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Today’s experience has been the worst one to post. Even today when we talk of equal position for men and women still women have to bear major consequences just because she is female by birth. I am full of anger for the culprit in this experience without much commenting.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Only Sai knows that you are doing very good work. You are the link between us and Sai. Sometimes, when I am in too much tension, I always open Sai Devotees Experience site and my worries get over. Thank You Sai Baba for loving us so much and blessing us every minute. I request you to please keep me anonymous. Hetal Ji, if you want to edit something, you are free to do it. But I request you to please publish this as soon as possible as the experience that I want to say is about the dead girl and she needs blessings from all the Sai Devotees.

We are four sisters and everyone is married happily staying with our children. Last Friday (i.e., 24-May-2012), suddenly I got a call early morning at 6 AM. It was my 3rd sister’s daughter’s call. She told me that my elder sister’s daughter “Bindya”, who was married, got expired. When I called my sister, she told me that her husband killed her very badly. She has one daughter Angelina, who is 4 years old. The night, she was killed, that day in the evening she was at her mother’s house, who stays in Andheri. Bindya’s husband called her and told her to come to the party and she did not agree, but he literally forced her to come. She went to the Party. Late at night, they left the party to come home. Bindya, her husband, her daughter and Bindya’s sister-in-law reached their building. When they went to the apartment, the husband and wife had some argument in the kitchen. There, he took a knife and stabbed her badly on her thighs. When sister saw this, she tried to release them, but he did not listen. Bindya tried to run from there, but he pulled her hair and dragged her to the bedroom, locked the bedroom and threw her on the bed and killed her like animals until she died. He stabbed her nearly 18 times. Meantime Bindya’s sister-in-law called the police and Bindya’s parents, as she was on the scene. After that, Bindya’s sister-in-law realised what she did and when the police came, she changed her statement. She told police that she was not in the apartment. But if she was not in the apartment, how did the 4 year old girl saw her father killing her mother. Police came broke the door and arrested Bindya’s husband. He has taken for remand and now he is not opening his mouth and telling police that he does not know anything. It has been eight days and he has taken on remand till 2nd of June.

The small baby, Angelina, is taken by Bindya’s parents. Every time, the girl sees her mother’s picture, she says papa killed my mother and he will kill me too. Anytime she sees my sister crying, she asks her why are you crying. I know why you are crying because my mama is dead. I want all Sai Devotees to pray for Bindya as she was badly and brutally killed. May her soul rest in peace and the criminal should be punished badly. No one has any right to kill anyone. Please pray for Bindya. Since I have heard this, I cannot sleep at night. Every time, I close my eyes, I can see Bindya’s face and that scene is always in my eyes that Bindya is trying to rescue herself, but she was killed by her husband like animals. This article was in the news papers. I pray to Sai Baba that He will punish the criminal badly and the sister, who has changed the statement, should say the truth. Please, Baba, bless Bindya, so that she rests in peace.

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  1. OH MY GOD
    sai baba pls punish the culprit and give strength to Bindyas parents and her daughter.Baba please bless Bindya's soul so that she rests in peace..
    jai sairam…..

  2. I am very much saddened to read this.anyone who does wrong can never escape being punished.SaiRam..May Bindya's soul rest in peace.I hope and wish and pray to Baba nothing like this should ever happen to anyone else.

    Jai SaiRam

  3. This is very shamefull act. A person when becomes an animal can do it. Sister we can only pray that may our Sai deva rest d sole in heaven. That man will not only get punishment here but also get punished in sai darbar. Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram

  4. So sorry to read about your sister Bindiya ….loss of words can a husband do such brutal attack? Bhagwan ki lathi me awaz nahi hoti …. he will get his punishment May her soul rest in peace

  5. Om Sai Ram It is really sad that the little girl has witnessed all this.At this tender age when the little one needs her mother ,Bindiya is not with her.May Sai Baba rest her soul in peace and give lots of courage to the family to bear this loss.

  6. May Bindya's soul rest in peace. I pray for the little girl Angelina to be safe and loved always. May the culprit get punished soon and justice be done for the deceased and the family. Jai Sai Ram

  7. feei very upset to read this.I pray to lord sai to give peaceto the soul and pray not to do this kind of act with any body. om sairam.

  8. i am very upset to read this there are people like psycos he has to punished he must feel the pain more then Bindya,and her sister in law also punished now the child has to face the challenging future,please sai why this all happening???

  9. Whatever happened is really sad…so sorry for your loss. May Bindya's soul Rest in Peace. Praying to Baba to do justice and take care of Angelina by being both her mother & father.

