Waiting Eagerly For Sai Baba’s Blessings

In today’s post the devotee has shared her plight regarding issues of her life and seeks all your prayers.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks for this wonderful blog. You are doing a great service to mankind by consolidating all the experiences of various devotees. This is my second experience in the blog. I am from USA. Please do not disclose my name and email id. This blog has been a big supporter for me in times of big difficulties. I really wanted to write my experiences only after certain things fulfilled in my life. But I am writing this because I need blessings, good wishes and support from other devotees. If possible can you post this immediately, because I am desperately in need of blessing and wishes?

Things are not going properly. I am married for 4 years now. Husband and I are trying to conceive a child for the past one and half years. I have been praying with all heart, but nothing seems to work. My husband is not a very positive person. He is not brave and often feels that all difficulties come in his path and nothing works for him and he is unlucky. This is not the only problem that I am facing through. For the past 6 months, my husband is not having peace at work. There was couple of layoffs and budget constraints at office. They are not hiring any one. There was lot of reorganizations. His manager changed, and the new manager is not an efficient person to support his team in times of need. We are just hoping nothing goes wrong in his team or for his work. We were so much worried because of this as his green card process is going on through this company. When all this was going on, I started 9 Thursdays Sai Vrat. After the 9th Thursday, our green card date got current and we could apply for our third stage in the process, which means I would be eligible to work with the EAD. I was also finishing my masters around the same time. So everything seemed to just have come in the right time.

But after 2 months of applying for the third stage, the US government decided to retrogress the dates back to 2007, which means we would not get GC till we get our dates current again. Also, Our EAD was getting delayed, it was more than 60 days (usually it comes around 45 days). There was some confusion with our finger print appointments. I was also not getting any interview call. Lots of things at the same time.

My husband was just shattered because his hopes of getting GC by this month, was less likely now. He was very dejected. He stopped praying to God. He started to abuse everyone around him. He started to think himself as unlucky as he felt nothing was happening for us – no child yet, no GC, no EAD, no work for me and tension at his work place. He started talking of suicide. I am a very positive person, and I believe that BABA will take care of us. But when you hear talks of suicide, I just could not control my tears. Last week was hell. We didn’t sleep properly at nights. He used to just get by suddenly from sleep and shout. I am generally a brave and supportive person, but in this situation I didn’t know how to comfort him as I was disturbed a lot emotionally and mentally. I just used to cry, when he was away for work.

Times like this, I just pray to BABA to give more strength, faith and patience to my husband to face anything in life instead of sitting dejected as if life is over. I request all Sai Devotees to pray for us and wish us the best. Your prayers and wishes will definitely bring miracles in our life. Also please advise me how I should be more supportive to my husband and handle him and the situation. I should tell one thing here- my in-laws are really proud of me that I am able to understand, adjust and support my husband in times of his unexpected behavior without fighting and adding more fuel to the burning fire. They often tell me if it would have been any other girl, she would have left him now.

I am just waiting for HIS blessings to conceive soon. Please pray and shower your blessings for us. If we start seeing some results in our life, I am sure my husband will become positive and develop faith. I really wanted to post this last week, but I was all crying. This week has been going good with few interview calls set up for me. We also got our EAD approved. I can see Baba’s blessings on us. I just hope that I get a job soon and we get our GC and I conceive. Because of all this, I didn’t travel to India for 3 years. I feel guilty that I have not completed my duty as a daughter to my parents. I want to celebrate my father’s 60th birthday (Shastiapthapoorthi). It is the chance given to the children to repay part of what they have done to us. Hope I am able to travel soon and do this for my parents.

Dear Devotees, please pray for me and my husband. I was very dejected last week, but this week I am much better and after writing this I feel a lot better. It is all because of BABA and His blessings.

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  1. Hi .. Just have Faith and Patience.. And beleive Baba will not let his children down at any point.. And you will succed for sure. Don't worry Baba will bless you with all that u are in need. Just don't loose hope and faith .. Om Sai Ram

  2. Om SAI RAM..Dear sister. I can understand what you are going through..when I finished reading the half part I was so sad and wanted to pray Baba to bless you with EAD approved.At the end I was extremely happy seeing that you got your EAD.Baba never lets HIS children down.what we feel a hell is a testing phase and Believe that Baba is washing our past karma.Definitely I'l pray for you.Even I'm waiting for my GC dates to be current soon.OM JAI SAI RAM.

  3. Dear Devotee,

    pls do not worry…..u trust in our Baba,so how will He leave u…He is definetly watching and listening to u….leave al ur worries and JUST TRUST IN HIM and see what lovely miracles He does for u n ur husband….


    Sai ki beti

  4. My Dear baba devotee…
    Please explain to your husband if suicide is not going to help anyone, its just going to make matters worse for people he loves…
    These are minor problems in life, I waited for a Green Card in India all by myself, when my parents moved here…
    I was away from them, most US citizens or Green Card holders have to wait for their Spouses for a few years before they can be together.Not once did i think of suicide,infact i enjoyed my life to the hilt when i was in India..
    Atleast you are together..look at the brighter side..

    Also sometimes , you don't get a few things in life..just when you want them..Like I wanted to get to the US, when my parents moved here …i was hell bent on coming here almost instantly..but i had to wait for 8 years..I had a good job in India..honed my skills..that helped me find a good job when i got here..I would not have found it..had I moved with them..

    All I am trying to say is ..may be he wants you to get an EAD..have a good job, be in a better financial condition…before you have a child..You will not know his reason today..but a few years down the line..

    His delays are definitely not his denials..

