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Lord Sai Baba has His unique ways to draw His devotees to Him. One more way is depicted by this experience below.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Respected Hetal Didi Ji, I really appreciate your efforts for collecting all Sai Baba devotees experience. May Lord Sai Baba bless you and your family forever and forever. I want to share some of the experiences here with all devotees. Please don’t disclose my name and mail id. Please read the below Leela and I shall be grateful if this finds a place in the blog. What is this life without my beloved Guru Sai Baba? It’s just nothing. Because now I feel that HE only runs my life and I am only sitting in the audience seeing HIS play role in my Life.

My first Experience with Sai Baba: Felt HIS presence (School)

I did my schooling in Ahmadabad. Till school days, I was a normal believer in Sai Baba and sometimes only went to Sai Baba Temple. My mom strongly believe in Sai Baba and used to daily read Shri Sai Satcharitra. She used to tell me about the power of this book and any one’s wish can be fulfilled after reading this. I was in 10th standard and one day I was doing my Home work of Maths. My mom was sitting beside me and was reading Sai Satcharitra. Then I ask Mom, “Why you are reading this book? It’s of no value. It’s everything rubbish. What is the difference between your book (Sai Satcharitra) and my book (Navneet Prakshan Book, 10th standard math book). Both books were having the same number of pages and weight also. I will get power if I solve all my Math sums”. Then Mom said that, “You are a child. You just don’t know about the power of Sai”. And she went in kitchen. Then I took Sai Satcharitra in left hand and my Math Book in Right hand and repeatedly 4 to 5 times, I touched both the books on my forehead only to see and feel the power. But suddenly, my math book fell on the ground from my hand as if somebody just pushed my right hand and the only Book was remaining was “Sai Satcharitra”. And then I got goose bumps and I got frightened and my heart was beating very fast. Then, I realized Sai Baba and felt the power of the book “Sai Satcharitra” and I scored 88% in my 10th standard.

My second Experience with Sai Baba: Gave me Guru Mantra of Right teaching (3rd year)

After my 12th, I went to Pune to do my graduation (B. Pharmacy). There was a beautiful Temple of Sai Baba (Bronze Idol) near my auntie’s house. Thus, daily before going to college, I went to HIS temple. Those days, due to severe competition in this competitive world, I daily went to temple only to pray to Sai Baba to give me 1st rank or give me highest marks or please help me, etc. Then one night, when I was in 3rd year, I just woke up at 2 am and suddenly my hands fell on one small book and I took it. It was the book of Sai Baba having written as “Nishkaam Bhakti”. I really don’t know how that Book came on my Table. I completed reading that small book of HIS and the tears started to flow from my eyes and then I realized that my Bhakti was not proper and it was selfish only. From that day, my real eyes for search for God opened and I started doing Nishkaam Bhakti. In the morning, I asked my aunty about that book and she told that someone gave her that book from temple and by mistake she left on my table on the previous day as she was in hurry. Now I got the divine message and thus I fully surrendered to my Guru’s feet.

My third Experience with Sai Baba: Finally Sai Baba met me (4th year)

Thus daily I used to do “Nishkaam Bhakti” and slowly I went on reading many spiritual books and used to write letters in my dairy to Sai Baba. I really loved that. In our sports week in 4th year, we entered in finals in cricket match. In match, I just dived for completing a run and my right hand got completed dislocated from the shoulder region (Bone from the ball socket shoulder was dislocated). It was terrible pain and immediately all took me to hospital and operation was done. After the operation, I just cried to Sai Baba, “I am Your son. You are my beloved father. Won’t you at least come to see me? How can you be so heartless?” Then on the second day, my good friend, who was my class mate, also came to see me at my auntie’s house and gave me a gift wrap. When I opened that gift wrap, my heart came in my throat and I was speechless. A beautiful medium size photo frame of Sai Baba was there in the gift wearing a yellowish blanket. HE was really very handsome and dashing and so beautiful HIS photo as if HE is just staring at me and smiling on me. Sai Baba had come to meet me because last day I complained to HIM of not meeting me. I just asked my friend how he brought and why he brought. He just told that his father went to Shirdi and brought these beautiful photo frames and in Shirdi, someone told his father to distribute to anyone you feel like giving. Till today, I am worshiping that photo frame and HE always tells that I am always with you.

