Today again we shall be going through three more experience of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Baba Helped To Get Passport

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: With the grace of lord Sai, I conceived child in July 2011. My pregnancy has been very smooth due to His grace. I did not face a single problem. I never feel as if I am carrying a baby, I always feel that Sai has taken all burden on Himself and I am smoothly sailing. With grace of Sai we got our new home and that too at very cheap price. We were getting frustrated for not getting a good home. Prices were so high and whenever we placed our offer, somebody with more offer came and we lost the opportunity. But Sai had different plans. We got home within our loan limits and moreover house is very good. We could never have thought about a four bedroom home in that price.

One weekend, we went to search for some properties. And in our way we found one board. We called the agent and he showed us two homes. We selected one and till then we were convinced that at this price, we can get only that much sized building. Since all our other offers were rejected, even though we had crossed our limits in applying for those offers. Next weekend, we went for applying for that property. We were not fully satisfied, but still looking at the price, we were convinced. Along with us, one lady had also applied for that property at the same price that is $341,000. When we were on our way, agent’s phone came and he told us that the tenants already living there and will live for 2 months more. But we wanted to shift there directly after the birth of our child. The other lady consented for that and so she got that home. We were not very unhappy, since we did not like that home very much.

After few days my husband went to see another property and another day that very agent called us to see a property. I did not want my husband to go there, since I thought that agent has cheated us previously. But my husband went there. He saw the property and liked it. Then the agent asked us to come before weekend, so that nobody could apply along with us. I was not happy to apply for that property only because of agent. He took me to show the property and I liked it very much, but I did not have any trust on that agent. We were praying for Sai Kripa. On our way back home, we got a call from other agent and he told us that you will be getting the property at $350,000. That was good property, but we still were waiting for other agent’s call. It was Thursday, Baba’s day and around 6 pm, we got the call and we got the property at $345,000. So Baba gave us a good property at a very good price. Otherwise we were getting all the properties more than $375000 that was beyond our limit. And we wanted to move in April, so settlement occurred only in April. Otherwise if we had got property before that, we have had to pay for house rent and settlement installment for more than few months.

Since hospital is far away from that site, where we have booked our delivery, we could not move before the birth of child. So we were frustrated for few months, but Baba knew what is best for us and gave us the right thing at the right time.

Now my husband wanted my parents to come to Australia to take care of me. They applied for passport, but they were not getting and were in great tension. When there was no way, I prayed to Baba please do some miracle and they should get passport today only as it was getting late and late. I will share my experience with all. After 5 minutes, I got a call from my father that passport has been dispatched. So I got some relief. But now it’s getting late and still no visa has been stamped and now less than one week is left for my delivery. I pray to Baba to please finalize it as soon as possible. Or else delay the arrival of baby till they get visa.

Om Sainathay Namah

Baba Came To Our Rescue In A Helpless Situation

Sai Sister Raina Ji from USA says: My Husband and I reside in the US. We faced a terrible immigration issue with our Green Card at short notice in 2011. My husband’s H1B could not be extended because of some error in previous extension, which made him illegally present in the US and we realised it only when we went for new extension. My H4 extension faced problems too. The employer asked my husband and me to leave US immediately.

It was heartbreaking to leave everything behind and go to India, just in a few days. We even tried to hire an attorney before we leave to prove our innocence, but she turned out to be useless. Our Green Card was on the verge of getting denied. We had lost hope. We left for India and had to stay with our family.

Around 8 months went by, my husband could not find a job there. We were mentally disturbed and tired of facing insulting remarks from family members. I came across Sai Vrat. I had done the vrat long back and I decided to do it again.

Miraculously after each Thursday Sai vrat, Baba gave me some good news regarding our Green Card and he got us back to US despite of various obstacles. Baba even saved us at secondary inspection at POE too. Our attorney asked us to honestly provide a written explanation of our situation to USCIS and with Baba’s grace they approved our GC and we had our cards recently. We had tears when we held the card in our hand after a long wait of 5 years. We kept it at Baba’s feet and we could see Baba smiling.

Ever since, our love for Baba has increased and my husband and I cannot spend one day not remembering Sairam.

Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir Dudley UK

Sai Brother Dee Ji from UK says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, Your wonderful work is cherished by all devotees. I want to add my little personal experience with Baba with fellow devotees.