    Yesterday I got a news from an Old friend in India…She had a baby a few days ago..She had miscarried twice, was really scared and skeptical…but finally after a few years her prayers have been answered…

    Please tell your husband to have unflinching faith..if the PD has retrogressed, it has retrogressed for millions of people ..don't blame or abuse baba for all this…

    And Pray to Baba to make his situation better at work…

    Faith and Saburi go hand in hand…

  5. Dear,
    May Baba bless you with all you need.
    About conceiving I feel Baba feels its not a good time as you already have a lot of tensions. May be once all the other thiings like green card and you get a job and your husbands job is settled well it will happen.
    Baba please bless this family.
    Dont worry since few things are already in a good way. Everything will fall in place.
    Baba will surly help you.

  6. O Sai,

    Please bless this sai sister and her family.

    I also ask for prayers from all sai devotees. My husband is out of a job for nearly a year and with each passing day things seem to become more and more difficult. I've had two miscarriages too. I feel so depressed. feel like committing suicide. I feel like I am totally worthless and may have been such a paapi that Baba also does not seem to be listening to my prayers. I ask for all Sai brother and sisters for their prayers. Hope Baba hears these prayers and removes our troubles.
    Forgive me Sainath for all my mistakes and sins.

    Om Sai Ram

  7. May Baba Bless you with a stable financial life with a beautiful child soon. May you also get ur GC with a gr8 job soon.
    Wish baba remove all ur worries giving u each and everything u desire and then bless u with PEACE of mind and his grace.

    Have Faith and Patience.
    Sai Brother

  8. Shraddha is the foundation of the path of devotion and Saburi is the time taken to walk on that path.One should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the results.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  9. Om Sai Ram..

    May Sai bless you with his choicest blessings.A devotee has written beautifully "His delays are definitely not his denials", very true and nice.

  10. Dear devotee here is ur answer which Baba made me post:

    Faith can move mountains and devotion can materialize miracles . Sai mother is bounded by our faith and love .The way our expression of love same way our Baba listens to us. One such story is of faith’s triumph over fate and Divine blessing of Shri Sai Baba.

    There was an ardent bhakt of Shri Sai Maharaj Smt Chandrabai Borkar.She resided in Ville Parle, her husband R.Borkar a Civil Engineer by profession .He was a skeptic and did not have any faith on Sai Baba.But he never resented or prevented her from going to meet Shirdi Sai Baba.Though he never visited Shirdi but Baba enveloped him in HIS grace. This could be felt by Chandrabai as she was often beforehand warned by Baba of any calamity that may befall her husband.

    Since he was in construction of bridges he had to be on tours and away from home. This made possible for Chandrabai to travel to Shirdi and spend time with Sai Baba.First time she visited Shirdi was in 1892, and she witnessed many divine leelas of Shri Sai Maharaj.Witnessing His leela strengthened her faith, love and devotion on Sai Maharaj many- many folds.When she visited Shirdi ,Baba would ask her to stay in some devotees home and would lovingly call her "Bai".

    After each Aarti Baba would give her udi and bless her, this udi she would safely keep it in a box and use it sparingly. But if someone was sick or in need she would readily give it. Like I had written about Kasibai who was blessed by Baba with HIS tooth same way Baba gave Chandrabai HIS tooth, which she made a talisman.

    This way Chandrabai visited Shirdi off and on for twenty years.

    In 1918 Baba asked her "Bai what is your heart's desire"? Chandrabai without hesitation replied "Baba you are Antaryami, what is there for me to tell you".

    She never told or asked Baba for a child but for this she yearned always.She was 48 and her friends,relative ,family doctors all declared that conception was impossible at her age.But Mrs Borakar was full of love,she was full of Faith and devotion (Shraddha and Saburi)and she knew well that NOTHING was IMPOSSIBLE with Baba.

    As time passed by her menses stopped. About 5 months later she noticed her tummy had bloated and she was vomiting and had swelling in her feet.There was a Doctor Shri Purandare who diagnosed her and told her she has tumor of the uterus ,and advised her surgery for its removal .But Bai was determined and had full faith in and said "I will bide my ten months and then decide".

    Dr explained her over and over again that at her age of 51 without conception for so many years pregnancy is impossible but Bai was determined and adamant .She knew that Baba's grace would make everything impossible possible.During that period her physical condition deteriorated. She resorted to taking Udi and water only for months.

    She was blessed on Dhanatrayodashi with a son , just after 3 years 2 days of Baba's Mahaniryan.

    She not only carried her pregnancy well she also continued to do her house hold chores up to the time of delivery. To the surprise of every one it was a safe and easy delivery, without the aid of a doctor, nurse or any medications. Who can argue and prove this anything less than Baba's kripa on her Bhakt.All logic,knowledge,arguments,intellect failed and faith triumphed over the Fate.

    Here a beautiful vachan (saying from Baba's 11 vachan ).

    -जैसा भाव रहे जिस मनका, वैसा रूप हुआ मेरे मनका

  11. When you are devoted to saibaba, Never fear.
    Never. If you fear then you are hurting saibaba.
    Atleast to do good deeds Never ever fear. If saibaba can inspire you to do some thing good, saibaba obviously will also bless you to do it.”
    Its not me who planned to offer garland to saibaba statues over temple..Even before a hour i dint even imagine am going to do it.
    So second lesson is this
    Lesson 2 from Shirdi saibaba :
    Do not act with cleverness and plan things in life. Surrender yourself with pure love and devotion on saibaba. Never say
    “I” am doing it. Let go of all your ego, pride and just do your work for yourself, your family and ofcourse Sai.
    You can really feel yourself doing great things without your own knowledge.
    Something i wish to share is never ever feel painful that saibaba is not taking care of me and not showing me right education, job and relationships, good health etc. Simply let go of all your needs and desires. Ever remain in the holy feets of sainath.
    Lesson 3 from Shirdi Saibaba
    “I will make you do what i want you to do rather than helping you to do what you plan to do” – Sai
    Yes i plan many things,. we all desire and plan 1000 things related to our personal life, career and business. When we are devoted to our shirdi saibaba at times we wonder why saibaba is not helping us. Sai does . May be sai wants us to do something else.
    May be saibaba wants me to go through sufferings

  12. God Bless. Clinge on to Sai Feet. Life might be roller coster like what you are going through, but pls clinge on to Sai Feet and he will take you through it soon. I will keep you guys in prayer when Im in SHIRDI next week (July 1st week).. if you need Udi from Shirdi , let me know i can send it you as well.

