Very Sad Experience – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Lord Sai Baba sometimes tests us to the core and make us wait for few things in life. This has been explained by this devotee in today’s mail and requests all to pray for her.

Anonymous Devotee says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am unable to submit it through your blog, since most of the sites are blocked in my office. Hence I am sending you an email with experience. If you think, re-framing the email is required, please do it. But please post it. I am sharing the terrible experience and facing the tough time of my life. Please do not disclose my email id and name.

Baba has fulfilled many of my wishes, be it a job, where I was asking for a MNC post my engineering. I got it in a desired company only. Later I wanted onsite I got it through Baba’s grace only. Then changed another job, I got the pay which I never expected and none of my peers were getting that pay. Baba made it for me which I never asked. Professionally Baba is always helping me.

This story will be long, but really I have to share and need all your help in praying. We family are in such a situation. When it comes to personal life, yes He’s helping me in all the ways. But when it comes to life partner, whom my parents have been searching for the last 6 years, we have not got the desired proposal. Nothing much we desire. Boy should be an engineer and good guy. We are not looking for financially settled boy or anything like that. Baba knows everything. I was recently engaged to a guy, where he’s 8-9 years elder to me, profession change and very short and dark. On top it, he’s very doubtful.

My family is such a traditional family, where we value culture and ethics mean a lot. My parents are very nice, good hearted and helping hander. Finally after a week of engagement, it got cancelled for the reason. I didn’t touch his finger while putting ring. I was happy, because everyone said Baba made it. He didn’t want you to marry that guy. You would have to compromise a lot on everything. Baba knows what to give it for me. My dad was unable to bear it because he always expects best things to be done for me. If any good things happen to me, he used to tell it to everyone. He was a people man, where he helps all the needy people. He used to give food to the people without having himself. My dad was not educated, but he made sure that he got everything for us. He gave everything to us. He was very good at heart. He was not keeping anything in his heart. He was treating everyone, from highly educated guy to cleaner in the same way. Dad and mom struggled a lot to come to the position what we are now.

2 months ago, boy called and asked to cancel the engagement. He was such a rude and harsh talking. Dad could not bear it. He consumed poison and passed away leaving all 5 of us after battling life in the hospital for a week. We family are in completely critical situation, where people are not coming ahead to marry me. My dad consumed poison. We tried so much to save him. But we could not get my dad. Everyone got to know that my dad did it because I didn’t agree for that proposal. Dad was so helping and speaking with all the people without any bias. People are saying that my father died because of me only. My dad was in depression for my marriage. I am 24 years only. But in our family, girls will marry very early and I still have 2 younger sisters. Financially my father made everything for all of us, but this marriage was a big concern for my dad. Now my mom went in depression thinking whether I will get marry or not. Some people came and went and they said this is what happened to your daughter. And nobody is coming in front and some are telling we have teacher in village and one guy 36 yrs old. Give it to them. Don’t look for the age. I always think they will be matured, but it will over mature. There will be generation gap. I am constantly praying Baba to give good life partner so that my family will be happy. Within this year, I and my sister should get married. I am asking every one of you to pray for me and my family please. I should get a life partner who is good heart.

Frankly, mom says I am like my dad. I do good things to other and everyone say that I am good heart and helping others. But I really don’t understand why Baba is doing like this for me and why Baba has not saved my father. He was such a nice human being, which we can never find. If he was there, many people would have taken his help. Instead of him, If I have died, it would have been good.

Friends are saying, keep everything on Baba, He will take care of. No one can do anything except God now. We are in such a critical situation. Baba, I am completely dependent on You. Only You can help me now. Please include me in all your daily prayers.


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Hetal Patil
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    Please bless your devotee to marry a nice guy.
    Please bless her family with happy life.
    Please Baba please save them.
    Dear Sai devotee, Please start Nav Guruvar Vrat and perform it as per the rules with full devotion, Baba will surely bless you.

  2. Y baba does what he does no one can say but if u stick to shraddha and saburi he will carry all your burdens. You wil be in my prayers. Do let us know when u get engaged. Om sai ram. May baba shower his blessings on u and ur family.

  3. Baba is our mother and father,Baba will do good to you soon don't worry..
    Baba please be with this daughter and her family.

  4. I feel its my story but where I had taken poison. I tried to kill myself twice but Baba saved my life. After popping pills, I felt that No I can't take my life. This thought was given by Baba itself, I know. My marriage has also broken twice. I'm 27 now, still waiting to get married.
    It pains alot to see your schoolmates, college mates well settled. But it pains even more to see that you are cause of your parents unhappiness. I feel guilty.
    I could understand how you are feeling sister. I pray that you get married this year itself.
    You will be in my prayers everyday. Please don't forget to inform us when you get married.
    I'm so sure that it will be happening this year itself.
    Om sai ram.!!

  5. A thought ….if there is anyone out there who is eligible bachelor… who would be willing to consider marrying this young lady …. sorry about ur dad …with babas grace hope things will improve …Om sai ram

  6. Jai Sai ram,
    I really hope and pray things turn out better for u… Life is full of challenges and it's only baba who can take us safely across this ocean..please start the Sai guruvar vrat with full dedication and then see the results!!!
    Reham Nazar karo aab Moore Sai, Tum bin nahi mujhe maa baap bhai!!!!

  7. Stay strong. Baba is there. I am in a similar situation looking for a life partner for years and have only been hurt badly in the search. One day Baba will save us…I don't understand why he is making us wait but he must have his reasons because he knows what is good for us. I have been very close to losing faith but then remember all the good things he has done for us all.

  8. Dear sister, Do not worry.Baba never lets you down.sure you will be blessed with a nice guy.I'l keep you in my prayers.
    OM Jai SAI Ram.

  9. Omsairam..
    Definitely baba will be with keep faith in him and leave evrything to him..for sure u feel his presence..
    he never let us down any time..he is there for us..he will give you a nice guy..u will get married soon to that guy..and ur family will be happy for ever..this happens soon..I believe this.. you r in my prayers here then..Baba we luv u 🙂

  10. SAI is THE ultimate. Have patience and wait for HIS command. HE will surely make way for better days. My heart felt prayers are there for you. Try to keep your emotions cool by sharing thoughts. Things will change and are bound to change. SAI, bless our sisters family. SAI with your grace, be their sufferings dissolve. AUM SAI RAM.