My fourth experience: How Sai Baba helped me in my admission of M. Pharm (Material World)

Every day, I was very happy to chant the name of beloved Sai and reading HIS Leelas and going to HIS temples. In the last year of my B. Pharm, I was very confused as what should I do in future as I had a confused Mind. I liked everything like going to USA or living in India or doing MBA. All my friends had aim what to do and they were laughing at me because I had no aim and I was just giving all exams like anything. I gave GRE, TOEFEL, MHCET (Maharashtra Common entrance exam), GATE (for M. Pharm). I was just very confused and I prayed to Sai Baba for giving direction because in all that I scored less only because my whole energy was scattered to all these exams and plus I had to give my last year university exams also. I scored less in GRE and then also I applied in 6 to 7 universities and I got rejections and I got worried. Then my friend asked me whether you want to apply for NMAT (Narsee Monjee management aptitude test for M. Pharm) because it was the last day for taking the form. I replied in affirmative. I had done no preparations, and then also I gave exams. Out of 800 students, I ranked 51st rank to my surprise, when my results came.

I really thanked Sai Baba for that. But one turning point came was that the counseling dates were preponed than the actual dates and I was not aware of that and I just missed my counseling dates and thus I could not get admission as all seats for M. Pharm were full and occupied and my number was in waiting list far away. Thus, again I got tension and was very much worried. Daily at night, I used to cry before Sai Baba. Thus every day, I was calling in university if anybody had cancelled so that my waiting number can move up and I can get admission. Nearly 15 days passed and then on the 16th day, they told me that one seat is there and that specialization subject was chemistry, which I really hate it. Then also I told yes to the admin department of the university that I am ready for that subject and I will be coming tomorrow to pay for the fees. I just thought that Sai Baba had planned this subject for my future and my career and I must do efforts. From my heart, I just liked Pharmaceutics subject very much regarding formulation of Tablets, capsules, etc. So next day, I took my Sai Baba photo frame and went to Mumbai.

I reached there at 11 am and met the concern person for the admission work. But still my heart was not willing to take this subject chemistry for whole 2 years of M. Pharm. Thus, when I was ready to pay the fees, one boy came there in the office and told that he had come there for cancellation of his admission and for refund of his fees for M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics specialization) because he had failed in 4th year B. Pharm. (NMAT Exams and results for M. Pharm had started before the 4th B. Pharm results were out. And there was a condition that if anybody failed in 4th year B. Pharm, then he cannot be eligible for M. Pharm).

What a miracle it was! That boy scored 1st rank in NMAT exam, thus during counseling dates, he took pharmaceutics subject, but he failed in last year B. Pharm exam. I just could not believe, nor the admin department believed. Then the admin department asked me whether you want to take this subject and my happiness knew no bounds. I just said yes very happily. I just could not control my happiness and immediately at that time, I took out my Sai Baba photo frame and kissed him like a lover and tears started to flow from my eyes. What a miracle, timing, situation HE made. And after that, I scored 1st rank in whole university during M. Pharm. It was all due to Sai Baba and Sai Baba and Sai Baba.

