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Power of Lord Sai Baba cannot be measured by us as we are ignorant souls. But when we experience it makes us realise that it is far away from our imagination and today’s experience says so.

Sai Sister Tanvy Ji from India says: Thanks a lot for giving us this opportunity of sharing Experiences. We are also lucky to meet blessed soul like you. Although Sai Maa fulfills our many desires still we are so impatient about particular things. May Sainath guide us in each phase to hold on and wait for His blessings with Shraddha and Saburi. I don’t have any problem if you reveal my name. I already shared my two experiences, which were posted on 3rd Nov 2011 and 27th Nov 2011. Here are links for them:

Please Sainath forgive me if I made some mistake in writing and please help me to write this experience.

Baba’s Temple in my Hometown (30 Sept 2011):

I mailed one of my Sai friend and the mail is as follows. Please call me there for activities related to Lord Sai, as you will be attending Sai Naam Jaap. I really miss such activities. Yaar mujhe bhi le jaao. Yaar itna mann karta hai Sai Baba ki activities me part lene ka. Na hi wo mujhe Shirdi bulaate hai. (Please take me to temple as well. I really wanted to involved in Sai Baba’s activities. Even He didn’t call me up to Shirdi. I desperately wanted to go to Shirdi).

Baba’s Miracle (3 Oct 2011):

I am really happy today. I can’t tell you in words about my happiness. Today, early morning, there was a announcement in our town and do you know what was it. A temple nearby my home, you can say around 15 steps away, is placing a huge statue of Shri Sai Baba. When I heard this, my happiness knew no bounds and I was having tears in my eyes as literally I was praying for Baba’s temple. A ceremony was organized by them on Dusherra (6 Oct 2011). Oh, I can’t tell you that I am very happy and do you know I went to neighbour’s house to pluck flowers and she said did you hear announcement. I said yes, she said I am telling you as you believe in Baba so much. Actually she is in link with the priest of temple. She said that priest desperately wanted to buy a land for making temple separately, but he didn’t find any. So he is placing idol of Baba in his temple and Baba has done this, so that I can easily go to temple daily or so. If it would have been to any other place, it would be difficult for me to go daily.

Baba’s Gift (14 Dec 2011):

We Started our institute. By Baba’s grace, we did opening of our institute. Furniture and temple these things were purchased and placed. On 12th Dec, we came for cleaning as whitewash was going on. That day, I was very upset, but after visiting institute, my sorrow converted into happiness because all charts were torn by the painters, but 2 pictures (posters) of Sai Baba was as it is. This time, I have seen our institute for the first time properly.

Baba’s Protection Shield (4 Dec 2011):

I went for Bank Exam. I was so late for it. It was at 9 AM. I was very late and I have to take a bus to reach that place as exam was in some other city. I took the bus for Delhi and that city was in midway of Delhi. Delhi buses don’t drop to bus Stop of place, where my exam was held. So I have to get down on Bypass. I was not much aware of places in that city. On the way, I thought to get down at a midway bus stop, so that I will get a direct bus to that place. Bus stopped, but unfortunately no bus was there and at 8:50 AM, I was waiting for the bus. Bus for Delhi arrived again. I thought I should get in otherwise, I would be late. In previous bus, I was searching for Baba’s picture, but I didn’t find any. In this bus too, I was searching for it, but I found a picture of Lord Shiva. So I bowed my head and thought it’s also a form of Baba. While getting down, when I went ahead near driver seat, I found picture of Baba with other deities. But at the same time, I was tensed as it was already 9:15. Anyways I got down, took auto (taxi) to bus station of that place. In this auto too, I found picture of Baba. I thought He will take care of me. I was too late. I asked auto driver whether he will drop me to my exam centre school. He said that he can’t. I told him that I am late. He said it’s too far 8-10 kms and told me that he will take 100 rupees from me. I said fare is too much. He said that I can ask anyone on bus stop and it will cost me this much only. I bargained and said 70 rupees is enough as I was not having time to get down at bus station and then to school. He was agreed. In midway, he stopped auto 1-2 times for other people and meanwhile I asked two Sikh people standing on the way, where this school is. They said it’s not so far. He asked how much he’s charging. Auto driver replied 100 rupees. Those people (Sikh uncle) told me that “loot raha hai ye aapko” (he is charging much more than actual fare). Actual fare was 10 rupees. He was charging 10 times more. Uncle told me to get down and I paid him 20 rupees. I said that I will not go further and those uncles were really good. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart and Sai Baba too. They were behaving as I was their daughter. He stood with me to get an auto on stoppage and asked a bus driver. Driver denied. I was tensed as it was 9:35 AM as well as I was thanking Sai Baba and those people from deep inside. That uncle got busy on phone and I found an auto and fare was just 5 rupees. I was in hurry and seated in the auto, but I had regret that I should say thanks again to those uncles. So I thanked Baba and asked Him to say it to them too. Well in that changed auto, I found a beautiful Sai Maa picture again. I was overwhelmed and shivered as well. I was thanking Sai Maa for being with me, but it was 9:45 AM. When I reached school, another tragedy happened. A long queue was standing outside the school as they don’t have complete documents for exam. Guards didn’t allow me to get inside, but some people forced him for me as I have complete documents. I was happy as I was the only person allowed to enter too late. After reaching, invigilator told me that he marked me absent and I can’t attempt paper. I was having tears in my eyes and was praying to Sai Maa. After convincing her and asked her to use whitener and mark my present. I was waiting for her response. She said sorry. I prayed again to Sai Maa and then she asked another teacher and thanks a lot to Sai Maa. After so many hurdles, at least I got chance to attempt paper. It was 10 AM, after all formalities form filling and all and I got only 2 hours to attempt paper instead of 2 and half hour. I didn’t qualified that paper, but whatever happened was for good.