  11. Dear Sai daughter

    It is really sad about what happened to your father and all the situations you are facing. Whatever happened can't be changed but please do not lose hope. I pray to Baba to bless you soon with a good partner and a good life.

    Also I wish I could say this to all the people around you, You are just 24(very young) well educated and a good person – you have a bright future ahead of you. I really pray to Baba that people around you realise that and stop forcing you to ruin your life by just getting married to some random guy. Marriage is not the end, its just a beginning of two lives.

    Please have faith on Baba and in these tough times that is really the only thing that will save you. I too feel that it would be beneficial to start a 9 Guruvar Vrat as many devotees including myself have benefited from it. You can find information and book on this website

    I hope to see your post again soon but that time with all the good news and wonderful experiences on ways in which Baba saved you.

    May Sai Krupa always be on you & your family

    Om Sai Ram

  12. Sai is always there with His august hands on you;
    When He is there, troubles can never make you fear;
    He will guide you to overcame it with patience and faith.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  13. I am sorry to hear about your loss. May your father rest in peace. Broken engagement – trust me there is something good coming. I had experienced something similar. I got engaged to a guy who was in love with another girl. His father was bent upon it and hence he forecfully got engeged. After 4 days of engagement he left for US. He pulled on engagement for 6 months and during this period he had already started living with this girl. Later they broke under the pretext of personality mismatch. It took me a long time to get over, few years. After all that my personality completely transformed. I went through some similar experiences with relatives who tried to hook me to some uneducated guy or someone very old. I and my parents didnot succumb to this social presure. When right time came, my husband came in my life and my marriage took place with a big pomp. Those 6 years were the worst time of my life, they were not easy but we pulled through it. I personally suffered a lot. That suffering can't be articulated in words. Do not fear when baba is here. You will find right match when it is about the right time. Please do not surrender to social pressure. People will always talk. Times have changed, women are independent. 24 is a very tender age and you have a lot of time. I was also of your age when this happened to me. I pulled in for 6 years after that.. So what if you have two younger sister. Please respond and request those people to allow you all to heal and mourn your father`s death. Remember ,your marraige is already fixed somewhere else by Baba. It willcome forefront when it is righttime for you. Now those same relatives tell my parents that i was absolutely innocent and it was that guy and his family who created this huge mess. Well, Baba took care and arranged my marriage. It has been many years now. Do not fear and surrender to Baba. He will arrange not only your but both your sister`s marriage. You will realize it with passing time.

  14. Baba you know everything and are always there for us. Please Baba make this girls worries go away and let her be happy.

    You are the hope of all.

    Koti koti pranam Baba… Jai Sai Ram……

  15. Dear,

    Don't worry….just stick to ur faith in our Baba…..He is watching u everyday….and is waiting just for the right time…..even i have gone thru a broken relationship….i was blamed that i will be the cause of my wud be fatherinlaw's death,just bcoz i am born in a bad nakshatra….but still i have full faith in Baba…He do something definetly….so TRUST HIM….surrender urself completly and see the BEAUTIFUL MIRACLES HE DOES IN UR LIFE….

    OM SAI RAM !!!!!!


  16. Dear Sai Devotee,

    Let people say what ever they wish to, you are a sai devotee, have faith in him…
    you are not the cause of your father's death nor should you wish that you should have passed away rather than your father.
    Its already written when we're going to die, and I am sure your father is with Sai, and is extremely happy to be in his company, he is in a better place than he was before.
    I am sure Sai will soon create an event in your life where you will find your life partner.
    Remember what is written in Sai Satcharitra, Sai is our mother who may give us some medicine rather than sweets, but it is only for our own benefit. Perhaphs you will get a better man compared to the one you were engaged to. Just be calm and have patience in Sai. Don't doubt him. Just pray with love to sai. He is a very humble fakir, and im sure he'll bring happiness in your life.

  17. Dear sister

    we all were sai's children,sai will take care of us,dont loose your strength,being an elder you have to give a moral support to ur mother and and sisters,we all will pray for u and ur family ,leave every thing on baba surely he will take care,baba will surely give u a person as a life partner who will take care of u and ur family

  18. Dear Annonymus Sai Devotee,


  19. Sai bless u dear sister. Pls inform when ur wedding gets fixed & also ir sisters'.

    Also, my prayers for another sai devotee who is 27 yrs & is waiting. Sai will soon bless u with ur man.

  20. Dono where to share.
    I have lot of problems now & I prayed Sai & took the 'Question & answer' & it came as:
    'Trouble will be unbearable. You will be free from calamity to the extent u love Sai'.
    I'm almost in tears & am perplexed with fear. Can someone please answer or share ur thought on Q & A at
    Please pray for me.

  21. Hey Baba,

    I am in tears after reading the story. Please bless this sisters's family with happiness. Already they have suffered great loss. Please save them Baba.

    U r our only hope…

    Sai sharanam gachhami…..

  22. I know it is very difficult losing a parent, and more difficult as you are blaming yourself for the loss of your Father.Please do remember however we all come into this world on God's will and go away from here too ONLY on God's will.So please don't blame yourself.You and your family are going through a testing phase in life, and you will come out of this stronger with the support of BABA. Lean on BABA for support and he will guide you, have unconditional faith in BABA, and let BABA decide what is right for you. Only then will you attain peace and happiness for your family.
    Sometimes BABA makes a go through such experiences in life to build our strength and our faith in him, and remember he is with you every step of the way.
    You will be in my prayers.
    Meanwhile read the SAI Satcharitra, and remember BABA's promises to his devotees.

  23. SAI RAM,

    Very touching experience. Sister, please do not worry. SAI BABA will surely bless you with a lovely partner. He is Karunamayee. He will never forsake you. Please forget about that guy who left you. He is not worth for you. You deserve some thing best. Even my wedding broke 10 days before the wedding day. I was also straddled and depressed. But BABA saved my life and gave me a lovely partner. I had posted my experience in the below mentioned link of the same blog.

