Sai Baba’s Many Blessings On Our Family – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Always our doubting mind tests Lord Sai Baba for His grace and presence. The below anonymous devotee also feels so, but our Lord comes to her test every time and fulfilled her wishes.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I pray Baba whole heartedly to give me the ability to describe all the miracles He did with our lives. I place my head at His feet and I pray that I am not eligible to write about His power, but sincerely pray that He gives me the power to complete this post. Secondly, I thank Hetal Ji from the bottom of my heart for giving all the Sai Bhakt’s a platform for sharing their wonderful experiences. Hetal Ji, I really consider you as the second Hemadpant and I am sure many people do the same as you and your team are doing a wonderful work. Thirdly I thank all the devotees who are reading this experience and I wish they get our Baba’s merciful blessings. Please do not disclose my name and email and keep me Anonymous. This is my third post. Now I will start my experience explaining how Baba got me and my husband wonderful jobs.

I already shared my previous experiences about how he helped me to get my first job, which was an utter miracle. Till now, I have been working in the same company for almost 2+ years and I was looking for a job change as my vendor company was not increasing my pay. I was trying for a new job from Nov 2011, but I never tried it seriously as I was too afraid to leave my present job. I wrote a chit mentioning my expected salary and placed it before Baba’s picture in my work place cube and asked Him to get me some job by Feb 2012. The number, which I wrote, was far more than what I am getting now. And I thought I was asking too much. But again I thought let’s leave the decision to our Baba. After that, I attended few interviews. Most of them went well and I used to get positive feedback, but I never got the job. I used to beg Baba not to give me interviews, where I would fail because I would lose all my confidence. He listened to my prayers and many of the interviews got cancelled even before I attended them. The few, which I attended, gave me a positive feedback, but not the job. Meanwhile I used to continue working and always worry about future. I used to envy my friends, who have very good jobs and wonder why I am not that lucky. But faith on Baba kept me going. Then in March 2012, my husband lost his job and we were very much worried as we already planned my in laws first trip to USA in April 2012. Now, everything depends on the stability of my job and I did not want to move till my husband gets a job. The problem was my husband did not have the flexibility to go to other states for job search as his parents were visiting us for the next one month.

Meanwhile I got frustrated because nothing was working out, and everything went downhill after I decided to change my job. Then I asked Baba through question and answers site that when will we have improvement in our lives. He answered “Read pothi, all your wishes will come true”. Here I need to mention that reading Sai Satcharitra only gave me my first job. After 1 year of recession and staying at home unemployed, I got frustrated and decided like this “ If I finish reading the whole Sai Satcharitra in one day (I started in the evening) then I will get job and Baba wants to give me a job. Otherwise I will leave to India”. By His grace, I read the whole night till morning and finished it by 9 AM next morning. I got a long term job in the same week, without any interview. What is this called other than “Miracle”.