    [email protected]

  13. Dear Sai Devotee

    Just keep Shraddha and Saburi. I know at times it feels things are not going our way but Sai has his own way of giving us things. I will pray to Sai to take away all your troubles.

    Have faith. May Baba's blessings be with you.

    Jai Sai Ram….Om Sai Ram..

  14. baba definitely wil listen to your prayers ji!! baba tests us to the maximum but he never retain it beyond our capacity.please do not worry!!

  15. You are really very brave. I suggest both of you must start reading Sai Satcharitra with calm mind and leaving everything to Baba and must complete it in one week. I am confident that Baba will solve all of your problems before you even finish reading Sai Satcharitra.

  16. dear devotee,

    dnt worry whr thr is faith thr should b no place for doubts,u r such strong person baba will surly solve ur problms and yes baba wants u and ur husband to first be financially strong may be thts y he is delaying for ur baby…just have full faith in baba…whnevr u feel low jst chant sai sai sai…we r his children he will have to listen us…he is our sai maa and mother can never c his children crying..m sure soon ur life wil take a very nice and positive turn…baba please solve all problems of ur devottes and give thm saburi in hard times…love u baba.

  17. Baba please help this lady…i am crying after this post…many people think about suicide…but we know its nt the correct way or the solution of everything…Please stay beside us…help this female…..OM SAI RAM

  18. Dear Devotee,

    I am also married past 4years and waiting to conceive..Everymonth I feel baba bless me but when it doesnt happen then i feel disappointed but i ddint loose faith on baba..daily am praying to him to bless me to conceive and i am sure that he will lister to our prayers..so donot loose your hope be stick to our baba

  19. Dear, don't worry, everything will be ok. no need to take that much of tension. keep faith. you will see baba miracle soon. explain to your husband to keep calm, beleive in baba, and if possible, suggest him to read sai satcharitra, then he will get relax, situation will be much better than the earlier. baba needs his faith as a prasad. ok. soon you will experience baba blessings.
    jai sai ram!

  20. Om Sai Ram
    Dear sister,
    Our baba is father of universe donot loose faith he definitely solves your problems. One thing you should remember every one from lower category to higher has problems since last 10 months our situation was very wrost this is all because of our past karmas. We too waiting for the good and right time. I am just chanting baba's name an i am going to start baba 9 guruvar vrat. Our hope is only our baba and try to surrender to him.He knows what is best for us.Pl be patience. I will pray for you and good wishes.


  21. Om Sai Ram … Baba will surely bless you with a child and also all your issues will be solved soon.You are positive in everything and that is enough to get Baba's blessings.Pls read Sai charita daily,it will help you conceive soon.

    Om Sai Namah.

  22. Om Sai Ram.

    My sincere prayers to Baba to bless you with a healthy baby soon. May Baba bless you in all aspects and make your husband a strong-willed person. Baba will bless you definitely. He loves all his children and he knows you need his care. He will shower his blessings soon. Until then just have a little more Faith and Patience. That is the key to come out of this troubles times.

    Baba please bless the family and take good care of all their needs. We Love you a lot and we are grateful to you for all your blessings.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  23. Don worry sai sister ji, there are many who benefitted by Sai's grace, he never lets his devotees down,He is givng tough situations just make us very strong mentally. Please share with him devotees experiencesfrom this blog,it would surely give him confidence also ask him to read sai satacharita or sai prerna once if possible. Baba is waiting to bless u abundantly.. Ask him not to worry. Thanks

  24. Dear devotee read sai satcharita .Baba will definetlity show his blessing on u very soon .
    Om sai ram….




  26. May baba bless u and ur husband.have strong faith in baba.Baba will surely save u
    my sister.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  27. SAI RAM……




  28. May baba bless u with a babay and all troubles will go away..om sai naathaye namah..baba will surely help u

  29. Om sai ram
    Baba will take care of everyone I am going through same problems of gynec probe , job , visa but had hope baba will bless me and take away all my obstcles.
    You have a path don't get scared baba will bless.
    Sai maharaj ki ji

  30. Dear Devotee,
    I too was in the same position few months back..we were also married for 4 yrs and were trying for a baby but it got delayed for 1.5yrs…sometimes i used to get angry at BABA but BABA used to always pull me to Himself..
    i also started reading SAI SATCHARITRA everyday…that drew me closer to BABA and i used to feel HIM always around me..and somewhere i knew BABA will definitely listen to my prayers and will answer them.
    You can also drink some UDI mixed with water everyday and im sure BABA will bless you with a baby soon.
    Have full SHRADDHA & SABURI on HIM.

  31. Dear Sai Sister

    Sometimes we may not get what we want as we have something better coming up. I believe that Baba has planned all the good things for you and your family already and you will surely receive them when the time is right.

    What your husband is going through is probably nothing but side effects of enormous stress. I am a very optimistic person like you and believe that Baba is always with me but was in a similar situation with my partner a while ago where everything was a stress & nothing was going right. Though he was very strong within himself, everything going around was affecting us badly, I have prayed Baba to show me guidance and have come across some methods of prayer to Baba which are listed on this website


    I have realised the importance of lighting lamps infront of Baba daily and praying him with utomost faith. Things started improving. As soon as we started hearing even a small good news hope started building. With that came strength automatically. Since then our faith on Baba and our patience levels only kept increasing and today though things expected are not completed we are at peace.

