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Shirdi trip experiences are always mesmerizing and this one is also very beautiful.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram Thank you Hetal Ji for posting my previous experience. This is my second one.

I felt blessed after reading so many positive comments for my health in the last post. Kindly keep me anonymous only, because my name or my being doesn’t matter. Only my experiences of Him matter. All of us are nothing without Him. If possible, do post the whole of my experience. It’s lengthy, but Baba’s miracles are too many to make it short.

Here, I would like to share my recent experience of visiting Shirdi. How He makes plans for us and then makes it go smoothly, is no one can understand. After my health issues, me and my hubby were planning to go on a vacation for a change of mind. Somehow, nothing was materialized for more than 2 months. Suddenly one day, I just like that mentioned that let’s plan a trip to Shirdi, and we can stay in Mumbai also as we have family there. I had casually mentioned thinking nothing is going to move forward. Look at the miracles now. While I was browsing through question and answer website, answer came something like go to Shirdi, you will soon visit Shirdi. And our plans did materialize and we did book our hotel and tickets for Shirdi. I had a desire to take dress for Baba. Now the question was that as very little time was remaining and I had never offered before. How to proceed further? Here I got some help from people in the temple nearby my home and also Sourabh Ji of Shirdi (whose name Hetal Ji had mentioned in her Shirdi trip post). One fine day, I started for a nearby market praying to Baba that You have to guide me in getting dresses. First I found some shawl for Him and then after 2-3 shops, I liked some material in red colour for dress. It was costly, but I loved it very much and believe me I had tears in my eyes, when I finalized the dress and got embroidery and gave to the tailor for getting it ready. When I came home, I cried uncontrollably because Baba had guided me so beautifully and within one hour, I was able to find everything I needed and felt contended. I felt that I am going to offer this to my parents through HIM. Now, I couldn’t wait to see the finished dress, when it came home after 2 days. I was like a child, who has got a new toy, showing the dress with excitement to my husband, who also liked it very much. My kid also loved the colour.

Last year when I had gone to Shirdi, we couldn’t get proper Darshan and facilities to stay as it was our first visit and we didn’t plan it well. This time Baba made sure everything was comfortable, from starting from our home to reaching Mumbai and getting to Shirdi via road. It was as if He Himself was making arrangements. We reached our hotel around 3 pm and after taking little rest, we started for Darshan. As I was not sure how to donate the dress, I kept asking few people around and they all told me to take it to Samadhi Mandir, where the priests will touch it to Baba’s feet and I can then donate or take it home. We went to Samadhi Mandir and there was not much rush, we were standing in the middle queue and somehow we moved to the left side corner queue not realising that we won’t get Darshan from center. I felt little disappointed and asked a person in uniform how to make this offering as we are standing in corner line. He said you are standing in the right place as from here you can touch the Samadhi Mandir and offer the dress also. I felt surreal as if Baba had made us move lines just for this purpose. When our turn came, we offered the dresses and all the dresses were touched at Baba’s feet and Samadhi and given back to us. The uniformed person then told us to kneel down and touch Baba’s feet without hurrying. Then he asked to come back and stand next to him and take Baba’s Darshan for some more time. You can imagine the bliss we felt. Everyone else was moving and going out and we were asked to stay and take Darshan. Can any words describe what we felt? After this we went to donation office and donated the clothes, but I could not get any reply when our dresses will be offered.

Then we went to Chavadi, Dwarakamai and took rounds of the sacred Neem Tree. After roaming around for some more time, we went to stand in queue for evening Aarti. After standing in the line for a long time, we felt that we would not get a chance to attend Aarti in main hall and like last time we would be standing. But Baba had planned it for us, we got to go to main hall and sit and do Aarti reading. I was in tears, while reading Aarti. I was so overwhelmed with His love and His presence that I could not thank HIM enough. He made sure we got Darshan twice. After Aarti, we did some purchasing of sweets and books, met Sourabh Ji, who helped us in planning for Annadaan for next day and retired to our room. Due to some problems, we could not attend Kakad Aarti, but I was not disappointed at all simply because Baba made sure we got to see Him twice the previous day and He must have known that we would not be able to attend next day Aarti.

