Sai Baba Helped Me To Learn Car Driving With Ease – Sai Devotee Sindhu

Sai Sister Sindhu Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram. Thank You Baba for accepting my experience and letting Hetal Ji post my recent tooth pain experience. I have come to India for a vacation, and remembered my last year’s experience regarding learning to drive the car in Bangalore city. Dear Hetal Ji, please help me convey Baba’s grace to His devotees.

When I was 22 years old, like anyone else, I wanted to learn to drive a car. I joined the driving classes, which usually spans for 10 days, half hr slot. Whatever skills the instructor teaches you, it is only the confidence in you that matters. That is what I was lacking confidence. I was so paranoid that I will run over the car in panic on somebody. I had deep fears in me. But, I wished deeply that I overcome those fears. After failure to learn properly in Bangalore, I gave up for some time and was busy with studies and exams. Then I completed my engineering in 2006 and got a job through campus recruitment, and was posted in Chennai.

Once I got settled there in Chennai, I joined the driving classes there too, but failed again because the problem was within me (low in confidence). I desperately wanted to learn to drive. Then I had to give up on driving in Chennai too. That is where I became a devotee of Sai Baba. I had a colleague at work, who was a devotee of Baba and she inspired me through her experiences. We regularly used to visit Baba Temple on ECR Road on Thursdays. I was praying for my transfer to Bangalore those days. Back of my mind car driving had become a challenge to me. It kind of was something that would change my character, change my image in front of my family, who always thought I am weak and give up easily. I have no confidence. I did not want to drag that image any longer. I wanted to show myself and everyone I can do what I want with confidence. And that is the reason car driving had become some sort of a benchmark for my personality improvement. I enrolled for classes again in Bangalore, when I came here for vacation. This was the 3rd attempt, but again failed to do so.

In 2010 my marriage got fixed. The groom lives in Australia and after the marriage, I was here for 8 months as I had to wait for my visa to join him there. At that time, his mom said to me it is better you to learn car driving. You will not have to depend on him there in Australia. She is a very stern lady, and she does not say something once and give up, but instead she will keep repeating the same thing several times till the other person has done the work she has asked for. I forgot to mention that I had got transferred to Bangalore that too by Baba’s grace. My roommate and close friend, who were living with me in Chennai, got transferred back to Bangalore with me.

I bought a car and now wanted to learn to drive. Her dad’s colleague was a car driving instructor as his hobby. His style of teaching is very different. He lets you to learn car driving in your own car provided. You have to trust solely on his instructions and perform accordingly. When he says break, we must apply break. When he says clutch 2nd gear, we must do it like a computer we must follow his instructions. He will start his class from 10 AM till 9 PM in the night. He will take you on busy roads, uphill, downhill, parking, highway driving. On the first day, my fears came back. I did not do well. That Uncle said to me, it is all within you. It’s your confidence that matters on the road. That evening after 8-9 hours failure in driving, I prayed a lot to Sai Baba. I said to Him please help me overcome my fears of driving. That night, all I dreamt was me driving the car, but the change was I was driving beautifully, without fear, on all roads. When I woke up, I was happy for few minutes that my dream was so good. But, I was feared that it would not be a reality. That day’s class was about to start. I applied UDI and prayed Baba again and asked Him to be with me. You don’t believe it that I was driving without any fear that day exactly like my dream. That uncle was surprised. He said no one has picked up this quickly that too on the 2nd class. I drove till Nandi hills. I took my parents on the 4th and last class, and my parents were so proud of me. My Mother in law wanted me to drive her around Bangalore. That was the challenge, she gave me and I did that through Baba’s blessings, and felt so proud.
I came here to Bangalore on few weeks of vacation, and drove the car again after 1 year break as I have to yet take a license in Australia. But even after a year, I have the same confidence of driving. The traffic here is crazy, but I still can drive without fear. I love Baba for helping me overcome my fears, that changed my confidence level altogether. Thank You Baba for helping me and not to give up. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Nishtha means steadiness of purpose.One can proceed steadily in one`s purpose of life with zeal and zest without losing faith and patience with nishtha.