I am so desperate to go to Shirdi this summer to pray for my 5 year old nephew, who has been diagnosed with blood cancer. My family also has many problems and issues that I want to disappear. The cost of the tickets for us to travel is very high and I told Baba that I will not be able to visit Him thus I am very sad. Yesterday on the way to see my nephew in Birmingham Children’s hospital with my sister, she told me that there is a temple on a route that I never really use. I thought it would be nice opportunity to get some blessings before we reached the hospital. It was a Balaji Mandir and hidden off the main road. Driving onto the car park instantly made me believe that I was actually somewhere in India not Dudley, England.

As I walked through the grand main entrance, I instantly notice the first building and the words on a yellow plaque say “Navagraha and Shirdi Sai Baba Shrines main Entrance”. After a small walk to the entrance, I could not believe my eyes as I laid eyes on an incredible Baba Statue. I honestly felt as if I had arrived at Shirdi and started going through the motions. We were blessed as it was 12 pm and Aarti was taking place. What more can I say Baba is truly amazing in everything He does. You put faith in Him and He answers your prayers from His deep ocean sized heart. I had posted a few weeks back, if anyone knew of any Baba temple here in the Wolverhampton, UK. I have found one now and look forward to going to Aarti on Thursday, the day I start my Vrat. It will be wonderful to see other Baba devotees here. If anyone is reading this and from the local area, it will be nice to say hello or even Sai Ram. Website for temple is

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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please cure the small child .. take away his blood cancer .. it really pained to read that .. bless the family with lots of happiness good health.. take utmost care of your children Deva .. we need you .. keep showering your love on us and keep your boon bestowing hand on our heads always.

    Love you Sai and many thanks for all your care.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. As we know that, one of the most important message of Sai Baba is ‘Tyag Sharir Chala Jaunga Bhakton Hetu Dauda Aunga’, which depicts His non-belonging to the body. He made us to feel that He is everywhere.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. deva,…dont trouble the child…it is heartbreaking to hear such a thing… ur world no injustice can be done….why this then? u r the saviour. OM sai Ram

  4. sai ram

    nice & encouraging ….thanks for posting…..heartful wishes for speedy recovery of the little child with cancer.


  5. Nice expereriences. @devotee 3 plz don worry have faith in Baba he will surely solve all ur problems. Thanks

  6. I feel very good and happy when i read miracles happening in people's life and of course I also pray that my wishes are granted. Baba please cure the child of the illness and give strength to his parents to overcome.

  7. hello hetal ji,

    thanx alot for posting my experince on 14th june which i had posted in the month of april and waiting to see that in this website since along time…when everyday i was reading devotee's eperince somhow i was searching my experince to be posted here but when i was not seeing this then i thut baba sayad nehi chahte ki mera experience post abhi ho and keep on raeding all devotees by keeping trust on him with tears in my eyes.

    today i am speechless after reading my 1st experince and tears started roll down from my eyes continoeosly by seeing baba's blessings on me just before one day of my birthday it means tomorrow is my birthday and hetal ji posted my exoerince today and i think its my most precious gift of sai baba on my birthday in advance….thank u baba.i love u soo much and plz try to solve my problem as soon as possbel.coz now it getiing worst now n very painfull….

    i belive sai baba blindly.though i have been suffering since along time but still im waiting with shradha and saburi.will tell my recent updates very soon.

    thanx to all the devotees and all the anosmousys devotees who has prayed for me dilse and advice me to do all that.definitely i will do as per ur advice and i was doing all that before but since along time i have not done donating food to people people,dog ect.

    baba why my sasu tourchuring me mentally by putting those kind of dirty blame on me and my family which is beyond our imagination.baba kya aapko itna belive karne ka yeh phal aap de rahe ho hum logo kon.mere perents ne kya galati ki meri shadi inn logoan se karke jounko itna kast de rahe ho jo aapko itna belive karte they r loosing hope but still paying u only coz no1 can leave u even after in pain.aapke uper pura shradha nad saburi rakh ke nad with ur blessing my shadi has sasu maa is saying hell lot of thigs to us which is not true and ur sitting quitely and seeing tears in my eyes and in my family's eyes.baba plz show us the right path and plz remove all those alligation which they have put on me and my family.

