Thank You Baba For Accepting Me – Sai Daughter

In today’s post the devotee has shared few of her experiences with Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Daughter from India says: Sairam Hetal Ji, I am a Sai daughter from India. Thank you very much for this wonderful blog. May Sai bless you and your family members with happiness. I really like this blog a lot. It gives lot of confidence and faith on Baba. My Sai by taking Your name, I am starting my experiences with You. Please forgive me if I have done any mistakes.

Hetal Ji, this is the first time I am sharing my experience here. It’s a lengthy one please bear with me. If you think this can be split then carry on with that. Please do corrections wherever you feel necessary. Please don’t disclose my name and email-id. I am attaching a Sai’s picture with this request you to attach the same as I feel very much attached and soothing by seeing My Sai like that.

As many Sai devotees of this site would do my day to start with reading the devotees experience of this blog. The first thing I would do when I open my laptop is visit the Sai Live Darshan from Shirdi. After that, I read your blog. I am coming to my experiences with Sai. There are countless. Sai is my everything, Mother, father, friend above all. I will share each and everything with Him, whether it’s small or big.

I don’t know from where to start. Sai kripa was there on me from my childhood. But I became close to Sai since 2006. From then on He is listening and answering to each and every request of mine. That time I used to read “Sai Leelamrutham” regularly.

The first thing which I asked him is a JOB, which He gave me. In that time, He kept me away from so many bad people and made sure that no harm should happen to me. Since I am away from home, He guarded me like a father.

Next my brother finished his engineering and was trying for a job. But nothing was happening. We need to have a job for him, since we have so many financial problems. I, my parents and my little brother was trying hard and worried since he was about to finish the fresher period. It’s even hard to get a job if you complete one year after pass out. So I decided to pray to My Sai about this and started reading “Sai Leelamrutham”. And see the miracle, he is the only one got selected from thousands. I and my family were very very happy. I thanked Sai from the bottom of my heart. He visited Sai in Shirdi to convey his thanks and mine.

Going to My Sai temple on every Thursday became my routine. Time is passing like sand in hand. Then it’s time for my marriage. My parents started searching a groom for me. It’s my wish to get a nice person whose knows family values and respect my family members and do care for them as his parents. Many proposals were coming, but nothing was happening. At that time in temple 2-3 time I have received “Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat” book. That time I did not know that my Sai wanted me to do the Vrat. So after giving so much thinking on why this all happening, I started doing “Sai 9 Vrat”. In these periods, 2-3 proposals came to final stage. But somehow didn’t happen. My parents were worried about that. But I didn’t lose faith on My Sai. I know that He chooses best for me. And that’s what happened. My husband is a very kind hearted person and do love and respect my family a lot. And you know what first my marriage was fixed on Sunday, but later on it postponed to “Thursday” which is my Sai’s day. I was so happy. I took this as His blessings for my marriage.

Then I took a break from my job for some time. In that time only, I came to know about this blog and “Sai Satcharitra” and live Darshan details. Daily I used to watch Shej Aarti in Shirdi and sing the Aarti along with them. I became more and more close to My Sai. I have visited Shirdi with my parents before marriage and After marriage with my husband and this time since I came to know about “Sai Satcharitra”, I got 2 one for me and one for my mother. I read the book and now I wanted to make it my daily routine for which I need My Baba’s blessings.

After a year, I wanted to continue with my career, so I started searching for a job. But nothing was happening. But by My Sai’s grace, I got a job. But it was in different city, staying away from my husband was difficult for me. But I accepted it as I knew My Sai will bring me back home soon. I joined that company, but there they were not OK with my transfer to my home town. They said at least you have to work for 6-18 months. I was at lost, but I knew in my heart that this is not the case. I kept in praying to Sai to send me home soon and you know what miracles of miracle happened. Impossible thing My Sai made possible. Within a month, they transferred me to my home town. This can happen only with the grace of My Sai. I and my husband and my family are very happy.

There are countless experiences with My Sai. But here I am sharing a few. I thank from bottom of heart to Sai. I am completely surrendered to Your lotus feet Baba. Bless me to always have “SHRADDA” and “SABURI”. Kindly bless and be with me always like this. Please be always with us and guide us to be in good path. I want to follow Your teaching in “Sai Satcharitra”. I want to be good and do good to all. Please, Baba, help to all who are in need and bless all. I wish to share more and more Your experiences here Baba. Thank you all for reading my experience.

Wherever I go, Only Sai!
Wherever I stand, only Sai!
Just Sai, again Sai,
Always Sai!
Sai, Sai, Sai!

Sai in my sleeping,
Sai in my walking,
Sai in my speaking,
Sai in my thinking,
Sai in my hoping,
Sai in my life,
Sai in my soul,
Sai in my heart.

When things are
good Sai!
When things are bad Sai!
Sai, Sai, Sai!

Yours Daughter.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Walk with Sai when your heart needs company,
    Take His hand when you feel all alone,
    Turn to Him when you need someone.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

    Thanx for sharing the nice r a blessed child.may god give you all the happiness

    jai sai ram……………

  3. I too start my day with reading this blog after live darshan on line. Today I needed to read these two experiences as I am praying for marriage of one of my twin daughters and a good job for the other. Timing of this experience was just perfect start of my day. Thank you for sharing

  4. i talk to baba,m alone,i want to hold his hand,m shattered and broken want him to fix me,m calling him from so many years…he is not coming to me..he is not listening to me….he is just sitting there and watching me cry like anything..if u love me y r u not coming to wipe my tears…..u dont love me baba…

  5. @Above Anon Devotee : Don't loose faith and dont compare urself with other people if they are getting blessed soon…Do you Remember the story in chapter 18-19 in Sai Satcharitra when Hemadpant was so upset when Baba blessed Mr. Sathe in his dream with Gurucharitra….At that time Hemadpant felt that he has been worshipping baba for 40 years i.e 7 Years and this Mr. Sathe just did a Guru Charitra Parayan and baba has blessed him so early…..But Baba made his mind peaceful; by his leela……..