When I look back I can relate two more incidents and find the connections/miracles/blessings of Baba. First one is that we had initially planned to stay in Shirdi on Thursday night, but a week before we had to change it to Wednesday night. Now see, had we kept our previous booking we would not have been able to get any Darshan due to some problems at our end. So, He made sure that we shift our days and get Darshan on Wednesday itself. Secondly, a few weeks before the trip one day while I was disturbed and kept asking questions to Baba and fell asleep. I thought I saw someone clearly instructing me to kneel/bow my head before Samadhi of Baba not once but twice. I did not understand this at that time. But look at the beauty of events, which unfolded the day of Darshan. I got first Darshan, while offering dress, the uniformed personnel specifically and clearly told me to bow my head near Samadhi Mandir and just me not my husband or my kid. They were already bowing down and I don’t know why I didn’t do it myself in the first place, but I did it after being told to do. I got second Darshan and bowed down to Him after evening Aarti. If this is not miracle, what else is? My Deva exists and only people, who believe in Him can see Him, feel His presence and understand Him. I have a long way to go before I can say that I am a true devotee of Baba, but I do hope and pray that my love continues to grow for Him by each breath I take.

I have to add one more blessing. I had posted my first experience a long time ago (almost 2 months ago) and wondered if it will be published on a Thursday. Yes, it was posted on a Thursday, the day we were in Shirdi doing Annadanam and when devotee’s prayers were submitted at Dwarakamai. Baba wanted us to visit Him before my experience could be posted and that’s how it happened.

The reason I am sharing these experiences is not for boasting, but maybe our experience will instill some more confidence in His miracles. It might be an indicator for someone, who needs just a slight sign/boost for little more motivation in life. These words are flowing out of me, but certainly not mine. They are His blessing for all of us. May Baba bless all of us and give us love, devotion and place at His Holy feet.

Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Om SAi Ram Jai JAi Sai ram…Wonderful experience Thanks for sharing with us .Baba please shower your blessings to all of us .Please Call me shirdhi

    Jai Sai ram!

  2. I had the Darshan of Sai in Shirdi on Thursday November 18, 2010. After Darshan of Sai in Shirdi, I have the feeling that I have grown up my existential, intellectual, emotional and devotional clarity in Sai Spirituality.

  3. Wonderful experience, thanks for sharing with all of us..

    Baba please keep showering your blessings on us..

    Om Sai Rama

  4. baba meri jindagi ka faisala ab apke hathon mein hai mujhe pasand nhi hai par main ky karoon please meri madad karo baba please..sai ab sab apke hathoon mein hai agar apke vachan jhoote nhihote to please apne unn vachano ko sach kar do baba main san se bahut pyar krti hoon but aap sab jante ho please meri madad karo..sai mujhe akela mat chhodo please baba i beg u please sai ab apko insaaf karna hoga..please sai

  5. I would like to know about the Question and Answer website to pose questions. If any body can provide me the website address it will be useful for me. Thany you. My email adddress :

  6. Sai Baba, You have shown me each day that you are with me. Baba aur kitni pareeksha logey. Please baba, bless my husband with a job soon . Ab sabar bhi kho raha hai.

    Please sai , when my husband gets a job I will donate my half salary to charity, Please bless us .

    Om Sai Ram

  7. Very nice Shirdi trip experience! It is wonderful that Baba arranged for everything and eventhough sometimes we think that things do not work out as we like, Baba arranges everything nicely for us. You are also very lucky that Baba showed you in the dream what he will do for you when you come to Shirdi (letting you have darshan twice). Om Sai Ram!

  8. Sai Ram. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. when I was reading your experience I felt so overwelmed the experience you have received from the Baba. god bless you. It was so great feeling. please keep posting the experience so we could understand more about Baba and get his blessing also.

  9. wonderful experience.i am in tears while reading your experience.the lines you have written in last part of the post
    ''The reason I am sharing these experiences is not for boasting, but maybe our experience will instill some more confidence in His miracles. It might be an indicator for someone, who needs just a slight sign/boost for little more motivation in life. These words are flowing out of me, but certainly not mine. They are His blessing for all of us. May Baba bless all of us and give us love, devotion and place at His Holy feet''. is really true.beacause i was going through some rough phase of my life.and i was disturbed but this post of yours really boosted my faith.may saima bless sairam..

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