A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 193

Today again sharing experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Baba Blessed A Job To My Husband

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, you are doing such a Nobel work for all of us. May Baba bless you all the happiness in your life. This is the first time I am sharing my experience with Baba in this website. I am very unlucky girl and I always read Baba’s miracles in your website, which gives me strength to struggle in my life. There are so many good and bad experiences in my life to share here with all of you and surely I will share, but now I am sharing a recent experience of my life. Please do not disclose my name and email id.

I got married in Jan 2012. After I got marry, I came to know my husband’s business in not working well. I have been facing lots of problem in my married life. It’s been 2 months, but my husband has not yet accepted me as wife physically and mentally and I really don’t know why? But as I am a devote of Baba with Saburi, I am waiting for Baba’s blessings in my married life and praying Baba to change my husband as good man and return back to me soon. Let’s see what is there in my luck. Now I have come back to my parents place and everyday tears in my eyes by thinking why it happened to me and when Baba know everything about us. He could have stopped my marriage. I and my family are in real pain now.

Anyways let me tell you the real experience. After I got married, I decided to start Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat for my husband and to bless me a peaceful married life like other. In the moth of Feb, I started and after the 1st Nav Gurvar Vrat, he got job but he didn’t join. After few days, again he got another two jobs and finally he joined in a company on April. But he didn’t tell me that he is going to join. I sent him all the best, but he didn’t even reply me.

My wish is that may Baba bless him all the success in his life. Now my family doesn’t want me to leave to their place as he doesn’t have any relation with me like a husband. I really don’t want to break my marriage. But I really don’t know what is there in my luck and what is Baba’s planning for me. Its Baba only gave me this guy to me and I am suffering like this with tears in my eyes. I read Sai Satcharitra almost all time, which gives me peace in my mind.

I am just waiting for Baba’s miracle in my life and please pray for me for my married life. Baba, please help me to solve my problem soon and show me your presence. Since a long time, I have been keeping patience, but now my question is for how long. Sometimes I feel like to kill myself, but I know its sin, which I can’t do. But I am really feeling helpless. Baba, please listen to my prayer.

Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Miracle

Sai Sister Priti Ji from India says: From the day of marriage, I and my husband had no stable life. He started to travel abroad. Every time he travelled and wanted me to come to him. Things went wrong. We fell in trouble. People started to pity us. I was staying with my mom. And for 3 yrs this went on. He returns, we try to settle, again he leave for abroad and left behind in tears with hope. He only wanted to stay abroad. I was scared of listening him.

This time he went on b1 visa to USA and said would apply for me h4 after his h1 petition was approved. But no luck months passed. There were problems, hindrances in his h1 visa. Somehow he managed to get h1. I felt now my sad days will go away. Some people said h4 is Easy to get. I went for my interview and came back disappointed. I got a 221g form, which meant that they have put my visa on hold and wanted some documents. This procedure had no time limit and less chances of getting visa. I submitted documents. Months passed and nothing happened. I was waiting for and email from consulate. Everyday hopelessly, I check my mail, but I get only disappointment. People started to pity on me. I was broken in all aspects. I just sit and cry.

One day, after praying to all religions, Gods, going to all temples, churches and mosques, I accidentally said Sai Baba help me. I had not known Saibaba much. I don’t think about Him ever before. I came home sat on the Internet, while checking my email and getting sad, I started to surf Internet. Accidentally I came across a website, which said ask Sai Baba. So I opened the site and asked Sai Baba how and when my sorrows will get over. I got reply “Work pending for 3 years, will be completed now”. I felt that Baba literally spoke to me on that site. He said “On Ram Navami day, your all sorrows will be over”. I said if I get my email tomorrow, I will do Sai Vrat. Next day, I got positive email. I got visa and on Ram Navami day as said by Sai Baba. Yes it is a miracle. Jai Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram

Sai Brother Satish Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am a Sai Baba’s devotee like all. I really experienced Sai Baba’s blessings. I would like to share how I came across this.

I was in West Africa in year 2004, and we had a big Baba’s temple there, where I used to go every time with my uncle. At that time, I used to go to the temple to visit, but at that time, I was not attracted to Baba. I just used to pray casually. In 2005, I was promoted in Central Africa. There I saw one of my uncle, whose name is Ashok Setpal. He used to read Sai Satcharitra daily once. When he was travelling back to India to visit his family, we left to airport. We were on the way. Ashok told me that he has forgotten Sai Satcharitra at home. So he said me that I should bring it in India as I was also about to leave to India in 1 month. So I should return him. After dropping my uncle, Ashok, at airport, I came back to home. In evening, I came back at home and saw Sai Satcharitra, and thought that I should read it. Before that, I never read it. I started reading it every day. Then after a month, when I went back to India, I returned book to him. During this time, my uncle visited to Shirdi and I told him to bring Sai Satcharitra from Shirdi for me. And he bought it. As I came back at home, I went to my aunt’s place. At that time, I had Sai Satcharitra. His son was travelling to America and he took that from me. I gave him so that may be Baba wanted that I should give him to read. Then I bought again Sai Satcharitra for me. So what I mean to say here is that as Ashok forgot that book and we were blessed by Baba’s gyan and I m very happy. This is how I experienced Baba’s blessings.

