My First Shirdi Darshan – Sai Devotee Sunila

This experience shows that if you have little bit wish to meet Sai, He comes to His devotee without any delay and blesses His devotee.

Dear Hetal Ji, Jai Sai Ram. I am Sunila from New Delhi, India. You are a blessed soul, doing immense service to all Sai Devotees all over the world. Baba will reward you for this great humble service. We are currently in USA with our children and I cannot sleep peacefully without going through this blog of yours and enjoying Baba Blessings to His devotees. I am sending my experiences. Kindly go through them and edit them as required. I do hope you will be kind enough to publish these three experiences.

  • My First Shirdi Darshan:

    In 1994, we planned to visit Shirdi (for the first time). We had got our rail reservations done through KK Express on 24th Dec. 1994. But unfortunately, I developed severe backache and was bedridden for quite some time and I could not walk even few steps. We had to cancel our visit as BABA would not call us then. I was under treatment for about two months under various systems of medicines. We were living in Rohini and every Thursday used to visit Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Rohini. We were very keen to visit Shirdi.

    We planned to visit Shirdi on Shivratri. Accordingly we got tickets reserved for Shirdi (Manmad). We could get only two reservations, one for me and one for my daughter (college going student). But we could get third waitlisted, which could not be confirmed even after our efforts through railway HQ. My son and driver went to railway station to drop us after picking my husband from the office. Our train was to start at 9.15 PM from New Delhi station. At about 8.45 PM near Paharganj, one km away from station, our car broke down and refused to start. My son, husband and driver went in three different directions looking for mechanic. It was 9.00 PM, sitting in car, my daughter said that if this time any problem comes and we are not able to go to Shirdi, we will never go, and as earlier also we could not go despite all efforts to get the ticket booked a number of times. We, my daughter and I, sat in rickshaw to go to station. Then at that time an old man looking like a rag picker with bent back came and said that he will set the car OK. My husband murmured what you can do, but finally he asked the old man to try.

    He opened the bonnet and just touched the engine and the car started. My husband gave him Rs.20/- as labour. We both reached in rickshaw, while my husband along with son and driver came in car. To my utter surprise, I could walk long distance from outside the station to platform (about 300 meters) and got into train. We realized that old man was none else than Sai Baba himself.

    I and my daughter occupied our berths, but my husband had no berth. The train started and one berth in our coupe was vacant. No one came to occupy the berth till next two stations. My husband occupied the berth and to our surprise till the end of journey no one came to claim that berth. My husband too had very comfortable journey. This is all because of Sai’s blessings.

    We reached Shirdi next day evening without any hassle. We had initial Darshan of Baba at Samadhi Temple. There was not much rush. In those days, the Mandir and its surroundings had not been constructed as they are now. There were no waiting halls for visitors or special lines for special Darshan. We thought of having Darshan next day before our departure by the afternoon train.

    Next day Morning, when we came for DARSHAN, we were surprised to find so much rush. It is being Shivratri Day. Devotees extended the lines for Darshan beyond Khandoba Temple passing through Lendi Bagh, the bazaars shops on main road up to Bus Stand. We were in the line, but we did not hope to get Darshan as the line was proceeding forward at very slow pace. We had to catch the train and leave Shirdi by 1.30 PM. We decided that if can cross Lendi Bagh by 1.00 PM, we will go for Darshan. Otherwise we will opt out of line. We could not cross Lendi Bagh, so we decided to opt out. We could not get out of line near Nanda Deep, rather we were trapped by Darshan lines all round us. At Nanda Deep, few ladies were doing pooja and gave us lot of fruits to be given to any suhagin (“Married Woman”). We were trying to get out of Darshan lines, but every time we tried to get out of Darshan line, we were pushed forward in the line and in no time we were at the gate of Samadhi Temple. Here also we tried to get out of the Darshan line, but we were pushed into Temple gate by security guards. That was Baba’s will. Though we were keen to have Baba Darshan on Shivratri day, we were on other hand eager not to miss our train at Manmad. We had good Darshan of BABA at Samadhi Temple. Tears rolled out of my eyes. It was so blissful. All was by Baba’s grace.

    We hurried back to Manmad to catch the train and there was no problem in getting the conveyance as if everything had been pre arranged by Baba Himself. We were in time to catch he train. Thereafter we have been having DARSHAN of BABA almost every year.

