Sharing again few experiences of devotees with Shirdi Sai Baba. Please do not miss the last one, it is really amazing and other two ones are equally interesting.


Sai Sister Roshni Ji says: Hi Hetal Ji, Pray with Baba’s blessings you are keeping well with family. Hetal Ji, please post the experience below in your blog – thank you.

I would like to write one amazing experience, which occurred while I was in India with my family. This incident occurred on 3rd Jan 2012. For over 3 or 4 years, my father-in-law had some kind of rash on his arms and head. He visited several doctors, but they would keep giving him medicine or creams to apply, which he did. Recently, he also started ayurvedic medicine, some tablets and cream, which he applied on a daily basis. But nothing had changed. My dearest friend, Lorraine Walshe, was also visiting India at the same time and we both met in Goa in the first week of Jan 2012. Lorraine always carries Baba’s UDI with her. So we requested her to apply some UDI on my father in law’s arms. I went with my father-in-law to meet Lorraine, who was also very eager to see us, just like us. She took Baba’s UDI and applied on my father-in-law’s arms and head. And as she was doing so, my father in law felt a very strange kind of vibration on every spot where UDI was applied. We took leave from Lorraine and came home. Due to this rash, my father in law always used to wear a long sleeved shirt, as it would cover the rash parts of his arms.

He left for Mumbai on 5th Jan2012, and returned back to Goa on 11th Jan 2012. To our amazement, he was wearing a short sleeved shirt and when we enquired, he showed us his arms and said look – all rash has disappeared. Everyone in the room was surprised and we couldn’t believe our eyes. Yes, indeed all rashes had gone, disappeared. The peeling of skin and redness, which we saw before, had completely gone. My friend Lorraine was very happy to know about this too. All Baba’s devotees know very well how their Sai takes good care of them and how He helps His people, many times, through people.

Roshni. JAI SAI

Miracles Of Our SAI

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hetal Ji, Please do not disclose my identity. I am not a good narrator. So please make corrections as and when required. I promised SAIBABA that I would write on this blog once my problems are answered. Today I am very happy to share my experiences with other SAI devotees.

Both my husband and I have some health issues. Two years back my husband’s health got very worse in USA and we were going to hospital almost every day. We had a one year old kid and so we needed somebody to take care of him while we were in the hospital. So we went back to India hoping that our parents would support us. Initially our parents supported us, but after some months, they have left us thinking that my husband will not regain his health. But I didn’t lose faith in GOD and was trying my best by getting him to so many referred doctors to cure him. He had a major surgery recently and by SAI’s grace he is doing okay now.

We came to USA after surgery. Unfortunately in 6 months, he has lost his project and so we were really upset if we need to go back to India. My husband tried to get into some other project, but he was not getting any good one. In this tension, his health again got affected a bit. I started worrying a lot and prayed SAIBABA continuously. We decided to keep 9 Thursday SAI Vrat. We distributed sweets to our colleagues and prayed really very hard. I used to ask BABA something like “my husband need this project and his health should be like this” etc. Then I felt bad about this bargain and left everything as his decision, because I sincerely felt HE knows very well what is good for us.

SAIBABA has done wonders once I left my decisions to Him. He has given a very good project to my husband, which he recently joined in USA. Today we have got his blood test results. His parameters are improving. I am very happy to feel the love of BABA on us. He has showered His blessings to our family.

BABA, we know you will be always there for us to take care of our life. But my only request is, “please give us courage, energy and patience to face our problems”. I am really sorry for being very impatient until our problems are solved. I promise that I’ll try to remain calm until You solve our issues.

Thank you very much BABA for your blessings on us. Please save our life from this roller coaster ride.


Sai Baba Is Always There For Me

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba from almost 7 years now. I would like to share an experience, which recently happened with me and my 22 months old son here in Singapore. Kindly not disclose my identity.

I trust my Sai Baba a lot, but yes Baba also tests our faith in Him. It was one dark day in my life, when I and my son were alone in our house as my husband had left for the office. Now we had shifted very recently to this new house and were not aware about few things in the house. It happened at around 1 pm. I thought of giving bath to my son. Now I took him inside the bathroom and he tried running away from there and in the process, I just shut the door. Now my son was crying like anything and he tried to open the door with the handle such that the handle just came out in his hands as it was just temporarily glued and the door was locked. Now in around 2 min, I realised in what a big problem we both were caught. I just went mad and shouted at him and started trying to open the door. But all in vain as it was locked and there was no way to come out. Now I tried to break it with the tooth brush, razor and whatever came in my hand, but nothing was working. I was terrified and my son whose only support was me could now feel that there was something wrong. I climbed on the pipe through the towel hanger to reach out to window, but it broke and I felt down badly. Now my son was crying a lot seeing me trying all of this. He just wanted me to sit carrying him. However I wanted to somehow try to break the door so that we could go out. The situation went worse, I cried terribly for help through window, but nothing happened. Hours passed. My son was now hungry and sleepy too. He asked for milk, but I could not explain him the problem we were in. But he was still behaving good and then went off to sleep in my lap. All this time, I was remembering Sai Baba and saying Him to help me. Slowly I started cursing Him for not helping. I cried lot for His help. Meanwhile, my son slept almost for an hour on my lap. I was shattered. I remember it once came in my mind to pray to some other God or Guru, but somewhere deep down I knew Baba is there for me. So I just prayed to Him only and I also remembered His statement in Sai Satcharitra that “No matter come what may stick to your own bolster”. Hours and hours passed, I tried and tried with something or the other to open the door. My son was crying and said Papa come and takes us out. I thought even when my hubby comes from office the main door is locked from inside as well so he cannot come in.

