Sharing few more experiences of devotees with Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Baba Is Always With Us

Sai Sister Vaishali Ji from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji, This is my 5th experience on your website. It feels so nice to read the experiences of devotees. It gives us courage to face life after seeing so many painful experiences. Thank you very much for your service to people. God bless you and your family. Please do not disclose my email id.

Though I have posted only four experiences of mine till now, I have experienced many more. But I will be posting one more today, which I have been thinking to write on your blog for quite some time. My second daughter, who is 7 years old now, was not well couple of months ago. It was a Friday afternoon that she had some food. She normally is a poor eater and I have prayed to Baba several times before feeding her that she should eat food. That day, she was watching one of her favorite program on TV and she ate in excess and I was also feeding her till she asked me to stop.

The next morning, she had fever and vomiting and I thought it could be due to indigestion. I gave her paracetamol and later started nurofen. As it was weekend, I thought of taking her to the doctor on Monday if fever did not come down. My elder daughter had a birthday party, so my husband had just dropped her and come home. We were all watching TV and suddenly her nose started bleeding. I was in total shock. It was maybe a cup or so of blood. And she was bleeding like water from tap. We took her to emergency. There were many patients that day and we were told to wait. It took nearly 2hrs if I remember right only to be seen by a nurse. She took all the details and said as it’s quite busy that day. It might take a couple of hours for the doctor to see her. Meanwhile, my husband had to go to pick my first daughter. I was praying Baba to call us by doctor soon. Within 10 minutes my daughter’s name was called. The doctor said it was due to heat and it is common here. Doctor told us to give lots of fluids. She was not eating food and had temperature and was having nurofen.
I called my husband and he came to pick us up. It was said that it would take at least 2 hours and we were called within 10 minutes. She had a bit of nose bleed on Sunday as well. The doctor had said that it might bleed again and to see the doctor if it is more. It took 10days for her to recover completely. By Baba’s grace she recovered, but I can’t forget how I was when it happened. I can’t thank Baba enough as the mercy He showers on us and it cannot be expressed in words. Love You Baba. Please make us remember You always.

Sai Baba Guided Me To Overcome My Health Problem

Sai Sister VijayaLaxmi Ji from UK says: Hello Hetal Ji, I am 25 years old and I know my Baba from childhood. I experienced so many miracles from childhood and He was guiding me all the time. Recently I came across this site and I felt happy after reading this experiences. Now I encouraged writing my experience.

In November 2009, I got married with my loved one with Baba’s grace and moved to London. In January 2010, the first Saibaba temple was opened in London. We didn’t know anything about the ceremony, but Baba invited to this event. One day, we were searching for movie tickets online and saw the invitation for Baba’s temple opening, and there was a requirement for volunteers. We decided to go for opening ceremony and volunteer. I felt happy that Baba gave an opportunity for doing service the whole day. It was good to see huge crowd waiting to see Baba in the freezing cold. After few days, I came to know that I am pregnant. Baba blessed me and was with me through my pregnancy and also during my labour, which was very complicated.

At one point, it was so critical in the labour and things were getting worse with high temperature and blood pressure. I was literally crying for Baba’s help. After taking Baba’s UDI with water, suddenly things changed positive and everything was set for delivery. Even the doctors were wonderstruck looking at sudden change and said it was really a miracle. Finally Baba blessed me with Baby boy and we were really thankful to Him for saving us.

Since then Baba helped us in all ways. He gave my husband a good and stable job in government organisation, gave my son good and steady growth, and helped me in recovering during postnatal stage. He is always been with us and will be going forward. Finally, I thank Baba and request Him to shower His blessings on us forever and guide us in helping others. I also thank Him for helping me in sharing this experience.

Allah Malik.

My Experiences And Request For Conveying Prayers To Shirdi

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you for starting this wonderful blog. Please do not disclose my details. I am a regular reader of this blog and was craving to post my experiences whenever I get settled down completely. Unfortunately things aren’t working out, and I request you to pray for me. Meanwhile I express my gratitude to Baba by sharing some incidents of my life below:

  • I am a devotee of Baba since 8 years and I never diverted my mind elsewhere and reckoned Him as my only Guru even if I cannot take Guru Diksha from Him physically. Last year, we lost the original documents of all the properties worth crores of Rupees that too which was disputed and we would have lost the lands without the papers. I prayed continuously to Baba for finding them, and one fine day after searching them in every corner, we found them at a place, where it was least expected. They were lying at the back of our car where my father forgot them.
  • Baba saved me from the biggest misfortune by opening my eyes at the right time, through correct observation and self realization. Actually, my marriage was fixed by my parents with a guy living in Australia and I was about to get married in December. All preparations were done. We had been talking since 5 months and we met only once, when he came to my hometown. Immediately after our meeting in April, I along with my parents was going to Delhi to perform a small ceremony called Roka. But Baba knew everything. It was the first time in my life, when all the flights on the same day got cancelled and our waiting in the trains did not clear at all and there was absolutely no way to reach Delhi to meet his parents along with him. So there was no such ceremony taking place and I was upset with Baba. He lost his job at the same time and was unable to come again for court marriage before December. At the same time as soon as he got his new job, his behavior changed completely and I came to know that he is a shrewd person and his family is also fraud, when my father found out by going at his place in Delhi. I immediately decided to call off the wedding, and was saved from court marriage and spoiling my life.
  • After 1 month, while I was reading Sai Satcharitra, I came across an alliance through family friends, and my marriage was fixed immediately in 3 days. I got engaged in September and married in December 1st week. I was not in a state to get married, even though, fortunately my hubby is really sweet. Unfortunately my in-laws are shrewd and troubling me as I had to stay alone with them as I did not get my dependent visa yet. With great difficulties, I have spent 5 and half months alone in India and I am waiting to go to UK desperately to live with my husband.

I request you and all the devotees to pray for me to send me to my husband and settle down professionally and in personal life.

Thanking you.

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  1. He the Lord has the heart softer than wax,
    He always runs to His devotees in difficulties,
    He just asks “Shraddha” and “Saburi” as dakshina,
    Who else will take care of us like Him??

    He is the only person on the universe whom we can rely upon. We would had done innumerable good deeds in the past births to have been come in touch with our Sai. What else we need in this life, just we have to wait for getting the very little amount of roti from His jholi.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. All are nice experiences thanks for sharing it.. @Anonymous devotee 3. Please have faith in Baba he will surely help you to overcome all obstacles in life. Thanks.

    All are nice experiences. You all are very lucky to have such experiences. May baba ji bless all of us always.

    OM Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai

  4. Om Sai Ram
    Each and every experience are nice. Dear devotee No3 pl have faith on baba. He asks only shradha and saburi.I wish you happy married life and i will definitely pray for you and all the best.

  5. all are nice experiences. just keep faith baba will solve all your problems. baba bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  6. om sai sri sai jay jay sai. om sai sri sai jay jay sai. om sai sri sai jay jay sai. om sai sri sai jay jay sai.

  7. I was depreesed with my life whatever i was thinking and wanna do anything its delaying or being late,I was getting frustrated for these and what happens to me.when i was asking baba anything he was giving but late.He is examining my patience always and everytime.I wanna do my phd in foriegn but i don't think it happens becoz we are financially somewhat back plz ask baba what i have to do.

  8. om sai ram.lovely experiences.may baba shower his blessing on all and give us blessing to do goodwork.

  9. Om sai ram,

    nice experiences.,,baba bless us always,,,
    i wanna change my life, abt my carrier,health,.. I m profeesional degree holder, but i m not able to set my carrier,,bcz of scared to face out world, i have many responsibility but nothing happnd, plz devotees pray for me,,

  10. Very nice experiences! Vaishali Ji, it is wonderful that Baba helped your daughter even after she was bleeding and very ill, Baba also made sure she was seen right away so she could be taken care of by the doctor. VijayaLaxmi Ji, you are very lucky that Baba blessed you by calling you to the temple opening and also by giving you a healthy baby. Devotee from India, I will also pray to Baba for you that you get your visa soon so you can join your husband in UK; it is good though that Baba prevented you from getting married before to that other boy by not allowing you to go to Delhi. Om Sai Ram!

  11. Sister,

    Jai Sai Ram. just a piece of advice. Treat your inlaws the same way you treat your parents. Most inlaws feel they are not respected.

    Baba will definetly send you to your Hubby, your prayers will be certainly answered by Baba. I will pray to you.

    Bow down to the Holy father and the saviour of this planet, the King of kings Shri Sainath.

    Servant of Baba.

  12. Om Sai Ram.

    May Baba hear all of our prayers and grant us all happiness and keep us away from doing mistakes. Baba, please bless all your children and shower your grace on us always. We love you and thank you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  13. Sai you don't need to give me wealth but please help us be debt-free. I got fed up with this situation. Please Sai, you know my condition. You can do this. This is just a menial thing for you. Please don't think I don't deserve to be happy and peaceful.

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