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Always Lord Sai Baba keeps something very good and beyond our expectations, but ita takes time to come to surface. This is one of the unique ways of Lord Baba to favour us. Following experience says so.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sairam Hetal Ji, Many thanks to you for launching this blog that helps us to share our experiences and get inspired reading the experiences of other devotees. May Baba shower His choicest blessings on you today and always. I stated below my recent experience. Request you to please publish it after the necessary editing that you feel may be required. Please do not publish my name and email-id. Thanks to Sai and I am able to pen down my experience with His grace. May Deva forgive me for any mistakes and omissions.

By Baba’s grace, my marriage has been fixed with my boyfriend of 5+ years. We sailed through difficult times and Baba has helped me always. Now we were looking for a house here and I was praying Baba to help us find the right house. Here in Bangalore the rent is on the higher side and we need to deposit 10 months of advance. So I was praying Baba to get us a good house in our budget with all the necessary facilities and a lesser deposit amount. And I also requested Baba to give us some sign, in case He also agreed with the house we went to see.

My fiancé then came across a good house and he kind of liked it. He asked me to have a look. So I prayed Baba to give us some sign, when we go to see the house. When we went to see the house, as soon as we entered the house, there was a Puja area in one corner with a nice and big photo of Baba and Durga Maa. I was so happy to see that and we finalized that house instantly. But later somehow that house got cancelled as the owner decided to occupy it himself. Here I would like to say that the owner was keen on a big deposit amount and was not ready to negotiate. Nevertheless, I felt like Baba has something better in store and He wanted to say that He is with us in our house hunting process. We looked for more flats.

The second flat that we went to see was also good and the flat had a nice photo of Hanuman Ji at the entrance, though I still searched for Sai’s photo in the flat, but I didn’t find any. I would like to mention here that I used to pray to Hanuman Ji regularly and used to recite the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ everyday. But since a few months I had stopped doing that, and my Mother was reminding me to start reciting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ again on a daily basis, and I had just started praying to Hanuman Ji again. So I did feel good seeing ‘Bajrang Bali’ at the entrance of the house and felt assured that He is protecting the house and Sai has come to make me feel His presence in the form of Hanuman Ji. And so we agreed to take that flat.

Everything went smoothly and my fiancé recently moved to that flat. The best part was yet to come. On the day of taking up the new flat, we were glad to see that Hanuman Ji’s photo at the entrance was intact and the old tenant had not removed it, as it was hung by the owner. And also another idol of Ganesh Ji was also inside the house on the wall. We were really happy to see Hanuman Ji and Ganesh Ji already in our new home and it was like Baba welcomed us in Hanuman Ji and Ganesh Ji’s form. The owner of this flat has been very cooperative and he reduced the deposit amount on his own to the amount. We were comfortable paying and it is the same amount for which I was praying Baba. The owner also paid a part of the brokerage on our behalf, something which I never asked but Baba did on His own. It was as if Baba only chose this flat for us and made things smooth by letting us interact with a good landlord, otherwise it is really difficult to get such a good and accommodating landlord here in Bangalore. This has been possible only because of our Sweet Sai Baba. He is our merciful Deva and knows what to do and when to do for all His children. He takes care of the smallest detail of everything.
I just pray to Baba to attend my marriage and arrange everything related to my marriage. I seek Your blessings Sainatha. Please do all the needful in our life, today and always. We need Your help, blessings, guidance and advice in every step of our life. Bless me Baba, so that I soon move to my new home and lead a happy married life with my Husband. May You be always with us. We love You a lot and we thank You for everything You have done for us and are always doing. We surrender at Your Lotus Feet.

May Baba bless us all always.

Sai Daughter.

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  1. your experience is nice. but one thing i didn't get is that you said you wanted baba to show a good sign before getting the flat. you did get a very good sign of having both baba and durga maa in the first flat but you ended up buying a different flat. i am wondering when should we know that baba is really showing a sign or we are looking too much into it. thanks.

  2. Shraddha with Saburi is always rewarded by Sai in the course of time when a devotee walks in the path of devotion steadily without being disappointed for not getting the early results.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. Nice experience….thanks for sharing with us…may baba always bless everyone with peace and good health…om sairam….,

  4. Nice experience sai sister ji, Wishing you a happy married life by Baba's grace thanks for sharing it.

  5. May sai bless u with happy n beautiful married life. & hav a happy wedding n its already blessed with our dear sai. My deva bless us. OM SAI RAM -saipriya

  6. Nice experience! It was nice that Baba showed you exactly which flat he wanted you to get through showing Ganesh Ji, Hanuman Ji. I hope he will continue to bless you and your future husband with much happiness. Om Sai Ram!

  7. Om Sai Ram.

    Thanks to everyone for their best wishes. Baba did attend my wedding.. two of my friends got me Baba's photo as gift .. i was thrilled . Thanks a lot Baba for everything 🙂 We owe you all our happiness and we are grateful to you for everything.

    Please help, bless, guide and advice us always in all matters of our lives and with your grace, bless us to ever remember you and chant your sweet name.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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