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Sai Baba Can Read What's There In Your Mind - Sai Devotee Udit

After many days here is again an experience of Shirdi. It is also very interesting to go through.

Sai Brother Udit Ji from India says: I have visited Shirdi long back in 2009 and after having Darshan, went to Shani Signapur and came back to Bangalore. And that too I didn’t have that much faith on Baba at that time. I met someone in my life, and after meeting her I found that my faith in Baba increased drastically. I have been reading Sai Satcharitra for the last 4-5 months and praying Baba, performing Arati, lighting lamps, performing pooja in my home every day and going to Baba temple every Thursdays. I should be thankful to her. Recently in Mid of April, I had a thought of going to Shirdi as previously I had no plans of visiting Shirdi. There were 2 3-days holidays coming. So I could go to Shirdi. I contacted my friend, who is in Pune about going to Shirdi and he told that he will check and let me know.

  • Incident 1:

    I was eager and anxious to go to Shirdi this time. I told my friend that I am going to Shirdi and she told me that once I visit Shirdi, will feel good. Then I called my friend in Pune, and he told me that his son is not well and his family won’t go, but he told me to come to Pune and he can only come with me. I really was sad to hear that and prayed Baba that I have increased the faith in You and if You want, You will drag me there. With Baba's grace, I went to Shirdi and to my friend’s place. My friend told me that he has booked the Bus at 11:30. Suddenly on that day, he told me that 11:30 Bus is cancelled and we have to go at 10:30. We took the Bus and reached Shirdi at 3:15 AM. We got refreshed outside and entered the Mandir campus by 4 AM. The queue was moving slowly and slowly and suddenly it stopped because of Kakad Aarti. I was happy to see that Aarti in screen as I used to watch in my home, when I feel bad at around 4-4:30 am in the morning. After Aarti, I suddenly saw Baba's statue. What a lively one. When I saw that, I felt like my purpose is fulfilled. I was really happy. After that, we collected UDI and I enquired about Chavadi and Dwarakamai. So I went to Chavadi and Hanuman temple outside the Mandir. I went to Dwarakamai and we saw a big queue. My friends told that no need to stand there as it will take time. He asked me whether I have visited Dwarakamai or not before. I told him I had seen it before. He told that we will not go.

    But something was hurting me from inside that if I won’t visit Dwarakamai my Darshan is not complete. Without thinking much, we went to Bhojanalaya and we had our lunch and we took some rest there. After that it was 1:30 and we decided to do some shopping and go to Pune back. We enquired for some Cabs and Buses and we found that there are no Buses before 4:30. We booked the ticket and the person at the counter told us to go to Shirdi Canteen and wait there till that time and have tea and snacks there. We were sitting there and suddenly I thought let me try to go to Dwarakamai. Without telling my friend, I went from there. I stand in the queue at 3:30 praying Baba to have Darshan by 4:00.The queue moved fast and by 3:50, I visited Dwarakamai and have Darshan. And by 4:00 pm, I came to meet my friends. I was really happy and told my friends all those things.

    I am very much thankful to my friend because of whom I visited Shirdi. She should be thanked for everything. I will always pray Baba that she should be happy always and shouldn’t face any problems in life and also pray Baba to give her the Strength to fight all odds. Thank you Baba for giving me a nice friend.
  • Incident 2:

    I was staying in Mysore for the last one year and after coming to Mysore, I never go to temple, which is hardly 200 meters far from my house. My faith in God was reducing day by day. Still every day I used to lit an agarbati in front of my God in my house and then go to office. I remember Shivratri in 2011, when I went to temple. But it was rush, so prayed from outside and without having Darshan, I came back. I met my friend and after that I used to go to Shirdi Sai Temple and praying Baba every day.

    This year just before Shivratri, after praying Baba, I encountered one incident. After that, my faith increased. One day, I was coming from Office and that to on Monday. When the bus crossed the Shiva Temple, I heard a bell ringing. I don’t know what stuck my mind, I decided to go to the Temple on that day and have Shiva Parvati Darshan. So next stop, I got down from the Bus and went to the temple. Before entering the temple, I thought If there would have been a Baba statue inside the Temple how good it would be. Thinking of that, I hold my hands and prayed in front of the Idols of Hanuman, Ganesh Ji and Shiva and Parvati. After praying, when I woke up, I found an old lady sitting in one corner of the temple reading a book. Suddenly my eyes were stuck to see a nice photo of Baba smiling in the right side of the book. What I was thinking about Baba, just Baba read my mind and came in front of His Photo. What a wonderful experience was that.

    I am staying alone and whenever I am tensed feel like Baba is with me and taking care of everything and guiding me in the correct path. Thanks Baba for everything.

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  1. Dear Hetalji ,
    Today's my Baba's picture with a green robe has come as a surprise to me . Every day I visit Shirdi Sai live show on the web . I wanted to see him in a green robe , but to my disappointment it was red . As it is rightly said that he knows our mind , today I saw the picture of my Baba in green robe . Now I know as to how Baba cares for our wishes and fullfills them . He is everything to me . My every breath takes his name . I am a zero without him .
    Jai sainath ,

  2. After reading this article, I have seen my Darshan of Sai in Shirdi on November 18, 2010 in flashback. No one could be able to step into Shirdi Sai Dham unless until his or her luck favours. If the blessing of Sai Baba is with someone, then he or she can take an opportunity besides every hurdle.

  3. Om Sai Ram
    Nice experience thanks for posting.



  4. Nice experience. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  6. om sai naathaye namah...baba kal ek last chance hai plz meri help karna agar kal nahi hua to meri life khatam

  7. Brother Udit,

    Jai Sai Ram. Good experience. When the right time comes Baba will pull us towards him through various ways. Until then one has to wait and no matter how hard he may try it will be impossible to keep the foot in Shiridi.

    Allah Mallik.

    Servant of Baba.

  8. that was a nice experience. baba bless you always and all of his devotees.

    jai sai ram!

  9. Very nice experiences Udit Ji! Baba must have made sure you see his photo in that book and gave you the bell as a sign to visit the temple. Your Shirdi trip sounds very nice and it's so nice that Baba arranged for you to visit Dwarakamai before leaving and made sure you had enough time to see everything in Shirdi before you had to leave. Baba was the one who arranged for everything for your trip to Shirdi and made sure the timing was right. Baba does that for all our lives, he arranges everything nicely for us if we just have faith in His plan for us. Om Sai Ram!


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