A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 204

Few more experiences to share in today’s post.

Need Help for Project

Sai Sister Saveetha from India says: Hi Hetal Ji and all devotees of SAIBABA. I am Saveetha from India. I am not too good in English, so sorry if I made some mistake then and there. This is my first time that I am posting here. So I don’t know how to write and share and I am again sorry if I do any mistake in upcoming paragraphs. If you understand this post, please feel free to edit else if you seems this is useless post, then please ignore to post, but please help me. I may see and get BABA’s help though this post. Hope you understand this. Hetal Ji, please don’t disclose my e-mail id, but you can share my name. Hetal Ji, you are doing great job. Our SAI’s blessing shall be with you, your family and to all devotees forever.

Many devotees of SAIBABA promised HIM as if some miracle or some fulfillment happens, they will post and share those things. I am seeking HIS help for one thing for long time. BABA always helps me in all matters and I never get sad of anything. But He made me sad for something. I am a devotee who gets angry on HIM, if I don’t get answers for my prayer soon and if I get insult in front of others, etc. I used to speak, play with our BABA. In my heart and my mind or from somewhere, He will answer and reply me for my questions which I ask to HIM. Still I don’t know whether I become mad on SAI or really HE used to speak with me. Sometimes like others, I used to doubt on HIM and ask HIM to show HIS presence. Sometime HE will show and other time HE never shows. On such duration, I will be little sad and later I will make myself cool and come out of that.

I am doing my final year project in the field of computer science engineering. I am doing it in a good and popular core company center by spending lots of money. Before joining in that center, I was too confused. So I asked our BABA whether I should join there or not. HE answered me to join. We, nearly 15 batches of students, are doing project there and mostly all got satisfied with their project expect my batch. My guide and HOD said that my project is not like a final year project and it is useless. I am too upset and made a number of calls to that company and asked about project they said to wait. At the same time, I used to ask BABA about my project. Whenever I ask, HE used to say me to be patient. I had and have full faith on HIM that HE will complete my project. Whenever I get answer from net, HE said “A friend will help you”. I too asked help from lots of my friends but none come forward to help me. Finally I said to BABA that you have to take care and should show someone for help. As I said before HE helps me in everything will show His presence. But I didn’t get. Why he is making delay in this project work. I have still only one week to complete my project. But still I didn’t get any help. I don’t know what to do. I have to redo my course if I didn’t complete. BABA will never allow me to redo course, but I am seeking for help. I promised BABA that I will share my post only after I get satisfy by my project, but I don’t know what, something made me today to write and send to you.

Hetal Ji, I don’t know whether you will post this or not. But I am sure that you will read this. I may get some help from some devotee of our SAI regarding my project if you post this. Sorry to all my SAI devotees. I don’t know whether my post and seeking of help here is the right place, but I put all this in SAI hands and now I see you all as SAI and raising my hand to you. I don’t know how many of you understand this post. Hetal Ji, if SAI says to post this, please do post as soon as possible. Hope you understand. Thanks to everybody who could feel my feeling and sorry to those it seems to be irritate or to those who are not able to understand.

If anybody is willing to help me, can you please mention in comment. Then I will give my mail id. Finally I thank SAI for being with me and for boosting me to write this post. Let HE be with everyone and bless everyone.


Saibaba’s Miracle And My Prayers

Sai Sister Vijimoorthy Ji from Singapore says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you for your wonderful service. Please do not disclose my email address. I had posted already three experiences. I request you to publish this experience as soon as possible to have Sai devotee’s prayers for us to have a child. I know that you are receiving so many experiences before my post. I still request to publish as soon as possible as per your convenience and can edit my experience wherever you want. Please accept my request Hetal Ji.

Last week my husband had chest pain, so this Monday we had sent to specialist Doctor, who had tested him and said normal by seeing ECG, but while taking blood test, they are not satisfied and hearing our family history (i.e., my father-in-law had heart problem). They asked him to admit in bed in emergency ward for 8 hrs, so that they will monitor each hour and finally they will take again blood test for confirmation to be normal. I was bit worried and prayed to Saibaba to take care and results should be normal. From noon till night 10 pm, I was nervous about the result. I had faith in Baba. Still I was worried. At 10.30 pm they had notified us that he was normal and gave appointment to a heart specialist on 8th June 2012. I am very happy and thanked my Baba for His immense blessings on us.