May Sainath bless each and every person on this Earth. OM SAI NAMOH NAMAH

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  1. The core values of Sai Spirituality are Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience).We may not get fruits immediately, today or tomorrow while walking on the path of devotion for which we should not get disappointed.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.

  3. Respected both anonomoous sai ram
    first of all i say a big thanx to both of u that u are concerned about me and wants to know my real problem today i m sharing a brief.

    I got married in the month of this jan and after my marriage from the day one i m suffering mentally because of my husband’s behavior towards me.even we have not yet involved in physical relation as a normal husband and wife since last 4 and ½ months of our I belive shiridi sai baba so by keeping faith on sai patiently m have been waiting tht baba will change him and bless me a happy married life soon.

    when he shout on me withgout my fault I don’t raise my voice and tolerate everything scilently by keeping faith on baba as I don’t want to break my that time i just chat sai's name.even i have starreted sai nav guruvar vrat after i got maried to ask baba to bless me a blissful happy married life like other couple.completed 8 guruvar ony 1 guruvar left but baba has not yet fulfill my wish yet.

    He drinks almost all day.when he drinks and in good mood thn he talk to me very sweetly and tht moment became very god for me but no physical relation.

    so my mom have consulted a dr about his problem why he he is not getting sex urge satying in same room with me.he is having high diabetics ,thyroid,cholostrol and drinking habbit.dr said bcoz of all this he has become impotant and he needs treatment.but I can’t do ny treantment of his as we don’t have any social or emotional relation also. we even don't know whetehr he is imptant or not..till now he has not having any sexual usge fro me and We just stay in a home and room together.

    he talks to my sasu maa very nicely and as if im a stranger ther.i do all the housholdwork and doig all the resposibilty of a wife and bohu but they don’t even understand my values.

    By seeing my condition my families s not willing to continiue with this relation anymore but its me who don’t want to break my marriage though we don’t have ny relation and he don’t love me too.he has told he got married for his mom’s happiness.

    This Monday he misbehaved me in such a way tht can’t be acceptable for a woman and for a wife also so I called my brother at night and came to my parents place.i just want he should realize his fault and say sorry to me and come to pick me up and I know he won’t do can be possbel only if any miracle happen with baba’s blessings.

    Hope u all can understand my inner sorrow being a newly married girl.i have dcided this time until and unless my husband won’t realize his fault tht he has misbehaved with me will not go to his home.since last three times I have com to my home because of some problem but I go by my own without ther reliazation.this time its high time.from this u can feel I don’t have igo and he has lots of igo.

    What I will do in this condition of my life please sugesst me to solve my problem.i know only baba can solve this….whtevr u will say im ready to do by keeping faith on sai…I just want a happy married life like other couplei am waiting for ur reply. my eyes filled with tears always because i don't know wht will happen to sasu is also main probelm .beacause of her only he s doing like that i feel so….she knows evrything but pretend as if she don't knw nything…she is always good to me but she never feels that we both r satying very strange life together as husband and wife.for her our relation is very noraml whisch is not noraml anyways.plz help me to save my marraige.but my families is not happy with him .he has hurt my families also.why god did this to me i really don't understand yet,without my fault m suffering.i have beeen parying sai since a long time but baba is also not solving my problem soon.but beacause of baba m alive .im having hpoe that he will cahnge and come back to me but when i don't can be posbel thru miracle.plz pary for me.

