In today’s post we shall be going through three more brief experiences of Lord Sai Baba as stated by His devotees.

Sai Baba – My Father, My Mother, My Everything

Sai Sister Shivangi Ji from UAE says: Whether you see Him or you don’t or He shows you His miracles or not, but trust me if you are taking His name, that’s because Sai loves you. You trust in Him and there He is with open arms. I have always experienced His presence around me. I am His little kid, whom He guides every second.

Below is my experience:

I had finished college and was very happy about it. I was energetic and I knew that I will get a job for sure. I started applying and giving interviews. I always used to take Sai Baba’s name, but I wasn’t drawn to them so much. In the midst of this cycle of job interviews, one of my relatives came with a Sai Satcharitra Book. I got so happy and started reading it slowly. It was then that Sai Baba started taking me in His kind blessed lap. I could feel an instant rush of positivity, good thoughts and divine presence.

I never lost hope. Not even one day went, where I felt the tension of getting a job or anything else. Finally Sai Baba gave me a job. Also, with the blessings of Shree Sai, I am in a relationship and our families have blessed us to be together. But our horoscopes didn’t match and we were given an ultimatum of separating our ways. I got so sad, cried in front of Sai because He was the one, who brought us together. He guided us in our dreams always.

So I started my Nav Guruwar Vrat also. It gave me peace inside. I asked Sai Baba that Sai Baba, You need to send a message to me as to what is right. I am not able to believe future predictions and all I believe in is You. Later that week, one astrologer matched our horoscopes and he said that there is nothing wrong. I will fight with all the people, who say you both, cannot be together.

After so much of negativity, Sai Baba showed us a ray of light. Our parents have now agreed and I know with the blessings of Shree Sai, we will get married soon. He is always there. In my house, the Garland always grows. We see dreams of Sai Baba coming to us.

Sai Baba is miraculous. You just need to COMPLETELY SURRENDER to Him and He is always there. Om Sai Ram.

Baba, Please Help Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, thanks for this wonderful site, where we all can share our experiences. Please share this experience of mine with other Sai devotees if you feel it’s appropriate. I request you not to reveal my name and email id please.

This has been a long pending story, which I had promised to Baba that I would share once my wish comes true. Sorry for the delay Baba.

Actually at my home, they are looking out to get me married. About 6 months back, there was one alliance which everyone at home liked, but I was not happy, but I was agreed for family reasons. Only thing in my hands was to pray to Baba. I asked Baba to let some miracle happen and this alliance should get cancelled. That miracle did happen and Baba did bless me as it got cancelled as per my wish. I have been going through a lot, since past few years and living with the only hope that Baba would bless me, when He thinks it is right and with what is correct for me.

Please Baba show me some rays of hope. Actually last week, I felt my life is changing for good, but before I could be happy, it slipped off my hands. Please, Baba, don’t test me every other day like this. I won’t ask for more, but please show me some hope to keep going. I know no one can escape what’s to be struggled for Baba. If I have paid for my past deeds, please bless me. I need Your blessings badly, now more than ever since I am losing hope. Baba, please bless us all with what is best. Om Sai Ram.

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to share my experience.

Shraddha And Saburi

Sai Sister Umamaheswar Ji from India says: I am a staunch devotee of BABA. I had been to Shirdi and I live according to BABA’s words. I had experienced the toughest part in my life. I started praying BABA, who made me to believe HIM. I met with so much ups and downs in my life. Each and every time, Baba lifts me up and explains about Shraddha and Saburi. My son’s marriage was fixed 2 years back, but it was not happened and the alliance was broke. I was worst affected because of this. BABA provided us a chance to meet HIM in Shirdi and I and my husband got a very good Darshan for three days. BABA is supreme and omnipotent. He knows when to give and where to give. We returned back happily as we got a chance to do Shri Sai Satyanarayana Pooja in the Shrine of Shirdi itself and we were blessed with Shraddha and Saburi. We led our life thinking BABA will give good things as early as possible. Within six months, we got good news of my son’s new job, and of course BABA fixed my son’s marriage. HE selected the suitable girl for my son. Actually we didn’t do anything, but we proceeded with BABA’S order. Now the marriage is on April 25th at DELHI. We have completely surrendered to BABA. If you believe BABA, HE will never let you down.