Coming back to my present experience, I decided to finish Sai Satcharitra in one week. I thought to myself like this “Baba I will stop my entire job search for 1 week and place the entire burden on Your feet to give us both good jobs. Rest is Your wish and I will accept it whatever it is”. I started reading Sai Satcharitra on Sunday with full faith. I also did 108 Sai Namavali 10 times per day for a week. I finished my Parayan in 1 week and offered flowers to Baba on Thursday. The following week, we were busy in welcoming my in laws. In that week itself, I got a reply from a vendor about a position. I applied 2-3 weeks back before I started Parayan. I did not get any reply from them at that time and decided that they did not pick my resume. He arranged my interview immediately and also told me that this is a promising position. I have a habit of asking Baba to talk on behalf of me in the interview and I honestly believe that I don’t have any talent and without His grace, nothing comes. I got the call, finished the call in 25 minutes. It went well, but I was not sure if they will give the job as I did not answer all the questions and also I did not have enough experience in that new technology. As usual, I got a positive feedback and the vendor said I was in the finalists, but not yet confirmed. They interviewed 150 members for this position as it requires lot of experience and also has high pay rate. I asked Baba to wear “Green” if I will get this job or “Red” if I will not (I also have this habit and I apologize Baba for troubling Him a lot. But like a father, He forgives me). I opened Sai Sansthan’s Live Darshan and was surprised to see that He was wearing a beautiful green colored shawl. I was excited and I was sure that I will get selected. I was informed that I got selected, but they will do a strict background check. I passed drug test, criminal etc and all. But they never confirmed me that my Background check is complete. Meanwhile I was getting tensed as I already informed my present client that I will be leaving. No signs of confirmation or joining date till one week. Day by day, I was afraid that I will lose everything. Then one day during my work hours, I started to a coffee shop and I thought to myself that “Sai please show me a symbol or Your name somewhere before I take my coffee, then I will get confirmation that I will pass the BG check”. I started to that coffee shop and was searching for His name desperately. I neared the place but still no sign. I entered the place, but no sign of Him. I became depressed as I strongly believe in Baba’s words and signs. Then all of the sudden, before I could take my coffee, the fire alarm went off. Everyone was asked to step out. So I came out before taking my coffee. I decided to go to other Starbucks coffee shop nearby and asked Baba to show some sign at least this time. I reached the place. I was so hungry and depressed. I took coffee and some cake and sat in the store. I ate half of the cake and now was little bit pleasant as my stomach was full at least. I sat there thinking what a misfortunate girl I was and now I will lose even my current job as I did not see any sign. Just then a big truck came named “SAIA” and stopped in front of me. I have no clue why it stopped in the middle of the road as the traffic light was green. I was exactly opposite to the big letters “SAIA” and was in a shocked state. This reminds me of His words “Never search for God with empty stomach”. Finally He showed me the sign and Baba knows how important it was to me. I was delighted and as He passed the judgment and as expected I got my BG check done and got my joining date in May 2012. On the day of joining, I forgot Sai’s picture to carry with me. Again my doubting mind started working and I prayed to Him that I should see His name again if He was with me and if this job was good for me. I travelled for 1 hour and I was nearing the work place. I lost all my hope and told Him “I give up, I can’t find Your name anywhere. Now it is Your wish to beset in front of me”. Just then in few seconds the same truck with “SAIA” came in front of me. Just imagine how much of peace and happiness would have come to me at that time. I joined my new company and writing this experience from there. I also should mention that my salary of the current job is far more than what I expected (what I wrote in the chit before).When I was traveling in the train I asked Baba to come in front of me if I should ask more pay rate than what they advertised. If not, I will keep quiet and accept His decision. I did this with my first job also. As I did not see His name, I kept quiet. He knows that I will follow His decision. Suddenly a person who was sitting in front of me flashed a placard written as “JESUS” with big letters. I consider JESUS, ALLAH, SAI and all other Gods as one. So I asked the vendor for more pay rate and they said they will try. In 3 days, the same vendor, who did not even consider my employer’s request to increase pay rate, increased my pay rate more than what I asked. This is one of the miraculous experiences of the many which we have.

I did my Parayan for both my husband and me. He answered my prayers and we were still waiting for His job. At first my husband did not heed to my words, when I suggested Him to read the Sai Satcharitra. But somehow his mind changed and he decided to read the Sai Satcharitra and that was a Wednesday. Just after 5 minutes after uttering those words, he got a call that he got confirmed for a project, but in a different state (See the Sai Leela here, just thinking of doing the Parayan got his wish come true). He gave like 2-3 interviews before, but none of them got fruitful as they were delayed or closed and some of them did not reach the client. Sai also made sure that his joining date is just a day after his parents left to India so that he will not miss them. I don’t know any other word except “MIRACLES” to describe the above experiences. Sorry for the extremely long post and I also have lot of other experiences, which I will post in future. Baba, please forgive me for troubling you with my testing/doubting mind and I am ever grateful to You for showing Your presence. Baba, we pray to You to keep us at Your feet all the time and shun all our pride. Today all that we have is by Your grace and nothing else. We owe our lives to You. Please bless us and all Your devotees and give everyone immense Shraddha, Saburi, Happiness and Peace. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. We may not get fruits immediately, today or tomorrow while walking on the path of devotion for which we should not get disappointed. Our devotion should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the results.