  4. i wanted to post my exeperince here since along time but m waiting for a happy experince when baba will bless me.hope u got some idea about my probel.main bahut hee dukh ladki hun…shaadi karke bhi khuch mila nehi.baba ko sab pata hai.i had send one of my post to hetal ji reagrding my hsband job after i got married and after started sai nav guruvar vrat but it has not yet publish thn i thut baba doesn't want to be publish i kept quite and patiently waiting for baba's blessings.i know baba is there with me always.u won't belive bocz of baba's blessing i got married to this guy and suffering like anything even my family is suffering.kitne khusi se woh log meri shadi karwaye then but wht tehy entire family belive sai baba.even at weddding day my husband had wore a sai baba's gold ring.when i knew tht on wedding day i thut baba was present in my marraige ceremony and its true.i have lots of exeperice but unabel to share it here.but surely i will share and parying baba not to braek my marraige .i am a hindu girl and jiske sath shadi hui hai uski sath i want to spent my life bhale hee woh mere sath jaisa bhi behaviour karein but baba only can change him tht i hav trust on baba.

  5. Dear Sai ki beti,

    Very painful experience, I had tears in my eyes. I agree it's without your mistake u r bearing all these pain. I am sure that baba tests our patience for long sometimes. Definitely that is to give more big gift. I have experienced in such a way for my marriage. I almost prayed him for around 2 years for this reason. since I was alone at that time due to my job, I was crying like anything to do it on time, becoz I hve 2 more younger sisters to get married. He tested my patience for more than 2 years. Sometimes I scolded him, sometimes I prayed him, I daily used to visit his temple, I used to offer him food before his statue before I eat everyday. I did parayan somany times. I don't know about 9 guruvar vrat that time. He also came in my dream and told the year of my marriage, to fill confidence in me.But finally he has blessed me to get married. Though my husband was short tempered, he was good. My in-laws were not good, I faced problem with them initially and later on after 1-2 years of marriage things settled. I myself felt very depressed when things didn't work according to our wish in the mentioned time, but do keep patience by diverting your mind to some kind of activity. If you are educated and not working.please try to do atleast small job like teacher. spending with children gives you a big relief in life. Go to temple, do Abhishek to Lord shiva daily. This is my experience where I have overcome depression. I am sure that things will settle as time goes on. Baba never leaves his children but for few things definitely he needs time and expects patience in his devotees


  6. Dear sai ki Beti, i can feel you pain. I want to suggest you one thing may be it work. You sit for a while before Baba in His temple or before His Statue/Idol anywhere you can and pray whole heatedly. Look at Him with full faith & devotion. Baba will definitely solve your problem. Om Sai Ram

  7. This is for Sai ki beti.i understand your pain and sorrow.Do not worry and have faith in Baba.Everything is happening for some reason and he is going to bless you thousand folds and you are going write very soon that Baba's hand started moving in your life.Till then have faith and patience. OM SAi RAM

  8. Sai ma is our lovable father and mother
    keep faith on him Navajo will look towards you
    he did lot of miracles for me which are impossible
    I am waiting for one miracle to happen by his grace can only happen
    I will post on experiences soon
    love you baba so much please don't leave us

  9. All troubled Sai devotees here, reading your suffering because in laws and husbands do not value the marriage responsibilities and the most unacceptable thing as per BABA's teachings, to hurt some one's feeling. All of them not caring for the newly wed brides hurt feelings are incurring sin that they will have to pay sooner or later.
    As per our Hindu tradition, these sweet little brides are tolerating this nonsense hoping BABA will fix the problem. I think it is the responsibility of brides' relatives (parents, siblings) to intervene in the matter and bring out amicable solution. The brides should not suffer for no fault of theirs.
    I pray all involved in this type of situation, BABA grants wisdom to concerned parties and shower happiness to troubles souls.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  10. Sai ka beti,dont worry baba willbe with u alwys i pray for you.

    Baba given a citizenship to my husband.It was a miracle.let me share miracle briefly.
    My husband was applied for citizenship last year till this year january we have't heard anything.We started worrying about that.In january we came to know that speeding convention was recorded on my husbands name last year,speeding convention is very strict in my country.I started nav gurvar vrat due to baba's order in january this you believe police withdrwan speeding convention in march this year within a week we got approval for citizenship.But in my country police is very strict,thats baba miracle.

