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Things and situations really get tough sometimes and it seems unbearable and untorable. But that is the time when Lord Sai Baba is busy reducing negative effect of our bad karma and polishing us. See the experience below which says so.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: My greetings to everyone, who is going through these experiences. I strongly believe that this is one of the medium of communication, which Baba uses. As He conveys His message through some experiences and makes us feel His presence. Hi Hetal Ji, please don’t disclose my email id and my name.

I really want to share with you all. Few years back, I joined a reputed company IBM, which is my dream company. But before that, I used to stay in other state with my husband. But because of some financial concerns, I decided to move to other state to join with IBM. I have entered IBM with lot of happiness. It was a new project to IBM, which they assigned to me. Company is truly awesome. But I used to have a hard time with my lady team lead from west Bengal. She used to shout on the floor right from the day one of my training for no reason, which was not at all professional. For one and half year, she made me cry. I used to cry a lot. I tried to explain her that why she is shouting on me for no reason. As she had some problem with her, she used to torture me mentally and used to hurt all the time in spite of my good performance. As my performance levels are high and I used to get good appreciations. Many times, I felt like committing suicide as I don’t want to work killing my self-respect. But other side, I can’t resign the job due to financial concerns as we have taken a house, which is of my husband’s dream come true as I love my husband a lot. Other side, I can’t apply for other job unless I complete 1 year in the present job. I am kind of person, who can’t oppose any one, who can’t be rude at anyone. I am kind of very sensitive and would be very soft to others. Every day and night, I used to cry. It’s a situation, where I don’t have an option, where I don’t have a door open for me. One and half year, I cried a lot. Few times, I attempted suicide as I thought that I insured myself through company and through LIC, which can provide enough funds for my house.

I used to cry many times before Baba, but He didn’t respond. I had hard time. Meanwhile my team lead went for her maternity leave for almost three months. Everyone in the team felt happy. Later I came to know that everyone was unhappy about her. But I am the person, who got impacted more as I used to sit beside her. I can’t blame her because it’s her mental. But at the same time someone is not supposed to heart other’s feelings. Irrespective of the situations, I used to work a lot and got a good reputation. But coming to harassment at workspace, IBM was not able to solve Employees problems and still going there as Manager plays no role and it’s really harassment.

My husband used to frequently travel to his place every week. So I used to stay alone. One night, I have gone through this site with all the experiences. I came to know about 9 Thursday Vrat and I am really grateful to the people, who publish their experience. It’s been more than one year with IBM. So I tried uploading my resume in Naukri. At that time, I lost hope on Baba because of circumstances. But still there is one hope on Baba.

I lost the confidence in my life and felt lonely and faced the same harassment in personal life from a lady. I am not able to sleep at home and at office. I became like very scared about humans and used to wake up from sleep and became mentally sick. I tried starting the Vrat, but unfortunately some lady opposed me to do it at my home. I am not able to say no to her. Every time Baba tested my patience. Every time, I used to cry a lot. But on one Thursday, I did fasting and I completed the 1st Thursday and 2nd Thursday. I got the acceptance from my manager for transfer to my native place. So I can stay with my husband. I shared the same with my husband that this is because of Baba.

He didn’t believe it, but he really felt happy. It’s been few days after 2nd Thursday, I received an offer letter from an American Number one company, which is good for its culture and who pays more. I don’t have words to express my happiness. It’s the company, which is at my native place (Husband’s). They offered me more package then what I expected and more benefits, which supports my home loan and I can be with my husband and I can be myself here. I am really happy and I completed 9 Thursdays and visited Baba and my husband believes Baba very much. I am really grateful to Hetal Ji and to you all. Baba is really great. Please have belief in Him. He will take care of everything and He will give us more than what we expect. And try not to hurt other’s feelings.

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  2. When there is no one to help us; Sai Baba always gives His helping hand & lighten our life with Blessings.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. Dear sister, thank you for sharing your experience. I am currently doing nav vrat but im very unsure about what to eat. My mom doesnt allow me to fast properly. Can you please suggest what you had during fasting. Thank you 🙂

  4. Very nice experience! I am sorry you had to go through such a bad time with your bad manager, but don't worry, whatever bad things other do to you will come back to them through the law of karma (but don't worry about that, God will take care of their karma). I'm very glad that Baba arranged for you to get a new job right near where your husband is. You probably had to go through some bad times for your past karma, but then Baba made sure to keep both you and your husband together and make sure you have a good, new job. I wish you the best in your new job and with Baba's blessings I'm sure you will do very well. Om Sai Ram!

  5. really wonderful experience. but i felt bad about ur past things. but, baba knows everything. he only know when and how to save his devotees. he will never leave his devotees hand in any situation. but we required faith and patience. he will take care of everything. i experienced lot of things by baba's grace. i done lot of poojas and prayers to baba from childhood. baba always shows his blessings on me whenever i required it most. lot of experiences are there. but i turned into real devotee of him from just few months back. lot of reasons for this. mainly one of the reason is this site.

    thank you hetal ji for ur wonderful work. this is the site which gives aastha that baba is always with us. really u r blessed one. baba bless u and ur family. pls keep going.

    jai sai ram!