I always feel that I am a kite. Actually we all are kites and HE has tied all of us with HIS thread and where ever HE likes moving us, we move there and enjoying ourselves with His chanting, Bhajans, Bhakti, Leelas, etc. Thus, the message of “Nishkaam Bhakti” is very important in our life. Sai Baba is our father, mother, Guru, friend and ever thing. HE always knows each and every thought of ours. Just we have to surrender to HIM and should have faith and patience in any situation. Sai is there everywhere, in every breathe, we inhale and exhale Sai is there, Just have to feel HIM, feel HIM and feel HIM and the happiness, the bliss, the mental peace we get is just indescribable and unexplainable. Thus, when we entered in the spiritual world of Sai, then automatically HE will take care of our material world. Thus, after entering in spiritual world, we should always shave the goal of life that, “Who am I”. We all are spiritual beings going through human experience. We are not human beings going through spiritual experience. Sai Baba is there within us sitting in our heart and always requesting us and saying that, “Don’t worry and fear. I am there. Just have faith and patience”. When we all will realize and feel this, then we can achieve our goal of life that is Self realization.

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  1. Amazing experience.!!! Truly Amazing.!!! Very well written. I smiled when you got admission in your favourite subject. May Baba be always with you.!!!
    Oh Baba, please help me to follow your path blindly and do as you say. Help me to totally surrender in you. I know only the past. But you know everything, the past, present and future. Help me to stick on to the promises made to you.

  2. Jai Sai Ram, Such a nice experience. Baba ji love you, please stay us. we are nothing without you. Om Sai Ram.

  3. Very very nice experience.

    When I was reading your last bit I felt myself almost in same position when I wanted to apply for my PhD. I also appeared for GRE/GATE and CSIR-NET. But in all I got low level scores.
    But as you said in last paragraph, we all are kites. And our Father Sai's thread moved me to UK and gave me admission for doctoral studies without paying a single penny.

    Bow to lotus feet of Sadguru Sai.

    Om Sainathay Namah

  4. Your experience was very soothing to my restless heart today. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    I hope I am able to keep faith and patience along with love and devotion for Baba in this testing time.

    Om Sai Ram

  5. Niskama karmas are those actions that are performed without any personal benefit or authorship, as a sacrifice for the general good of others.Niskama Bhakti is meant for doing Niskama karmas.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  6. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

    very nice experience. May sai deva bless every devotee and guide us in every step of our life.

  7. Dear devotee such a beautifull experience thanks for sharing it.
    sai miracles are just amazing we are very lucky to become his devotees and we are beloved childrens to sai.

    om sai ram.

  8. very hear touching experince……..tars were filled my eyes while reading ur exp.after reading ur exp i searched in google niskam bhakti writen by sai baba….we all do niskam bhakti but sometimes when we don't get nything to be fullflilled then we get impatience and the same time baba again give us streangth to go ahaead with patience.

    baba patienntly m waitig since along time…..plz do something in my life.when everything will be fine and smooth in my married life and baba u know m a newly marreid girl and after getting married to him i have not goty naything yet accept the rude behaviour of my husband.
    u know evrtything baba still sitting and seeing me crying .but u very well know i do have lots of patience and faith on u.plz chnage my husband's behaviour and send me to my husband's home soon baba.last time before savitri vrat i had prayed u to send me to my husband's home then u did it and i thanked u this time also do something na baba..make him raelize his fault tht he had misbehaved me………m waiting sai ram

  9. Om Sai Ram

    Very good & nice experience thanks for sharing. Please be with us baba and show right path.



  10. Nice experience, could see the presence of sai baba in every fold of your life. thanks for sharing it.

  11. om sai ram
    please baba show me niskama bhakti.
    dear devotee you are a blessed are getting blessings from our dear baba.god will give you all the happiness.thanks for sharing your experiences.

  12. What a wonderful experience! U are undeed blessed and continue leaving everything to Sai and he'ld guide u thru.
    Thanks for sharing.

    May Sai bless and help all those inneed of help.

    Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha


  13. Amazing & absolutely heart warming. You never know & will know what Baba has planned for all of us. As rightly said we are all Kites automatically attached to HIM even if we try to break loose, he will not let it happen. May Baba bless all.

  14. I liked the idea of writing letters to Baba, will start them myself.Will help built self confidence, morale & overall FAITH.

  15. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om sai Ram. Om sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.

