Shirdi Sai Baba – The Ultimate Power – Sai Devotee Sudhamayee

Lord Sai Baba has His own plans for His devotees and even acts as accordingly. After seeing the consequences, we take His wish as His blessings and love. See experience below.

Sai Sister Sudhamayee Ji from India says: Hello All, I am Sudhamayee. I posted three of my experiences previously. One of it was published on Jan 18, 2012 ( Believe in Sai Baba of Shirdi), the second one on Feb 22, 2012 (Sai Baba Came To Our Home and third one on Mar 15, 2012 ( Sai Baba Listens Each And Every Word Of His Devotee). Here I am, to explain one more experience. I have furnished in my previous experience that I started praying Baba intensely at the age of 16 years, when I was pursuing my intermediate. He changed me drastically from then.

I used to be a mischievous and negligent student in my school days. I never used to sit and study. Though I had a capability of achieving good marks, I never indeed achieved because of my negligence. I used to roam a lot, talk a lot, quarrel a lot, bunk classes for watching films, and never used to be punctual and sincere. I had a strong passion for filmy songs and dance. But I never let those interests to manifest into serious and healthy hobbies. Rather I allowed them to ruin all my study time and other progressive skills. I simply used to watch TV and practice all those steps of my favorite stars in my study hours. Simply, I was like a typical example of bad girl in my school days. But at the stage of intermediate, when I started praying Baba, I changed a lot even without my notice. My passion for filmy dance and some other unhealthy practices have abandoned me. From then I never practiced a single step of film dances again. Sometimes it wonders me itself. From then I used to work hard, talk less, be sincere and all this happened without my intention and endeavor. I scored very good marks at my intermediate level. Even I maintained the same pace at my engineering. My school friends surprisingly used to ask me to my face “Is this really you, who is securing top score in the branch? How come did you grow such an intelligent? Did you ever expect such accomplishments in your life?” I used to just smile simply because I know the reason is not my intelligence, but it is my hardworking nature and perseverance, which Baba had blessed me through His preaching. From an undignified, talkative, quarrelsome, reckless child, Baba transformed me in to a dignified, reserved, descent, understanding, hardworking and a sincere child. I really owe Him a lot for this. Now, I am coming to my experience straightly.

In my B.Tech., by Baba’s grace, I was going through a successful period in my life. But one day, when my mom met an astrologer, it was said that my zodiac sign is going through a transition of period of “Elinati Shani or Sade Sati”, a period of 7.5 years, where Saturn shows bad impact in all aspects of life. It seems that the planet Saturn troubles my zodiac sign (LEO) a lot compared to the other zodiac signs. I may fail in studies and may be prone to ill health. So the astrologer suggested that it would be better for me to light lamps before God every day. But to my surprise, I was already practicing lighting lamps from a month before as per the instruction of Baba. I felt happy that Baba is guarding me from all the evil, in all the directions. But somehow I had an unknown fear inside my heart. I could bear health problems, but I cannot bear failures in studies. So, I started performing all those remedies required to satisfy planet Saturn. Eventually I faced a tuff time in my educational life for the first time, since I started praying Baba. Those days my sister used to stay away from the home in a hostel for education. Once she came to home for vacation. She is also an ardent devotee of Baba. On listening to all these, she got irritated and reminded me of the preaching of Baba. She suggested that Baba doesn’t like believing all these stuff because it undermines the fact that God is the ultimate power above all planets, astrologists, etc. Only then I realized the mistake I was doing. Until then I used to visit Sai Baba temple on Thursdays, but after I learnt about this Saturn period, I stopped visiting Baba’s temple and instead I started visiting other temples to cool Saturn Graha. So I asked apologies to Baba and requested Him to help me by guarding me and guiding me. I was still more carefully until this 7.5 years of Saturn period ends. In order for confirmation, I requested Baba that He should come in my dream on that day with His right hand raised in the posture of blessing (it symbolizes Abhaya Hastam means a promising holy hand). That day with expectation of such dream, I slept happily. But at midnight 12:00 clock, my mom woke me up and said that she got a call that my uncle residing in some other state has suddenly expired due to heart attack. That was a very bad news for us. My mom had to start immediately. I forgot about the dream for which I requested Baba. I haven’t even slept for the whole night. That day morning I cried before Baba like anything. I asked Him if it is that much difficult to control the Saturn’s bad effect that I had to hear death news, when I asked to protect me from it. That day morning, my mom was away from home for the ceremony and I was alone in the home. Someone came to our home and stood at the gate. I went out and asked what he wanted. He simply told me to come to a particular place on a particular date for voting without fail and stretched his hand to give me something. I took it. It was a finger ring. I said ok to him and came inside the home. I kept the ring on the table and went inside for some other work. Mean while I was thinking and praying to Baba about the dream. After completing the work, I came to the table and have seen the ring clearly. To my surprise, it is the finger ring with Baba’s picture carved with His right hand raised up as if He is blessing. This is the exact way in which I requested Baba to appear in the dreams. Then I realized a thing. The man who came to our home for asking me to vote did not even mention for which party I should vote. He didn’t go to any other’s house in our lane. He just came to our house, called me out, gave me the ring and went away. I was busy with some other work, and was in a bad mood and hence I did not notice that.