    aap logoan ke sath ek cheez sahre karna chati hun and u all will be surprised to know baba's leela.on this tuesday i called my sasu maa tht m coing mama.she said wht will u do to com now.its better u com along with ur parents and in presence of my son and then take ur laugauge.i got shocked and told ki after knowing all wrong action of his son's behaviour towards me she was supporting her son and started blaming on me and kept the phone.but bravely i took baba's name and took a auto wher baba was in tht auto and went my sasural to talk to my sasu maa.

    when i raeched discussion and alligation on me and my family i kud not stop mysely to packed my laugauge and left it there.then my sasu maa return baba's photo and all those puja samnan which i had taken at the time of my marraige.its really a surprised that baba doesn't want ti be in his almirah which she has kept my baba.when i got married and took that baba's pic with me and kept it on my sasu's puja's place and prying all god and sai.but whn i came to my parents home for 2nd time and went back to my saural and didn't find my baba in her puja place i got shocked and searched wher baba went and found my sasu had kept baba inside almirah.

    then i came to know baba doesn't want his place ther wher he don't want to stay and its happened.on this tuesday baba finally came to my room when my sasu return it to me and its also a miracle tht he didn't want to stay sasu don't belive sai thts why it happened and m sure baba will give her a lesson very soon..i kept baba in my coupard and came to my parents palce.

    thnx alot to all the sai devotees for all there parers for me and tht question and answear for me.plz pray for me and my happiness .it came to divorce.but i don't know wht is baba's plan for me.on sai ram.baba plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sollve my problm and be with my husband if possbel try to change him…….

  8. Baba knows everything what to and what not to to we should have shraddha and saburi and look forward

  9. I know that Baba has his own plans for solving problems at the right time, but sometime i loose shraddha and saburi and get upset on baba.. I am very sorry baba, pls forgive me and strengthen my faith. please solve my problems as soon as possible.

    om sai ram
    ur daughter

  10. Baba,please liste to sai sister's payer.please,solve all her problem n get her husband back to her .Please baba.May baba bless you Sai Sister.Dont Worry.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram




  14. Very nice experiences! Dee Ji, it is wonderful that after asking Baba for a Baba temple nearby, Baba showed you a very grand one. I hope your nephew is cured soon also. Raina Ji, it is wonderful that Baba arranged for your Green Card issue to get sorted out and wonderful you and your husband are able to come back to USA. Devotee from Australia, just as Baba arranged so nicely for your house, I am sure Baba will arrange for your parents to come soon. With Baba's grace, I am sure you will have a very healthy baby. Om Sai Ram!

  15. Sairam,
    Sai baba :“If I accept one rupee from anyone as ‘dakshina’, I have to return many more times of it. I never accept anything gratis from anybody nor do I ask for ‘dakshina’ indiscriminately. I only ask and take from him towards whom the ‘Fakir’ (God) points out. If anyone is indebted in his previous birth to the ‘Fakir”, then only ‘dakshina’ is received from him. The donor gives and sows the seeds to reap a rich harvest in future. Wealth should only be used to earn ‘Dharma’. If it is used for personal enjoyment, it is wasted. Unless you have given charity before, you cannot, get it now. So, the best way to receive is to give. The giving of’dakshina’ leads to Vairagya’ (non-attachment) and thereby to ‘Bhakti and’ Gyan.”
    Sri Sai baba bestows health (Arogya), long life (Deergha Ayush), peace (Shanti), wealth (Aishwarya), prosperity (Rishti), satisfaction (Tushti) and immortality (Moksha).
    Yours in Services of Sai.
    Guruji Sairamaprasad

  16. Namaste Dee ji! Om Sai Ram!

    I am extremely touched by your experience that you have shared and am praying to Baba to cure your nephew. I will pray that soon you and your family will be able to visit shirdi too with Baba's grace because once a devotee resolves to visit Shirdi Baba will make it possible
    and pull the devotee to him. Also Dee ji I have an udi packet that I got from Shirdi during my
    last visit and wish to send it over for your nephew. Please email me your mailing address
    ( and I will be extremely happy to mail it to you as Baba's udi serves
    as the best medicine in the world.

    All other experiences shared today were very nice too. May Baba bless one and all!

    Jai Sai Ram!

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