    Please have faith in him. He will give you the best partner.

    -SAI RAM

  24. Om sai Ram
    Dear sister Baba never lets you be alone.He will definitely takes care about you and ur family. Keep faith on baba. I will definitely pray for you.


  25. wait for 1-2 yrs calmly and in the mean time let your sisters get marry.why i am saying 1-2 yrs means,what if your husband is not that much nice guy?in that case you will feel more take some time to come out from depression.i pray baba to give nice guy to marrige also got cancelled after enjagement and at that time i lost my job and situations are horrible for me.later i got job and my marrige got fixed with sai devotee.i felt that he is the guy for me and i was married to husband is not good and he is not bad.with influence of surronding people (in law)he became worst guy.i planned to take diverse from him.i scolded baba for giving me such guy in life and for giving me such bad situations.i am sai devotee and my husband also sai devotee.i adjusted a lot and still compromising and waiting for baba to change my husband nature.

  26. Feeling very bad reading your experience.It is all bad karma which we have done in previous life that we have face the consequences. Hope Baba is kind to you and relieves you of your suffering.Presently i also facing lots of problems just hoping my sins are forgiven by Sai and i too get happiness soon.Keeping fingers crossed and praying all Gods including Sai.
    In the meantime start doing 9 guruvar(thursday) vrat-You will get your desires fulfilled soon.
    Also if there is any eligible bachelor who is a sai devotee come forward to marry this girl.

  27. Dear Sai sister,

    Don't feel you will get good life soon. Baba wont leave their devotees. Your Dad soul and Baba's soul will always be there with you. Baba will arrange good guy for you and make your life as happiest one. Who are all suffering in one part life they will be happy in another part(i.e., after the marriage life). So you don't worry. Baba will take care of your family. I will pray for you. Do some (guru vrat or read sai satcharita book or Leave some favorite food for SAI) until you get the fruitful things in your life. once you got the good life in near future don't forget to post your experience.


  28. Sai sister, i was shocked after reading ur experience.. Really feeling sad about what happened to ur dad,
    Please don loose hope as one of the devotees said above its already destined to whom u are getting married,
    Baba never let his devotees down and Im very sure baba will bless u with a wonderful and caring guy. Read sai satcharita if possible or just chant sai naam.
    Have patience and faith in Baba he will certainly solve all ur problems. Thanks.

  29. i second the thought expressed above by a devotee that an eligible bachelor should come forward and ask for her hand…the girl is educated, compassionate and above all sai's devotee..what else can anyone ask for….i will pray for you sister…

  30. Dear SAI Sister,
    I request Baba to give U the best lifepatner.
    Please try to start 9 SAI VRAT and SAI SATCHARITRA PARAYAN. SAI will definitely solve all your problems.
    Always hant OM SAI RAM.

  31. Dear devotee,
    Sorry to hear about your father's demise.It is really an unfortunate incident. But, can anyone do anything everything is in God's hand. In Sai Satcharitra it is written " why should you take the responsibility of the actions on you? (chapter-50). We are only acting as per the God's play which is played as per our deeds.It is said that "Marriages are made in heaven" means God himself arranges for the marriage.
    Let people talk several things about you.Do not bother.Such talk by the people hurts Baba.Let Him judge the crisis.
    I pray Baba to give you in marriage with a very sincere and honest guy.

    Om Sai Ram


    Let world be up and down stick to your guru your sai he will place everything right for you surrender to him wholeheartedly and see the miracles in your life.

  33. Dear Devote,

    Sorry to hear about ur father. Don't worry sai is around u, surely he take of u and ur family. This waiting time period to search a guy is only for some thing good is to be happened.

    Baba please pleases take of ur child, now they are in very much depression. They are not in position to have much strength. Please save & bless them & give her a very good guy.

    Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram om Sai Ram

  34. Dear Sister,
    BABA is almighty and very kind hearted also.
    As a human being we have experience certain pre-decided situations which may be good or bad. But the grace of BABA can do miracles. If u kindly take a suggestion to chant "VISHNU SAHASHRA NAMAM" (Thousand names of Shree Vishnu) daily in the early morning, at least once in front of BABA's photo and continuously for 30 days, I have a strong belief that u would definitely find the solution (u may call it a miracle). SAI RAM

  35. Om Sai Ram,

    Do not worry sister Baba will definitely bless you with a guy of your choice. you are only 24 and for me you are too young.Myself,34 still am could have imagine about my patience.I am a victim of all the black magics of life where some of my relatives create obstacles not to get married.I always found a good alliance but every time my marriage is broken due to black magic.even my carrier and my life is completely ruined.only thing left with me is tears all the 24 hours of day.No one is there to pray or to be with me.No one beleives that black magic can ruin anyone's life but one who faces it can only understand so i never posted or requested anyone to pray for me coz i know no one would believe in black magic.
    Today after going through your post i really felt bad to know abt your father and so i request you pls do not lose heart at 24 ..u still have lots of time to go a head and settle down.Think of me where i am now where my only friend is tears and no supporter,no friends,no moral support.even none ever prayed for me.I did Nav guru var vrat,read sai chalisa,sai bhavani,kasht nivaran mantra,sai charitra,108 names of sai baba daily.i even think of commiting suicides sometimes .cant take this life anymore but baba protects me somehow.You will aslo be shocked to know that since last few years i have not slept properly,not even for an hour,due to which my health is not supporting me,no job in spite of being an advocate,24 hours i am in the house crying and crying and crying.So sister please do not lose heart.I know baba is there with you and will soon bless both of ur sisters to settle down soon.

    Om sai nathaya namah.

    • I think black magic is something that people don't believe but it affects a lot…It ruins person's life….I knew this as I myself victim of black magic…Also my family…

  36. God bless ur family and i pray to baba that u soon find a good match for u and ur sister jai sainath maharaj ki jai…jai sree ram…

  37. Im 29 yrs and im not yet married, being a girl it is tough to face people when others get married at right
    proper age, but i have immense faith in Baba, that everything will be fine. Also im feeling very proud and glad that im able to support my family more than anyother girl financially, because after marriage, very few of us
    get chance to support our parents financially. Im very sure Baba will bless us one day don worry.

