A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 207

Few more experiences to present before you all in today’s post.

Sai Helped Me In Each And Every Phase Of My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, Thanks a lot for this blog and I am very much grateful to you for providing a platform like this where each devotee can share their experience and this will increase faith in all Sai devotees. Baba, bless you a lot Hetal Ji. For writing Shri Sai Satcharitra, Baba chose Hemadpant and Sai has chosen you for this auspicious work of this blog. Please don’t disclose my name and email id. I want to share everything as I promised Sai. Please edit if necessary.

I am from Andhra Pradesh and I became devotee of Sai, when I was around 10 years of age. I watched Sri Saibaba Mahathyam movie in Telugu. I was a kid that time and I thought Sai is one, Who will save everyone from any difficulty. I haven’t seen my dad from childhood and I thought Sai as my dad and whenever I used to have any difficulty, I used to pray Sai. Believe me, Sai has helped me many times and took care of me each and every second of my life.

When I was pursuing my post graduation, I met with an accident and I had disk bulge in my left leg. It was very painful and I took bed rest for around 4 months. But it didn’t get reduced and I visited many doctors and everyone suggested for surgery. But we were financially not good and couldn’t opt for surgery. I heard about physiotherapy and went for it. Even the doctor told me that it may or may not get cured, but that time I prayed Sai and within 15 days, I was able to walk and do my work. This happened only because of Sai. He is the only one guru, who listens to His children and helps them.

In college, I used to like a guy and thought that I should get married only to him. But we were of different caste and our parents didn’t accept this proposal. After our post graduation, the guy got a job in Bangalore and I got a job in Pune. We tried to convince our parents from 2007, but finally after facing so many struggles, we got married on April 16th 2012. Even after our marriage date got fixed, I was worried that any time anything can happen and marriage can break at any instance. When I was working in Pune, I prayed Sai and did Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. I asked Sai for two whishes. First, I should get married without any issues and second one I should get job in Bangalore.

In Nov 2011, I cleared interview for a very good company. I thought I will definitely get offer letter from that company. But HR called me and told me that now they don’t have any requirement and once they get any project they would inform me. But I lost hope and prayed to Sai a lot that I should get offer letter. I used to cry in front of Sai about my marriage and job. I started doing Sai 9 guruvar vrat from Feb 2012. Finally I finished vrat in April. Unbelievable I got call from that company after 5 months asking me to join on April 30th 2012 in Bangalore.

It’s definitely miracle of Sai because my two wishes fulfilled as I got married on April 16th 2012 and I am joining on 30th April 2012. Sai will fulfill all the wishes of His children, but we need to have patience. I used to chant Sai all the time stating that my wish must be fulfilled. But Sai will never ever get angry on His children. He is the only one who patiently listens to each and every devotee.

As we have in Baba’s sayings that “I will fulfill all the wishes of my devotees unless they ask for what I want to give them”. Love You Sai. Please Sai bless everyone with good health.

Loving Sai daughter

Baba, Please Be There With Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Brothers and Sisters, Today only, I saw this blog and I read all devotees experiences. I think Baba will take me and give solution to my problems. Because now I am in hell. I lost my life because of marriage. I am newly married girl. Every time, I thought my parent will search for a good guy to me. But it is not my parent’s mistake and even not Baba’s also. It is all my fate only. Because that person is not good and his family also cheated my family a lot.

They took huge amount of dowry and he has already got married with two girls. Then he and his family frizzed me in a room and they didn’t give food to me also. They wanted to kill me. Then I escaped from that place and I came to my home town. I lost everything in my life. Even I am not that much age also. I am younger one only. Even before my marriage, I used to read Sai Satcharitra and I pray very well to Sainath. Every day in my mouth, I speak the word Sainath countless times. But why this happened in my life. I didn’t expect before my marriage. Suddenly few months back, my life changed drastically. But now I lost my hope and I don’t lose Baba. I am very much confident. Baba will give good life to me. Please, brothers and sisters, pray for me. My mom, dad and annaiah (elder brother) are crying every day because of life issue. One day my mom told me that we had a mistake. We chose wrong guy for you. I said to my mom, mom Baba knows everything and He will do good thing for me. But sometimes, I don’t do any mistake, but why Baba punishes me. Again I realize that I have done mistakes in my last birth and now I face this karma and all. Whatever it goes on, I pray Baba only. I know Baba only. Baba will help me in future. Please you people also pray for me and my family.