    Shraddha is the foundation of the path of devotion and Saburi is the time taken to walk on that path.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. Excellent experience Sai Sisterji, Im doing Sai Satcharita 7days Parayan, and today is the 7th day, felt very happy reading your experience, in many places u mentioned miracles of sai satcharita parayan, I felt it was like a message from God to me. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. OMG. What can I say? I truly feel ur blessed.
    I got goosebumps when I read tht u saw the name SAIA!!!
    Wish u & ur husband gudluck at ur new workplace.
    Reading such experiences inspire me.
    Waiting for miracles to happen at my end too!
    And, I must say u r awesome to have finished the parayan in 1 day(which I cannot even think of).
    SAI bless u both always:)

  4. Jai Sai Ram..your experience brought tears in my eyes….I pray to Baba fulfill all the good wishes of his childrens and may Sai shower his blessing on you forever…Jai Sai Ram

  5. very nice experience and it has inspired me a lot…Most of the time i will have a wish and search for saibaba on the road side shops or trucks and i will very happy when i find baba…Thanks for sharing.

  6. Respected Sai Sisterji

    Beautiful experience. This is shraddha and saburi paying via Sai nath Maharaj. Have trust and keep receiving such altar. Jai Sai nath.

  7. Om Sai Ram.

    Wonderful experiences.. you are blessed. My husband isn' devoted to Baba .. and he is facing tough times at his workplace. Your experience inspires me to suggest him to read Sai Satcharitra. I am sure Baba will bless him to read it and he will make him his devotee soon. Please Baba.. hear my prayers and bless my husband. We love you and owe you all our happiness.

    Thanks a lot SaiNatha for all your blessings. Please inspire my Husband to read your Satcharitra and bless him with all happiness and make him quit all bad habits.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  8. Awesome Sai sister. Felt very happy after reading your experience. I would like to appreciate you for completing Satcharitra Parayana in one day and chanting 108 namas 10 times till 7 days. It shows your devotion towards baba. Today I got Baba's gift Sai Satcharitra holy book from my friend, which is surprise to me. To reach my office I have to change 3 buses. While catching my 3rd bus I felt like going to temple. Today is the first time I went into that temple. To my surprise there is Baba's mandir too. I felt Baba blessed me today to start up my new job hunt. I started reading Sai Satcharitra in temple itself. After coming to office daily first I will read devotees experiences, which is sent by Hetal ji through mail. Baba no words to express my happyness today. Bless us all and help us in increasing Shradha and Saburi. Bless us to end up with worldly desires. Except your thoughts nothing should occupy our heart. Bless us Baba. Jai Sai Ram


    Very interesting to read this. yeah, every one has their own way of belief. But for the first time i read, people believe in indications like green, red etc etc. OK its their personal faith and saburi.

    I truly believe in reading sathcharitha,guru charitha and some other good religious books and chit method coupled with one's own merits and potentialities along with self introspection with the blessings of SaiDurgamma , with ardent shradda and saburi.


  10. SAIRAM:

    Wonderful experiences. Very promising. Both my sisters are also desperately looking for job. I only pray to BABA that both are granted with good Jobs.

    -SAI Devotee

  11. Om Sai Ram ,

    I have tears in my eyes reading your experience. The reason is i'm going through the same situation now.I have been working in an organization from the past 9 years with no grwoh. Its a stable job but as compared to my experience and eductaion , i'm very much behind my friends who kept changing jobs and are now in good positions with triple my pay . I too gave thoughts on looking for another job but never took it seriously. At this point its very risky now to change but i think i will need to take this risk.

    After eight years of struggle just since 2 years My Husband had joined a good organization with a very good pay but yesterday the management informed him that they plan to wind off operations in this region because the business is quite not moving. My Husband has been given three months time to seek another job or reach a certain sales target ,which is very difficult because the market situation is very down where we live. We were truly shattered yesterday but again my husband was saying that may be Baba has some plans for us.Its also very difficult for us to find a new job here . I'm a firm believer of Baba and so is he. I have been asking him to read Sai Sat Charitra since quite some time but he always ignored my requests stating that he prays true heartedly every day and that should be fine. Yesterday when i again requested for the first time he did not say no. He just nodded in confirmation. I know he hasnt started . I pray to Baba to pls get him to start reading it.I also pray that if Baba has bought us to this situation he would definitely help us out..Pls Baba help us.