  38. Hi,

    Please read sai satcharitra and leave everything to baba.
    Baba never leave your hand,keep faith. I will pray for you. you will get very nice life partner.

  39. Sorry to hear about ur father.Dear Sai sister,may baba will bless u and u will get ur perfect match soon.

    Have strong faith in Baba.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  40. Sai Ram,

    Sai will ever help everyone. Even i have same problems, i lost my dad and is very much hurting, but trust me your broken engagement is some how good.. but your dad left this world must be unbearable .

    Our Bad times and Good times are known to Sai . He can help us but we have to face our own karma.. Sai cries for us when we suffer this i have felt when i cry and ask Sai why dint you save my dad..

    People will talk for everything … why did Ur dad took all those idiots talks in heart .. i really feel Bad cox even my Dad is so much sensi for peoples talk..

    please take care of your mom , pray sai , go to temple,light candles, and pray to give a good life partner who will be a good person .. and will take care of you and your family.. for sure the right person will come… even we devotees will pray for you…

    Please be bold and throw away peoples talk.. i know when Dad goes away its the worst condition. but what to do we have to live a life… so be happy and proud of your Dad that he was always with you and took care of you people… he must surely would have gone to good place..

  41. Dear Sai Sister,

    I just prayed to Baba for you and your family and asked in the question and answer site to get you sisters married soon to good guys. Here is what Baba said Meditate Shree Sai thereby on the next day morning you will get the results. Shree Sai Baba knows everything, hence do not worry.'

    I am sure Baba will bless you and your family soon. He does love us all and good times will come in your lives soon. Just have a little more Faith and Patience and keep reading the Sai Satcharitra. May Baba give you enough courage to face this tough situation and with his blessings you will soon come out of it happily. He is always there for all his children, he is very loving, merciful and caring.

    Baba please bless the family and take care of all your children. We thank you for everything and we love you a lot.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  42. Dear sai sister

    dnt worry u will get a very nic guy as ur husband tht to very soon with baba's grace…he wil send a perfect match of ur age..jst start sai vrat…i will pray for u ..jst frgt ur past…u and ur sisters will b settld very soon…baba can never leave thr children crying…its geeting late means u will get best one….baba please give ur devotee very nice soul as a husband who understand her and respect her…soon all ur sorrows will be vanished by baba's grace…so just have faith in baba n saburi…om sai ram

  43. Dear sister,
    Sorry for ur father. Don't worry and I had a similar experience and suffered for 3 years but got married last month 30thMay 2012. So just remember Sai s words "Faith and Patience". Be patient and Sai will help u. Just don't loose faith in Sai. I ll pray for u and do tell us if u get married. On Sri Sai Raam.

  44. Om sai ram
    please bless that family nd ur daughter, now ur the response to do that auscpious day, bcz ur the father of that girl,, please bless baba ur devotee ,,
    baba is there, so nothing to worry

  45. Iam very sorry to hear this from you. But be patience and have faith in SAI. He is there for you. Dont worry…everything will be cool. We all are there for you to pray…

  46. Dear devotee.. our prayers are there with you, May baba bless your family with all happiness and peace..i pray for your well being, may baba bless you all three sisters with very good life partner.. please have faith in baba, he will solve your problems soon.. At times we have to suffer for previous karms.. u will gain success soon!! takecare dear.

    Om sai ram

  47. Dear sister

    I am sorry to hear ur story. If it makes u feel betteer im 28 doctor and never been married. i am desperately waiting ..everyone around is married and relatives pass comments . Just immune urself from others comments. Look around and really observe ur friends relatives jo recently got marrjed . Are they all happy? Marriage is not easy brings 10000 responsibilities n other things with it too.

    So just relax and take care of ur mom n sisters while u have the time to now. After baba sends ur dream boy u may not be able to so.

    May your dads soul rest in peace.

    Om sai ram,
    Babas daughter

  48. You are facing a lot of emotional turmoil in your life right now but if you can write so clearly, it means in spite all the hardships, you are able to think logically. That is the first indication that Baba is working with you. The decision of your Father to end his life was his own decision. You cannot hold yourself responsible for it. We all hope that all situations in our life end in a manner we like, but it is not possible. We all are individuals facing our own destiny. At every point we have the choice of connecting to the supreme soul and ask for guidance. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to get out of a situation. Trust your instincts and do not accept a solution/advice that you do not believe in. Baba is standing with you right now. He cannot change your destiny but he provides you with an endless source of energy, patience, positivity that you can tap into as you fight for what you believe in. Always remember, he is standing with you.

  49. SAI RAM , I it's to painful for me even thru going your mesg but trust Sadguru he never make any one un happy , Trust me baba will take care of everything now and later just remember two words of baba SHAADRA AND SABURI . May be u deserve some one better than tht person in ur life , so ur first step take care of ur mom & family all will be good OM SAIRAM

  50. My heart goes out to you. I pray for your dad's soul.
    Dont worry, have complete faith in Baba. He will find a very good partner for you. I will remember you in my prayers. you are still very young. Take care of your mum and sisters. Be strong


    I will pray to baba about U. Don't be in a hurry to get married. A person who can judge and lead the life in a right perspective should be married rather taking a hasty decision. Along with husband, in-laws are also most important. With wrong perceptions and unscrupulous attitude people or good people, try to judge them with more cautiousness and proceed . Other wise, inspite U achieve success in a good manner in all aspects of life also with sathguru narayana blessings , at the end of the day U will be made scapegoat. Otherwise whole life u will regret for being a part of that evil people.

    I will pray to sathguru narayana, that u will be blessed with a honest and understanding husband.

  52. Dear Sai sister, it is very sad that your father gave in to social pressure, took that harsh words to his heart from the boy who broke the engagement with you , lost his faith in Almighty GOD, taking his own life. If he had thought even for a second, what will happen to all the family members who are very much dependent on him, HE himself is responsible for his family's welfare, if he is gone like this, he would never had committed suicide!
    Now that whatever happened is happened, it can not be undone. But I just wish you and all your family keep calm in this situation and keep working towards finding "right person" in yours and your siblings lives. Do not give-in to some one who does not "ring the bell in your heart".
    I pray for all of you to get a good passionate life partners and peaceful life to your mom. It will be a hard time for her to deal with all situations all by herself, but BABA will grant her courage and help all she would need.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  53. Jai Sai Ram,
    I like the idea of Sai devotee coming forward to marry this girl.

