Another group of experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Baba Gave Me Everything

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: First of all, I would like to remember my Sai Baba and keeping Him in front of my eyes. I would like to start with many many thanks to Dear Hetal Ji and her team for the work they are doing. Actually it is not a work. It is a service to dear Sai Baba. May Baba be with you always and you continue with your noble cause forever. I came across this site almost one month back and from that day onwards I don’t miss any of the experience posted here. It gives me immense belief in my Baba, whenever I ever doubt Him. I promised Baba that once my wish is fulfilled, I will post my experience. It is not achieved yet, but still I have got a lot of things or it would not be wrong to say everything I have is because of Him only. So to thank Him for that, I am writing and will continue when my present wish will be fulfilled by His grace. Please don’t disclose my name and email id.

I am not getting where I should start from. Baba has given me everything more and better then I deserved. It might be a bit lengthy so please forgive me for that. I got married before three years to a wonderful person, whom I think is the best person in this world. Needless to say that he is better than the best I could have ever got as a husband. This is due to my sweet Baba. Before marriage, I knew Sai Baba, but I was not a devotee of Him. Since mine was a arrange marriage and when the boy, who is now my husband, came to see me, after meeting him, I don’t know what to write here, but I was praying to get married to him only. He is such a wonderful guy and then only I came to know that he is a big devotee of Sai Baba. After some obstacles, I got married to him and from then I too became Baba’s fan. This was His first blessing showering on me because I had prayed to Him to get me married to the one I wanted. Later on, I got pregnant but had a miscarriage. I can’t explain how I faced it. Every time I went and cried in front of my Baba’s idol that why it happened to me. But as time passes, we too move on. By Baba’s grace, I again got pregnant, but this time since it was starting and my husband had changed his job and we had to move from Pune to Delhi. When I got married, we were in Pune and when we had to shift, and then only I came to know that I was carrying and first time I had a miscarriage so we were very scared to travel. My mother-in-law was also not in favor of my travel. But I was not ready to live without my husband, so I left everything on my Baba. When I was to board the flight, I continue chanting my Baba’s name and said to Him that I don’t know where are You, but wherever You are, You have to take care of me and my baby. I told Him that trusting You solely and fully I am travelling and I kept remembering Him till the time I reached Delhi safely with His grace only. Today I am blessed with a baby boy, who is 18 months right now. Baba I love You a tones. Be there with everyone always. I love You, love You.

Shirdi Appa !!!!

Sai sister Harshitha from Singapore says: Om Sai Sri Sai jai jai Sai !!! Baba is every thing to me !!!

I always pray Baba I don’t know anything but for Shridi Sai Baba I always call my shirdi appa !!
I am from Chennai , now settled in Singapore with my husband n 2 year old son.
In 2007 gudi Padva day I was at Shirdi my first visit (not married) standing in the long Q just waiting to see baba. I had a few candys for baba I thought in my mind in this crowd who will take my candys to baba. To my surprise as we neared babas samadhi mandhir singing loudly jai sai with full love for baba no words to describe the joy !!! One of the priest just took the candys from me offered it to baba and gave me orange cloth and few candys !!! I was very very happy loudly I sang Jai Sai Ram !!! As I walked towards the exit door looking at my Shirdi Appa I found big garland fell on my neck ( priest just threw a garland strait from babas murthy ) I was dumb struck all were looking at me !!! I had tears in my eyes !! Every one around told me I was very lucky and will soon get married a this was babas blessings !!! The air was filled with devotion love happy affection joy as all Sai devotees are big family !!!

All this happend in march !!! August my parents decided to look out for my life partner !!! They came across a suitable groom on one of the Internet sites and so proceeded ahead with baba blessings we liked each other infact fell in love the first time we spoke over the phone and now we r happy married for 5 years !!! Baba has blessed me with a wonder ful husband !!! Baba choose the right person and showed us … all our relatives n friends were surprised as my parents dint put much efforts on finding groom for me ….baba guided !!!!

Always baba will be with is children !!!

We were having a very happy life my husband also believes in baba infact he is a very ardent devotee of lord shiva … Suddenly some relatives started stressing on us not having a baby yet … I Was hurt by some words … One evening month of july I was at baba temple here in Singapore I cried to baba like a child …

The next I was a chennai for a wedding I usually go to a particular baba temple in chennai it’s a very small temple but it’s my Shirdi … While returning back from that temple I was given a rose garland I brought it back to singapore and keep it in my shrine !!! One month passed
We had baba bhajan at home one Sunday in the month of August !!! It was a Thursday I brought home a pic of baba to be kept for bhajan I was very very excited but I was felling a lil sick same day evening we went to doctor to get checked we were just surprised as doctor confirmed my pregnancy !!! Bhajan went on well so my pregnancy now we have a 2 year old boy !!!

These are just a few instances … My Shirdi Appa is always every day with me !!!