  12. Dear Baba

    I am in tears…THANKS is not enough.

    You know everything, you are with me each and every moment, you are answering my every thought even before I could speak it up, You are with my always, you are taking care of me just like a tender flower, You know me since ages…
    I came to know about you NOW..but now I can relate how you are taking care of me since I am born.

    No Words to explain your Kirpa upon me…Even if I sacrifice everything for you,Its not enough to say THANK YOU…

    You are the ONE, You are the ONE, I am looking for since ages…

    Guru Kirpa & Shower of Blessing,

    WIth Prema,
    Your daughter.

  13. loved this post…thanks for sharing with us both hetalji and devotee..even my boyfriend is also struggling to get job…this experience inspired me alot…hope baba will give nice job to my boyfriend soon…om sai ram…

  14. Dear Baba,

    What a miracle when they are in need. You are really very very great but sometimes we are not able to understand what is your plan. But later we can understand your plans are beyond us !!!!!!!!!

    I got an increment in this month, which i was not expect in that month. I thought my increment will get after 3 months only, by baba's grace i got this month itself.

    Thank you so much baba.

    Baba my parents are searching for groom as you know. I'm thinking you are with me and you are taking care of me. I placed this matter under your feet i dont which is good for me and how to choose a life. Please look into this matter baba, i'm getting fear to get marriage.

    Om Sai Ram

  15. Om Sai Ram
    Amazing and wonderful experience. I felt very happy after reading the post.Everyday my work starts with the reading of devotees experience at office.Pl baba be with us for ever. Today is my 4th thursday of 9 guruvar vrat.I went to temple. By seeing our father sai i felt peace of mind.
    Pl baba kindly fulfill my wish and bless our family.
    Thanks for posting the experience

    Dear sister your experience inspired me so much thanks for sharing.

  16. Truly wonderful and blessed experience… Shows Baba never lets down people who put their complete faith on Him.
    Om Sai namo namah. Sri Sai namo namah

  17. Dear devotee beautiful experiences feeling so relaxed and happy to look at baba miracles happened in your life thank you so much for shareing with all of us.

    Baba i want say this to you i toruble u lot by asking questions through chits and through question and answer i am so sorry for that baba i trust u lot your more than my parents baba forgive me by troubling u like this baba i will make sure to reduce that habit i dont want to trouble u baba sorry baba once again u know the pain which i am faceing from past 1half year please get me out that baba bless me with beautifull and successfull life enough i faced failures in life dont want see anymore those situtaution , baba its my luck i found you i have become close to you with this journey my life should go smooth and gain success.

    Baba i am 100% sure very soon you will show me beautifull and successfull life you know my wish and prayers what i have asked to you that will come true baba i am really working hard for that baba please bless me.

    Baba through positive signs u have showed me so many that your wish will come true that i feel your promise to me baba that you will give me what i have asked for but when i get tension and frustrated i use to trouble you by asking questions sorry baba i will avoid doing that i will practice myself to do nama japa of your name more n more.

    Baba i have used this platform to say sorry to you my strong belief that it will reach you and you will forgive me.

    Love you baba.
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram

  18. Hetal ji, the above experience is mine. I was eagerly waiting for the experience to be posted from last 2 months. Jul 21st was my B'day and I thought it will get posted on that day..but it did not. I asked baba this tuesday that, if he loves me and if my new business plan is going to materialize soon, then you have to make sure that it gets posted on this Thursday. Today, I opened the website with fear but wonder of wonders…my experience got posted. I express my gratitude to u, thanks so much…and I also thank Sai Baba to inspire you to post this on thursday. This is a miracle by itself. May our merciful Baba shower immense blessings on everyone who needs him.Koti Koti pranaam Baba 🙂