    Sorry for the loss of your Dad. He is watching over you with Sai Baba. Don't worry,Have faith.

    Baba, Please help this family .Give her Happiness and peace.Jai Sai Ram

  54. OM SAI RAM
    please baba give strength to this young devotee to face the situation……
    jai sai ram

  55. Not even a blade of grass can move without the will of God. Trust him completely, he has written the play called life. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why certain things happen in patient. And believe that it always happens with a purpose. Ofcourse, the loss of your father is irrepairable, but you can send your deepest prayers and love for him. So that wherever he is, he may be blessed. Baba will take care of everything. My prayers with you and your family. May God bless you all always

  56. Hello Sister,
    Why are you under tremendous pressure to get married? You are just 24 years. I hope you were able to save your father's life but every individual's death is predefined and only God can change it. May his soul rest in peace. I also wish that he was not so sensitive to this issue; your broken engagement is certainly not an end of the world. Also guy who broke this engagement was not the last surviving boy on this earth. But your father was far more sensitive and gentle at the same time; as a result he couldn’t accept it.
    You should let yourself heal and mourn your father's death. Your mother and you should not succumb to social pressure. I wish I had some means to contact you and console you. People will always talk and drive you in tangential direction. It is not necessary to marry at this tender age. You are just 24. Don’t be harsh on yourself.
    I have had broken engagement twice and both times I was innocent. Unfortunately, in our Indian culture they always hold girl responsible for everything. Men roam around free and it’s always women who suffer. I went through this trauma many years ago. Our society was much more orthodox in those days. It was not a cake walk for me as well and I can't describe my sufferings in words. Eventually bad time got over. I healed with passing time and met my husband and settled down. Memories of those days haunt me. These hurdles delayed my marriage but I stood firm those days. Do not give into social pressure. Heal yourself first and then start a fresh. You and your sisters have lot of time. My advice to you is to leave this thought of marrying someone 12 years older to you. Allow this storm to pass by and with passing time as clouds clear you will see a much brighter sunny sky. You and your sisters will settle down with passing time. I have friends who are in their 30s and yet single. What’s a big deal about it? Every person’s life is different, so is destiny. Your marriage is predefined by Saibaba. You and your family had some left over debts from past lives as a result of which you met this boy who broke your engagement. And what is that deal about touching his finger? So what if you had?? Come-on, don’t be so harsh on yourself, I know how you feel. I felt even worst but when I look back now, my mind says “big deal”. Wish that guy good luck in his life and he will take this piece of bad karma with him, not you. He caused someone’s death and his offence will be appropriately judged and punished by Saibaba. Why fear when Baba is here.

  57. Dear Sister: Om Sai Ram! I know what it is to lose a dad, that too with such a lovely nature. I am going through the same loss. God will never ever forgive the guy who ditched your life and caused all this damage. He will re-pay for his sins. Saima will bring you a nice and kind-hearted groom. For sure you will share with us on how Baba had blessed you with such a nice husband. We all pray for you and your family's happiness. Babaji has taken your dad with him and will take care of him. Just blindly trust him and see the miracles happen. Jai Sai Ram!

  58. Very sorry to hear about your father. I will also pray to Baba to help find you a good life partner. Yes, if the boy is too much older than you, there will be a generation gap and Baba also knows that this may lead to fighting, misunderstandings later in the marriage. Try also to find a boy through the Internet (through online matrimony websites). I know Baba has some special boy saved for you who will love you, your family more than anything and treat you with the respect and love you deserve. Om Sai Ram!

  59. Om Sai Shree sai Jai jai sai.
    Hi Sorry to hear about your loss. But trust me baba has good plans for you. I am 35 single female still looking for the groom. I have been praying to baba but i know deep down in my heart baba has good plans for me. Some days i do feel why am i not getting married but whomever baba picks for me will be right guy. You are only 24, very educated with great job, you should be strength for your mother and when the timing is right it will happen and you won't even know it. Have faith and patience Baba will take care of you.
    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  60. RIP your father.. very sorry to hear about that..! Be Brave and take care of your family.. You will definelty get married to a good person.. Please make sure he is a BABA devotee.. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  61. sai ram sister…
    baba is there with u always..dont worry..everything will be fine,baba will do some tests in our life,but sure he will find a solution for all these before baba tests us..u r in my sure baba will give u a very happy life..
    take care.
    jai sai ram.

  62. dear sai devotee!
    please be calm, no need to worry, i can understand your situation, but still, i will suggest u to keep faith. baba listening to u, he will solve all your problems. you read sai satcharitra then soon you will experience, baba blessings, note onething, baba said that" my blessings are always on all human beings that may be direct or indirect, but to face directly just keep faith and patience. soon you will experience it." so, pls do sai satcharitra parayan, of one week, start it on thursday, as tomorrow, is thursday, and see the miracle just after starting it. don't think of your problems, just concentrate your mind , heart and soul on sai charan. your all problems will vanish. i will also pray to baba for you and your family. soon you will share a good news with us. i am sure , it will happeen. baba bless us always.
    jai sai ram!


  64. feel very sad for you sister, please pray to baba , he will be your father and mother and guide you.I wish and pray that you get a very good understanding sai bhakt as your life partner and live happily ever after. Sai baba please bless this family with your grace, may this sister find happiness.

  65. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sai Baba is our real father and mother. So do not worry, he will come, he will definetly come to help your family.

    Do not take hasty decisions on your wedding now. Please read the holy Sai Sat Charitra, listen to Baba songs and Bhajans, think of Baba day and night.

    Sai is the creator, destroyer and preserver.

    Humble Salutations to our King of King Shree Sai Nath.

    Servant of Baba

  66. sai ram
    i will start sai vrat on tomorrow. sai i lost my father in 2010. am searching a job in banking sector (sbi). also take care my mom too. am alone sai please bless on me and my family and my love too.. .