But why Baba chose to bless me in the form of ring? There is a reason for this too. When I was 10 years old, some political party people distributed finger rings in our colony, for promoting their party sign. That day our family was out of station. So we did not get any. My friend (neighbor) got a Saibaba’s ring. She showed me that. I liked it a lot and asked Baba to give me such a ring. But as the election publicity period is already over, I didn’t get any. Being a very small girl, I was very much annoyed with Baba. From that day, I used to remind Baba of that situation, and say “Baba, that day, when I was a small child, You disappointed me. You owe me a ring”. I believed that after ten years, Baba gifted it at the right time. What a perfect timing He has.

I never faced any difficulties in my educational life like failures in semester exams as predicted by astrologer. In one semester, I strongly felt that I would fail in a subject. But one day before the declaration of results, Baba came into my dreams in bodily form. He sat in the hall of our home and was eating some food. Somehow I felt that the food is spoiled. I tried to warn Baba by holding His hand and requesting Him not to eat it. But He plunged His hand from mine and shouted at me to get away and continued eating. I felt very bad and thought why Baba is rude to me. But I could not interfere in His work and stood calmly watching Him. Next day, our results were out and I stood branch 1st. Then I understood the meaning of the dream. He ate the spoiled food only to avoid me from eating it. He took the pain for rescuing me. Baba had never let me down during my educational period both in my UG and PG. This is really a miracle to happen in the Saturn period. But I don’t say that I am always blessed with happiness without any problems. Baba made me to bear with all my past karma in the form of ill health. I suffered a lot of health problems like sinusitis, migraine, gastric trouble, typhoid, chickenpox, what not. But Baba always fulfilled my wish. He never allowed any of the health problems to hinder my education.

Once when I was pursuing my PG, I caught chickenpox a month before my semester exams. Along with me, my maternal aunt’s daughter too caught the same disease. My aunt is a doctor, so I stayed in her house for treatment. I cried a lot before Baba to cure it quickly so that I could prepare well for exams. But He didn’t respond and didn’t at least give me any hints. I was very much disappointed. But He blessed me in other way. I never got fever except once and I used to eat whatever edible by me in the period of treatment. On the other side my cousin used to suffer with high temperature often and was unable to consume anything except liquid food. I got cured completely within 5 days, and was very active as ever. I went to college with the same energy as before, prepared and stood branch 1st in that academic year.

On completion of my education, one day I dreamt the ring has broken into many pieces and has been thrown out of the house by someone. Indeed, within 6 months, I got the ring. It broke into two pieces. But I kept it in a small bag and stored it in my cupboard. So I got worried and not wanted to miss it at least until the completion of Saturn period. I prayed Baba to make the ring be with me until the Saturn period completes and later get it lost if He desires. From that day, I used to carry it in my wallet so that I could safe guard it carefully. I don’t know how it happened, but the ring was lost in the month of December 2011. Somehow it fell out of my wallet somewhere. I was not disappointed with this incident because by the end of the month November 2011, the 7.5 years of Saturn period was completed. So Baba came to me at the right time in the form of ring, guarded me against bad effects of Saturn, and made it get lost by the end of the Saturn period with prior intimation. First I felt as if Baba has left me forever, but He did not. After a week, I realized that the ring is lost. He appeared in my dream assuring me that He is always with me and the loss of the ring is nothing to do with His presence. JAI SAI RAM.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Sudhamayee ji you are the luckiest person because every time baba saved you from the problems.omsairam.