But, Sai Devotees pray for him to Baba to give good health as I lost my parents last year, now I am totally dependent on him. He is my life and soul. Nobody was there in the earth other then my Baba and my husband. Please pray for him. Baba blesses in every stage of our life. First week of April, he had blessed us to come to have His Darshan in Shirdi, which was my dream for so many years. Still he is not answering our prayers to bless us a child. Already my husband was 40+ and I am 38, so we are worried for a child. If we are at our early age, we can wait; as we are getting aged we are worried.

Now a days I am in depression that why Baba is not answering our prayers. My husband helps everybody voluntarily and does good for others, even others do bad to him also. But why Baba is silent for our prayers? Recently one of our relative insulted me indirectly that I kept bad eye to her child because I am not having child. I got hurt very much. I cried before Baba and whenever I remember this word, I cry before Baba. Now a day, I feel scared to take any baby. Why in our society, they are thinking ill about those who are not having child. So I request every Sai devotees to pray for us to have a child. At least group prayers will reach to Baba soon and want us His blessings for us to have a child.




Got My Money Back Through Sai

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, Thanks for your selfless service. I am unable to post the experience. So only I am emailing you. Please post this experience. Please do not disclose my name and email id. Thanks for such a wonderful website, where my devotion in Baba increased many folds by reading the devotees experiences here. I am a devotee of Saibaba since 2007. Every time Baba saved me. I have seen many miracles of Baba in my life. In between I felt my devotion in Baba reduced. I saw my dad with reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. I felt I was not reading with devotion.

Recently I had given money of Rs 30000 to my friend. For the last 2 months, we struggled like anything to get the money back as I was in financial crisis. My friends also tried a lot to return it, but in vein. For the last 3-4 days, I came across this website. Frankly speaking all the Sai websites are blocked in my company. I tried opening Sai forum and Dwarakamai in my company. But it was blocked. I was in a depression, so I badly wanted to read Sai Devotees experiences and get inspired from them. Because I felt Sai was not there as I lost my father (such a good human being) recently. So we family have been into depression since my marriage is also not getting fixed. Somehow first I came across this website. I started reading Devotees experiences, which I felt Baba is definitely there. With full devotion if we pray, day and night He will be with us and help us. Whole day, I felt Baba is there and till then I was cribbing and depressed. Then I read Baba’s saying “keep all your sorrows and worried on Me, you keep chanting My Name. I will take care of all your worries”. Then I kept everything on Baba. Let’s be happy and let Him take care of everything. I was asking Baba, I am in need of money. Please change his mind and let him transfer the money. I have always been good to the people. Why You are doing like this to me. Miracle happened. After 2 days, I got a call from his friend that, he’ll transfer the money. I was surprised. Because he’s a cruel, my friends sent so many emails, he did not respond. We all thought we will never get it back and thought of raising complaint. But I was reluctant as my family is so respected. Now itself everyone is suffering post my dad death. I did not want to put this thing on them. Really Baba is there.

Baba will be with His devotees, who chant His name always. Baba I still have one marriage problem. I am 25 yrs old. If I look at my friends they are elder than me, but still they are getting good proposals and getting fixed. I am not bad. Please get my marriage fixed with good boy. Please don’t send me to the family where I will be bread and butter for them. I am software engineer. How can I marry teacher or clerk? Only they are accepting me. I feel pity on myself for my situation. Mom is crying a lot. All the relatives are looking at us and making fun of us. Please get my marriage fixed with good educated boy soon Deva. You know in my community, educated people are less. Now people are coming, but not accepting. Please, Deva, bless us. I am the big problem for my mom now, for my dad also earlier. Jai Sairam. Please, Deva, You know everything. Bless us.

