Sai Baba Has A Plan For All Of Us – Sai Devotee Kapil

Slowly and steadily Lord Sai Baba works behind us to get the best we deserve. Only thing required is sure Saburi from our part. See the experience below exemplifying the same.

Sai Brother Kapil Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Jai Sai Ram. First of all, I would like to thank you for creating such an outstanding podium for Sai Baba devotees from all over the word. Your blog really helps everyone in their tough time to not to lose their trust on Baba. Moreover it strengthens their faith in the world’s greatest power our Sai Baba. May you always be blessed with Baba’s grace. Please do not share my email address though you can share my name and please feel free to make any edition or changes, if required.

I was born and raised in Delhi and we had Baba’s portrait in our home since my childhood. As my Aunt once visited Shirdi and she bought one for us. However then, I was not much aware about Baba and His miracles and He was just a usual God for me. In year, 2006, I had given my final year exams of graduation and desperately looking for a Job, as our financial condition was very pitiable because of my father’s poor health for last few years and through tuitions, I was earning very little, which was barely sufficient for my study and daily household expenses. In June 2006, I got the job in a private manufacturing firm through a nice fellow. They hired me on a very small amount because I was fresher and quite young as compared to other senior employees. However I managed to worked there. Unfortunately after three months, I had to leave that company and I was again become unemployed and our financial condition became even more worse. As me and my father both were sitting idle at home. And just after a month, I got my graduation result and that was first time in my life I failed in examination too. I was required to re-appear one exam again to complete graduation, which was due in November. So, I was an undergraduate, unemployed and hopeless.

Meanwhile, I got one job of sales man cum accountant in a very new and small firm. Then one day (Dec, 2006), my aunt talked to one of her friend for my job, who was working in MNC. However that company required only graduates, but still she asked me to give a try. I and my mother visited to my aunt’s house on interview day, before going to the interview venue. When I was leaving for interview, my aunt’s niece came to me and gave me Sai Baba’s small photograph cum calendar. I saw Baba and kept in my wallet and since that day I don’t know how, but I attached with Baba and left for interview. However I didn’t even clear the first round because of my poor typing speed and they rejected me. I was quite frustrated on those days, but I couldn’t understand the Baba’s plan for me. Sales man job was not what I wanted to do and my personal life pressures. But now I can see that Interview was just an excuse of Baba to enter in my life. Now Baba was with me and my Aunt advised me to learn Typing and improve my skills. I did so.

Within a month’s time, I moved to one call centre job, where I met some guys, who were also looking to get a good job in Accounting and finance. It’s all because of Baba’s grace as He started working on my skills and career and in Feb 2007, I got a result and cleared my Graduation. And in the meanwhile, I came to know about BPO finance jobs. So, In Apr 2007, I decided to go for a walk-in interview. I still remember it was 12th April 2007 (Thursday). I entered in the building with Baba’s name on my lips and I didn’t know how, but I cleared 4 rounds 1 by 1 without any difficulty. Then they asked me to go for final round in their branch office. Next day, I prepared myself for final round, however I heard news on TV that 13th with Friday is considered to be a unlucky and bad day in history. I became little upset. However I asked Baba to make it the luckiest day of my life.

I went for interview and in my way to branch office, I was talking to Baba that how important this job is for me, please give it to me. Then I reached and met with HR. She asked me to wait for the Operations manager. Then he came and asked to come with him in a conference room. We sat and he stared asking questions, however I became so nervous and couldn’t answer as per his expectations and interview was over in hardly 10 min. I came out and HR asked me to wait. However I was sure that I am not going to get this job, because manager was not convinced with my answers and so he didn’t spent much time on me. I waited more than Hour and in this time I was talking to Baba that why this happened with me, why are You playing with me? Why You increase my expectations if You didn’t want to give me this Job. Then suddenly HR came and she called my name and explained to me that Kapil, you didn’t make it for this round, however there is another Operations manager, who want to meet you, as they are looking for core finance people. Baba gave me another chance. I again chanted Baba’s name and went into the room. This time I was confident and in Do or Die situation and guess what. I cleared and impressed the manager with my answers. And in another hour, I met with HR manager to discuss my salary. I got a wonderful package and I thanked SAI a lot.

It was a miracle for a guy who was not having any experience of BPO finance and still cracked 8 rounds. I saved that day as my luckiest in my life and thanked Baba for helping me to get this Job. I came back to my home and share the good news with my Mom and Dad, but I couldn’t get why Baba didn’t help me with first operation round. But after joining that company, I came to know that the process, for which I didn’t clear, was just the credit card details punching process. So in a way Baba saved me to get into the wrong process and helped me to get the finance one, which I wanted. Since then to till date, Baba creates many miracles for me and now I am working in a good company with a nice package and recently bought a wonderful home with Baba’s grace.
Thanks BABA for everything You specially did for me. May You shower the similar blessing to all Your devotees and helped them whenever they are in need. Therefore, Dear Sai Devotee’s don’t get shatter when Baba didn’t set up things per your proposed wishes, as Baba has a very special and wonderful Plan for all of us. Thanks Baba.

Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Many thanks for sharing the wonderful experiences dear devotees. Help us to continue placing our faith and perseverance in sai. Thanks baba for making me stumble and fulfilling my wishes of reading ur miracles daily. ( I am a devotee of baba since my medical schooling, I used to read Satcharitra on a regular basis. But, I was getting bored reading the same stories. I asked baba after seeing the Hindi movie on sai that I want to hear/read new and real experiences. Here I am sharing with you all that me writing on this blog itself is a miracle of my father Sai.

  2. Wonderful Experience..Really these experiences increases faith and love for our Beloved Sai Baba. Helps us learn the meaning of Shradda and Saburi will.. Thanks Kapilji for sharing and Hetalji for giving this platform to share.

    Love you Sai Baba.

  3. Wonderful experience…. My husband is out of a job for a long time and I am hopeful that Baba will hear our prayers and grant him a good job. Reading your story today is Baba's way of telling me to have saburi and he has a better plan in store for us.

    O Sainath, You know what is best. You are around us. Please keep us at your holy feet always.

    Om Sai Ram .

  4. The core values of Sai Spirituality are Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience).Our love and trust should not decrease by not getting the desired results early. Our devotion should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the right result.

  5. Jai Sai Ram,

    Very good experience brother kapil. Your devotion and love towards baba is great. Baba will certainly walk beside you for the rest of the life.

    We always panick in times of uncertainity and failures because we cannot read our future thus our only hope is Baba, the great soul. what else can we do?

    Bow down to the feet of our Holy father Shri Shiridi Sainath.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba.

  6. Jai Sai Ram….Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks for sharing my experience on this platform….I am feeling very lucky today…..I cannot express my gratitude in words.

    Baba, I love you…please be with everyone, the way you are with me.:)

    Jai Sai Ram..

  7. very nice experience. Sometimes Baba has bigger plans for us as He knows where we will do and be our best. Glad you had the realization of His plan on hindsight. Good luck with your career.

  8. Om Sai Ram
    Really wonderful experience.Baba please help your devotees
    in rough times.Thanks for posting the experience.


  9. Om sai ram very gud experience i promise sai when u fulfill my wish i wl share as other devotee i believe ur two precious word 'shardha' 'subri' i know u never let me down i love u sai heartly plz bless all of us jai sai ram all sai devotee

  10. Wonderful experience Kapilji, Your experience is perfect example to prove if we have shraddha and saburi, we can reach our goals.

  11. OM SAI RAM
    Dear Kapilji
    My best wishes r with you.Be baba alwalys with you and your family.Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.It boost
    shrada and saburi.

  12. Wonderful experience, Sai brother Kapilji! May Baba sustain and strengthen your devotion in future also.Whatever we feel/like as good to us may not be actually suitable to us. HE only knows.. I also bow to Shirdy Nath to guide me and bless me with the right options in life..

  13. visa 3 weeks mein expire ho raha hai baba aur mujhe kuch nahi pata or koi rasta nazar nahi aa raha ki main kya karu..sab raste band hain plz baba sirf aap hi mujhe bacha sakte ho plz mera exam clear karva do main wapis nahi jana chahti apko pata hai sab kuch..plz baba help me

  14. Really nice experience, thank you for sharing it. It is a good reminder that when things go wrong we shouldn't collapse and lose faith in Baba. No matter whatever happens if we surrender to Baba completely he will bless us with the best.

    Om Sai Ram

  15. OM SAI RAM

    Dear devotee so beautifull to read this experiences thank you so much for shareing this.

    Love you baba.

    Bless all your devotees with bright future baba and be always with them baba we cant lead our lifes without your blessings.

  16. Very nice experience Kapil Ji! It is nice that although you were dissapointed you didn't get the credit card division job, Baba made sure to arrange for you to get the finance job in your field (maybe Baba had you do that credit card division interview so you can have some interview practice before the job he really had set up for you). I'm glad Baba helped you very nicely and made a nice plan for you, and Baba will do the same for all his devotees, we just need to have Faith and Patience in Baba and He will take care of everything for us (we need not worry). Om Sai Ram!

  17. yet another beautiful experience which shows eternal presence of Baba in His devotees' lives….

    Kapil ji, your post brought tears in my eyes….May Baba bless u wid all happiness in life…Om Sai Ram

  18. Thank you very much for sharing your experience kapilji… Baba has exact plan for everybody… now i am passing through the same mental situation for my son. But suddenl i came across your experience. It's baba's leela, through your experience he sent message to wait with shraddha and saburi.. Thank you baba..waiting for your blessings on my son. Baba without you we r nothing baba. Bless him with good career deva.

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