  2. Nice experiences, sudhamayee ji ur experiences prove that Baba's presence can be felt in every part of your life. You are so blessed..Thanks for sharing it.

  3. When ever I see ur name in the experience I feel excited as I know I'll be reading an excellent experience. I should say You are very lucky and blessed to have such breathtaking experiences with Baba. Baba is always with us.jai Sairam.

  4. Hetalji
    I have mailed you my experience in the month of march, i know that it takes time to be posted. but am just worried whether you received my mail or not . please do reply if not then i can mail you again.

  5. Thank you baba.I know through this beautiful experience what you want to teach me.I will take this experience as a lesson for me and my son.thank you sudhamayee ji.

  6. Dear sai devotees,
    I need help in guiding me. My mom got a dream in the morning when she was worrying about my future. She was saying to Baba that I did so many poojas to you, why couldn't you give him a seat in a proper grad school. He told her that in my previous life, I got a guru shaap (guru's curse), you should not only worship this form (shiridi baba), worship other deities too. My mom can't understand, isn't Baba a guru, what other forms should I worship for Guru shaap. what to do for worship. I am not as lucky as sudhamayejee to get darshan from Baba whenever I want. Please, any good guidance would be helpful as I don't want to delay his instructions any further.

  7. wonderful experience with nice narration.
    Thanks for sharing Sudhamayee-ji.

    I love to read experiences, where it proves BABA's blessings change the predictions of astrologers.

    May BABA keep blessing on everyone.

    Om Sai Rama

  8. Sudhamayeeji.. You are a blessed child of Baba, Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience..:)


  9. Sister Sudhamayee,

    Jai sai ram. Baba is constantly following you, guiding you and helping you at each stage. You should pay more attention to whay Baba is saying, perhaps he want to use you as a medium to perform some important tasks. As you know baba doesnt come to any one just like that, its your past good deeds that brings you so close to Baba.

    Good luck to you sister.

    To devotee who is worried about the dream- please sit in prayers and request baba to clarify and guide you about the dream. Dont worry and panic about the guru dosham, nothing is impossible to deva. Just by one touch, all past sins will vanish into thin air.

    Baba always likes devotees asking him straight rather than going to others. Every one of us are equal to Deva.

    Lets bow to the holy feet of our Father shri shiridi sainath.

    Allah mallik.

    Servant of Baba

  10. Sudha jee,
    Om Sai Ram,A very very inspiring experience.At times when our faith wavers or we feel scared of the situations around us .Experiences like your's inspires faith in us Thankyou .May Sai Bless Each one of us.

  11. Beautiful experience…..i can visualise how high u might be feeling after having such a blissful experience…tears rolled down by eyes after reading this….i wish saima also bless me so that one day i ll write my experience

  12. @AnonymousJai sai ram
    Dear devotee,
    I understood your doubt completely. Please read this patiently. I was not answered by baba, for my prayers regarding my job. After 3 months of my prayers and weep, I am suggested through dreams, by baba, to pray durga maa. Even I got the same doubt as you did. When baba is the guru and when all gods are in himself, why should I worship other deities?? What about the prayers that I have performed to baba until now??Atleast you posed a query seeking clarifications. But I acted too intelligent and denied his order. Even baba tried 2-3 times to warn me through dreams but I ignored them too. As a result I faced terrible troubles for two months. I felt it like hell to survive and even entertained thoughts of suicide. I used to beg baba to grant me death. One day I got a dream. In the dream I sat before a temple of durga maa. There was lots of kumkum poured before her idol and a priest was sitting before the idol. He was in chit chat with someone else. Then I stood up and went to him and asked him,”sir, I am going through a very tough phase of my life. When I am asking baba for a solution he is advicing me to pray durga maa. But I am disobeying his orders. Why do you think I am not listening to baba??”. The priest laughed very loudly and said, “you fool!! It is because you are not believing in your guru completely. You have grown too intelligent that you are dictating terms to god himself!! You better follow whatever he says!!”. When I woke up, I contemplated much about the dream and decided to follow baba’s order. Things are getting a little better now.
    Remember one thing ji!! I read this words in a book called saileelamrutham written ny ekkirala bharadwaja ji. “Our guru(no matter whoever he is) is the only truth. Gods and goddesses are only our creations. Other deities are NOT forms. THEY ARE ONLY POWERS. The power which blesses us with studies is called vinayak. The power which gives us wealth is called lakshmi devi…. And so on. “. Baba says SAB KA MALIK EK. We worship all deities in baba himself then why to hesitate to worship baba in some other deities. Other deities are the different natures /elements of our guru. Many are asking for a job/wealth and securing it due to baba’s grace. In that case baba himself is lakshmi devi. Baba grants us bravery and removes all the obstacles, and in that case he is hanuman . If baba takes a form of a holy women, he himself is durga maa… so on.
    Please do not doubt more and follow what ever he says. When baba says to worship other deities, it only means that he is teaching you THE WAY / THE NAME that you need to ask/call him for your desire to get fulfilled. If we do any work on our own, the outcome wil be just good. But if we do any work upon the order/blessings of our guru then the outcome will be THE BEST. Your mother is very much lucky to have such an instruction from baba. Baba has got satisfied with her prayers and gave a remedy to follow. It is that he ordered you to pray in a particular way with the required rituals. No one can order baba to come in to dreams whenever one desires. He blesses us in a right and the best way , whenever he desires. Devotees should wait until that time comes. No one is exception for saburi. Every one of us, who took baba’s refugee are lucky. Please do not attribute it to only some people and consider yourself as unlucky.
    Sorry if I spoke any thing wrong

