Sai in Vrindavan – Sai Devotee Sandeep

When a devotee is in need of Lord Sai Baba’s help the most, He comes in varied forms to help him/her. Today’s experiences explains this.

Sai Brother Sandeep Ji from UAE says:

This incident happened in the month of May 1998. It was during the days, when I was a bachelor and was working in Dubai. It was vacation time for me and I decided to visit Braj (Vrindavan, Mathura, etc in short, places where Lord Krishna played His divine Leelas) first and then visit my relatives at Pune (my native place). I planned to disembark at Delhi airport by Emirates flight from Dubai, then travel by road to Braj, stay there for few days and then return to Delhi and at the airport board the Jet airways flight to Pune.

I spent four days in Vrindavan and those were amongst the best days of the life. I had the good fortune to visit various places in Vrindavan and nearby. I did not know how three days passed. I came back in the morning of fourth day and I felt sad. I wished I could stay longer. Nevertheless to have a last glimpse of Braj, I decided to visit Mathura and then take a bus to Delhi from there. In Mathura, I visited the birthplace of Lord Krishna and was delighted. However, it was almost noon and I realized that we were already running late for the evening 6pm flight. I rushed to the Mathura bus station and boarded the Mathura-Delhi bus. Once in the bus, I became a bit nervous. I was hoping there should be no delays. After some time, when the conductor came to give me ticket, I opened my wallet. I was shocked. I barely had money to pay for the ticket and after paying ticket fare, I would remain with a balance of around 100 Rs. I just realized I had overspent in India and did not keep some spare funds at another place. This amount would definitely not be sufficient enough for me to travel from Delhi bus station to the airport. I did not know what to say or do.

All the time during my journey, I was chanting Hare Krishna and hoping that miracles happen. One miracle was required to ensure that I reach Delhi airport on time. Second was to ensure that I reach the airport by any manner with whatever funds I had in the purse. In case, If both miracles did not happen, I would not be flying to Pune that day and that would put me in very embarrassing situation. I would have to call my parents in Pune, find names of some distant relatives in Delhi and my parents would have to call them and tell them I am coming to stay with them for that night. As during those days, there was only one flight from Delhi to Pune. I was praying this does not happen.

By this time, everyone in the bus had come to know that I was desperate to reach Delhi. My body language showed it all. To top it all, every 10 minutes, I was asking the driver how long it would take to reach Delhi and I was pleading him to drive fast. Now, seeing my worry some condition, it so happened that one of the passengers suggested that I need not get down at the bus station (last stop), but I should get down in between. This would save a lot of time that would otherwise you would need to spend in commuting to the bus stop and then travel backwards to the airport. All I need to do, he suggested, is to request the driver to stop at a place in between (I do not remember the name) and from there take a rickshaw. Even the other passengers agreed to the suggestion and asked me to do the same. It was as if a divine help had arrived.

So once we reached that place, I requested the driver to stop the bus and I got down, thanking everyone for their help. Also, I found there was one more passenger who got down after me. I was wondering how come someone else got down with me at a place that was not a bus stop. Once the bus started moving and was little away from me, this person, who introduced himself as a student, asked as to where I was going. I was still nervous and praying and hoping for another miracle to happen, since the auto fare from the place, where I was dropped to the airport would come to minimum Rs 150 to Rs 200. As soon as he heard I was planning to go to airport, he mentioned that he too was going that way, and asked if we could share a rickshaw and the cost. I WAS DELIGHTED, ANOTHER DIVINE INTERVENTION.

That evening, not only I did reach the airport on time, but I had sufficient money to buy a soft drink and then relax on the flight. All the way I was thanking the Lord for these two miracles.

It is only after few years, when I started reading Sai Satcharitra and particularly the chapter of The Greatness of UDI and Jamner miracle. I did realize that God comes in different forms to remove the devotee’s calamities. This was surely Sri Sai, who came in the form of a fellow traveler, to share my cost and to remove me from such a difficult and embarrassing situation.

Sainath Tere Hazaroon Hath! Jis Jis Ne Tera Naam Liya, Tu Ho Gaya Uske Saath!

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  1. Nice Experience Sandeep ji, Reading such experiences daily gives us strength courage and a divine feel, that Sai is there to take care of all our pain and sufferings. thanks for sharing it.

  2. SRI SAI ESWARAYA NAMAH, Sai is GOD, HE knows what his kids want. Great experience Sandeep, may SAI bless all of us too similarly.

  3. Hi,
    Actually from few days i am reading santana gopala mantra so that by lord Krishna's grace i can conceive soon.Just before opening this blog to read today's sai's experience a thought crossed my mind whether lord krishna is accepting my prayers and i said n my mind if in today's experience i come across Lord Krishna's name i will think that yes my prayers have reached Lord Krishna.
    And now when i opened the blog i came across this experience of Sai devotee Sandeep and he has talked about braj,Lord Krishna,Mathura.What more can i ask Baba and LordKrishna both have heard by prayers and i am 100% sure i will conceive soon and have my baby soon by God's grace and blessing.
    om sai ram
    om devaki suta govinda vasudeva jagatpate dehi mahe tanayam Krishna twamaham sharanam gataha.

  4. very good experience . This is how our Sai comes to our aid in some form or the other. Let us bow down to him in gratitude who is our divine mother and father .

  5. beautiful experience, he is so much a part of our lives that it is impossible to live without him. in fact the word life is SAI.

    Om Sai Ram,



  7. wonderful experience Sandeep-ji.
    Thanks for sharing.

    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone.

  8. Such a nice experience and very well written! Baba made sure that you arrived (and even gave you some extra money for a soft drink) at the airport safely. Baba comes to us in many forms, and will come to us through different people to help us when we call for him. Om Sai Ram!

  9. Dear devotees, please do not give false hope to people. Whetehr your wish gets fulfilled or not is all fate, when it happens we say Baba did it, when it doesn/s happen we sya it was our karma. I have prayed to baba for 10 years and waited patiently for my illness toget cured, for my ambitions to be fulfilled and I worked very very hard also. But now I am completely finished and I am remaining unmarrrie woman of 46 year old. This is what baba gave me. Calling it my karma cannot console me or doesnot give solution. IF I want something I can pray to baba, but now it is all in past, what do i ask baba except for death, because I do not wish to live a disastrous life like this neither am I interested in consoling philosophically. What happened in the last 10 years has totally devastaed me when I had fallen at the feet of baba to cure me and give me life, I was totally crushed and today I lost everything. So baba helps we are lucky, that's all. Praying to baba will fulfill our wishes is all wrong belief. This is my personal experience. I am so pained to write like this becuse unbelievvably I was crushed i nthe last 10 years.

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