    Thank you so much baba helping me in difficulties.

    He helped me alot.

  11. sai ki beti,
    your husband's mindset seems to be the problem. i don't want to hurt your feelings but I think he has some other girl in mind and he was forced to marry you by his parents, that's how his behavior seems like. You can't just sit, whatever you said here, why can't you openly ask him and settle for once instead of dragging the issue. how long will you take it? as it says in satcharitra, baba loves one who bravley faces problems and he will always help them.

  12. Dear Sai ki beti,
    It's really painful to read your experience. But remember BABA is with you. From your perspective, your life is very painful without any of your mistake. But for BABA, both you and your husband are same. You might be the reason for your husband to become a healthy and normal person (we never know, what HIS plans are for HIS children).
    Your husband is lucky to have you as his wife. He may not realize it now, but when he realizes it(it may take little longer time), he will keep you in the Heaven.
    And don't take all the burdens on you, like "my parents are not happy", "my friends are not happy" etc. It will aggravate your sufferings. Just forget about them. Just think about your pain and take responsibility of your life. You have the support of ONE, who is the the BEST and who has the INFINITE POWER (none other than our beloved BABA).
    Dear sister, have PATIENCE & FAITH. HE is always there with you. He will show you and your husband the right path and the path to happiness.

    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone.

  13. Jai Sai Ram.
    Thanks dear for sharing these experiences. I am happy to see your strong beleive in Baba's charans. I think this is also a teaching for all of us to have shradha and saburi for Sai bhakti. I strongly beleive that if something doesn't happen as we wished then it means its Sai's wish. So we should not loose hope, baba ji is planning something good for us. Love you baba ji.
    Om Sai Ram.

  14. Dear Sai Ki beti and other Sai Devotee and Meeraji,
    Sai ki Beti, your problem is severe and I think you should follow your family’s advice. Involve social elements as someone may have referred this Rishta to you? And your family might have done some background check on your husband before marrying you to him. Solicit help from some senior social members who can talk to his parents.
    Unfortunately, the hypocrisy is flip side of our tradition. Education plays a key role here. Having come from educated family, I used to feel very anxious about treatment I receive from my husband’s family. There is no respect for woman in that house. Being widow my MIL takes extreme advantage of her son’s emotions. Complete emotional atyachaar. For few years after marriage, I used to feel very sad about her conduct and attitude. Other members of family Uncles, Aunts – all are same. They always bitch about others and each other. Family’s tradition is to dine together, and guess what do they talk over dinner? Bitch about every person they came in contact with during the day. I caught my MIL lying many times; moreover, she would listen to my conversation with my parents on a parallel phone line. I used to get frustrated with her. She came to my house while I was 7 months pregnant, with her tantrum she kept getting me upset and her heart got some peace when she created a ruckus which ended up in bad spat with my husband. Remember she visited us for my baby shower and I was 7 months pregnant. Moreover, I had a craving to “vada” during my pregnancy and I was not able to stand the smell of oil during pregnancy. She never offered even once to make those for me while I was pregnant. She left and later I made for myself and requested my husband to fry them while I was waiting outside. Here in US we have to keep windows closed during winter. Later when my mom arrived, she made those for me but I got those only after delivery. Even now, that my kid has grown, my phone lines never ring even once a year. I don’t get call from her and my husband’s family even during Diwali. Mother and Son talk in my absence, I get no updates on happenings in that family. His family never calls me unless I do.
    But you know what – for years together I used to feel sad about this but now I really don’t care. Why should I when Baba is with me. Their acts will affect them and mine will affect only me. They created a big drama when I went back to work after my kid was 1 year old. His uncle and aunt did not speak with me for almost 6 months, and they refused to talk to my parents while they were visiting me.
    I treat them nice when they visit here. I do what I need to do. I exchange pleasantries and do my work. I am not rude to them and I do what I think is right considering if not anyone at least my Baba is watching this. I never ask my husband about mom and son conversation. It is up to him what he wants to tell, if he doesn’t say anything, I just don’t think about it. My focus is my kid and I will keep my mouth shut as I already left it all on Baba. Come to think about it, I have my peace of mind. I work and I will not give up work.
    Unfortunately, women are abused and DIL don’t get their respect and space. Not all families are like this, it doesn’t happen in my parent’s family. I am sure we are dealing with such folks as a result of our past Karma. But again why fear when Baba is here.