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  1. Sai ram please bless us I am waiting for your answer eagerly for the thing you have to approve please give me answer I have hope which you can make impossible possible

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai sister in the first experience .. my sincere prayers to Sai Baba to bless you with a happy married life.

    I would request you to try donating to poor people and small street children. You can give them as per your capacity.. I was in some deep personal issue a year back.. and Baba suggested me to donate as per my capacity. I started giving bananas,chocolates,biscuits to street children and poor old people .. they used to be so happy and i felt like Baba was very happy. i felt that by this my Bad Karmas or deeds were getting washed. And by Baba's grace my issues got resolved. So i felt like Baba wanted me to share this with you. You can give cooked food or anything to cows,dogs,poor people, old people and small street children who do not get proper food. You can also help people in any possible way when you see someone needing any help. In this way God will be pleased and Baba will bless you soon.

    I am sure Sainath will take away all your worries soon . May Baba shower his grace on you and your family.

    We love you Baba and thank you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. One should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the results. Shraddha is the foundation of the path of devotion and Saburi is the time taken to walk on that path.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  4. dear first devotee pls don not think negatively baba loves every body he will give unexpected happy solution do not worry ,think every thing for good only always think baba when ever you get negative feeling chant or write "sai sai" and every day read sai satcharitram, i am also seperated from my husband i am living with my parrents for 4 years i lived with him only three months that too he went to abroad for two months hardly i lived with him only 35 days ,i am doing my higher studies and i am going for job belive baba ,every day i am feelin baba is wih me i am talking with him he is guiding me do not bother about people learn shraddha saburi, do not waste your time by worring ,god does every thing,with out our mistakes we suffer we do not know why only way surrendering to baba ,om sai ram jai sai ram ,

  5. I pray for your married life…

    i am happy you got a visa…

    baba has his own medium of reaching out to people…thanks for sharing the experiences….

  6. Wonderful experiences…Thanks for sharing…

    Dear 1st Devotee,
    Your problem is much bigger than what I thought it to be. I am really sorry.
    I asked BABA for help, here is His reply, "Shree Saibaba will take on to himself your vexation and sorrows and you will be happy. You will have a dream. Remember Shree Sai."
    BABA is there with you, He is listening to you, in fact He is helping you.
    Have Patience & Faith.
    May BABA keep showering His blessings on you & on everyone.

  7. Om Sai Ram
    Do not despair. Have faith. I too am waiting for an answer. Baba will help all his children. Sai Ram.

  8. Please baba bless the sister to lead a happy family life….nothing is impossible for you….may baba bless everyone….om sai ram

  9. Jai Sai Ram
    Thanks for sharing all experiences. Dear sis, have faith in baba. No words for your love towards your husband and baba. Baba ji is planning something different for you, just have saburi. May baba give you each and everything as soon as possible. Baba ji is with you, so you donn't need to worry about. God Bless us all.

    Om Sai Ram

  10. This is for Devotee from India We indian women think that we marry only once ,but we also live just once ….if this marriage is a dead end then listen to your elders ….. you also have a right to be happy …u will be so desperate to save this marriage which is not really a marriage …. don't cry world is a tough place …. may baba bless u always

  11. Dear Sai Sister (Ist devottee)

    Thanks for sharing your sorrows. Just remember that why fear when sai is there. You will get happiness soon. Dont worry. Pray to sai and he will come to your rescure. No doubt.

    Jai Sai Ram

  12. Nice experiences. Thanks for sharing it.
    Dear sai sister in the first experience, really felt bad after reading ur experience. Please trust saibaba completely he will surely take care of your problems.

  13. I heart-fully wish and pray Baba that u will have a happy married life. Baba please bless your child and give her a wonderful life please.

    We always trust you Baba.


  14. Ist- Sai Baba, please save the marriage of First devotee. 2nd- Second experience is amazing & so inspiring.
    3rd- Baba has His own ways to call us to Him or reach to us.

    Om Sai Ram.