  • Second Experience:

    In Delhi, once, I was returning from Kali Temple, near Kali Bari Marg in local bus. As my bus stop was approaching, I moved forward leaving my seat in the bus near the front exit. Suddenly the bus driver applied brakes and there was a huge jerk. Everybody in the bus screamed. I was pushed forward on the steps and I was fearful of falling out of bus and meeting a big accident. I cried “BABA” and next moment I found myself sitting on the last step of the bus as if some divine power had made me sit on the step. There was no scratch even. Sai Baba had saved me.

  • Third Experience:

    This was in year 2010. While shopping in Karol Bagh, Delhi, I tipped over an uneven portion of road and fell down with weight of body on my one wrist and knee. My knee was hurt and started bleeding. Right hand had been scratched at multiple places. I was crying with pain and was afraid that I might not have broken my bones as my bones are brittle due to osteoporosis at the age of 62 years. I went to orthopedic, who after giving me shots, took x-ray. He ruled out fracture and did dressing to my bruises at knee and fingers. Though the wounds became ok, but pain and some swelling in my hand persisted. The pain was spreading to whole hand. I consulted several good orthopedics, who said the cartilage of my hand was damaged. I normally avoid allopathic medicines as these medicines don’t suit me. I was told this is initial stage of arthritis and there was no cure in homeopathy which system of medicines I follow. I went to numerous rheumatologists too far off places, but medicines prescribed by them did not suit me. I was having acidity, nausea and difficulty in breathing. Ultimately I had to stop all allopathic treatments. The pain was spreading.

    I was very much worried and crying and praying Baba to help me find good homeopathic doctor. Finally, with Baba’s grace, I could find a good homeopathic doctor, who said he could cure arthritis in initial stages. After about treatment of few months, I felt that medicine prescribed by this homeopathic doctor was working. I had some relief and after about one year of treatment, my hand has some grip and energy. Thanks a lot, Baba, for helping me find good homeopathic doctor and curing my arthritis.

May Baba bless you always


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  1. After reading this article, I have seen my Sai Darshan in Shirdi in flashback. No one could be able to step into Shirdi Sai Dham unless until his or her luck favours. If the blessing of Sai Baba is with someone, then he or she can take an opportunity besides every hurdle.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. Om sai ram to all sai devotee.sai gurproonima is Tommorow on 3rd july .Anyone can tell me what can we do on this greatest baba's day.

  3. nice experiences…please my friends pray for my grandmother…she is in hospital and her condition is very serious….need prayers for her…please please please…om sai ram…

  4. Thank u for sharing such good experiences. We feel Baba thru' our everyday experiences. I wish to share one similar experience of mine. Few months back while coming to office i got up from my seat to get off. The bus is a small one and we were sitting in front facing the Driver. I was at the extreme end, and when i got off i had nothing to hold on. Just when i was about to extend my hand and hold on to a rod, the driver applied break. I lost control and fell backward. While i was falling with two bags in my hand, wot i feared foremost was that my head would hit that portion of the bus which was in front of driver and which had sharp metallic edge. Somehow I fell without hitting that edge. I had a feeling that I was falling very slowly and hit the floor very softly, as if Sai Baba held me from behind to ensure that i was not hurt. Everybody in the bus thought that i might have sustained serious injury in my back but two days later i told them that i was absolutely fine! All thanks to our dear Baba. Jai Sai Baba ki…

  5. soon she will be ok. pls put udi on ur grandmother forehead, and pour some udi in a glass of water and pray to baba, and then giver her to drink it. by doing this, with faith, surely she will free from all diseases and recover soon. pls note this. am suggesting this to u with full of faith. if u have complete faith on our baba, then do this, and then see the miracle. baba pls take care of her grandmother, you can only do this. pls bless her with good health.

    jai sai ram!

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience..I too want to visit Shirdi and hope baba calls me soon..Om Sai Ram

  7. Baba pls bless her grand mother so that she can live a disease free life rest of her life.Pls help them baba.Om Sai Ram,Shri Sai Ram,Jai Jai Sai Ram,Sadguru Sai namah Namah.

  8. Baba plz my deva help her. Plz save his grandmother. Your grandmother will recover soon with my dear baba's blessings. Deva plz bless her with good health n long life its my heartly request.plz give her babas Udi.. OM SAI RAM. -saipriya

  9. Sai Baba, You know the troubles in my life. I am going today to find some answers. Please give me the strength to be able to overcome this. Please let the words which come from me be your words. Please help in finding the answers. Please bless and protect my family .

    Love you baba .
    Om Sai Ram

  10. Happy gurupurnima baba…happy gurupurnima hetal ji n other sai devotees..may baba fulfil all ur desires…

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