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Sometimes we need a ‘middle solution’ for our problem when we find ourselves stuck up on two opposite directions. Our mind stops saying what is needed and what is not at that crucial time. When in such a situation, a true call to Lord Sai Baba is made, He comes running to make things turn into good and helps in the way we need Him. The below experience says the same.

Sai Brother Suraj Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, You are a blessed soul or I can say Laadali Beti of our Saibaba. You are like Hemadpant of present days. You are doing the same pious work, collecting every small or big miracle from Sai devotees. May our Deva Saibaba give you all the strength to continue this work. I, from bottom of my heart, wish you all the blessings and good luck. Hetal Ji, I am not good at expressing and my English is also not good. So please correct wherever it needs correction. You are not disclosing anybody’s mail Id so I am sure you will take care of it.

All through my life I have totally depended upon my Saibaba and true to His Vachan “Baba is holding my hand whenever I need it”. I have had so many miracles, which I will try to write one by one if Saibaba wants me to write it. Here I am writing this incident because, I promised to my Deva. So please do publish it in your blog, and then I will think that my Baba has accepted my service.

Both my sons are living in USA. By Saibaba’s grace, they are doing good. Now for few months, I am staying with them. From last few years my 2nd son is facing so many problems in his life. I was and am praying daily for his happiness. Last year, when he heard the news of shutting down his company, he was very upset. Few years back in recession time, it happened first time. Then he tried for new job and got it, but at that moment this earlier company got new contract and request my son to stay with them, increased his salary and he stayed there knowing his growthwas limited and he had better opportunity from that another job. When I asked him why he still wants to remain here? He said, the company is facing problems, wants to survive and it is his duty to help them first and then think about his personal growth.

I liked his honest feelings and agreed to his decision. I knew in my heart my Saibaba is with him, knows what is best for him and will guide him accordingly. Now again he gave so many interviews, with blessings of my Baba and he got good job this time too. But this new job was in another city. My son mentally prepared for relocate so it was ok. He decided to take it. The new job people wanted him to join at the earliest. But, previous company people were not allowing him before they wind up their business totally. At this point the real test started. If he can’t join new job by given date, they may cancel his appointment and if he leaves before shutting their business, they will not pay him his pending due amount. In both ways, the loss will be very painful. So he was very confused and very upset.

At that time I was in India, my son called me explaining above things, for a moment I was not able to give him any answer. Then, as always I prayed to my Saibaba – “The only savior, The only protector” to show the right way holding our hand. My Krupalu Saibaba, showed the way by giving me this thought. I told my son go and meet the boss of new job and explain the real situation as it is. Let them decide whether they are willing to give you little more time to join them or not. Because since you work hard for this older company, you must get your every payment. So you have to be here for some more days. Your hard earn money should not go just like that. My son met his new job boss, told everything and they liked honesty of my son and granted the days even more than what he asked. The older company boss is also happy to know that their work will be completed with my son’s help and gave every due payment.

Hetal Ji, when we surrender to our Saibaba, DEVA takes care of everything. Just we have to do our duty with true to ourselves and others who trust us and rest just leave to our lord Saibaba’s lotus feet. HE is there to guide everybody, who comes to HIS SHARAN. Yet, as an ordinary human being we all shake and disturbed, when any difficult circumstance to be faced. I too begged for Saibaba’s mercy to help my son and promised to write it. So here I am. Please excuse my mistakes. Once again thank you for your Divine work, which helps us to face life with new hope believing our SAIBABA.

Jai Sairam. Keep believing. Saibaba bless us all.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Nishtha means steadiness of purpose.One has to be honest in purpose to develop nishtha.One can proceed steadily in one`s purpose of life with zeal and zest without losing Shraddha(faith)and Saburi(patience) with nishtha.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂


    Thanks a lot for sharing the miracle which you have gone through. I also believe in BABA JI a lot. I am going through very bad time period of my life. I got divorced 4 years back. I prayed to BABA JI to bring good person in my life again and we have seen many proposals in last 4 years but all in vain. Nothing get executed. I asked BABA JI to send good match for me in 7 Thursdays and BABA JI sent. I got engagged with in 7 Thursdays. Now, again i started praying to baba ji to bless me with marriage in 7 thrusdays. Today is 6th Thrusday and my engaggment got broken. Last saturday, i came to know that the boy with whom i got engagged is fraud and he has relationship with many girls. I am shattered now. Dont know what to do. I dont know why baba ji test his devotees so much.

    Baba Ji's daughter

  3. Respected devotee
    I just want to touch your feet.Please bless me and pray for me to our dear sai baba.I feel you r just like my father who is very honest through out of his life.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.
    OM SAI RAM…….

  4. Om Sai Ram

    Dear Respected Sai's Devotee I am very happy to read your posting and thanks for sharing.You have shraddha and saburi on our lord baba this helped you in solving your sons problem. As anonymous devotee 2 asked for your blessings pl bless me and my family also. As we are facing some problems. Please pray for us also.
    We think everything is impossible until we try something different. Different attempts is the only way of discovering our true capacity.


  5. Om Shri Sai Samartha,
    After reading many post in this blog, i understand that how humble the members of this blog are or how humble we "The SAI SEVAKS", are.
    Why are we humble, is just because of "Our Lord Sai Baba"
    Many of the members sharing their experiences say to correct their mistakes of their post in spite of writing greatly.
    If we try understanding the other way it means even if we are not capable "Our Lord Sai" gives us the strength to pen our feelings greatly. These are what, is happening, is what i believe.

  6. Om sai ram, sadguruvae plz bless me,give strenght to face tis world baba, i also come respected people in tis world,give to my future as shine and bright with ur love and blessing baba…

  7. Very nice experiance….baba showed the way at right time by giving good decision (thought).

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Sai Baba

    Please help us. I have been now struggling and unhappy for 3 years now and I have no strength left. Please babaji forgive me for my past sins and please help me. I just cannot take it any more. Please.

  9. first of all happy baba'sday to all sai devotees.nice experience.baba please give us strength to face realities of sai nathaya namah.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice experience. I also really like the way you've written it, with such humbleness, simplicity and honest.

    It really is a reminder to all of us that by completely surrendering ourselves to Baba we can experience wonders.

    May Baba shower his blessings on you and your family.

    Om sai ram

  11. Dear Devotee,
    It was a wonderful experience. You are a great father!!!
    May BABA bless you & ur family & all other sai devotees.

  12. dear sai devotees please pray for me….
    my problem is i want to do higher studies but really i am confused what to do either mba,mtech or ms…please guide me baba so that i can prepare for something seriously…om sai raam…waiting for ur advice baba…

  13. Nice experience! It is good that Baba made sure the job transition for your son worked out smoothly. Sometimes Baba gives us these tests to test our faith and devotion and perhaps he did for you and your 2nd son. I'm glad that Baba arranged for his new boss to allow for extra time for him to join. Baba always follows the path of truth, so that is probably why the new boss also appreciated and followed the truthfulness of your son. Om Sai Ram!

  14. Hey Sainath,

    You know the problems in my life. I pray for your forgiveness for the mistakes and sins i have done. Please bless my husband with a good job and remove all the troubles from our lives.

    Om Sai Ram

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