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Lord Sai Baba knows what all we wish and gives those things when He feels that right time has come. The same has happened with below devotee with respect to her wish for a living Guru.

Sai Sister Revathi Ji from India says: Namaste Hetal Ji and all the devotees. I am Revathi Venkateshvaran from Mumbai. I am regular reader of this blog. I love to read all the experiences and sometimes give comments too. Hetal Ji, you are doing a great job. You can share my name, but please don’t share my email-id. Hetal Ji, you can make any necessary changes if required.

In my life, I have a living Guru. Since past 10 years, I’m associated with Samarpan Meditation family, since then, there have been many changes in my life. Always I used to be sick. I used to take medicines also. In my house also, there were many problems as in a normal family. But because of my habit to take tension, there was no peace in my house. In my family, no one believes in living Guru, but this has really happened in my life.

When I was young, it might be of age 9-10 years, I had visited Shirdi with my whole family. I remember very vividly. Before there, it used to be not so much of crowd or rush. We all resided in a tent nearby for 3 days. I used to go frequently to take the Darshan of Baba. I have even done Pradakshina (rounds) of Baba very closely. I remember, I have eaten both sweet as well as bitter leaves of the neem tree. My father used to believe in only and only in Saibaba and no other God.

I have taken Darshan of Samadhis of many Gurus, but I used to always wonder that through whom my present living Guru has entered in my life. Because my Guru used to tell me that when we visit any Samadhi of a Guru and when we ask or crave for the guidance of a living Guru, then only a living Guru enters in our life. That’s why, I was wondering that through which Guru’s blessings (who has already taken Samadhi) that my present living Guru has entered my life.

One day I had a dream that I have to climb a wall. The staircase made up of iron was very weak and I was not able to climb it. At that moment, Shirdi Saibaba came and He helped me to climb the stairs. When I reached at the top, I saw my present living Guru standing over there. He holds my hand and with comfort pulled me up and showed me the right path. After watching this dream, I became very happy. I got the answers to my questions. Shirdi Saibaba has only sent me my present living Guru in my life. I had many experiences in my life, but this is the most experience in my life.

My husband was also a great devotee of Baba. He used to talk to Baba. When he started His 9 Guruvar vrat on previous day of Krishna Janmashtami (Birthday of Lord Krishna), he has lit lamp in front of the picture of my living Guru and Baba and then done Namaskar to Baba. After meditating on Baba for the whole day, he passed away at 2.30 am in the night.

After his death, I was completely shattered. But because of my Guru and Baba, I am better now. My husband died on 14th August 2009. My daughter has devotion to God and does prayers, pooja etc, but my son doesn’t believe in all these stuffs. He is good at heart, but little stubborn. He is not very social.

Bygones are bygones, now my only prayer to Baba is that the lives of both my children should be good. Both should get married to nice persons, who believe in God. Pure souls should enter in their life.

I would like to write more, but I don’t have words. I hope my son also becomes a devotee of Baba. All the obstacles in his life should get cleared and my children should always be healthy, happy and should become practical in life.

I don’t know what more to write, but the whole day I have the company of my Guru and Baba. I think that because of some deeds, which I had done in my past birth that I am getting these blessings.

I don’t have my own house. Right now, I am trying for the loan for the same. I have to vacant this Government Quaters. But I am trying that my daughter should get the job in my husband’s office itself because I don’t want to leave this locality. I feel comfortable here.

Rest everything is in Baba’s Hand.

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  1. Dear Revathiji everythng vl be fine….Baba will nvr leave your hand…..He is always there, standing with you to help you anyhow…..Baba loves you alot….

    Sai ki beti

  2. heart piercing experience revathi ji!!!i have no words to appreciate your devotion and patience. i wish your children get good life partners

  3. Revathi ji! Your story is quite emotional. Same is happening with me. My ancestral house, which is the representating symbol of my nanaji-naniji is NOW listed for sale by my maternal uncle.. Lord sai babaji please help me.. Jai sai ram

  4. Dear sister, just keep shradha and saburi. Baba is always with us. Baba will fulfill your life with happiness. Jai Sai Ram.

  5. Hi Revathi, don't worry Baba will always be there for his divotees.. I have many experiences with baba and his miracles.. NEVER FEAR WHEN OUR DEAR BABA IS HERE..
    Nirmala from Malaysia

  6. Revathiji, Many souls are blessed and are being blessed by Baba's grace, as always please have firm faith and belief on him, he will take care of the rest. he will surely fulfill are your dreams and desires. Om Sai Ram.

  7. Dear Revathi ji,
    My heart goes to you. It is very hard to accept the fact that our loved one, life partner is no more with us! It is very soothing that your husband left this world chanting BABA's name and I am sure he is with BABA!
    I will pray for your situation to take a turn where you can keep the quarter that you are living right now by getting your daughter a job in the same Government facility.
    Everything will be ok. New persons entering into your close family will be caring and loving because BABA's protecting LOVE Shield is there around you.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  8. Dear Revathi ji,

    I too lost my father at a very young age but God helped us so much and gave my mother courage to face my fathers loss. It is due to her braveness and God's blessings, both me and my brother are extremely well settled with good values, a good career and taking care of our mother.
    Please continue with your courage and whenever you feel sad just pray to Babaji and ask him for courage. I am sure your children will be blessed and Babaji will look after them as a father.

  9. Dear Baba JI Please let her go peacefully …. she is suffering ,hope you and her daughters and her husband will be there to welcome her … when she crosses over …

  10. Revathiji,

    Your story is so emotional & it brought tears in my eyes. May Baba help you and give nice life partners to both of your kids.
    Dont fear When Baba is Here. Keep Shradha & Saburi. Bab will help your daughter in getting job at her father's place.

    Om Sai Ram

  11. Do not worry dear sai sister,
    Baba will solve all ur worries.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Respected Revathiji,

    Jai Sai Ram,

    Feel proud that Baba has selected you to undergo this. He is the only GOD who will help you. We all sai bhakt will surely pray for your wishes and desires to come true. Jai Sai Ram.

  13. Revathi ji,
    Continue the same faith in ur guru and baba…everything will be fine..hope ur children's r blessed wid a wonderfull future…omsairam!!!

  14. jai sai ram
    app sab ne mere liye aour mere bachcho ke liye prathana kiyi aour muze itani himmat diyee thanks a lot

  15. Dear Revathi-ji,
    Don't worry about your son. Baba must have special plans for him. He will be called towards HIM at the right time.

    May Baba keep showering His blessings on your family.

    Om Sai Rama


  17. Very well written experience! Your dream of Baba helping you up the non-sturdy staircase is very nice. I hope your son will also become a devotee of Baba soon; Baba will bring him into his grace when it is the correct time. Baba will also help you with your house loan as well; just have faith and Baba will give you what you need. Om Sai Ram!

  18. Dear Revatiji JAI BABA SWAMI

    My experience also is that I am sent to BABA SWAMI by Shri Sainath. Unknowingly I prayed to him and today I am in samarpan family from 2008.


  19. nice experience reavathiji…thanks alot for sharing with us…may saima always bless you and evryone…om sairam…:)

  20. Sai baba never leaves anyone in the middle. He shows the complete path to his devotees. Don't worry everything will be fine. OM SAI RAM

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