My Experience

Sai Sister Nabanita Ji from India says: I have read about Sai Baba from the internet and I became a big devotee of Sai Baba. This incident happened last night. My husband has become an atheist all of a sudden and I do not know the reason behind it. He went alone for shopping last night and when he went to make the payment, his card was swiped twice instead of once and he got a mail from his bank that the same amount was deducted twice from his account. I have started 9 Guruvar Sai Vrat. He knows about that. So he called me up from the shopping mall and he was very angry. He was saying that he doesn’t trust on my Sai. After you have started Sai Vrat, things are going wrong. I disconnected the phone line and I started praying to Baba and said to Baba that Baba why do you create such problems for me and make me listen such wrong things about You. Please help me, so that my husband stops blaming You. You are the creator. I have nothing in my hands. I just said this much to Baba. Then my husband came back home with an angry face. He opened the laptop to check his balance online and it was a miracle. The amount was not deducted even though the bank had sent him the SMS. This never happens without grace of Lord. I am now looking forward to Sai Baba to make my husband His ardent devotee and bless us all with 100% healthy, wealthy, happy and successful long life.


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  1. Sai Baba has said:
    "It is on account of Rinanubandh (former relationship) that we have come together, let us love and serve each other and be happy."

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. Dear Young Sai devottee,
    Jai Sai Ram.

    We are surely praying for you. So what if marriage is broken or your in laws are greedy? What ever happened may be past karmas. Your family should have verified the antecedents before marrying and whats the point in crying now. This world is full of greedy persons and they have not yet fallen in line of teachings of Lord Sai. Remember Sai, tommorow is bright. Just remember who has saved you from the clutches of your in laws. It is Sai. Have faith and stop crying and complaining. This world is full of sorrow. May Lord Sai bless you richly and give you abundunt happiness. Jai Sai Ram.

  3. @ Devotee1: Nice experience, Wish u a very happy married life by Baba's grace.
    @ Devotee2: Felt very sad reading ur experience, Please have faith in Baba. Baba's blessings are always with u, take some immediate necessary action with the help of your parents to avoid such tortures.
    @ Nabanitaji: Nice experience, Please have faith in Baba , he will surely fulfill ur wish. Thanks all for sharing..

  4. All are nice experiences. Devotee no. 2 I heartily pray for your good life ahead. Keep your faith on baba. Do Nav Guruvar Vrat and Sai Satchrita Parayan in a week time. i hope it will really fruitful for you. I truly believe in baba he will never let his children cry….. Have patience.

  5. @ Anonymous Devotee from India… i would suggest you go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint at the earliest….sai doesn't teach us to take upon us all the injustice being done by the people around us…We will pray for you sister

  6. Sai Ram please bless each and every devotees and take away their problems in life.pls sai ………

  7. Baba please bless this young devotee.. Let she have a god life ahead and let she and her family be freed.
    Devotee 1 all the best for your future. and Devotee 3 hope your husband will start beliving in God soon.

  8. SaiDeva,
    Please remove the problems of all your devotees. Please give us a healthy and peaceful life.
    JAI SAI RAM!!!

  9. sai baba you know all the problems and sufferings of your devotees,please bless them so that there sufferings comes to an end…bless all your devotees with healthy,wealthy and happy life…jai sai ram…

  10. nice experiences anon and nabanita ji. baba always help his devotees, he never leaves his hand, who has complete faith on him, may be lot problems infront of us, but beleive those who chant sai name, all problems will vanish.

    Dear anon, i will defnitely pray for you. pls have shraddha and saburi. baba soon solve all your problems, do sai nav guru var vrat or sai satcharitra parayan. soon you will feel baba presence with you, and you will experience baba miracles. pls don't lose hope. even don't think of it. just pray him with complete devotion. baba bless you always. pls baba bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  11. dear 2nd devotee….what to say u.whatevr has hapend its bcoz of past karma and its baba who saved u from tht cruel greedy falily.never give dowry at the time of marraige tht all parents shd learn this.its realy sad to know about u as ur als a newly married girl like me.i too belive sai blindly and got married with his blessings and i hv faith tht baba will return back my husband to me very soon.in ur case baba can't return ur husband as he is cheater but he will plan a very good life for u ahead tht m sure coz baba never leaves his.her children in half way.so just trust on sai.

