Please don’t fed up at any time. I was in such a case. Sometime I hurted BABA and many time I thought to avoid HIM.I promised HIM that after I comes out the trouble, I will post my experience in this blog and will make people, who felt and feeling same like me to feel that whatever they think wrong about BABA is wrong. I am still suffering in another matter i.e. I am doing one of course, which lacks still now. That center is in SAI BABA COLONAY and I have confident that He will take care.

My dear father/mother, sister/brother, grandpa/grandma, SAI is great. HE will help us in all trouble. Please be true with HIM. HE listen each and every words of yours. There are lots of thing to say and share that I felt while going thought such difficultly. HE showed me HIS presence many time whenever I call HIM. HE is really great.


SAIRAM. Let GOD be with us all time and love us all. Let HIS blessing be with us always.

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  1. Sai:
    Be always there with your august hands on me;
    When you are there, troubles can never make me fear.
    Sai Baba:
    Your teachings and philosophy taught me;
    Shraddha and Saburi to be the core values of a devotee`s life.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. Nice experience Saveethaji, ur experience reminded me about the my college days, where I had faced the similar kind of situation, strict internal staff one project in ppt and other for demo, and the way we managed :-).. Baba is always there to help his children, Thanks for sharing it..

  3. Om sai ram……….I know Baba is there and i am eagerly waiting for him to come and get me out of my troubles………plzzzzzzzzz agar aap hai to meri help karennge…mere mann se apna vishwaas kam nai hone denge… sai ram

  4. Om Sai Ram,Really wonderfull experiences savithaji…your experiemce makes me to remember my tough situation and how baba saved me…Jai sai ram

  5. Dear Saveetha,
    Thanks a lot for posting your experience.As you taught us, Sai will be with you and help you to complete the course.
    Om Sai ram!

  6. Om Sai Ram
    Baba You are everywhere. I am waiting patiently for You to rescue me from my troubles. Its two years now. Please help.
    Jai Sai Ram

  7. Dearest Saveetha,

    what you wrote is exactly correct SAIBABA's presence is very much and he is living GOD for me coz Baba always come to rescue me in very difficult situations…..I Love you Babaji….. and also by best wishes to Saveetha

  8. Om Sai Ram
    Wonderful experience. I enjoyed while reading it. Sai is ocean of mercy. Thanks for posting


  9. Sai…I took the decision which I was in dilemma for so long and I am not satisfied with the new offer and I feel it's not the decision of yours either way. You are testing me from so long. I am not able to bear this pain. Don't let loose my confidence, give me a better offer, before I join that co. All are saying you give timely help…only 2 weeks are left. I am tensed, can't join with that pay, pls help me sai…..

  10. Saveetha Ji, very nice experience! Baba certainly helped you a lot with this final project. Sometimes although we say we won't pray to Baba or do anything in Baba's name, Baba certainly won't ever abandon us (eventhough we say such things, Baba will still stand by our side). I am sure Baba will also help you in your other course as well. Om Sai Ram!

  11. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Saveetha. I had read your previous posts where you really needed help. There is very little any one of us could do other than do pray for you. Happy that Baba blessed you and you are out of trouble.

    I want to say one thing, I do not belive that "Baba will grant us certain wish only after he tests our Patience and faith. Baba also prays and mutters our names as he Loves and cares for us. It's our Past Karmas that have to fade away until then Baba will protect us from the worst situations. Baba himself said even he cannot go against the nature of Law and even he had to respect the Law. Thus my belief is that "Baba will always wish good for us" but truely said we have to keep praying him with utmost faith and patience and Love.

    Bow to the Holy Feet of Shri Parabrahma Sai Nath.

    Servant of Baba

  12. I could feel the point you were trying to make saveetha;)
    This morning, I was so sad and questioning Baba alot and at one point I really don't know whether baba thinks i deserve his help and I really wish I do. I guess reading your esperience today is just telling me,that things are hard, but baba is here.

    sai ram;)

  13. Baba, please help me and show me the miracle by taking me out from my problem with which I am suffering from a long time and not able to come out.I am asking what is very geinuine as I believe we should ask God our needs and not desires.

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