  10. Sainatha is there in your pain today, He was also there when Bindiya was going thru pain, and He is also going to bring justice to them. He will take care of Bindiya's daughter and make her his special child. Please pray, even though you may not feel like it very much. Your sister needs attention,because it is her daughter that was hurt. She will take time to recover. Baba is with them right now. Leave your worries to him, and watch what happens.


  12. sai ram. i can't even imagine the trauma she must have gone thru, no words to say. with so many devotees prayers iam sure her soul will be taken care by our beloved baba. may baba help and direct Bindya's soul.
    Dear Baba,
    Please help your daughter's soul and take care of her.

  13. RIP bindya…saimaa give hope to the little one has the right of killing themself or the other…omsairam

  14. How cruel human beings can be is known from this incidents.Even animals do not hunt like this.Plz baba give peace to that soul who must be thinking of that child.Do justice baba don delay.

  15. Really unable to beleive people who are well educated could be like this!!! I can imagine the pain that you are going through. I pray to baba that Bindhya's soul rest in peace and to take care of Angelina.. Om sairam.

  16. RIP Bindya,
    Baba please give strength to Bindya's parents and take care of small daughter

    Om Sai Rama

  17. Bindiya has gone near Baba and am sure Baba would do the best for her daughter. Baba please make her husband realize the sin that he has done. May her soul rest in peace. Jai Sai Ram!

  18. Dear devotee defnitely sai will punish him.
    Rest in peace bindiya ….. Om sai ram

    om sai ram.

  19. Dear devotee,
    I don't think we can understand why this happened. May Sai Baba give all of you the courage to face this situation. May Sai Baba be with Angelina.

  20. This is extremely disturbing to read and infact now am really scared of how terrible people can be and shud they be even called human beings. baba please this time dont wait until next birth for this cheap criminal to pay his karmas and please do justice soon and punish such people harshly so that such heinous crimes dont happen every now n then i feel extremely helpless when i see women and helpless beings put through such nonsense. I pray to you baba to take care of that child and give the gals family enough strength to tolerate this major loss in life. May bindyas sole rest in peace and let baba now really come in physical form and take control of this big bad world which is turning more and more dangerous to stay in.
    Om sai ram!

  21. very sad situation,all we pray for bindya,her soul will rest in heaven,now she is with our beloved baba,baba will give all happiness to her, and he will takecare for anjelina though out her life,baba will give strength and support to bindyas parents ,bindyas husband will get a lifetime punishment for his evilwork……… sai ram

  22. It is very unfortunate to bindhiya's daughter Angelina ,suh a brutal killing in front of small kid.
    SaiRam will punish that animal.omsairam.

  23. wow, a 4 year old shouldn't go through that. i can pray but sometimes you also have to act. i suggest you take that 4 year old away from her heartless dad and take all legal precautions so he doesn't take her back(obviously consult a trustworthy lawyer). as it says in manusmruti, the best way to protect women is teach how to protect themselves.

  24. Baba is definitely going to do justice with bindiya.this is the very shameful act her husband did.we all sai devotees are praying for bindiya and we know baba won't let us down.

  25. RIP Bindiya. May baba put his bountiful hands on Angelina and bless the departed soul.
    Absolutely gruesome and inhuman act. Certainly, it is Kaliyug. I read about this in newspaper and different newspapers have reported variations in their reports. One says – Sister-in-law was out of apartment with the kid and she rushed up as she heard some noise. The other says – Sister-in-law was in the apartment. This guy is Bollywood hair stylist and has high profile clients. Moreover, a love marriage between them which means guy certainly loved her at some point to marry and start family with her. When I read it on this blog, I had goose bumps. No mention of reason for such a rage. My heart goes out to Bindiya’s parents and Angelina. This tale as well reminds of historic case of Neeraj Grover and Arushi.

  26. Om Sai Ram
    Pl Baba punish the criminals and rest Bindya's soul in peace and take of her daughter and give strength to her parents to face the situation.


  27. It is a pathetic incident.Baba will take care. In Sai Satcharita chapter-36, it is written that "debt, enimity,and murder have to be atoned for, as there is no escape from them".Hence the murderer will get his share of punishment and the sister-in-law who changed her statement will also get her reward,Baba will never leave them.
    Still women are not aware of the fact that they should learn to behave as men behave, there is no meaning in being Sati Savitri to the wicked men.Soon after the marriage if there are constant arguments, it is better to part their ways legally,instead of being butchered at the hands of impious husbands. Similar cases are in legion,still we women have not developed the courage to part with such evil husbands and live separately.Most of them are scared of the society.