    Nishtha can be developed by Shraddha and Saburi.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. Nice experience sindhuji, We should never give up, is what I learnt from your experience..thanks a lot for sharing it…

  3. Dear Devotee beautiful experience even i shared the same experience few months back for me too baba helped me so much in learning car driving i am so happy to look at similar kind of experiences.

    Baba love you so much bless all your devotees baba.

    Om sai ram

  4. Hi Sindhuji,

    I am also living in Australia Sydney.
    You can drive with Indian Licence in Australia. If your a spouse resident. Only residents need Australian lincence. Please check with RTA. When I read your experience I could remember myself. But I still have not got the confidence may be your experience will help me gain confidence.

  5. Om Sai Ram
    Nice experience.Thanks for sharing Dear sindhu atlast your dream of driving car came true by baba's grace.Leave the fear to baba itself he will take care even in Australia also.


  6. OM SAI RAM!!!
    Pravu is always with us!!
    Sai nath i am facing a big problem with the person i love due to some misunderstanding!!
    I know you will solve that problem in the right time!!
    Waiting with 'SHRADDHA' & 'SABURI' for your shower of KRIPA!!
    OM SAI RAM!!!

  7. Nice Experience. I also learnt driving and got license in USA with Baba's grace. Your experience is like a flash-back in my life. I too had very low confidence while I started learning driving.
    Congrats and Thanks for sharing such a nice experience.
    OM SAI RAM!!!

  8. same thing with me…even i have low confidence…i learnt car driving but not fully..i feel very bad when i think that i cant even ride my two wheeler …please baba help me overcome my fears and make me good in driving….please baba…

  9. Sindhuji you have narrated a story of every girl…I was in the same boat, my mother-in-law too boosted my confidence and yes Baba blessed me too with australian license after 3 attempts…..there are many more who are in the same boat ….your story will surely inspire all, make their belief strong in Baba and boost their confidence. Baba bless u and your family om sai RAM

  10. Om Sai Ram Sindhu Ji….while reading your experience I felt as if I'm reading my own story with a difference that I still cannot drive by myself….but I am confident too that sooner or later my dream will be fulfilled as well….

  11. Very nice experience! Baba can help to instill confidence in us for any task we undertake. We just need to have faith in Him. Baba also helped you through the Uncle who made you drive a lot and helped guide you properly. Om Sai Ram!

  12. Nice experiance…even i got two wheeler license in tamil nadu with baba's grace, just 2 days back. Through out the process he was with me. I'm really happy i got license but i want to get license with gear baba will help me in that too..

    Thank you baba

    Om Sai Ram

  13. Very glad to know ur driving confidently.
    It was like reading my own experience. I didn't drive here in the US for the past 4 yrs due to fear & I had to depend on my husband for each & every petty thing. I desperately wanted to drive & be independent. I took classes & cleared at the first attempt & got my license but was still living with fear to drive alone. I prayed to the almighty BABA & read Sai satcharitra with lot of confidence & one fine day I started driving alone & I have stuck Baba's photo on the speedometer rt in front of the steering wheel. I always feel He's with me when I'm driving alone. All credits to Baba for making me independent.
    Wishing u safe driving always.

  14. Hi,
    can u pls post the contact number of the person who taught u the driving in bangalore?
    I am eagerly searching for a person who can teach me driving in my own car.

  15. Even I am learning to drive in the US now. I have been always discouraged to drive when I was young by my parents and now I have a necessity to drive and I want and wish to drive. But I have immense fear..And previous week I even rammed the car into a curb when my husband was teaching me.. I am now xtremely scared to drive. I must have almost read u r post many times.. thinking baba would help and inspire me 2 to drive. Thanks for posting it.

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