  67. Sairam Sister,

    I Pray to Baba to give you and your family peace of mind and required strength.

    Even I lost my father and became so angry on God and didnt go to any temple or pray for 3 years.Then Sai came to my life through my aunt.The moment I went to Sai temple and saw Him,felt I hv knwn him for so long but didnt meet Him for a long time.You are already in Sai's august hands.Please leave all your burdens in His divine feet.

    Please take care of your mother,try to read Sai Satcharitra to your mom and sisters every day before sleeping.As I feel we will be more worried thinking of all bad things in night.

    Please ignore all the comments from relatives,please dnt allow anyone to hurt you.They are not worth of our tears anyways.

    All our prayers are with you and your family.

    Take care.

  68. Om Sai Ram…may ur father's soul rest in peace.Next as everyone said i would like to repeat Janm Mrityu,Jai Parajay n Vivah these things are not in our hand.Plz remember we are not God leave some things for him also why u want to take ur destiny in ur hands,what is store in ur future u dont know ….nobody knows why u are in hurry to see ur future….there are two thing in hindi we say Karna and Hona …in english " u r trying to do" its not" happening " means u r taking ur life threads in ur hand.that is impossible n when we try impossible things we get hurt.u r well educated girl keep ur eyes wide open, one mistake already happened now u r going to do another mistake by making fast decision.I will sincerely advice u First dont give up ur job n second dont do compromise in course marrige is compromise but only after it happens with choice,sorry if i m sounding harsh but its not discourse everybody is sharing their views on the basis of their own life ,i m post graduate in engg from NIT n i searched groom till 35 ,i married my younger bro also before me,so many sittuations came when i felt like compromising …but for whom,these parents wont be happy if u r not n for short term happyness will u give up long term things?everyone has relative n they have same job ,but i will say i found a wonderful match in 35 now i m 37 n so happy in all aspects just by baba' s blessing.plz give up ur worries to baba ,he will surely guide u rest up to u u r woman of 21 st century how smartly u tackle things by crying or by courage.

  69. Anonymous

    Hi everyone.I am very happy after reading all your comments here..Thank a lot hetal ji for posting my experience here.thanks a ton. i really mean it.may baba bless u and ur family always.I had emailed u long back. i thought that it wont be posted.but I was very happy after seeing my experience being posted.

    my eyes are filled with tears after reading all your comments.thanks a lot for everyone for showing such a love towards me and my family.

    it's been 4 mths since my father passed away.yeah things are ok now. gradually we family (5 mom,1 younger brother& sis's )becoming mom is not going out since my dad passed away.whenever we go by car, she's coming with us.otherwise by walk she's not going out.thinking people will ask N no. of Q's.we are from bangalore staying in the same place for the last 40 yrs. my father is a well-known person and very helping person.people who look at me and my family, they say such a nice children and wife, we really donno why he took such a decision.myeyes will filled with tears.I still dont understand why dad took such a father was a strong parents sacrificed many things for being what we are today.

    my parents were helpful to the relatives& ppl around. now nobody is talking to us.even my mom's sisters thinking they are ashamed to talk to us becoz my father did it like that.once up on a time, my family used to be highlight for every function..we had royal life where everyone one sued to respect us. they used to say they shud get daughter like me.. now if they come to know some proposal is coming to me,if some ask them.they say i dont want that girl.
    really after seeing all ur comments,i feel it's my family there are many ppl who belong to my family and who are standing beside us.thanks a lot for showing such a unconditional love.
    no options left in searching proposal.our community is very small and very hard to get educated boy..on top of it.if mom tries to call any broker they're not lifting the calls itself..everyone got to one is coming ahead.some ppl are coming just becoz of our propoerty.i really dont want such ppl.feeling very bad that we family did nothing.I always used to tell my dad and mom. dad and ma u have done a lot to the ppl.god will never leave us.we are here ,it's all becoz u have done good things to the ppl.god will never leave us . dont worry u ll defnitely get a very nice son-in dad had lot expectations on me.he always wants gud things to happen to me.he has made everything for my marriage and future family..everything..he's such a nice dad. sometime i just cant see my mom, my mom is 42 yr old only.she lost her mate at very young age.

    my friends used to say "u r 1st in everything, helping frnds,gud hearted person ,u look gud, have got nice attitude towards the life.used to be inspriration for many ppl.why it's happening to u in marriage like this".even i never expected my life would turn like this. where god taken away my dad and left us alone.

    now my friends are helping me getting proposals.y'day my friend created my profile in matrimonial..y'day my experience got posted in this blog.I had got many proposals.they started calling me and asking they wanna come and see me at home.many people contacted us.feeling the positive signs now. still I am scared about online matrimonial.even my mom too.but left everything on u all said, I started sai nav guruvar vrat. i ll be doing 7th week of it&chanting sai.

  70. @Anonymous
    there are lots of things to i am commentning again..

    I was unable to comment here since commenting is also blocked here..after reading all the comments since y'day i was very much eager to reply to your comments and express my happiness.I was praynig sai that commenting shud work .I am able to comment it successfully.

    thanks everyone for praying for me and family.since y'day,we are seeing positives signs.

    now really feeling better and happy.we family love kids a father used to love kids.he used to bring all our neighbors kids to home.neighbours are very nice.since they know us very well.they say,god would not have taken such a nice human being.whatever si written shud one can change.i miss my dad each n every min.all my neighbors kids too.they come to my home everyday. we all pray and giggle.

    somehow things are ok,wer mom says time shud come for ur marriage.but i'm getting scared if i think of future,all my cousins are in 20's.everyone is getting married(dey are not educated). in my family, if the girl finishes 10th,they ll make her marry immediately.frankly speaking, I am the first girl who is a s/w engg.seeing all the ppl getting married, my mom will be tensed.I dont want it to happen. i shud soon find the options.all my friends are trying.i'm putting my best efforts rest leave it to baba.let him drive it however he wants.

    thanks a ton to all the sisters and brother who prayed for me. i feel your prayer is answering, soon i ll post my experience with gud news.

    hoping for the best. i am ready to accept the person of his choice..