    I pray to Baba to offer you strength and Bless your family with joy & prosperity.

  32. Dear Sister,
    Even i am in the same position the only difference we are not waiting for GC as we are not in USA. My husband also feels very unlucky ,iniially he used to be depressed but never showed his anger on me.But from past one year he is blaming me for his ill luck.I am fine if he blames me since i am not a earning wife.Whenver i go to any astrologer they say it is because of me that my husband is earning good money but my husband or his male ego denies it.
    Now days he has totally stopped talking to me but i am trying to be nice to him.We are married for past 15yrs no children. Now days he is giving me signals that if i want to lead a separate life he wants to leave me permanently.Again for the sake of my parents and my siblings i am trying to adjust with my husband.As it is my parents are too old and also sick to bear this trauma of separation.So i have accepted this as my bad karma and i am getting the fruits.Basically i am a fighter by nature but now my life situation is like this i have to be meek and do as my husband wants me to do.
    My husband is having problems in his work place ,he is not happy with his job,again my inlaws are bad mouthing me since i don't have a child – all this blame he is putting on me and has stopped talking to me.He is also not coming to my parents and siblings house.Just to keep my parents happy i keep smiling inside i am crying every moment.My husband is a saidevotee but now days he has stopped praying and going to his temple.I am prayingSai to transform my husband and make him happy like when we got newly married.Or else atleast to make me die.
    Your situation is far better than mine so just pray and have faith is all i can say.

  33. om sai ram
    I also have too much tention in my life but my husband has no courage to stand with this problems daily something or something take place no peace of mind, we both cry at our faith.but in your case atleast you have some courage so dont give up. may baba give his blessing to all.

  34. Dear Devotee,

    i had posted my experience on this blog on that i read satcharitra in bathroom ,4yrs i waited to see my parents .i can tell u from my experience be strong and trust him totally .shraddha and saburi are his only requirement for devotion .times are hard but be sure there will be no scarcity of neccessary things in your life and as far as your husband is concerned tell him to be calm and composed because he is not the only one going through it there are many like him .From your post i can see that only u beleive him may be baba wants his bhakti .while writing to u i feel u both should start 9 thursday vrat go together to temple of sai on whichever day possible and pray. talk to your husband and ask him to open his heart to baba talk and he will be there.

    Dear sister my husband useto not even beleive in sai didnt let me do paryan that same man takes me to babas mandir today .he is a changed human being . i am also trying for a chiid now and he has agreed to come with me on thursday to baba s mandir and pray .

    the right time in our life for things to happen baba knows so trust him .when he will give u happiness he will give u so much that you will cry out of happiness.

    This is from my experience i had bad married life initially but all good days in my life are only because of baba and now i want a baby ipray ,i ask him to give and devotion is what baba wants.

    i would like to ask your husband will cursing baba help him what has he done to show his devotion .has he ever even done one naam jap .tell him to go in his sharan .baba knows that u trust him but may be he wants his devotion and may be he is calling your husband this way .

    All the best sister and i will be waiting to hear from u .trust him

  35. Dear Sai Devotee,
    I am praying for you and your family. Have unshaken faith in Baba and your prayers will be answered. You are doing all you can to support him so the situation will get better soon and all the joys of life will be yours. Also with all the tensions you are facing sometimes its hard to conceive a child so try and relax and let things settle down. Baba will surely answer all your prayers!

    Sai devotee

  36. Dear brave Sai devotee, Praying for you and your husband to have very peaceful happy life with all your needs fulfilled.
    May BABA bless you and your husband. This is your testing time and surely you would come out of it with a smile on your face.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  37. Firstly, it is not the right time for baby, because you are not healthy mentally. So, same mental state will be reflected in your newly born baby. So, for the time being take that idea out of your mind.

    Secondly, regarding the suicide thought. Please do some research, if anyone in your husband family has committed suicide earlier, or try to know, if any of your husbands dear one died recently. If so, understand that your husband unknowingly being called and interacted by those spirits. It is not at all good. Please pray BABA 24/7 to call you and your husband to Shirdi. Through away all the dead people photos in your house as well as in the vicinity of your husband (like wallet, office table, screen saver on laptop etc). Please do visit Shirdi ASAP (don't delay), if possible stay there for few days. Your husband will definitely feel positive.
    When you both are in good mental state, then try for baby.

    May BABA bless you and your family.

  38. Hi,

    Baba will definitely answer your prayers. Definitely he will do whatever is good for you.All the Best.

  39. May baba bless u and ur family,very soon all ur problems will go,because baba will not see any of his child in problems

    BABA please bless this devotee with happy life and please fulfil all her desires.
    Dear Sai devotee,
    I would like to suggest one thing- please take care of your husband so that he'll not think of that again and please always support him.

  41. Dear Sai sister,
    You are really very positive and brave. Keep it up.
    Baba will definitely solve your problem very soon. If possible apply some UDI on your husband's forehead anytime either after bath or before sleeping with fullfaith. Both of you take some UDI with water. It is the best medicine available in this world.

  42. Dear Sai Devotee,

    Us Humans are always subjected through terrible Emotional Roller coasters some times seem never ending. Guess these are just Testing times. Please keep up your courage & stand like a solid Rock (Let the world go Topsy Turvy, be firm where you are- Baba's sayings)

    Please apply/ give Udi mixed with little water, Keep SaiBaba's picture under your husband's pillow, Have FAITH & things will calm down. All our prayers are with you. May Baba shower all his blessings upon you.