  15. Sai Ki beti,
    It is heartbreaking to hear your problem. Have faith in Baba,he will show you and your family the right path.Please get a job as a teacher or so..It will help you divert your mind.May Sai Baba bless you with happy married life.Jai Jai Sai Ram.

  16. Dear Sai ki beti Your suffering and pain in ur life right now is unbearable ….but things will change might not be the way u want it…. but it will be right for u … ur husband has diabetes that can sometimes cause impotence ….yes no one wants divorce but …sometimes ….. trust god he will give u the happiness that u long for …just be patient u will be happy again …just ride this storm out … Sai Ram

  17. dear sai ki beti
    Accept people as they are…this is what i learned..i am sure your husband will be ashamed..just behave normally as even if he's not having any relation with you..just behave normally as if he dont bother you then it will not have any effect on you..i know its really difficult..but in long run it will be fruitful…our prayers are with you…See our sai family is praying for you

    Thanks to all for comments…

  18. Dear Anonymous ji, I feel sorry for your situation too but I am proud of you as you are dealing with the situation with maturity, doing your duties as per BABA's teachings. I have read somewhere that if some one misbehaves towards you and you do not retaliate, and behave showing kindness, forgiving his/her fault, it acts like a mirror for the one who wants to hurt you, he/she has to suffer the hurt!
    I am also thankful to BABA to provide me my in laws like your parents home. More I think how my mother in law showered her love on me, how she took pride in my talents and abilities, the more I feel grateful towards her. When I look back on my life chapter, I was deprived of my father at a very tender age of 14 and my mother was too mild to protect us siblings from my grand ma, aunties etc.'s injustice ways of treating in daily lives, BABA has taken care of us as our real Father and Mother always. Problems did come but I was saved too and my confidence in my abilities got stronger and stronger.
    So, be happy and acknowledge everything good happening to us as BABA's gift. And if we are facing hard time, that too will be solved by BABA. HE knows everything and HE cares for HIS devotees. All we have to do is to keep FAITH with PATIENCE.

  19. Dear Anonymous ji, Even I do the same by ignoring their words and forget about them that they are there for my kid and my family. I doesn't understand, even this generation like my SIL behaves the same way. My husband has done so many things that any other brother have not done to her before marriage. She used to blackmail him if he don't do according to her sayings that she will complain her parents. She also complained for silly things so many times and my inlaws used to call my husband and abuse him for silly reasons. She will not do household work, moreover she use to keep home very dirty which is against my wish. My husband used to be very responsible and has done lakhs of debts for her dowry in marriage. Once she got married, that's it she forgot her brother and me. she don't even call nor visit our home that we were her enemies. More over she complains about my family to their parents that his brother is helping our family. How come god bless these kind of people who forget and not even care the reason behind their well being. Can't we change this society like that of foreigners who do not involve in the others' family matters.

  20. Sai ki beti…I'm so sorry about your situation. I can feel your pain in your writing. Like some others suggested I think you should deal with your husband more proactively. First of all stop feeling sorry for yourself, to your credit you have done everything to save your marriage. It is your husband's loss that he is unable to see what a gem of a wife he has.

    Have a condid talk with your husband about his problem whether it is physical or psychological. Try to be confident and yet sympathetic. May be that will help him open up to you. If you still can't get any answers from him and if you haven't already done so, do involve other members of his family and your family.
    If everything is out in the open, then your inlaws and husband will be forced to address the situation.
    Like someone else suggested…please try to find whatever big or small job you can. This will help your confidence and help you think more clearly.
    Take one step and baba will lift you through the rest of the journey.
    Lastly…I have seen a lot of people with marital issues benefit by offering water (abhishek) to shivaling. Every morning after bath, pour some water on Shivaling and offer your prayers. Shiv is Shubhankar, he will do you shubh as well.
    Good luck.

  21. Very nice experiences Tanvy Ji! It is wonderful that Baba's statue came near your place and also nice that although everything else was torn down, Baba's pictures remained. Although you weren't able to qualify for the paper you nearly missed, I am sure Baba has something very good planned for you in your future. OM SAI RAM!

  22. Dear Sai Ki Beti , dont expect things to happen as u wish .. be it good or bad – whatever happens , stay stable and same. invite happiness or sadness with the same face. In your problems , u r missing one important point. Through the troubles u faced , baba conveys u to carry on with devotional service … it will lead to salvation … u r lucky …

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