Lord Sai Baba is ever ready to help us when we are in distress. This is what today’s experience illustrated.

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Hi Hetal Ji, Please don’t disclose my name or email id. I am regular reader of this website. My day begins reading these experiences before I start my work. Now I am in this position only because of Baba. Whatever I am enjoying now is all Baba’s Bhiksha. I would like to share couple of my recent experiences.

It was in Sep 2011, we went to India. We had Darshan of Saibaba in Shirdi on Oct 13th. That entire Trip went well. My husband finished his contract in September 2011 and he has to look for the job after coming from India. My husband and son came 2 weeks before me as my son’s school begins in middle of Oct. and my husband thought that he can search for the job also. My son fell sick as soon as he came from India. He got high fever and on medications. After returning from India, I was so sad to see my son in that situation. As I have no leave left I went to join in the job and my husband was looking my son. I joined into my job in Nov 1st and shockingly I came to know that I am going to be retrenched due to company’s merging. My Manager said that mostly I will be working another 2 months. I got so depressed, as I don’t want to lose that job because the people in that company are good and I am used to that environment since 5 years. Even my husband didn’t have a job at that time and losing the job means we have to face so much trouble as we have a house mortgage and other expenses every month, We prayed Baba and left everything in His hands.

Meanwhile my son’s fever not reducing and he got admitted into the hospital. He was not eating anything and surviving only on liquids. He became so thin and I cried almost every day and prayed Baba. At last they found what the disease is and gave him right medicines. He was in hospital for a week and discharged. All those days went very hard for me. He slowly recovered by the grace of Sai.

My company announced similar kind of role in another section and my manager asked me to apply for that position. I applied for that position. They also advertised through agent and got many applications. I got call for the interview. I prayed Baba to help me in the interview. On the day of the interview just before an hour, I printed my resume to go through it again so that if they ask any questions regarding my past jobs, I should be able to explain those responsibilities. I collected my resume papers from the printer and came to my desk. I started looking at them, to my surprise I found one paper with interview questions for the position I applied. My interview was at 3 pm. When I found the paper, it was exactly 2.30 pm. I was shocked to see that paper. First I was confused how the paper came there, and then I thought may be the other manager, who is supposed to do my interview might have also printed the interview questions at the same time, when I printed my resume. Anyhow I didn’t want to make big issue on that. I cannot control to see the interview questions. I went through the questions and most of them I know how to answer except couple of them. I opened internet and prepared for those questions in that half an hour. I believed Baba Himself helped me in that way. They interviewed me and they asked the same questions from that paper. I did the interview well. I waited for the results so anxiously. After a week they announced that I was selected for the job and it was on Nov 18th. I believe it’s miracle of Baba.

Another experience is- At that time when my husband was also looking for job. He got a call from one of the famous company. He was preparing for the interview. This was a different role for the one he did previously and more challenging. He has no idea on which area they will ask questions. He was scheduled for the interview at 4 pm. See Baba’s Leela now. One of his friends (say X) came to our house at 1 pm and gave my husband some interview questions, which he got from another friend (say Y), who attended this interview before and failed to get the job as the interview was very tough. Person Y remembered all those questions and called person X to get clarifications and answers for those questions. He answered whatever he can answer and wrote all the questions and saved so that he can review them later. As soon as person X came to know that my husband got interview in that particular company, he came to my home and gave that interview questions list. Those Interview questions are tough. He got couple of hours to prepare. He prepared as far as he can. He attended the interview. He got 70% of the questions from that paper and got selected for the 2nd round. He also cleared 2nd round and finally got selected and it was on Nov 18th. What a coincidence as we both got the jobs on the same day. When I recollect all this, I truly believe this is all Baba’s miracle. Without His help, we would have not made this. Till now I have experienced so many miracles since I started believing Him. If anyone prays Him whole heartedly, He comes to rescue you.

I believe He will come in any form and help you. Baba, shower Your mercy and blessings on all of Your children and Protect us all the times. Thank You Baba for giving me this opportunity to share this experience. Have Faith and Patience. I thank you Hetal Ji for your services.


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  1. We would had done many many many innumerable good deeds in the past births to have been come in touch with our beloved Sai. What else we need in this life, just we have to wait for getting the very little amount of roti from His joli.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. Nice experience… Baba gives us the toughest of toughest test in life, to test our patience and faith but at the end he will shower abundance of happiness in life. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. OMG !! your experience shows that Baba stood between you and your problems… i know you must have passed each day in pain and worries but Baba like a protective father did not let these things hover on your head for long !

    Great !! Your experience gave me goose bumps … May Baba bless you and your family like this always 🙂

    Om Sai Ram ! Jai Sai Ram..

  4. nice experince and all this experience gives me more straentg to face toughest problem of my life..thank u so much to both anonymous devotees for the care n concern for me and for the solution….i had gone tgrough the naran ji's blog and i spoke to him and he gave mea mantra for chating….i do hav patience but my failies want me to take divorce from my husband as i don';t hav ny family life there…i hv just hold baba….my sitution is very tough.why baba is nt doing nything to solve my problem i don't know.recently i got married with baba's blessings and sufering like this is hurting me alot….plz pray for me

  5. Wonderful Experience.. Thanks so much for sharing..
    God bless you and Hetalji..
    Baba bless each and everyone..


  7. Jai Sai Ram, thanks for sharing sis. Baba ji please always protect your kids like this. I know that we do not need to worry about in your presence. Love you dear father.
    Jai Sai Ram

  8. very nice experience. i also live in melbourne and I can very well understand the pain of losing job and happiness of getting one. You are truly a blessed devotee of baba.
    thank you for sharing your experience. I always Thank baba for the wonderful job he gave me. You will not believe but I appeared for this Professional job in Casual wear (jeans and t-shirt)and still with baba's grace i got selected. His MIRACLES are Vast. Om sai ram

  9. Amazing experience.Baba is merciful. He help His devotees in all circumstances. Dear sai ki Beti, i can feel you pain. I want to suggest you one thing may be it work. You sit for a while before Baba in His temple or before His Statue/Idol anywhere you can and pray whole heatedly. Look at Him with full faith & devotion. Baba will definitely solve your problem. Om Sai Ram

  10. Very nice experiences! Baba must have given both of you the interview questions to help you both get the jobs he destined you both for. With Baba's grace you will do very well in your new jobs. Om Sai Ram!

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