  43. Dear all Sai Devotees,

    I wrote this post and I feel really good to have received so many responses from people all over. Thanks a lot for all your love. I just could not stop crying.. I tried to respond 2-3 times before.. But I am not sure why its getting published..
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and giving me courage, faith and wishes.I felt very positive after reading all your responses.. I am sure Sai is going to bless us soon with a baby.. I want to give you all an update.. I got a job and its been a month now I joined. WIth SAI's Grace, I had a flying visit to India and I conducted my Fathers 60 th Birthday… I felt satisfied of having completed the duty as a daughter.. All this would not have been possible without HIM and HIS Blessings..

    I should tell you the coincidence of this post to what happened yesterday at my house.

    I have been wanting for my post to be published.. and everyday I was eagerly waiting to see if it was my post that would be published today. Yesterday Husband and Me were really upset and crying for a BABY. I got angry , and I dint pray to BABA but I asked him questions like when are you going to bless me? WHy are u doing this to me and so on.. I just lighted diya, dint pray and went to the laptop. I opened my email and logged on to this website . I dint expect anything when I opened this websitand I see my experience posted here. I got my answer to the question.. BABA shows his presence in everything I do.. He has given me answers thru all the responses i have received..
    Thanks for taking time and responding to me.. I feel strong now..

    May BABA bless all waiting to Conceive .. BABY DUST TO ALL…


  44. I will also pray to Baba to help you get everything you desire (Green Card, good job for you and your husband, and also to have a baby soon). Sometimes, we try to do things on our own schedule, but we need to follow the schedule Baba has laid out for us. Perhaps Baba wants you and your husband to be well established with the job and Green Card before the baby will come (so no financial or other immigration problems will come after the baby is born). Just have patience and Baba will deliver all the things that you desire, but it should be done according to Baba's schedule. There is a reason why Baba does certain things (just as the stories say in Sai Satcharitra) at certain times, and we might not understand now, but later on we will come to realize the wisdom in Baba's timing. OM SAI RAM!

  45. I will pray for you. May Baba bless you with all your desires like green card 7 healthy baby. Please to know that Baba has blessed you with a job.

    Om Sai Ram.

  46. Dear Mamata ji, ;-D I know it's your unintended error of keying…, I think all she want is "A baby" not "7" ! heheh
    May BABA support your wishes for this Sai Devotee.
    Me too pray for them.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  47. my brother as come to dubai in visiting visa he his looking for job here. past from last week we started praying to baba & he started fasting after reading this articles plz do pray for him sure i know baba will help he his with us always

  48. I hope things get better with you. I'm no expert by any length of means but sometimes things happen for a reason. I hope, in the end, everything will benefit you. You seem like a strong woman, please stay that way. Please keep faith in baba. Baba might be testing you. He will solve all your problems.
    I know I have not given a solution here but in my instance, I was always devolved of the things I asked baba. I felt very sad but given the time, it actually worked for my benefit.
    You may feel, things are not working out for you but baba is doing it for a reason so you actually have a better future. Please keep praying and I hope things work out fine for you.

  49. Hai
    everyone has hard times in their life. but Shapes r different. even i suffered lot . after reading this blog i got confidence. if ur husband is upset ask him to read any page of satcharitra.Sure he will get some positive sign. i did vrat to conceive. during this vrat i came 2 knw ths blog . while reading d experience of devotees i came 2 knw yoursaibaba.com. i typed a number i got a answer that child will born . i did ths vrat jan 2011. i waited for a year during ths period i facd lot probs and baba did miracles. i strongly trust d words of baba nd its never failed. jan 2012 i confirm pregnancy. to all ur suprise twins. now7month sep 19th s due date.

  50. Hello, I solely pray for your happiness. We are almost in same boat and I can feel your pain to my chore. I wish I had known you personally and held you firmly. Please be positive and remain happy. Scold your husabnd at times if you have to..I wish from the bottom of my heart that you get a job soon. Ohm Sai.

  51. sai baba please help me with my health. i don't know what is going on. I am so tired of all these blood test and stuff. I just want to have my regular health and want to be a mother. Baba please help me baba there is no one other than you who can listen and understand my pain. baba please give us a baby baba. the baby will be your ashirvaad baba. you know all my pain and watching my tears and worries. i know baba u want me to be patient. i am trying to be patient baba but everyday is a big challenge for me. baba please be with me all the time and let me feel you around me baba. give me confidence and always keep your hand over me.

  52. dont worry sai daughter.saima will take care of your problems.just have shraddha and saburi..may baba bless you and your family with health and peace.i pray to baba to fullfil your all wishes.om sai ram.i love u alot baba..

  53. Sai baba,
    I cannot accpet all that happened. I canot bear the pain of all that happeend and al lthe losses i suffered. You know I am now 46 years old unmarried woman all alone in life only with old parents to support me. I am now dejected in life, pleae give me death becuase I do not wish to commit suicide.