    May baba bless u all always.

    sarve jano sukhino bhavantu.
    om sai ram.

  71. Dear Sri Sai Sister,
    Baba is there with you, in your heart and in all your forms and in your surroundings. He is already Listening & Taking care of you, sister. Do not worry. Testing times do come, but again we are the gainers in falling Saranagadhi at Baba's feet whatever happens in our life. You knew this, and our reiterating this is only to give our 2 cents. Persistent Sri Krishna kaingaryams & Good things (including your marriage), that will comfort you, are reaching you very shortly .. in a matter of few days. Baba is writing this to you, afterall I am just his instrument.
    Baba Blessing You, sister!

  72. Baba will bless you soon and you and your sisters will get married into good families. Continue praying to Baba and never leave his feet and hold on to his little finger. Rest he will take care.

  73. om sairaam …dont worry baba will surely take care of you and your family…dont forget that baba is always with us…hey never leaves his devotees at any point of time….jai sairaam

  74. I'm sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how tough it can be on you and your family. I cannot for sure say why baba has not done what you have asked him. But baba will not abandon you for sure. Please keep faith in him. Everything will become fine (I know it's easier said than done). I hope things become better for you.
    Baba, please help this child of yours. I know you are doing it all for a purpose or either testing her devotion. But please show them a tiny ray of hope. Please baba

  75. Omsairam!!
    Dear devotee…Wish u will get married with a good guy who wil have all the qualities ur father wished to have…sometimes we will go through rough phase in life… We need to accept everything…hope ur dad's soul rest in peace..baba wont let his devootees..belive in him irrespective of the hurdles ur facing…if possible do sai vrat..ur mind will be stressless…omsairam!!!

  76. Hi dear

    May ur dads soul rest in peace. And let his sweet memories cherish ur heart always. Ur dad was a humble and honest man. U r not the reason for his death, this crule world is the only reason for his death. Not everyone has the strong heart to fight with this manipulating and cunning world. So pls don't have any hard feelings for ur dad and forgive him with the big heart. Stop feeling guilty about his death and make peace with the situation.

    If u want something in this world u and only u have to put 100 percent effort to get it. Nobody is going to help u in it not even our loved sai baba. Nothing is impossible in this world. If u work smart everything is possible.

    This time when choosing a guy look for only one thing that is goodness. Don't give any importance to subcaste, kundali, family status, looks. This time Take time, seek advice from ur well wishers who r intelligent enough to take good decision. Talk to the guy keeping ur head high ( u have not made any mistake). Analyse him, frankly explain ur situation. And never ever compromise for unfair things. Always do what's right and demand the same from ur partner.

    It's good that ur engagement was cancelled. It's better to be single than with a wrong guy. Now ur lucky to get second chance not everybody gets it. So use. This opportunity to choose a good partner.

    One last and final thing don't expect help from anybody not even sai baba. Do it ur self. Believe in urself. U can do it.

    All the best for ur search and take care of ur mom.


  77. @Anonymous@Anonymous

    thanks everyone for praying for me here..Thanks shilpa for ur sweet and courage words.. i got positive vibes when i was reading ur comments..Yes what we are today is what our thoughts brought us.. I have faced many situations in life..which i successfully overcame.I always beleive nothing is impossible in the world..somehow i t hink i can change anything in life.. but personal, mariage is the problem..I really donno how to get a boy thru matrimonials.not getting gud proposals.i am trying to contact sai grp and telling them post my profile.. but no response.. yes we must be smart enough to handle the situation well…

  78. Dear anonymous ji, I understand how you must be feeling strange to find a RIGHT person for life because I was too much worried for both my sons finding suitable RIGHT partner/s. We also had to depend on the matrimonial website as we moved to USA , it was difficult to know the candidate's family background etc. But I must say BABA finally brought the most suitable candidate/s in my sons' lives that exactly I had wished for. In fact both the girls are from India, Gujarati speaking, one from our known relations and the other is from Vaishnav Vania family. Both are very religious minded and very caring, but at the same time very much capable in walking with the current needs of time. Both are not only caring for elders but proved themselves to be excellent mothers to their kids, providing them good cultural upbringing and preparing the kids to be a good human beings. Have faith on BABA, place your profile on the matrimonial website that you find comfortable and be very conscious screening each response till you are comfortable to go ahead for more serious thought of sharing life together all your life.
    May you be blessed.

  79. Hi,
    I saw your post. I am very sorry for what happened to your father. I lost my father at a young age too,and I recently lost my mother and it hurts like anything.

    I had a terrible situation and a horrific break-up a lot worse than yours. I am looking for a wife and soul mate. Someone who will love me and have understanding and kindness—I promise I will reciprocate that.

    I am 34 years old with a PhD in biochemistry from a really good US university. I hope to bring light, happiness, peace and harmony to my future wife because I was abandoned by a lady during the worst and lowest moment of my life. Anyways, my dream is to become a biochemistry professor at a major US university and I want to have a soul-mate with me along the way.

    Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested. (Sorry if this appears like an advert–I feel like I am good, decent man and like you am praying to Baba to find me a loving and supporting wife)


  80. Dear Nader Jay, Jai Sai Ram. I really appreciate your innocent and frank way of expressing your situation and also offering helping hand. I see no reason why BABA should not bless you both to be happy. Of course, you both have to meet and both families need to think about the offer.
    Wish you and this Sai devotee sister happy life whatever turn this topic takes.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  81. @Nader Jay
    @Nader Jay

    Firstly, Thanks a lot to everyone for praying for me. I feel very happy that u were all praying for a sai devotee who is in need tough time in her life. i rally have no words to express my happiness.

    thanks a ton and thanks a million . me and my family are here just becoz of baba and ur prayers to baba…

    last sunday one proposal came and they liked me and my family very much saying they will be with us till the end and they'll do marriage.I really did not ask that much in baba. that guy is very nice and taller. the proposals which i was getting were all shorter and they were saying something and all. now the guy is very nice,young ,taller and very gud hearted jovial.he's in singapore.they liked me so much.they said our family is very nice and they were looking for such a girl and family only.. beleive me in my community it's very difficult to get a such a people. my mom's uncle was saying.. it's luck and god made it happen. becoz u ppl so good and got gud family and they are very nice got nice family.. both are very nice..