Now here in Singapore every thursday we have Sai Arthi at my house all baba devotees attend the Arthi a we all pray for the welbeing of people in distress !!!!

Jai Sai ram !!!

Today my dad is fine and healthy, because of baba he was with him during his heart surgery 5 yrs back n few months ago my dad met with an accident n fractured his thigh it’s only because of Shirdi baba is is fine today !!! He is with my parents always !!!

Love Sai baba show Ur affection he is always there for u all time !!!!

Love u my Shirdi Appa !!!

Sai Baba Is Always Here To Help Us

Sai Brother Vishal Ji says: First of all, I want to thank Hetal Ji and everyone who are running such a beautiful website. Baba will always bless you and your Family. Please do not disclose my mail Id.

I live abroad and Shirdi Sai Baba is always there when I need a help. I have experienced lot of miracle by Baba’s Grace. It was a Friday. Actually, my Father’s car didn’t start. It was really difficult for us because there is not lot of buses there and my Father needs his car to go to work. My Mother start work early morning and we absolute need a car. My Father called me and asked me to phone to the insurance company to take the car to the car station. The Car station is a bit far from Our House. It means my Father will have to do the way by train. As he had an operation 2 years back, he can’t walk for a long time. So I was little anxious because My Father will have to walk long distance and My Mother also would have to walk a long distance and from the bottom of my heart I asked our Shirdi Sai Baba to help us. My Father called me again and said don’t call the insurance because the car station is closed on the weekend. I said Ok and start praying to our Shirdi Sai Baba to help us and send us somebody please Baba. Then my Father said I know a boy, who repairs cars and I will contact him. I was so happy because I was just discussing this idea to Baba. Then the boy came to see the car and said he needs to change something. He took my father to a car Station and bought the spare part. And by Baba’s grace, the car is ok now. I thank You very much Shirdi Sai Baba. Always help all of us, bless us, guide us and protect us. We love You Shirdi Sai Baba.

Ananthakodi Brahmanandha Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja ParaBrahma Shri Satchitanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

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  1. SAI RAM:

    Beautiful experiences. The first two are amazing. We are also planning for a child. I only pray that we have a healthy child. BABA, please be with all of us. I promise to share the experience once it is positive.

    -Sai Devotee

  2. Yes lovely posts as always . I hope Baba lets me and my husband let experience parenthood too.
    We have faith in his holy feet but we are sad and lonely as our life seems incomplete without a child.

    Baba please help .

    Sai Ram

  3. All are wonderful experiance.

    Harshitha ji what an miracle/experiance, that you have a garland from baba's murthi in shiridi….i overwhelmed while reading. Now you are leading a very wonderful life with baba's grace. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Baba bless everyone in the world and be with us always in all ways. Shower your blessings to all baba.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. Om Sai Ra
    Wonderful experience.If we call him with true heart he will be with us definitely.

    I love you baba.


  5. all are wonderful experiences. thanks for sharing. baba u r everything for us. pls kep my mind cool and calm. baba bless us always.

    jai si ram!

  6. Sai Baba is the Controller: the wire-puller of the show of this Universe.He is the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  7. the experiences are wonderful….harshita ji you are really fortunate to have such blissful experiences with baba…..may baba shower his grace upon all of us in the same way….

  8. om Sai Ram
    Beautiful and lovely experiences. If we call baba with true and whole heart our baba definitely answers our prayer. He is the father of the universe. Pl baba help us.

    Thank you hetalji for doing wonderful service and providing such a beatutiful platform for sai devotees to share their experiences with baba. Thankyou once again


  9. Om sai ram. The first two experiences are really amazing. Baba pls help me also to solve all my problems, you know everything pls help BABA

  10. I too am waiting patiently for Baba to grant my wish. When it happens, I will publish it through this forum. Jai Jai Ssi Ram

  11. very nice experiences…Baba, I will surely publish my experiences when my wishes are fullfilled.

    om sai ram

  12. Beautiful exeperiences. Harsitha ji u r a very blessed child of our deva. I got tears in my eyes while going through ur experience. From few days i was looking for an experience related to marriage n today i got ur blessful one as my parents are looking for my lifepartner. I want baba to arrange all as he is my father mother my everything wat he will choose will be perfect for me. Baba my deva plz plz bless me.. OM SAI RAM.

  13. Harshitha ji, really you are indeed a blessed soul..tears came out my eyes while reading how a garland came to you from baba and soon you got married..Om Sai Ram

  14. Very nice experiences! Vishal Ji, it must have been Baba who sent that boy to fix the car and ensure that your Father does not have to walk a long distance to the train station. Devotee from Canada, Baba was there protecting the baby and making sure nothing will happen and it is good now he has blessed you with a wonderful child. Harshitha Ji, you are very lucky that you got that garland thrown to you and it is a sure sign of Baba's blessings for you. I am happy to know that you are doing pooja for all those in distress. Om Sai Ram!

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