I have sent my prayers along with my son’s marriage invitation to Shirdi through a devotee, who was going for Shirdi and I received a reply from Him that my prayers with invitation reached in Baba’s lotus feet and in Dwarakamai. Baba I called You. You asked me to pray You. Baba, I told You my worries and You asked me to surrender You. I asked Baba how to surrender completely. You told me to believe You. Baba, I told that I believe You Baba. You told me about Shraddha and Saburi, I practiced to remain calm leaving everything on You. Baba, You then gave me everything at the right time. You only know what to give and where to give at the right time. But I realised that trust and belief will make us to go near Sai. Baba, please bless my son for his marriage. Please accept my son’s marriage invitation and bless him.


Om Sai Nathaya Namaha

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  1. All are nice experience.i would like to tell Shivangi ji n other divotees plz dont reject someone just for kundali basis,being astrologer i can say its not the Quantitative analysis but it is a Qualitative analysis which only an expert can do,n none of the d astrologer is God.u can have 36 guna matching with anyone but not necessarily that is surety of compatibility.Om Sai Ram

  2. Sai:
    Be always there with your august hands on me;
    When you are there, troubles can never make me fear.
    Sai Baba:
    Your teachings and philosophy taught me;
    Shraddha and Saburi to be the core values of a devotee`s life.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂




  4. Om Sai Ram
    Each and every experience are nice. Baba is the superior he knows every thing about us.
    Some flowers grow best in the sun, other do well in the shadow. Baba knows what is best for us and how best we grow.


  5. Om Sai Ram,

    All three experiences are very nice…baba please show right path to ur devotees…we r ur children…om sai ram

  6. Om Sai ram.

    Dear Sai Aunty UmaMaheswar Ji. Am sure Baba attended your son's marriage and blessed the couple. My wedding is on the 9th of July and i sent hand-made invitation card to Baba in Shirdi through a friend. My friend helped me in making the card. I just pray to Baba to definitely attend my wedding and bless us to lead a blissful life. Baba is only arranging everything for our wedding.

    I thank you from the bottom of my Hear Baba. And we love you a lot.

    Baba please bless all of your children abundantly. Sai devotess in the first two experiences .. i pray that you both get married to the suitable partner soon and lead a happy life. May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. All are wonderful experiences…
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    BABA, please keep blessing on everyone.

  8. om sai ram really sai never leaves his devotees hand. he protect my father from accidents thanks a lot baba.

  9. All experiences are wonderful and faith boosting.

    Baba apni kripa drishti sabhi bhakton par aise hi banaaye rakhna. om sai ram.

  10. s ranjan ji !
    i want to ask u onething, if sai is care taker of everything, he will fix the matches, then why people are wasting and rejecting sooo much of matches just because , kudalis are not matching, m really very sad of listening all these things. those who have faith in baba, need not to wory about this, baba will surely solve all ur problems. pls dont reject, just because kundalis are not matching, or they are belonging to different castes. pls don't do this. but onething, baba knows all our situations, he only knows , when and how to solve all these things. so just keep faith and patience. baba bless us always.
    jai sai ram!

  11. Great experience umamaheshwer ji ,even I am facing the same problem.I am waiting for Sai blessings for my son.omsairam

  12. Anonymous sir/mam,ur question to me was not clear …why people are rejecting u said but may be withinh Sai is only rejecting we are just karta and also Karma is base of Hindu dharma …everything is destiny but we dont know what it is so we always keep working sometimes correct sometimes wrong but we have to do karma ….Sai satcharit also says hath par hath rakh kar baithane se ishwar bas aapka pet bhar de par uske aage to karma hi hai.

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