    Dear Sai Devotees… I have a question from all
    1)From the chapter 18-19 , the above that I mentioned, Could everyone share what did Baba mean when he asked Hemadpant that did u understand the significance of this leels and Baba asked him to explain what he learnt….but the story doesnot cover Hemadpant's response….what was the Hemadpant's learning from that Sai leela….Everyone's thoughts are welcome….

    2) I have tried to watch LIVE SAI DARSHAN but have always failed…could anyone plesae post a step by step post to follow to watch LIVE STREAMING of shirdi sai?? It would be great if some can do it….HETAL JI I REQUEST YOU IF YOU HAVE INFO ON THIS …..COULD YOU POST THE SAME FOR EVERYONE"S CONVENIENCE???





  7. Om sai ram. From tat chap 18-19 it is cleared tat baba bless all his devotees in different ways though all r being equal to baba. Baba select t best way for each n every1 as for a child v expln somethg in differnt manner n differnt for adults same r t ways of baba's blessings. As its mentioned in arti "bhav dhare jo mann mein jaise pavat anobhav vo hi waisa".its as sai made me thought…. OM SAI RAM. -saipriya

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing such a gr8 experience. May baba's blessings b always with u. Sai sister i ur lifestory is just similar of mine not all t same but baba's blessings as i also came closer to baba in 2006. N now my parents r looking for my life partner n i got t "sai nav guruwar vrat" book in sai temple. I did udhapan this thursday. May baba bless me with a good groom though he always gives me t bestest for me. BABA plz bless me. Deva plz always b with me. Om Sai Ram..

  9. @AS – In chapter 18-19 in short the message in that chapter is as follows..

    "As a devotee is resolute and determined, so, is Baba's immediate response. Some times Baba puts the devotees to severe test and then, gives them Upadesh"

    This is what Hemandpant learned (and we are also learning) from this.

    Also Chapter 29 says,

    "It is to be noted here that doubts and difficulties surround us, just to move us and confirm our faith. We are tested as it were. If we only hold on steadily to Baba, with full faith and continue our endeavours, our efforts will be ultimately crowned with success"

    Om Sai Ram…

  10. wonderful narration…..wonderful experiences….baba please bless the whole world with happiness….om sai ram….

  11. wonderful experience. baba bless us always. baba i will never lose my faith on you. you are the one, i love the most. you are the only one can solve my problem, and always keep me in right path. baba pls never leave my hand, i need your blessings and presence more, baba, by thinking that am writing letter to you only, m telling all my problems to you. pls keep my faith on you always.i know you are listening to me, m praying you with full devotion by writing this letter. pls bless me. you are the only hope.

    jai sai ram!

  12. hi, im glad for things turning out positively for you. BABA, you are so kind to take care of us. I have my selves been in trouble on more than once occasion ( I'm to be blamed for such turn of events), but praying to baba and asking for forgiveness simply bailed me out on each and every occasion. Praying baba everyday brings so much positive change in my life. Whenever I don't pray, I really see things doing bad to worse. It is amazing how baba helps/protects/takes care of you when you surrender…Sai Sharanam 🙂

  13. nice experiences…thanks for sharing with us..may baba always shower his blessings upon sairam.

  14. I wish I had been lucky like some people to say sai baba guided me. I had been praying to baba from 1994 to cure my illness and fulfill my ambitions. I went through so much torture and illness al these years. In 2003 I started getting so restless as my time was simply running out and I was neither having my ambitions fulfilled nor my illness was cured. One man came to my room satwith me and finally cheated me personally and professionally. now i am a broken woman of 46 years old un married all alone in life. IHow much evr I pray to baba now my life will not come bak. How much I loved this life, how ambitious I was and iworked very very hard more than 12 hours a day in m yoffice to have a good career, but today I am totally destroyed every attempt of me becoming a failure, my illness increased. For years togetehr I get up i nthe middle of night cty for th whole night in front of baba to undo althat was done for the last few years. If He did not want to cur eme or fulfill my ambitions it was fine. But He destroyed me unbelievably further I started going i nthe path of destruction and now I am a devastated woman. Even as I am typpig iam having sdevere depression and pain in m yheart. How it feels like that years and years you waited and i nthe end you realise that everything is finished. Each day is hell for me and now I beg baba to give me death because I do not wish to commit suicied. I hate to write such posts I wish I could write happy posts but this is what I got. I prayed for 15 years and today I am finished. I c annot accept this as karma becuase that will not solve my problems and gibvem e bak my life.Like a fool I keep asking baba to undo ecverything though I know very well even God cannot change the past. I cannpot accept that this is my lfie so I keep begging for such things stupidly. Everydsay morning when i realise that life has gobne forward I sit and cry. I go o offic e iwth a heavy heart all the way to office keep begging baba to give me back my life, struggle in office because i am troubled by people thre also and come back to empty houe and sit and cry. I hve cried for the past 18 years becuase of my depression. I now have the opain of being cheated and destroyed by people the last 8 years. I do not wish to commit suicide I do not wat to give that pain to my old parents. I wish baba is kind enough to give me and my parents death immeditaly togetehr so that none of us go through the pain of losing other. We are not in a state to tolerate any more pain. My parens have forgotten to smile and like mad I send angry mails to this person who destroyed my career.

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