  54. Dear Dejected Sai devotee,
    Jai Sai RAM. What to say! It is hard to accept such reality where you WANT to marry and have a life. And BABA has designed something different for you. You are still with parents and NOT MARRIED! See, some loose their parent/s right at the moment they are born on this earth, while you are lucky to have both the parents with you at the age of 46!
    Now I would like to request you to change your thinking in one aspect at least! NOW at your age of 46, it should be the other way round! YOU are there to support your parents, you should not think they are to support you!!
    And who knows, there might be your Karma calling, you may find an elderly loving caring person who would be ready to marry you. There are cases where a very wealthy person wants to have a life partner to share his rest of life and he is too old to get a younger girl, and looking for exactly the candidate of 40-45 years of age!
    Do not give up. LIVE happily in the name of BABA, thanking HIM for all good that happened in your life. You may start listing GOOD things happened in your life, and you will be amazed how BABA was there with you all the time.
    BE HAPPY, BE THERE for your parents and chant BABA's name to give you positive outlook for LIFE.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  55. Dear Dejected in life Sai Devotee, I missed out on this point in my previous post. You are begging for death. How come you can be so selfish to think only about your self? What will happen to your aging parents? You are 46 so at least they are about 85-86 years old , right? With you are gone, their life will be so much miserable with addition of feeling your LOSS every day!
    No…NO…do not even think in that line! Take care of your parents with a big smile. Enjoy life with your hobbies and friends. Be there to help whoever is in need. Collect as much as blessings from others while you can!
    May you be blessed with your dreams fulfilled!
    Jai Sai RAM.

  56. Dear devotees, thanks for your reply. My parents are aroun d 80 yeras old and ai feel very very sorry for them .I do not wnat to give them the pain of my death at this old age. But I am not ready to accept that my life has to be designed so badly by baba. WHy should I be given such punishment throughout for the last 20 years? Why can't babah ave given me a normal life? Thanks for showing concnern to me and praying for me, but it has become impossible for me to smile at all. My parents have also forgotten how to smile and my mother become shysterical many times. I am not able to eat breakfast ,lunch most of the days becuase of my heavy depression, I m somehow struggling to live. I am earning reasonably well and it was my ambition to help as many people as possible especially those who die becuase they do not have money. I want to bring back smile in people;s faces who die becuase of shortage of money. Not that i am very rich but still ican afford to do some charity. I had started dpoing already but the way baba has been so cruel to me never never listened to my prayers for the last 20 years, always doing opposite to what i want, sending people to trap me cheat me and take away even whatever little happiness i have had, i am so sick that baba hates me so much. I ma very sure He is against me nad He just punishes me at every possible way. I know I have done somemistakes, i was ambitious in m ycareer but had no chance to do anything there. WHen i got chance it was too late, depression too kover me and thatt chance also was spoilt like anything making me depressed to the core now. Result i have no xcareer nd no perosnall ife only illness and lonelibness. My parents are so scared for my life i also do not knwow how i am going to live. I am so angry why should i marry like this at the age of 46 as a old woman to any old man? whay can;t baba have gievn me properl ife? I am not saying i shpould have everything happy but baba could have taken minimum care of my life? since I am so angry that baba has no concern for my life and my happiness, he refuses everything to me, I hacv=ve stoppedm y charity work. al the money that I am earning is simply going a waste without really being useful to the needy people.

  57. My parents are also Si baba devotees. Myself and my mother have visited shirdi many times. Baba's promise that anyone touches dwarakamai will be protected is completely fast. I went to dwarakamai 2 times 10 years ago begging baba to cure my depression and tension headache that i was suffering for 8 years before that. I used to reguraly go to baba temple pray to Him everyday. He sent one person to my life, who trpaped me expolited mec cheated me and destroyed me throroughly making me even more sick. Today I do not want to live and I am shocked that my life could becomelike this. I stillgo to baba and pary to Him to undo all that happend last 10 yeras and allow me to live a normal life. I have ebevn prayed that I iwll have no attachment for money and I wil lspend my rest of my life helping the people who are in need. So many things I promised but baba did nothing. I know it sounds ridiculous like a business deal, i have beged baba in all possibleways i can cried to Him everyuday tillddo but nothing can be done now. He has been making things only worse and worse day by day. I am tired. Peoplesay it is all karma, but accepting it as karma is not going to give back happiness. Why should we be punished in this birth for what we did in previous births? And if we did any mistakes why baba did not protect us from doing mistakes. He in fact created situation where i can be trapped then punishe dme saying i did mistake. But He is showering all blessings on the person who destroyed me till this moment. I see that with my own eyes and ai ma so fed up of God justic eevrything. I am forced to live thisdry life when i was working hard to achievbe and live a good life. Committing suicied is also not allowed but baba will punish us to the core , sometimes i feel baba wants me to commit suiciedthatis hwy he goes on huting me each imei am only ignoring that signal. Each tiem thehurt is more. I had only begged babato cure my illness and worked sincerely in offic e one eprson wa sen to me to tke way everything and leave me like an orphan pull me down in my career!

  58. Again to dday bab ha shown me that he is so against me. He has troubled me so much in office today and I was punished and penaluised, my career gone one step below today. I am so very convinced that baba is never tired of hurting e, He will continue to do so till I commit suicide!

    • Dear frustrated Sai Devotee, I must tell you that BABA loves you. HE never want to hurt any of HIS creation. I wish you could change your perspective, seeing positive outcome of whatever happening in your life will definitely start the cycle of events go upwards. You might have read in BABA's Sai Satcharitra that "committing suicide" is not a way to get rid of your dues that you WILL HAVE TO PAY for your past deeds. In stead, holding BABA's feet , asking HIS help to sail through the hardships you are facing, will surely minimize your sufferings and you will be out of your debt of suffering past KARMAs. Suicide is one of the biggest SIN one can commit and it adds up to past KARMAs to be paid in the next birth.
      Keep positive outlook, DO what is BEST that you could do in the given circumstances without complaining "WHY" to BABA and let BABA do HIS miracle in your life. This I am writing you as I have learned with experiences myself. Please do not misunderstand me. HAVE PEACE and HAPPINESS enjoying each day believing BABA's grace on you pouring each moment.
      Jai SAI RAM.