  16. Nishkaam Bhakti…Truly we all need to practice this…Through your experience I really felt Baba is speaking to us and preaching the same…May Baba bless you and your family ever…

  17. @sai ki beti who did savitri vrat

    dear sis which part of india do you belong to? and have you ever tried asking your husband why he is doing this to you? may be he has some reason i see your comments almost everyday may you get peace and do try to talk to him directly and ask him the reason….did he marry you willingly? and if yes then y shud he not accept you i think talking to him peacefully and understanding the exact problem would help.

  18. wonderful experience, wonderful drafting…
    While reading the experience, I felt like I am reading my own experience..

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience with us..

    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone.

  19. Dear sai ki beti,
    I am not an eligible person to suggest/advise you anything, but I can definitely say, you are blessed to be at BABA's feet during the bad time of your life. Please have patience, HE is taking care of you and HE has some special plans for you.
    May BABA bless you with happiness.

  20. i just went online around 6.15 pm and feel have live darshn of baba there was arti started and i try to be feel like i am in shirdi temple, and where arti get over there my phone ring and get call for interview, hope everything go fine, om sai ram

  21. Sai ki beti, di, plz start nav gurvaar vrat. My great great Baba wl surely bless u with happy life.

  22. Thank you for sharing this. very well drafted and full of faith. You gave us two more things to explore – letter to Saibaba and Nishkaam Bhakti.

    This blog is doing wonders and educating me in many ways.

  23. To Sai ki beti Ihave been reading ur comments , it is clear u r tormented by your husband behaviour … none of us can give u any advise without knowing the full story …however we can all pray for u ….seek help please Sai ram

  24. omsairam…u are blessed soul..may baba fullfil all ur wishes…baba plz be wth us always and guide us..please give saburi to all ur devotees.

  25. belive me baba is still with us and we prayed how ever he take care of us, last one month im looking for new job in dubai as i lost previous job and try every thing what i do same time i thgt i have time to read sai charitra wich i download online from long time, im lazy to read but some how i read and listen audio too i am sure i not really concentrate when i was reading some time i go sleep while reading, but some how i make feelmy self that i read sai charitra and i finish,and notthing going well thgt baba dont want me to stay here, and my mom worried about me how im passing my time, i called her and she ask you dont worry come back try frm india but you stay with us, i dont know i thgt ok pack my baggage and go india and thinking that same evening i get fresh and think have online darshan of baba i went online and there was sandya arti was going on i make my slef in sherdi and when arti finish here and my mobile ring and there was call for interview, i was thinking i never had interview such way how this new company doing but i went next day and enter in side reception there was boss of company i say hi hello and i was so down whil talking and i was see one person come out frm room who was my ex boss i was feel so happy and some how everything fine in my enterview and i really feel that baba always halp me i hope you guys also keep faith in baba and dont worry what you do just pray baba how ever you can his always there for you, OM SAI RAM just read sai charitra if you can and you will see miracle baba bless every one om sai ram

  26. Excellent work writing the experience and all the very best for your future and best wishes to Hetal ji and family. All hail the Lord Sadguru Sai Baba.

  27. Awesome experience…i too have a habit of writing letters to baba…i dont know whether its right or wrong…i do tear the letters after writing…i feel like people may laugh at me if they see these letters and read…omsairam…im sorry baba!!

  28. Very nice experiences! It is wonderful that Baba timed everything so nicely for you to get into the subject you wanted for your MPharm. Baba sometimes gives us difficulties to face, but makes sure everything works out at the correct time for all of us. The other experiences Sai Baba gave you in your childhood and college were all part of the evolution of your faith in Baba, and I am glad Baba arranged everything very well for you! Om Sai Ram!

  29. awesome post.rally liked the post.thanks hetalji and devotee for sharing with us..thanks alot..i love you saima..

  30. OM SAI RAM 🙂 Great feeling after reading this. I am currently going through the same situation.. i have no clue about my next step after my bachelors .. i want to do my Maters..OM SAI RAM.. i am sure he will show me a way.OM SAI RAM 🙂

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