Shraddha And Saburi – The Only Mantra – Sai’s Daughter

Unique ways are followed by Lord Sai Baba Who gives us what we desire at correct times. See what this experience says.

Sai’s Daughter from USA says: I would like to thank Saimaa for being with me all over the game. Dear Hetal Ji, thanks for the great effort by all of you to spread the Leelas of Baba far and wide. Please do not publish my name and email id. Please do address me as Sai’s daughter. Sai Baba is everything to me in my life. He is like my Father. I request you to make corrections if required. I am sorry for posting very long experience. The only thing we need to remember is ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’.

Honestly saying, when I was in 11th, one of my friends used to pray Baba, but at that phase I didn’t believe in Baba as I don’t know anything about Him. My sister is a devotee of Sai. She used to believe in chits. She usually decides with the help of chits if she is unable to judge on her own. Seeing her belief in Baba, slowly I started believing and praying Him. I got to know about His Leelas and this strengthened my belief. One day during my EAMCET preparation out of sheer anxiety, I asked my sister to take chits for me about the rank in EAMCET. She took the chit by chanting Sai Maa‘s name and seriously that was my Rank and during counseling for B.Tech. I asked her to take which branch I will opt during my counseling. Believe it or not I am left with only that branch in the college I opted. I started reading “Sri Saibaba Jeevitha Charitra” by “EKKIRALA BHARADWAJA” guru daily after my bath.

In the middle of my B.Tech., during my semester examinations, I prepared well and attended the exam. When I had a look on question paper, I felt the paper is okay, but later when I pen down, I was not able to recollect the answers I prepared. After coming from the examination, I cried a lot in front of Sai Baba that why did You do this to me. I will fail in this subject. My mom told me not to cry and don’t blame Sai. She gave me Sai Baba’s UDI and Prasadam. After few weeks, results were out and I didn’t get through that exam. I attended the supplementary exam later and I did well and I got 94 out of hundred. I was in a shock because I didn’t expect this score and due to this my aggregate got increased, which helped me in the final semester.

My sister came to USA for Masters in my 4th semester of engineering. I got an interest of doing Master’s in USA by seeing her. I started preparing for GRE and TOEFL. I gave my TOEFL and got a good score by Baba’s grace. Later I started my preparation for GRE and gave a test, but I didn’t succeed here got a very less score. I felt very bad, but I thought maybe it’s for good only and proceeded. After 2months, I again gave GRE, but again it’s hands down. My sister suggested to apply with these scores only and went ahead. I was done with my engineering in the month of May 2011 and went to visa in May itself. But my visa got denied. My parents felt bad seeing me worried. I don’t know what’s happening. I didn’t attend any interviews for job because I had a plan of going to USA. So many questions raised in my mind. In fact, we spend lot of money for my visa processing. Later I started Saibaba Parayan (7days) while I was planning to book the slot for the visa interview for the 2nd time. Dates are closing within minutes as students applying for visa interview are more. I was very worried as I planned to go in August. Successfully I’m done with Parayan and on Thursday morning my mom is scolding me to wake up and check whether the dates are available or not. Generally the dates open in evenings. When I opened in the morning, the dates were available. I prayed to Baba and immediately I booked the slot for my visa interview for July 6th and went to Baba’s temple and donated Prasadam to the poor people in front of temple as I was done with Parayan. I have no words for this because I got immediate result after I was done with my Parayan. I heard that due to so many students heading to the same university. Visa officers are rejecting the visas for the students with my university. I just prayed to Baba and thought this will be the final attempt whatever the result may be. I had a habit of using Saibaba question and answers. When I asked Saimaa about my visa, He gave me answer like everything will be fine. Have faith in me. I got a hope and was tension free. Finally I got my visa for US with Sai Maa’s grace. My happiness has no bounds. This is all because of Baba. Thanks a lot Baba. I promised Him that immediately after reaching USA, I will do Baba Parayan and I did it successfully. Later my sister was done with her Master’s and was in need of a job badly because she needs to pay for my studies. During her coaching, she did Sai Vrat and I did Saibaba Parayan again for the sake of her job and my on campus job. Believe me, when I was informed that I got an on campus job, I was about to call my sister to say this. In the mean while, she made a call for me and told that she got a job. I was in a shock and I told I too got a job. Both of us got job in same day, same time. Our happiness has no bounds. My parents felt very happy listening this. How great are His Leelas.