  59. Dear Meera, Thank you very much for your reply. I am tired of having positive outlook becuasethta has taken me nowhere. i ws so hopeful God will repair the damage done to me inspite of having lost everything, immediately baba has shown to me that I was foolish in excpecting, He has shown one more worst step in my ;fe today. There are no words to even write what I am goign through every moment in m ylfie. I have decided to expose ppeople who have harmed me, especially the person who cheatedm e and I might even be punished for that officially. I am so very sure in my life that baba i s not with me. To think that He loves me is now impossible. I am tired of flaling at His feet, hat He has domne to me? all that has been told to me is baba knows what to give ,me it is past krarmaonly such words. The kindness which you have fo em if babah ad for me my parents and my sister we would ntot have gobe through so much hell in life. When I had been at His feet to help me even when i was 36 yeras old, He ha sgiven wort experience s and entiresly wiped off my lfie today. What mistake we did? What i did in m yprevious birth is a past, why should I be punished this birth? When baba is advising us to ignore the past and move ahead why is He ppunishing us for what we did in the past birth which we do not even remmeber? why can't He ignore the past? No Madam, I am uncontrollably upset today! ABabanevernever has failed to upset me and punish me? ANd like a fool I was trusting Him for years togeter? I cannpot forget the cryingI have been doing everyday ill today, baba is not satisfied? I am very sure He wants me to commit suicide till then He will not stop! I am only stilll fighting and not taking His hints and still continuing to live this destroyed life! My life is nothing to Him, I mean nothing to Him but to me my life is precious, whatever reason may be quoted who will like to live a destroyed life?

  60. Dear Sai devotee,
    No doubt you are suffering and you need lots of love and care. Your confused mind creates arguments that are very intelligent! Let me explain you what is meant by "do not let past deter you living present life in happiness." We are required to live life caring and helping others. Feeding the hungry, respecting others even though we disagree with the other persons' belief or view points, meaning no hatred towards anybody. Do not speak ill of others behind their back. Do not be curious in finding fault in others and/or mess with others' matters if not asked for your opinion. And even if someone asks for your opinion, try to be neutral as we have no right to judge others. We don't know what are that person's circumstances and why he/she is behaving the way he/she had behaved that way.
    In your case too I do not want to interfere but only would like to advice you to be happy, cheerful and helpful to others. Once you shift your focus from "self" to "others", you will see how life is changing!
    Self pity is the main reason to drag you downward well of unhappiness.
    I hope what I am saying makes some sense to you.
    By living our life as BABA wanted HIS devotees to, we incur good KARMAs and when we pay off our past life's bad KARMAs, helps you get a better life in next birth. That is why it is clearly said that even if nobody is around you and you do something good or bad is being watched by BABA. You either pay for your wrong doing or you benefit for your good karma. It is also said that sometimes you pay the consequences right away, sometimes in later years of your life or may be in next birth. It may not be a human form! You may be born out of infinite species GOD is creating. Only HUMAN birth has the capacity to think and act wisely. Do GOOD karmas even though someone tries to harm you. Also it is said that you are fortunate to get a birth in HUMAN race after 84 lakhs of births in other categories of GOD's creation. And that is why, make the best use of such a grand opportunity to SERVE GOD.
    Suicide is like interfering in GOD's DIVINE plan. GOD will re-route your life path in next birth to make you pay for your dues!
    I am just quoting what I have learned so far. It says that living life doing good KARMAs in every birth, we go closer and closer to GOD and after several thousands such births we can attain MOKSHA.
    Again, I do not know anything about MOKSHA etc…all I want to live my this life being a good, caring person, helping those around me and not hurting anybody's feelings. I may be hurting others unknowingly and for that I seek pardon from BABA. Having no ego towards others' reactions, you will not feel sad /dejected for long time. That is called "forget the past"!
    I pray for your peace and calmness in your mind. Take care.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  61. Dear Madam, Once again see you have reacted and replied caring so cmuh. But baba? what you have written to some exrtent I am also aware. I want to tell you, I have proteced others even if they did harm to me, I never went and complained about anyone to seniors even if they did not cooperate with me, I have always cared for others, had compassion for people, even at the cost of my loss I have worried about others that is the reason today I am suffering. All the people whom I had protected have taken advantage of this and made me go through hell like this. Baba has not been caring for me to make me sustain that compassion. I agreee I did not live for others did not sacrtifice for others but I was careful not to spoli other people's career even if they troubled me. That is why I am pushed to committing suicied. It is this nature of me which has brought hell in my lif. Not only me, my sister and my parents were also like this and I tell you my sister is also so much harassed in her office and after 28 years of struggle she has decided to quit. I worked 15 hours a day also selflessly and i nthe end I am punished. One cannot accept everything as past katma, if baba really wants us all to be nice people then He should not trouble people who are not harming others who are working hard sincerely. If you get opposite results, how are we supposed to react? we are not saints, we are normal human beings we are created also this way, we were given emotions feelings everything, then our reaction is not in our control. Baba willpush me to the corner ruin my life every day and Madam it is impossible for me to be cheerful and happy and still love baba. Even after being denied by baba osmething when i was 26 years old, even after I went through so much medical treatment illness for 10 years I had fullfith and love in baba. Buit for the last 10 years they way I was tested by baba, the way I failed i nthat test ( I agreet hat I have also failed in some test and made mistakes), the way I am punished so severely killing my entire life it is now unbearable. I cannot have shradda and saburi anymore. If only past karma is to decide then baba should not hav e repoached shradda and saburi, given those 11 promises they are all false. I ma sorry to hurt your sentoiment like this, I was also a baba lover once upon a time and may be even now also, that i s why I am not able to tolerate His harsh behaviour towards me.
    I am glad that atleast this site allows me to write my feelings, in all other sites if i write anything likethis it is not even published. they remove it.