  13. Nice Experience sudhamayee,ur really blessed child of saibaba.Thanks for sharing such lovely experiences….)

    Shruthi Rao
    Om Sairam.

  14. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba has blessed you Sudhamayee Ji. I just pray to Baba to bless each one of us similarly.

    We love you a lot Sai, please do help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  15. Sairam,

    Thanks for sharing this one , I was also told by one astrologer about 15 days back that i am going through a very bad phase of shani now till June 2013 and it will effect my health badly but after reading your experience i strongly belive that baba will take care of me and these predictions will not effect me . LOVE YOU SAI ALWAYS , BLESS ALL AND BE WITH US ALWAYS.


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  18. Thank u sudhamayee ji…although your answer's for someone else..but really it makes me understand a lot of things

  19. Sudhamayee ji.. you are blessed to have experienced Baba's continuous grace and protection over such a long period of time.. Indeed God can destroy the bad effects of planets, the bad effects of our own bad karma.. only we need to depend totally on him.. God can turn impossible into possible and he never fails anyone who seeks his help support and protection..

  20. jai sai ram!!nice experience sister ji…your experience regarding studies is similar to mine…baba was the one who made me get good marks from bad one…now baba you know what goes on in my my i want to do pg but confused to do what..please help me baba please…OM SAI RAAM…

  21. Dear Anonymous devotee who has a question about dream.

    Please read Gurucharitra, it has answers for you. Do not limit Baba to the body that was around for 200 years. Baba himself said his age is lakhs of years, so what was his form before 200 years. As other devotee suggested just follow his orders. If we trust him, we have to do what he says.

    I happy for you, the very fact that Baba is taking interest in guiding you. Be happy !!

  22. Thank you Sudhamayejee and other devotees,
    You're really have a wealth of miracles and experiences that you can write a book about it. The connection between you and Baba must span many lifetimes. In my previous post, I didn't mean to say I only want to worship Baba, I wanted to know if anyone knew what specific deities should I worship for the remedy of Guru's curse and how should I worship them.


  23. Dear Sudhamayee,
    Your experiences are all wonderful, I always cherish reading your experiences in a way reading Sai Sathcharita which makes one feel Baba's presence around those devotees who were their during his stay here in physical form. He is giving you such nice guidance always, I think we should develop the same faith and saburi you have towards Baba.

    I love what Baba teaches you through dreams and waking state. Indeed you are a blessed devotee to get guidance from Baba always. I enjoyed reading this experience with wet eyes, as I was feeling Babas presence through your experience. Thank you for writing this down.

    I have to say one thing even my time is going really bad with all misfortunes during the same period like no job, lots of health problems like IBS,allergies, sinusitis, Asthma and because of all these what I eat doesnt get into my system and suffer from malnutrition, vitamin defiiciency, many times I don't even have stamina to get up and eat and also over these I had problems to concieve and did all treatments including IVF and was not successful. Many a times I feel all these problems are at once in my life which has made me lose all my confidence but Inspite of all these problems as I know these are our past deeds which we to suffer, I only want my Baba to be with me always. I ask Baba to give me strength and courage to face these in life. I know the rest he will take care. I am in such ill fate and as per astroger I am having this period of difficulty due to Sade Saat which started 3 years ago. Sometimes it scares the hell out of me that what will I do to come back to my life being happy and peaceful, dont have an answer, I only believe Baba will take care because hes the only constant in my life.