  6. Om Sai Ram
    Nice experience.I felt happy when I am reading.Baba is there he will take care of us .


    Thanx for sharing this lovly experience of our sai baba.May god bless u with lots n lots of happiness and peace.
    jai sai ram

  8. om sai ram
    baba how you solved their problem , slove my too because only god can help me in this situation , i can't bear any more this problems from 2years i am facing this problem i am very much sacred with this promblem ,i am tninking on it so much whole day that i will go mad because of my problems i left my job , i have no pece of mind their is no to help me me.please baba help me .

  9. Om Sai Ram Sister…Very nice experience…It seems baba is pointing towards me tht I'm also going to face the same situation.As I'm also going to join in a company which is very far from my native place where my husband stays…But I ve full faith on baba tht He never let me to live alone…May baba shower his blessing on all of us…

  10. Dear Sai Devotee, Happy for your problem solved, though you had to go through a very tough time!
    Let me tell you , suicide is never going to solve any problems at any time! Never ever think of committing suicide, however difficult the situation is!

    And you are under very wrong impression that with your insurance policy, your death due to suicide will help your family members. No insurance company pays for death due to suicide!! BABA also does not forgive suicide! You WILL BE MADE TO PAY THE PENALTY IN YOUR NEXT BIRTH IN ADDITION TO YOUR DUES TO BE PAID FOR YOUR PAST KARMAS!
    Be happy and live your life as BABA would approve.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  11. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister, you mentioned about sucide. It is something no one should think of even how hard the problems could be. Once you are Baba feet, some times you need to pray and keep quiet. This is what i do. Just surrender completely to Baba.

    Anyway, now you are out of the problem. Happy that Baba saved ypu. Next time, please read some Leelas of Baba and this will give you enough strength.

    Lets bow down to the Holy feet of Baba.

    Servant of Baba

  12. May baba bless u…good to know that u r out of ur probs now.i can feel how sensitive and kind u u i also tried to commit suicide but failed few years back but still this comes in mind very often when i see someone who did so bad to me, is living his life happily and m suffering just bcoz i truely loved and still love him.being sensitive,loyal,truthful and good is not appreciated by anyone.i still hope baba will listen to me one day and just living in the hope of that day.

  13. Dear All,

    My Name is Bharath , currently I am undergoing some bad phase in my life. I have been separated from my wife and my 81 days old baby girl.

    I and my wife relative ( brother) who bet me and left my house and out of anger i started shouting and entire apartment people came to know about it, so nextday my fatherinlaw asked me to leave to chennai and he said mistake is in both ends and so every one needs to get out of this mood to get reunion. Till them they want me to live life separately . Now i dont have anger with any one or neither i have urge to take revenge on my wifes brother ,i apologized with all now. irrespective who created issues and where lies the problem. But now my only pain is from day 1 i see my baby and care for her but for last 2 days i havnt seens her face. this pain kills me. Now I write here is to beg Baba to give me the mental strength to be alone and also keep my self calm and continue my work and do my duties. Even my enemy should not face such an issue of being separated form his or her child. Baba please help me.

  14. Dear Sai Devotee, Very sad to know your situation in your married life. Since you have forgiven your wife, her brother and seeking BABA's forgivness, BABA surely will forgive you and sooner HE will change your wife's heart too! May be you both learned a lesson of LIFE not to let anger destroy the relationship. Whenever one is angry, count up to ten, take deep breaths and the clutter created by anger will subside.
    And one more advice from my own experience of my 45 years of successful married life : NEVER sleep with grudge on your mind, clear it out with your spouse that is bothering you and sleep with relaxed mind not letting any issue come in between your relationship.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  15. Sai Ram brother Bharath , very sad to hear about your situation. It is good you are on the path to forgiving what has happened. Try and have a conversation with your inlaws and especially your wife that you wish to start afresh. Sometimes in relations , we do say and behave in a manner which we regret later on. It is important to realise our mistakes and ask for forgiveness and move on.

    I will pray to Sainath to give you the strenght to get through this and reunite you with your family.

    Om Sai Ram

  16. Dear All,

    Thanks for all the prayers and i think my problem been solved to an extant and i was able to meet my wife and my baby on 16th, we had a discussion however we will be starting to get settle down in chennai by month of October. Baba gave us the life back. thanks to all. I am sure in my 33 years of life baba keep solving all sort of challenges in my life. My daughters name is Shrisha and this little shri stood as baba and solved our issue.

    Thanks to all . Om Sai Ram.

  17. Thank you Brother for letting us know. This is great news. Its gives hope to all of us Sai Devotees, that Sai knows best and he will organise everything for us. We only need to keep Shraddha and Saburi.

    God bless your little Angel and good luck on new beginnings.

    Om Sai Ram .

  18. deva u know every problem of mine every moment is killing me.. i want to come out of it.. baba never leave me.. i only have u in my life where i sit and cry front of you..

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