  15. hello hetal ji,

    thanx alot for posting my experince which i had posted in the month of april and waiting to see this in this website since along time…when everyday i was reading devotee's eperince somhow i was searching my experince to be posted here but when i was not seeing this then i thut baba sayad nehi chahte ki mera experience post abhi ho and keep on raeding all devotees by keeping trust on him with tears in my eyes.

    today i am speechless after reading my 1st experince and tears started roll down from my eyes continoeosly by seeing baba's blessings on me just before one day of my birthday it means tomorrow is my birthday and hetal ji posted my exoerince today and i think its my most precious gift of sai baba on my birthday in advance….thank u baba.i love u soo much and plz try to solve my problem as soon as possbel.coz now it getiing worst now n very painfull….

    i belive sai baba blindly.though i have been suffering since along time but still im waiting with shradha and saburi.will tell my recent updates very soon.

    thanx to all the devotees and all the anosmousys devotees who has prayed for me dilse and advice me to do all that.definitely i will do as per ur advice and i was doing all that before but since along time i have not done donating food to people people,dog ect.

    baba why my sasu tourchuring me mentally by putting those kind of dirty blame on me and my family which is beyond our imagination.baba kya aapko itna belive karne ka yeh phal aap de rahe ho hum logo kon.mere perents ne kya galati ki meri shadi inn logoan se karke jounko itna kast de rahe ho jo aapko itna belive karte hain.now they r loosing hope but still paying u only coz no1 can leave u even after in pain.aapke uper pura shradha nad saburi rakh ke nad with ur blessing my shadi has done.my sasu maa is saying hell lot of thigs to us which is not true and ur sitting quitely and seeing tears in my eyes and in my family's eyes.baba plz show us the right path and plz remove all those alligation which they have put on me and my family.

    aap logoan ke sath ek cheez sahre karna chati hun and u all will be surprised to know baba's leela.on this tuesday i called my sasu maa tht m coing mama.she said wht will u do to com now.its better u com along with ur parents and in presence of my son and then take ur laugauge.i got shocked and told ki after knowing all wrong action of his son's behaviour towards me she was supporting her son and started blaming on me and kept the phone.but bravely i took baba's name and took a auto wher baba was in tht auto and went my sasural to talk to my sasu maa.

    when i raeched discussion and alligation on me and my family i kud not stop mysely to packed my laugauge and left it there.then my sasu maa return baba's photo and all those puja samnan which i had taken at the time of my marraige.its really a surprised that baba doesn't want ti be in his almirah which she has kept my baba.when i got married and took that baba's pic with me and kept it on my sasu's puja's place and prying all god and sai.but whn i came to my parents home for 2nd time and went back to my saural and didn't find my baba in her puja place i got shocked and searched wher baba went and found my sasu had kept baba inside almirah.

    then i came to know baba doesn't want his place ther wher he don't want to stay and its happened.on this tuesday baba finally came to my room when my sasu return it to me and its also a miracle tht he didn't want to stay there.my sasu don't belive sai thts why it happened and m sure baba will give her a lesson very soon..i kept baba in my coupard and came to my parents palce.

    thnx alot to all the sai devotees for all there parers for me and tht question and answear for me.plz pray for me and my happiness .it came to divorce.but i don't know wht is baba's plan for me.on sai ram.baba plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sollve my problm and be with my husband if possbel try to change him…….

  16. om sai ram Dear sister ( in the first experiance),

    sai will surely bless ur family,we are all sai children,for us he will take care for every thing like how our father was doing,keep on praying our beloved baba,things will surely get set right

    om sai ram

  17. Dear Sai Brother Satishji,
    Kindly let me know where is Sai Temple in West Africa.
    Right now I m in West Africa, want to go to sai temple.
    If possible send me the address.Thanks in advance
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram



  20. @ 1st anonymous devotee- getting married to a person depends our previous jenmas' karma also.. Trusting n loving a person who doesn't even respond or care for us is painful.. Try to find out the reason why your husband or MIL r behaving like this and what they really want? Pray sincerely to sai baba and use the "question & answers" to saibaba and ask if Baba wishes u to continue this marriage life ! Act accordingly.. If the answer comes something like No, pls come out of this narak(hell)… B'coz ur expextations are the basic of a married life, and if u don't get love, affection, care n attention from ur husband, then how can u lead the rest of ur life with him? If i were in ur place, i wud do this only.. I sincerely pray Baba to show the correct path for u and bless u n parents with happiness throughout ur lives!

  21. Excellent experiences! Satish Ji, it was probably Baba's plan for you to find that copy of Sai Satcharitra and read it to increase your faith in Sai Baba. Priti Ji, it is wonderful that on the exact day Baba told you got your visa for USA, and I'm sure Baba will also be there to help and guide you with your new life in USA. Devotee from India, I will also pray to Baba to help you in your married life, but also continue to have faith and patience and Baba will show your husband how wonderful, loving and kind you are and I am sure he will soon see how much he loves and cares about you. OM SAI RAM!

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