    I truly beleive it's none other baba made it..just few weeks ago, I was literally crying and telling mom i dont get married..but beleiving baba that one or the other day he'll show me the way.. I even posted my question in and i would get an ans as "baba will solve ur problems and for any desires ask baba directly" beleive me i posted N no. of times and i got the same reply.. trust me I never expected such kind of family and boy. the family is very nice. the guy himself saying i ll take care of ur family.. u r eldest..take care of very nicely like a princess.. what more a girl can ask for.. it's all becoz of ur prayers.. thanks sisters and brother..

    I thought posting into blog but was waiting for my engagement to happen. it will probly happen in next month since now it's adhika maasa.. Please be me always.. May baba bless u always.. u are all in my prayers always.. bless me

    last sunday my relatives went to their house.. they were dumbstuck.. my maama and uncle were not respecting our family since post dad's death. now they are calling us often and taking care of us..

    baba i know it's only u made it happen.. u wiped out my tears.. u know how my family was in . thanks a lot baba.. be with me and my family always.. let our marriage happen with out obligations.. let me get a job there. pls deva.. let my engagement happen with out obligations.. jai sairam..

    Hetal ji really thanks a lot for such nice blog. may baba bless u and ur family always. Have a safe delivery.

    Thanks Nader ji for expressing interest. if I had got ur reply couple of weeks ago. i would have taken it forward..anyway it's all baba's leela.dont worry.. keep praying baba he'll definitely take care of u. keep praying baba. that's what i did. i completely surrendered myself to baba..told him to drive my life and my family ahead.. he really did it..

    my family is very happy now it's becoz of baba.. but really we were missing my dad a lot. if my dad was there he would have felt so happy.. becoz he always wanted the best for me and wanted me to be happy always.. baba let dad's soul rest in shud feel very happy from there only..

    i know baba u r driving my life.. i can feel it and i can feel ur presence.. be with me always baba… Jai sairam..

    I will soon post my exp.. bless my engagement happen with out any problems.. and marriage also happen with out any problems deva.. jai sairam…

  82. Nader ji,

    one of my friend is in US Texas and she's very nice gal. she's also an ardent devotee of saibaba.. and searching for soul mate who can be with her till then end of life who is gud in understanding. I will give ur email id to her. she'll definitely contact u.

    om sai ram…

  83. Dear Nader ji, Keep Faith and the right person will step in to your life. Dear Anonymous ji, I pray the girl in TX and Nader ji could be a perfect match! And Dear Sai devotee , I am happy for you too as you have found a very good life partner as well as a wonderful family.
    Dear Hetal ji, what a surprise, here on your blog, BABA blessing HIS devotees right than and there! You are collecting so many blessings!
    Jai Sai Ram.
    Also thanking all Sai Devotees who tried to help and console this distressed and depressed Sai Daughter and gave her hope and strength to fight the circumstances. Luckily she got BABA's favor so soon and it is a hppy ending story!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  84. OM SAI RAM

  85. OM SAI RAM,
    I pray for u.U will get a good life partner by our god sai baba and be patience,which our baba will always say's….

  86. Om sai raam.

    Poori hogi man ki aas lo sai ka nit dhyaan..shraddha saburi man mein rakho..sai sai ka naam bhajo..

    I am praying for uu..u will soon get a life partner of ur choice..
    I am too waiting for baba's blessings and miracle. May be baba is testing.
    Sai baba ka nam lo aur sabke sanmukh raho ade..fir kuch bhi mushkil ni hoga.

    Om sai raam.

  87. Have faith in Baba. HE has a grand plan. HE is giving us pain for us to come closer to HIM. Don't despair, HE must have already found someone for you. You are only 24….there is a long life ahead for you. My marriage broke twice earlier and now also my husband who was very good before marriage, sent me away from my house just 1 month after marriage. I left my job for my husband and today, I have no job, no marriage nothing. I cry and complain to Baba as to why do I need to go thru' such horrible pain, pain that i would not wish even an enemy should ever get. But still I have to go through the pain. Maybe because Baba wants me to come closer to HIM in this pain. I always pray to Baba that Sai please let us take your name during moments of happiness not only during sadness. Give us such times that we thank you from the depths of heart for giving us such happy moments in life. Just trust in Sai. HE will give what is best for you. OM SAI RAM.

  88. very sad to know………… but what to say………….even m also tired of asking god atleast tell me what sins i have done in my past life………huh….. well
    i think u should so sai nav guruwaar vrat…….. for your marriage………..

    • Dear sai baba

      Please all pray for me i am so down I cant find a nice caring loving husband and i am ending 34 years next month. i remain confused I am the only daughter my parents and mum remain in tension.

      I want a choice but someone who is caring loving who is tolerant as I am very naive who i can trust baby who will care for my parents. We are gujarati. If the guy is in UK he can move to america or somene in chicago but someone i can trust who is right for me and my family with a good job. Preferably the guy lives on his own but he has a very niec family and he can live near my family or with my family like a son then a son in law.

      the age is going I am the only child parents are aging so i want to cry and i cant sleep as in gujaratis 35 is really old!

  89. I just want my dream to get fullfilled and my parents being the only child somenoe in america would be nice to but it is hard to trust american guys but i like nice things quality of life i want a good life for me and my parents.No one shows the right match and i have to keep emailing people to show a guy. Then i remain confused.

    please pray for me that i find the solution soon. Baba i know you will choose well and show me the one match but pls do it soon its already so late 35 years i am

  90. Don't worry , ask him to make you stronger so that you can take care of your mother and your younger sisters . I feel terrible but at the same time keep all my hopes on Baba that whatever will happen will be in the best interest . Do not loose faith .
    Take Care !

  91. Sainath,
    Please bless this devotee with a very happy and successful married life. Please protect her family and let the entire family cherish from now on. Please help them.

  92. Baba! Nanu kuda ni bidda laga chusko baba. . Chala problems lo unna baba. . Konchem dhaya chupinchu baba! Adukkuntuna baba

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