Akilanda koti bramhanda nayam rajadhiraja yogiraja sadguru sainath maharaj ki jay!!!

Om sai ram

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  1. dear sai devotees,
    pls don't worry. soon baba wil solve your all problems. pls keep faith and have patience. baba knows how and when to solve your problems.sai, never leave his devotees alone. pls do SAI SATCHARITRA PARAYAN, with full devotion. soon you will experience baba blessings. baba, pls bless these devotees. bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  2. Sai Ram, This is for sister Vijimoorthy. I can understand your position as I am the same age as you and my husband same age as yours. We too are trying for a child. Every morning when I open my computer I log onto mysai.org and ask our sai what his advice or talk is for the day. I dont use it as a question answer, I ask our Sainath to talk to me through this and today when I asked him – it was said " there will be birth or child and your be rid of all worries, Remember Shree Sai " I was so happy. And when I read your experience I felt like I was reading my own life experience and immediately felt like Baba's advice for me today is for you too. Have faith in our Baba and he will surely bless us with child. I pray to him to bless your husband for his recovery.

    Sainath , Please bless us with a healthy child . please give us the joy of motherhood.

    Baba, I also pray for your blessings on the other two Sai Sisters , may they find success in their work and marriage.

    Om Sai Nathaya Namaha
    Sai Beti

  3. Don't worry vijimoorthy ji. Please continue having the same faith in Baba He will surely help and bless ur family.
    @anonymous devotee the person whom u are going to get married is already born and waiting, when the right time comes Baba will make things happen .Saveetha ji I will pray for u,plz have faith in Baba. Thanks all for sharing it.

  4. The core values of Sai Spirituality are Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience).We may not get fruits immediately, today or tomorrow while walking on the path of devotion for which we should not get disappointed.We must take care that our love and trust should not decrease by not getting the desired results early. Our devotion should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the results.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  5. Dear Hetal ji and all SAI devotees.. This is SAVEETHA from INDIA who wrote first post.. Thanks a lot to HETAL ji for posting the above.. I completed the project and was satisfied with my project by SAI grace.. My experience on project is wrote and it is waiting in HETAL ji mail to post.. Thanks a lot to SAI, Hetal ji and all SAI devotees..

    Love you SAI.. I have habit of reading this blog daily whenever i open i expect my post if it is not there then i will ask BABA that where is my post.. Today i just opened without any expectation and finally seen my post thanks a lot for posting this.. my experience on project review is waiting to be post.. once gain thanks to hetal ji.

  6. Om Sai Ram

    Dear devotees do not lose faith be patience definitely baba helps you. Do not be annoyed. Baba please help them and solve their problems. Pl bless the soon with a baby as their age becoming protracted



  7. Dear Vijimoorthy,
    My prayers are with you.I pray BABA that you conceive soon and give birth to a healthy baby.Myself 40 and my husband 45 ,yet i am childless.Everyday i plead all Gods including Sai to give us a child but i doubt whether it is going to take place in this birth ,yet i am keeping faith.Hope baba hears our prayers. My husband does not want to adopt so only way i can have children is by natural way.
    So all devotees pray for us – group prayers do bring miracles.

  8. sai devotees dont loose hope….please chant our saima's name as much as possible because it will washes out our sins and after reading this post i thought came in mind that all of you once visit shibpur sai temple or else you can ask to do pooja on your behalf to amitji…amitji's contact numbers are 91-9800500014 and 91-9333120111…may baba help the whole world with peace…om sairam om sairam…

  9. May Baba solve all the devotees problem soon.
    God Bless you all

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  10. This is SAVEETHA again.. thanks for all who have prayed for me.. Dear other two devotees.. SAI had listened my prayer and helped me.. Dont lose your faith hold HIM i am sure that HE will help you both as HE did for me.. SAIRAM.

  11. Om Sai Ram,

    This is for Saveetha, I don't know whether you still need a help or not. I am really not sure about your project. But I am also in a computer field, completed phd in AI. So if you think I could help you in your project, please send your mail ID, so that I could contact you.