    This should be an eye-opener to timid wives who are suffering at the hands of their wicked husbands.
    May her soul rest in peace. I also pray Baba to give her daughter to forget the horrifying incident.

    Om Datta Sai

  28. may her soul rest in peace n pliz sai baba punish the husband who killed his wife .sai baba pliz take care of the little girl n pliz baba provide lots of love n care for that child,baba be her mother n sai ram.

  29. May her soul rest in peace. Baba will surely punish the husband, and take care of Angelina. Baba, please give strength to the family and help them tide over this.

  30. My Lord I humbly pray you to bless bindya's sould to rest in peace & take care of your kid that is the daughter of bindya.
    Om Sai Ram

  31. Baba please bindhya's soul should be in peace. While read this experiance my heart beat increased.

    Please bless the cute and short angel and take care of Bindhya's Parents coz they are already old and they have to take care of them self and the small child………please dont leave them baba.

    Om Sai Ram

  32. Om sai ram,

    Baba please bless bindhya and her daughter, May bindya soul rest in peace and criminal should be punished!

    hope the little one gets mother love from her guardians. baba please take care of rest of her life.

    Om sai ram

  33. Om Sai Ram,
    I am really sorry to hear about your loss, May Bindya soul rest in peace. I will pray for you and your family. baba will take care for Angelina.

  34. Baba take the little one Angalina in to your hands and be with her rest of her life like a mother and give strenth to bindya parents and peace to Bindya soul and change the bad people.

  35. May her soul rest in peace and baba please punish the culprit. Baba, Please take care of small girl. Its really very SAD.

    Om Sai Ram

  36. Om sai Ram.

    Baba, may Bindya's soul rest in peace. Please take good care of little Angelina. Please protect all your children.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  37. With all your and sai maa's blessings Bindya's husband has confessed that he has killed her. He was asking her one glass of drink which she did not give him as he was already drunk. Now on confession he said he wants to see his daughter …Please comment…My sister does want to take Angelina to see his father..Please Advise

  38. i am happy he confessed. i personally wouldn't take angelina to her dad until everything is resolved and he is behind the bars. she already has enough trauma witnessing her dad kill her mother. no need to add ghee to the fire. i also recommend you to see a trustworthy lawyer so angelina will be safe with your sister and he doesn't take her back.

  39. please sairam don't allow little angelina to see that animal(her father).sairam please punish that animal.omsairam,omsairam.

  40. Why trouble and torture little soul for this undeserving father. Bindiya's parents should make a legal claim and raise Angelina. I am sure court will not want Angelina to go through mental trauma which could affect little childs mental condition. Approach court immediately and get orders.

  41. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless Bindya's soul to rest in peace. Take good care of Angelina and bless her. You are her Mom and Dad. And please protect all … these thingsshould not happen again Baba .. please take care of all your children.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  42. Sai's Daughter fromAbu Dhabi says: I would like to thank Sai Baba and all the devotees for being with me and praying for Bindya my sister's daughter.
    Sai Baba has given me everything in my life. Without him the world cannot move. Sai please punish the cruel person, who has killed his wife for no reason..
    I thank you for posting very quickly about Bindya and many devotees of Sai praying for Bindya. I request you to please publish this as soon as possible as the court hearing date has been given for 25th of June. With all your blessings and prayers Steve Lisbon has confessed that he has killed Bindya but is not confessing the real reason why he killed her. On 25th of June is his first hearing in the court, i request all the devotees to pray that he should confess everything and say the truth. His sister who is changing the statements still also should tell the truth. Lisbon has applied for the bail, if he gets bail, then Bindya will not get insaf, we want insaf for her. I pray to sai not to give him bail as criminals should get their punishement otherwise they will get encouragement. I request all the devotees to pray for it..As all your prayers will help Bindya to rest in peace. Since Bindya's case has happened i have lost my sleep. Beleive me i never met her for months nor i'd spoken to her but still after her incident has taken place she is always in my eyes. Every moment when i close my eyes i can see her face smiling and then i cant sleep. I pray to sai maa to make her soul rest in peace and wherever she is now she should be the most happiest person. Sai Please bless BINDYA with all the happiness that she has never got before in this birth..Sai maa you are the one and only one who gives strength to everyone. Please give strength to Bindya's parents and brother and bhabi. Please help Angelina [bindya's daugher] to be very strong in life, everyday she asks bindya's parents when is mom coming back. BLESS THE CHILD SAI.. AND GIVE HER ALL THE HAPPINESS OF THE WORLD….

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