  12. Dear Sai devotee 1- All the very best in your life,with Sai's blessings…
    As for Devotee 2- dear child, It's due to some past karmas that you had to marry him temporarily and your parents had to pay them valuables (previous debt as dowry etc). But now, place all faith on Sai and be bold to face facts and with Sai's guidance your life will blossom again. We all willpray for you …

    For Devotee 3.
    most of the ladies faced(have faced ) similar problems with their husbands. It's our past karma also. But Sai will take care of everything in course of time..

  13. Dear sister, (Devotee 2)

    Do not worry.Only baba can save us from our past bad karmas.HE will definitely reduce the intensity of our bad karmas and bless us with a good life.Even I went through the same situation and got married to a very good guy second time.It is completely in Baba's hands.If it is HIS will, surely your husband and inlaws will turn good and take care of you.Baba will bless you with a good life.Though we pray and chant Baba's name sometimes we cant escape from our past karma but Baba will protect us from evil.Please keep faith and wait.

  14. Sai Baba, Shower your blessings on all your children. Give us the strength to get through these troubles. Be with us always.

    Love you Sai maa.

  15. Everyone has to go by past karma. you went from it and came out. now no more. live life happily.life will be good soon. be strong. whatever happens dont loose faith on baba. our guru..

  16. Nice experiences. Devotee1: yours is very nice experience, Wish u a happy married life.

    Devotee2: I fee very bad after reading ur experience, Please have patience & faith in Baba. Baba will definitely bless u.

    Devotee3: your experience was also very nice. You see one day Baba will make your husband His devotee.

    Om Sai Ram.

  17. Sairam anonymous devotee and nabanitaji,
    My sincere prayers for anonymous devotee. I too wonder why baba is making people suffer hard times even if they are such big devotees. I remember the story in sat charita which says about the head of the head of the madarasi bhajanmela where the man does not believe in baba and gets a dream that changes everything. He says ' even if i have done anything wrong in my past birth, shouldnt all my karmas burn away in front of you?' Baba asks, 'Do you have such faith?', the man replies, 'Yes'. So, I understand that faith is what is required to get rid of karmas whether done in this birth or earlier births. I dont know how to have true faith, so even for that I pray to Him to give me faith and patience to get through the difficult situations. So pl dont lose faith, He is coming soon to help you.
    Nabanitaji, I think you husband is not a non believer. He is a strong believer. He has believed in Baba and god very much but he has not got what he had sincerely prayed for. This happens to all of us. Suddenly we critisize god and baba for not listening to us for a period of time. so dont worry, he will come around and start to become a better believer than anyone…..Sairam

  18. Why baba will play with lifes of devotee2?did he dont know that guy is bad?if he knows then why it happened?if we convince ourselves with fate then why to pray baba?if we pray or without pray we have to undergo our karma?then why baba?

    i am also baba devotee since 2008 but i faced so many problems (shani period)still i am facing.is baba waiting for completion of these period?then what makes the difference in praying or not praying as anyways i am facing problems.

  19. Nice experiences! 1st devotee from India, it is wonderful Baba saved you from the surgery, but also granted the 2 wishes you had asked for, Baba gave you his blessings for job and marriage. 2nd devotee from India, don't worry, I will also pray to Baba to help you and you should also do 9 Thursdays vrat. Nabanita Ji, it is wonderful that Baba took care of that extra charge and I hope he will also call your husband into his grace, as we must wait until Baba calls us at the time he chooses. OM SAI RAM!

  20. Jai Sai Ram,

    No matter what i think girl family should make inquiries and find out about the boy before marriage. well i understand some times we dont get to hear the real truth.

    Sister Thank Baba that he saved you from the clutches of the scavangers because they survived on your dowry money.

    Baba is the only saviour and he will help you out. Do not worry, good days will come soon.

    Allah Mallik.

    Servant of Baba.

  21. Om Sai ram!
    I would like to share my experience with everyone and can someone help me with the tuff time I am going thru.i did sai nav guruwar vratha asking baba to fulfill my one wish that is to bless me with a baby.after completely 9 Thursdays it was a miracle that baba fulfilled my wish that I became pregnant immediately after completing the vratha, but unfortunately I had an abortion at 5 month because we found out that our baby boy had hole in the heart when they did ultrasound.i am very sad and depressed now can someone tell me what other pumas can I do.can I do the vratha once again.will baba wipe my tears.I believe in sai baba.

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