    Some advise for my phd experience. If your mind is full you cannot do anything. So please take 1 day as a break, do anything which make you happy, except studies (go to temple, movie or out with friends). That day don't even think about studies. Next day start fresh, you will be amazed to see your performance.

    – Sai Daughter

    Om Sai Ram.

  12. Dear Anonymous ji who'S PHD Holder..

    i need your help as i am also a master degree holder and wants 2 do phd…i need your guidance…can you please help me…


  13. @ Vijimoorthy. read sai satcharitra if you have not sit near baba's photo and burn agarbatti infront of baba's photo and chant om shri sainathay namah..till that agarbatti fully burns. with full faith then you have daily pinch of that Agarbatti powder and give it to your husband. baba can test you also with negative results. your faith shouldnt bounce. within 3 months you'll get good news.
    this answer came from my heart to tell you. i'm devotee of baba.i experienced him many times. and i know he only told me to tell you this.
    Om shri sainathay namah..

  14. This i would like to appeal to all childless couple.Why is it that when u don get a child of your own try to adopt one and give it that love and care.I can understand when u give birth its different but adopting is no harm.u r infact making sai happy.Loving our own children is no big deal thats only natural but to give ur love to someone who really needs is difficult.Won Sai love you more for thay beautiful heart of yours.This my appeal to all childless couple.You spend years praying and undergoing costly treatment but none of us has a heart big enough to love another child just bcox it was not our own.Where is real love in us…

  15. Very nice experiences! Devotee from India, don't worry, Baba will arrange for a very nice, educated boy for your marriage (shouldn't we trust Baba more than anyone else to do this for us?). Vijimoorthy Ji, don't worry what other people may say against you, Baba is there to protect you (like Baba always says, Why fear when I am here?), it is great that Baba helped your husband's heart problem and I'm sure he will also help you have a child very soon. Saveetha Ji, I'm sure Baba will help you with your project soon. Perhaps you should tell Baba you will give up something (like sugar in tea, or a certain fruit you like) for Baba, then you will see the results will come as you desire. Baba is also your friend and partner and will help you greatly. OM SAI RAM!

  16. Dear vijimoorthy,
    Even me and my husband are trying for a child. I am sure BABA is going to bless you soon. Hang in there with lot of FAITH and PATIENCE.

  17. Vijimoorthy ji God never closes all the doors …. don't worry too much u seem o be anxious about having a baby …god helps those who help themselves , maybe u should contact fertility clinic and seek some help as u said that u r 38 … I desperately wanted a a bay when I was 37 … went for ivf and it was successful and had a baby boy ….may baba bless u with a baby ..sai ram

  18. Dear anonymous, plz do sai nav guruwar vrat baba will surely bless with best groom for u. Have faith n patience. Ur blessed child of baba as baba made me to advice u. I being ur sai sister telling u wat my heart felt. OM SAI RAM -Saipriya

  19. "Why fear when Baba is here." All above devotees, have Faith on Baba and always remember two keywords Shradha & saburi

  20. Hi Vijimoorthy,
    It's a nice experience that your husband Is healthy by Baba's grace..
    One of my friend here told that so many friends conceived and had baby through Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. I hv heard a lot about this Ayurveda treatment will help lot of people who have tried all sorts. If you would like to know more about the treatment you can send me the email id I can give you the details which I know.
    Om Sairam.
    May Baba bless you and all.

  21. sai baba mere papa ko bachalo unhe cancer hai.please unhe theek kardo varna mujhe bhi unhi ke sath maut de dena kyunki unke bina hamara kuch nahi.

  22. please cure the cancer of the above mentioned devotees papa baba.please bless him with good health.om sairam.

  23. Akilanda koti bramhanda nayam rajadhiraja yogiraja sadguru sainath maharaj ki jay!!!

    Akilanda Koti Bhramhanda Nayaka RajadhiRaja YogiRaja Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay!
    Om Sai Ram!

    Baba! Please bless me with a Good job Baba, I am not excepting a High paid job baba, Just a peaceful and secured job Baba, Please Baba, show me your miracle and save me

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