  19. Jai Sai Ram, Sai Devotee. Very happy to read your post. I must say, when we want to share each step of our experiencing miracles, the post is bound to be very lengthy!
    Perhaps that's the reason I am not writing my experiences as I feel each moment in my life seems miracles! And today's experience of "spending time with my father who left us almost 48 years ago" in the early hours say between 4 am till 6:30am…is a real blessing from BABA on me. I am more happy to know that this blessing came on Thursday!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  20. Very thrilling to know about your experience!
    When I was visualizing the Starbucks scene, I was expecting the next thing you would say was the "SAIA" truck. And that turned out to be your next sentence. 🙂 I was totally dumb-struck. Because whenever I see the "SAIA" truck while I am driving, I always think about our Baba. Last time, when I went to renew my driver's license, I saw this truck and I had a sense of confidence that my license renewal would go well. (I was having some issues because of my immigration status). And the next day my renewal went off smoothly. 🙂
    Good to connect with you through this site, which brings all Sai's kids together…
    Sai's miracles are sometimes inexplicable. He has a reason for everything!

  21. really heart touching experience. baba knows how and when to give there child what they want. he will take care of his devotees like a mother. baba pls keep me cool and patience. pls reduce my angry, bless me , to be calm and patience. as i started your parayan for life time. that to started it from GURUPOORNIMA. really i am very happy, you decided a great date for me. that to the book send by you for me. i will never leave that gift and worshiping you till my last breath. today what i am is just because of you.never leave me alone. keep me in your lotus feet forever. bless all your devotees.

    jai sai ram!

  22. Om Sai Ram…

    Wonderful experience.. I also saw the same truck just now and I am writing immediately.. I just accidentally came to the patio door and was watching outside. In just a second , the same truck with the name "SAIA" (2 containers with name "SAIA") just passed on in front of me.. What a wonderful experience!

    Om Sai Ram…

  23. Very nice experience! Baba arranged everything so nicely for your new job and I too have seen the sign "SAIA" whenever I think of Baba and want some sign from him. It is wonderful that Baba also arranged for your husband's new job and made sure he got to spend time with his visiting parents before starting the new job. Baba arranges everything the best and we just need to have faith in him to fix everything correctly for all of us. Om Sai Ram!

  24. Om Sai Ram Sister,

    Wonderful experience. I also tend to talk to our Sai Maa in this way and ask for him to show signs. I also live overseas and it is difficult to see his photo anywhere outside. But our Saima knows what goes on in the child's mind and always responds to us.

    My wish to him is yet to be fulfilled, but I am sure he is there and working something out for us.

    SaiMaaa, I am very sorry for my behaviour yesterday. It is only you who has enlightened my mind and that I can realise my own mistakes like this. Please be with me always. You know the wishes in my heart and the trouble my family is going through. I know you will set it all right very soon.

    Love you Sai ma

    Om Sai Ram.

  25. Dear all,

    Am happy to announce that Am leaving this thread once and all. My 7 Months journey with this so called Guru "Mr. Sai " ends here. Thanks for all you love and support. Feel happy about reading about all your Lovely experience u had with him. I too had lots of tragedic miracles in my life which i have no words to express in my words. Whenever i read any experience , one thing i have noted is there is more female devotees than male. if i would have been female, He might have showered his So called Blessing… Any way good bye for all.

  26. Dear Sai Ram brother, please keep faith on our father. Sai will not discriminate based on male, female. Will mother show any partiality on kids for any reason? He is our father, mother. You travelled 7 months with our Sai, but I request you to keep faith on him and wait. He will surely bless you if what you have prayed is good for you. I have no idea what you have gone through, but all I can say is please keep faith on his feet. There are times in our life where we waited more than an year for things to work out properly. We faced tough difficulties and torture through out these years, but at the end, he saved us. I suggest/request you to read Sai Satcharitra daily or weekly parayan. I wish and hope Sai listens to your prayer. Again…Sai doesn't show any discrimination. Om Sai Ram!!!

  27. Dear frustrated Sai Devotee who wants to leave this blog and even says he is leaving SAI, but do you know, even if you want to leave BABA, BABA is going to be with you and helping you out….the feeling that you have that if you were a female you would have gotten more help and blessings from BABA as you read over here more incidences from females compared to males! You are totally wrong!
    For BABA, male or female , all are HIS kids. It may be the case where males are not that sensitive to recognize "super Natural HELP" like females could associate with the circumstances!
    May you feel peace and happiness from whatever you are facing in life and be protected by BABA always.
    Jai Sai RAM.

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