My sister usually had a habit of reading experiences on your site every day. When I went to my sister’s place, I got to know about this site. From that day, I made a habit of reading experiences every day. I got to know about Sai Vrat through this site and enquired my sister about this. I thought of getting Sai vrat book, but my sister is having only one book. Later for my spring break, I went to my cousin’s house in Chicago. My sister-in-law was a devotee of Sai. I asked for this book, but I didn’t get this book from her also. Then I prayed to Baba that I want that book. I don’t know what You will do. On Thursday, we went to Saibaba temple located in Auroura. While I was watching Aarti, my sister-in-law came and told there are bunch of Sai Baba books all together go and search for Sai vrat book. I ran immediately and found the book. Thanks a ton Baba for everything.

May Baba shower blessing to all devotees and I once again thank Hetal Ji for this wonderful blog. May Baba shower His choicest blessings on you today and always.

Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam

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  1. Its all good ….. thanks for sharing this very positive experience …We have so much to be grateful for …thank u baba Sai Ram

  2. Very nice experiences! It is wonderful that Baba helped you do well in your school exams and also to get the visa to go to USA (eventhough many were being rejected at that time). We just need to have faith in Baba and let Him take care of the rest. Baba controls everything in the Universe, so if something doesn't happen the way we want, we need not worry, Baba will re-arrange things for us to give us something even better than what we originally asked for. Om Sai Ram!

  3. We may not get fruits immediately, today or tomorrow while walking on the path of devotion for which we should not get disappointed. We must take care that our love and trust should not decrease by not getting the desired results early. Our devotion should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the results. Shraddha is the foundation of the path of devotion and Saburi is the time taken to walk on that path.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  4. Excellent experience sai sisterji.. Your family is really blessed to experience Sai Baba's miracles. Thanks for sharing it

  5. Sai Ram,
    Nice experience sister,
    I felt very happy reading your experience, Baba is always active for his children, and we should really follow his words, Shraddha and Saburi are the real Mantra.

    Love you SaiBaba,am sorry Saibaba for that day Sai, dont ever leave me.. Always bless us ..

  6. Dear devotee thank u so much for shareing this experience today I was worried and crying like anything because even I am in the same state of pain in life do know how to express dat even I am applying for visa as my brother settled in abroad undergoing same tension in life things are truning very slow in this tension marriage proposals are coming I m not in state to get marry now baba u know everything get me out from this torture plz baba not able bare dis baba .

    By looking at dis expeirence I got positive answer from baba plz baba make visa process to go smooth .

    Thank you so much baba bless all your devotees.

    Om sai ram.


  8. Hello everyone,
    i'm the one who posted this experience.thanks a lot hetalji for posting my experience.i would like to thank every sai devotee for reading and blessing me.


  9. om sai ram…..shraddha and saburi is very important in life… baba will fulfill our desires at the right time provided that we should have complete faith in him…
    baba is with us always…..
    om sai ram…..

  10. u r such blessed daughter of baba..kaash baba mujhe bhi aise hi piyaar karte or kaash main bhi aap jitna piyaar unse karti..

  11. nice experience.You got the visa and job because you have done good karmas in your previous life.I can tell this because inspite of me doing sai vrat satcharithra parayana everything is going wrong in my life right from childhood.I am asking baba only one wish to give me a natural death.I am slowly losing faith if at all sai exists.Anyway goodluck for your future.

  12. wonderful experience.
    I could remember reading one experience by one Sai-sister like asking BABA with the help of chits whether to attend Campus interview on a Bandh-Day. I couldn't stop laughing, when she mentioned her sister started following BABA from that day on wards. Today, we are fortunate to see the younger sister's version, if I am not wrong.
    Thanks for sharing.
    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone.

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