Lets go through few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Sai – My Guru, My God, My Saviour, My Guide, My Friend And More Than My Parents

Sai Sister Monika Ji from India says: Thank you Hetal Ji for this beautiful site, which enhances devotion of so many of us. Please don’t share my email ID. You are definitely a blessed soul for carrying out this worthy job. My English is bad. Please make necessary changes.

There has been many experiences, but I want to share one. Maybe I will share the rest later. Baba came into my life some 8 years back. Sorry Baba, I doubted You as God, when I saw Your photo placed among other Gods. Today I believe You are more than anything in the world for me.

Once my daughter, 2 years old then, was unwell. I went to doctor in the morning and she gave her some medicines for allergy. On the way back home, I noticed her limping. She was wearing new shoes. So I thought it may be due to the discomfort of new shoes. By evening, she was not able to stand on her both feet and using the support of wall to walk as if there was no strength in her legs. I had to take her to bathroom in my lap. I felt miserable and prayed to Baba for her and promised to do nine guruvar vrat to make her well. My husband came back in the evening and we took emergency appointment with doctor and showed her to doctor. Doctor was trying to diagnose the problem, whether it was polio, paralysis or something else. Doctor asked us to get some test done. I was crying and thinking who would take care of her for the rest of her life.

Next day she started walking normally without any medication. It was a miracle not just to us, but also for the doctor, who re-checked her to find her normal. My Sai took away the disease as if it never existed. My daughter is 4 years now and never faced any problem in walking since then. She even got a medal in race recently.

Baba, I am showing my gratitude towards You by writing this experience. This medal truly belongs to You. Always be with me, my family and all others who serve You with undivided devotion. Today no hesitation in attaching Your name with God. OM SAI RAM.
Love You Baba with all my heart. Problems keep coming into my life, but I am sure Baba will take care of each of them, as He has been taking care of them so far. Today is Thursday and my Sai vrat also. There can’t be a better day to share my experience.

Sai Ram – Please Help Me

Sai Brother Siddharth Ji from India says: I am Siddharth Mohanty. If possible, please help me Sai Ram. First of all I would like to confess that I was never a devotee of any God. So the chances that Sai Ram will help me, is very less. But still I pray to Him that please help me now.

I and one girl (I cannot disclose name) were good friends from childhood. After school, we were little out of touch. At this point of time, her mother passed away in 2007. Her father had already passed, when she was 2 years old. Then on one day, I fell in love with her. But since her mother, before passing away, has already fixed her marriage, she even though liked me. But she was hesitant in marrying me. But I loved her anyway. Then suddenly on Jun 27th 2011, she told me that she would like to marry me. After hearing that, I was so happy. Our relationship blossomed like anything. We were like husband and wife. Then suddenly on Feb 12, 2012, she saw a dream of her mother refusing our relationship. After that she has suddenly turned silent towards our relationship (today is May 3rd 2012). I really love her like my family. I have tried every bit, but she seems to lose her interest in our marriage. My last hope is Sai Baba. I know that because of my misdeeds towards Sai Ram, I am the least favorable candidate to get any help. But still hope is there that my Sai Ram will help me out of this situation. Sai Ram will Shower His blessings and a miracle will happen. I and my wife will be together again. Please Sai Ram, help me in this condition. Is performing rituals the only way to get married? Can’t we be husband and wife at hearts? Please Sai Ram, You are my last hope. I really love that girl and cannot live without her. I know my wants are bit worldly, but please help me.

Flight Return

Sai Sister Rajni Ji from USA says: My daughter and her husband and children had gone on trip to NY from LA. My husband dropped them at airport and was to pick them up next week in the evening. The day, they had to be picked up, there were strong winds in the LA and was doubt that plane will be able to land. My daughter has young kids. So I was worried what will happen to them.
We were watching the flight on computer. It was suppose to arrive around 9.00 pm and they started showing delay and then it said plane has been diverted to Arizona. I prayed to Baba so hard please let the plane be on time since it will be late and who will go and pick up the kids. Miracle happened and the plane was diverted again to LA and it landed 5 minutes earlier than schedule.

Later all the flights and heavy destruction took place. This is Sai miracle. What else I have never heard plane diverted and returned. Baba, keep your blessing on us like this.

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  1. Nice experiences Monika and Rajniji.. Siddharth ji, Don worry have faith in Baba, he will surely fulfill all ur desires.. Thanks all for sharing..

  2. i am really touched by the experience of monika ji…may sai baba bless her and her daughter…sidharth ji we will pray for your love life…rajni ji nothing is impossible for sai baba…
    LasT but not the least,HETAL JI i really liked 1st picture…thanks a lot…

  3. Om Sai Ram
    All are heartouching experiences. Thanks for posting.



  4. When there is no one to help us;
    Sai Baba always gives His helping hand.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  5. Sai ram…
    Dont worry sidharthj,baba will do whatever is best for your life..just have shradha and saburi…
    Our baba is very kind,he alwas keeps us happy…

  6. Jai Sai Ram,

    Baba is the Parabrahma, we are his children and this universe is in his palm. He can spin it anyway, he wants. But all Baba is asking for is only true love and devotion.

    If we can win over Baba heart, what is not pissible?

    Servant of Baba.

  7. Nice experiences..thanks for sharing them.
    To Siddarth ji, please don't lose faith on Baba. Remember that Baba is our Father & mother. Though children do not care or listen to parents, they will always take care of their beloved children.

    Its the same with Baba, even if you didn't pray to Baba the usual way, the fact that you believe that he can help you is enough. Have faith in him and with patience start a Satcharithra Parayan or 9 Guruvar Vrat. Many devotees have experienced Baba's miracles by doing them. Also please remember Faith and patience are the only pathways to get closer to him and he always gives us only what is best for us.

    Om Sai ram

  8. Dear siddarth,

    You will be fine. Do not worry. I think you friend is just confused and upset with the dream.
    Sometimes common friends are of help in such cases. If you both have any common friends whom u trust a lot, try them to talk to her.
    Or else babaji will show u the way. But for some reason, I want to assure u, that u will be ok

  9. nice experiences. Sidharth Ji have patience and faith on Baba. He will definitely help u.
    Om Sai Ram.

  10. Very nice experiences! Rajni Ji, it is wonderful that the flight was handled by Baba to make sure it arrived before any storm came so that the kids would be picked up at the right time. Monika Ji, it is Baba's blessing that your child was able to walk again, Baba maybe just wanted to test your faith (as he does for many of us). Siddharth Ji, don't worry, Baba loves all of us and like Baba says even if we stray from his path, he always pulls us back. I am sure Baba will make sure that you and this girl get married, and maybe this time is just part of Baba's test of your faith. Have faith and patience as Baba says and he will make sure everything works out well for you; don't worry. Om Sai Ram!

  11. siddhartaji dont worry..baba will take care of your problem.i will pray for you..may baba bless everyone..om sairam.

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