    I pray to Baba to give me strength and his love to go on with my life with his blessing. Please do ask me for his blessing on me Sudhamayee , you are such a blessed devotee

    I need everyone's prayers for me to guide me through this rough life.

    Oh Baba, please help and guide me. I need your love more than ever in my life to be positive in my life.

  24. @Anonymous
    dear anonymous devotee
    one of the devotees have suggested you to do parayan of gurucharithra. i too agree with it. explain your doubt to baba clearly and start the parayan seeking the answer.if possible, try to complete the parayan with in a week. definitely you will get the answer.

  25. sairam sudhamayee ji..

    really you are blessed,as baba is guiding you by dreams.

    similar to you, im also Leo,AND i never used to study,so negligent girl,although i have capacity.suddenly i topped in my 10th family were astonished,in all local newspapers,my photo was published.all my friends told me,some miracle.its not your marks..

    but,i know i studied hard.After that incident,every where i topped in my studies.

    right now,im facing very tough phase,i know baba is not helping.i think,baba is not even looking at me.since 3years,im literally love went up to marriage and just before marriage,he had left me,because of his parents.and he even got changed.

    my mother went to astrologer,they said,im undergoing with sadesathi sani dasha.and its up to 7.5 years.i think,astrology is true.and baba is not existing to help me.since2009,i went very down,my studies got stopped,went mad.

    my parents,me visited many astrologers,everybody said,this marriage wont happen.

    which is true? where is baba guiding me? if astrology is not true,i wouldnot have suffered for3 years,and still im suffering,i think i have to suffer for 4 1/2 years more left.

    but,i dont have strength to continue this rough phase.
    Sorry i went long in this post.but, i wanted to ask baba,why he is not guiding me in dreams? is this also because of sadesathi period?

    that means,baba will guide and help me after 7 1/2 years?
    atleast baba can assure me that i will get married to my love.
    no,nothing.because im going through sadesathi period.

    some times i feel,baba is all illusion,because,i madly cry to baba for help,but baba never came to me.but,still i pray to baba.

    baba says,baba can change astrologers,at very starting stage of my sufferings,i used to think,baba will surely help me to get married to my love.he will come back for sure.but,its been 3years,im crying to baba to help me.i think astrology is true.

    whats the mistake i have done? why baba cant guide me?why baba is not helping me? is it because of sadesathi?

  26. Very well told experience! It is amazing how the ring was with you through the difficult period in your life and then Baba took it away when everything was okay again. I liked how Baba came as the person telling you to vote, and brought you the ring (after 10 years), and also how he saved you in the dream from eating the bad food. If Baba is with us, we need not fear any bad predictions from astrologers, we don't need to do anything other than ask for Baba's protection and love and everything bad will be instantly repelled. Om Sai Ram!

  27. @Anonymousdear devotee…i need to share many things with you..pls do mail me to i have answer for all your questions because i have experienced the similar problems and doubts that u did.please donot worry about the marriage. mail me as soon as possible..

  28. Very nice experiences. sudhamyee ji. It once again proved that you are Baba's loving & blessed daughter.

    Om Sai Ram

    Mamta Batra

  29. Dear Hetal jee i sent my prayer to sai baba ji on 11 april….please publish it I am really worried and tense!!! please help me!!!

  30. @Anonymous
    dear anonymous devotee,
    i prayed for you and asked baba a question regarding your matter through question and answers. the answer i got for you is "You will be in the company of saintly persons. You will realize your mistakes. You will get happiness from mother. Due to the blessings of Shree Sai Baba there will be happiness everywhere. Donate food."
    so please dont worry ji!!i suspected the truthfulness of this message and asked baba once again if this answer is final so that i could proceed further to message you. his answer was "as is the faith in mind so is the result."……so please relay in the answer. please donate will definitely happy. JAISAIRAM

  31. Sudhamayee Ji,
    This is one of the most wonderful stories I have ever heard. I am very jealous of you because you are one of the fortunate ones who received Baba's blessing. YOu did a lot of good karma.

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