Now at around 7 pm, my husband started knocking the door and then calling on my mobile and landline phones. Both of us were crying and calling him from inside, but he was not able to hear us. Seeing no answer, he came down to ground floor and called me from the bedroom window where he could hear my voice coming from bathroom. I told him all and he said don’t worry he will do something. Then after 10 min, he came from the kitchen window, which we happened to open just yesterday through the neighbour’s kitchen window by requesting them and opened the door from outside. We just hugged him and I cried. My son was ok with Sai Baba’s grace and he started playing after eating something. I was very unhappy with Baba, but slowly I realised that He saved my son from a lot of trauma and gave him strength that nothing was happened to him, even staying inside for 6 hrs without water, milk and fan.

Then I called my mom-in-law and she said that it was to avert some real danger, which could happen to both of us by something less major like this. She made me realise what if I got stuck alone in the bathroom and my son was outside in the house, then the things would have been just worse. Since my son was with me and I was his support and things were ok. If he got alone, then anything could have gone wrong. Sai Baba was there with me in this tough time also. From that day onwards, I grew closer to Him. It made me feel His presence all the more in life. I would like to advise all the Sai Baba Bhakt to always have faith in Him. What may and the best thing you can do to yourself is just utter ‘Sai’ ‘Sai’ all the time in your heart and you will feel His presence very strongly.

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  1. All are nice experiences . Especially the third one.. Really Baba has saved u and ur son from some real danger. Thanks all for sharing it.

  2. I too have a severe pimple problem….but I am not getting it cured by udi. I applied with more faith…with out using medicines….but it is increasing but not yet found the cure for it….I donno why is he testing me like this…..

  3. Paramam Pavithram Baba Vibhuthim, Paramam Vichithram Leela Vibhuthim, Paramaartha Ishtartha Moksha Pradhaatham, Baba Vibhuthim Idhamaashrayaami, Sai Vibhuthim Idhamaashrayaami.

    Jai Sai Nath

  4. Each and every experience are nice. Especially the third one in that situation baba gave courage and protection for both of you. Thank you baba. I love you baba pl help our family by showing any path to lead our lives. Applying udi we can cure any disease by baba's grace. I realised the importance of udi. Thanks for sharing and posting the e
    Om Sai Ram


  5. Jai Sai Ram. All experiences shows BABA's care and mercy.
    For the third experience I don't get it, how come the door get locked from outside? Anyways, happy to know that both , the mother and her son did not suffer any injury!
    Jai Sai Ram.


  7. I and my daughter(at the age of 2 yrs) had similar issue as third experience.Our situation too worst, my daughter was in badroom and i went bath room. she locked my door.My bed room door was already been locked as some electric work was going on in hall.My dauther cried like anything for 3 hrs and fainted.I tried to get out of the room and she was unable to open bath room door which was locked by her. We cried alot and begged baba to save my daughter like anything.Finally after 3 hrs, those electician able to find like we are crying inside the room.they informed to my husband and got relieved from danger situation.

    Baba saved us.

  8. All the three experiences are very nice. Especially the third one. Why fear when Baba is Here. First experience also tells us the importance of Udi

  9. Dear Jyothi ji,
    Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor thing! I feel so sorry for both of you facing such a terrible situation! May you be blessed double for this suffering! My love to sweet little girl!
    Jai Sai SAM.

  10. Very wonderful experiences! Devotee from Singapore, it is wonderful that Baba helped you escape from the bathroom and Baba made sure to take care of your son while you were trapped inside and it is truly only due to Baba's grace that he was there inside with you and not stuck outside with you in the bathroom. Roshni Ji, it is amazing that the UDI cured the rash on your father-in-law; Udi has amazing powers when combined with our faith in Baba. Devotee from USA, it is wonderful that Baba improved your husband's health and also found him a good, new job. Baba tests us many times, but we just need to have faith and patience. OM SAI RAM!

  11. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba shower their lives with good health, long happy life, knowledge, faith, devotion, courage, happiness, laughter, inner peace, joy and prosperity. Baba help my little family as we are going to be in different places, please protect us from all danger and evil. We are undertaking a small journey and once again we request you to be with us and safeguard us. Help my husband in every way, keep him stress free and happy. Help me contribute and support my little family in every way. Help me engage myself in contributing to the goodness. Help my children as they start a new life. Baba I need your protection for my family. You are our saviour , protector, guardian at all times. Please be with us. Help me look decent and good as I am unhappy with my bodily changes. Help me gain confidence and courage to do good and take responsibility of the family well being. I surrender to you Baba. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

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