    Madam, I agree that we are advised to live for others, that is a supremne quality, but I would like to be happy firts then naturally i will be caring for others. I was like that only, i was helping others in spite of my illness, but there is a limit. When I am suffering from something, when I am hungry and dying will it be possoible for me to care for others?
    Whatever said and done my life cannot be repaired, baba cannot change the past, and the words that baba knows what is best for you, what to give you, He is a caring mother all irritates me. No mother in this world will allow her child to do mistakes and then simply say it was your karma go through the suffering. Any mother will run to stop her child from fallijg and harming himself. If a child is about to fall which can break a leg, a mother simply runs to save that child. Does not blame the child after falling that you fell down so you suffer. Comapring sai bba with mothers is unfair. He is nowhere near a mother!

  62. Dear Sai Devotee,
    I have faced the very same situations in my social life as well as in job place here in USA. In my family I am considered a meek person with no back bone. I help out everyone not even caring for my needs at that time, and yet, my intentions are seen as if they were for my benefit only. I am told on my face that I am not as naive as what I look like! Don't you think it is "hurtful"?
    I could see that my sincere efforts were not payed off compared to others lousy jobs. Even if I earned "Employee of the month award", 4 times consecutively I was told that you can not be "employee of the month" all the time…huh? If I do work hard, I earn that title, why CAN I not have it? Why others are not doing their best to compete with my good work?
    Being a woman of Indian origin, though US citizen, I have faced much discrimination from the fellow employees, immediate supervisors. I am a very sensitive person, can see the reaction in other person's eyes, I don't have to be told about such ridiculous reaction towards me. It does hurt me.
    But on the other side I can SEE that I have been taken care of by BABA in so many aspects which no human being can help me that way!
    I am sorry you don't find such kind acts of BABA in your life. Praying for your peace of mind. I am here to share your frustration. You can express your feelings anytime. Also I would like to hear from you as soon as you feel better too!
    Jai Sai RAM.

  63. Dear Madam, Nice to hear again from you. In my case it is different, I have been working hard and hard more than anyone to the extent that I did not even think of my personal life, I struggled with illness whih no doctor could cure but still was working hard. But I never got anything in return. Whenever the time came to be rewarded i was sidelined and some one got my chance. It went for 15 years. Still even though frustrated I had love and faith in baba and continued my hard work. When I was becoming top in my position some one came to me offering to help me and fulfil my ambitions. He was 20 years older than me already had good name in the office. I took change to his department not sure whetehr it was a good decision or not. I wa scared to reject hi offer also becuase earlier I had rejected some one's offer and regretted like hell. But already I was known for my hard work and my senior boss like dme for my work. So i was not sure whether to leave my growing position and take this person's offer a the same time since my work was not to my satisfaction, my ambitions were not getting fulfiiled, I did not know what to do. I left it to baba and started working in his department. I was hoping that my seniors in my previous place will not leave me since I was liked there, but to my shock they gave me the change. Now i n the new place I was junior most, people in this place started harassing me not allowing me to do anything, i got a chance to go abroad for 6 months, by this time was close to 40 starting fresh in my career with no personal life my depression and worry about life insecurity grew so much my illness grow so much i was scared to accept that offer though that was my dream. People in the new place also were dead against my going, they tried to play games though they had not the courage to say no to the person who brought me here. The person who brought me here was senior here and he told me that he was attached to me that he will take care of me etc. etc. I again begged baba cried to Him prayed to Him to show me a hint whether I can accept this offer. But i got no sign from baba. Finally i said no to this offer since other people troubled me so much and my illness grew badly. But then this person who brought me here slowly turned against me he joined hands with people here who troubled me and he started complaining about me to them, he threatened me to take action against me whenever i went to him for help so many harassments and humiliations publically i faced.

  64. ….continued
    In my old place my position was given to others and they were flourishing but i was rotting i nth new place. People started growing in the old place and i was harassed in the new place. My dreams never came true, 8 years went and my career was pulled down and till today I am being harassed. I am being given bad grades so that i never grow while in my previous place I was always given good grades. I cannot believe that i have fallen down so much after i started growing in my old place. I started shining there but one person came to me with offer and now i am rotting again. 10 years passed like this now there is no career left. In the meanwhile this person who brought me here started running away from me he totally supported people who wanted to pull me down and now i am left like an orphan. I went into further and further depression i could not concentrate on marriage whenever my parents brought some one to meet me i do not know i used to go into immense depression and I used to run away. I did not know how to manage life with my illness never going. all my crying to baba is never helping me now my ear drums are damaged i have developed breathing problem and i am harassed openly in office. I have never never faced problems like this before. All i did in 2003 was to cry to baba everyday to cure me and take care of me, fulfill my ambitions to make me have my dream project, but I have ended up losing everything. Some people are sympathetic some are laughing at me. People always played games against me while i only helped them and protected them. Whenever i pray to baba and ask Him for something, visualise as though i got it, have faith that baba will do it, the very next day i get the opposite. You will not believe I went to Narasimha temple day before yesterday again begging God to help me and make me peaeful the very next day in office I was told that i was given worst grade, my boss spoke arrogantly even teased me and imitated me told me openly that i can leave group and take a change anywhere once again becoming junior most. Before 2003 i was the most wanted person in my group today i am roaming around without a place i am being chased away everywhere. You will not believe my sister is also going through same situation an d she is even planning to quit. i am also alone in personal life because of all the problems. I am taking sleeping tablets everyday to catch some sleep otherwise i end up crying the whole night begging baba to give me back my life. I went through that torture for two years finally i stated taking tablets to avoid that nightmarish experience every night.

    I will writ more in my next post what i went through further.
    Do you have email addresswhere i can write to you? mine is
    [email protected]

  65. baba please hep me ur my last hope in my life …
    please give me a job to solve my problms…

    Please baba please…


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