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We never understand what our beloved Lord Sai Baba does for us. Sometimes we think He is not listening to our prayers, but in turn He is busy preparing good circumstances for us. Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sairam Hetal Ji, May Baba bless you and all other devotees. You are doing great work. This website really gives me a lot of confidence and it is increasing my faith on my beloved favourite God, my best friend and everything my God Baba, Sadguru Shirdi SAIBABA. I would like to say that I know many new things by reading other devotees experiences, like Sai Navguruwar Vrat, Sai Prerna and so. I also feel many other devotee experiences related to my life. I get the solution somehow Baba always helps me. I should say Baba is always there for me. I am very lucky for that. I feel blessed for this life. Please do not disclose my name and email id, edit my experience where ever you feel corrections required. Here is my experience.

My family along with my brother aunt (mother in law) and uncle (father in law) planned for going to Shirdi in Innova from Hyderabad in Feb 2012. I don’t like to travel so long in that car, as I don’t like that car smell. I like fresh air, and also I don’t want to travel with my brother aunt and uncle. Somehow I was praying and asking Baba that I want to come near You, but not like this. Please do something or else let me come some other time not now, please Baba. I love Baba so much, but even after getting chance to visit Shirdi, I don’t know why I prayed like that. Later I realized it’s very foolish. Baba, I am sorry for that. Please, Baba, excuse me, sorry.

But, anyway I went along with them as everything is planned by our God. I felt Baba was testing me even if I am not comfortable in Innova whether I will come or not. I thought in that way and went. In journey, I was somewhat dull and was crying for some issue happened, then I asked Baba why are You doing this to me what wrong did I do. I am Your daughter, please help me. I am coming to Shirdi to see You. At that time, I just thought in my mind that if anybody at Shirdi come to me and ask 11 rupees, then it should be Baba. Later I forgot that. The wonderful day came, I was at Shirdi and next day morning, on the day before Sivaratri, I was near Baba at Samadhi Temple. There was huge rush. I couldn’t attend early morning Aarti as I reached Shirdi at 2 AM and my family members were tired. I couldn’t force them as even if we had gone, I was not sure that I could have seen Aarti. And the main thing is that they didn’t allow me to go alone.

So I felt, at least, I should see afternoon Aarti. We were in queue at the time of afternoon Aarti. So I thought it’s not possible to go inside the hall, and I was just requesting Baba, please do something. To my surprise, they allowed us near Baba and I could see Baba from outside. That was in the big hall adjacent to main temple hall. I was filled with joy that Baba listened to me. After completing Aarti, I went near Baba and prayed nicely. But I was not satisfied as they didn’t allow me to touch Baba Samadhi as there was huge crowd. I told to Baba in my heart that I will come to you again nicely and see you heart fully. For now, I can’t come to second time Darshan. Sorry Baba. Later I went to Dwarakamai and Chavadi. To my utter surprise, one old lady came to me and asked money that she is feeling hungry. She didn’t ask me 11 rupees, but still I gave that amount. I am sure it was Baba who came to me because that lady spoke to me in Telugu (how can she know my mother tongue) and even after giving ten rupees she didn’t go. She was with me until she took the total 11 rupees, which I wished to give Baba, when Baba comes to me. This great miracle, I experienced, which actually I didn’t realize at that time. But I am very happy now. I am so much thankful to Baba for calling me to Shirdi and giving me wonderful Darshan.

Another main blessing from Baba:

I always ask Baba please give job to my lover. I actually prayed Baba in the past that I will do some puja and after completing it give job to my lover. For many reasons, I couldn’t complete that puja from some 2 years. I forgot about that. Later when I realized that I should complete all the puja soon. It’s already very late for my lover because he is waiting for job since long time. I started completing all that. But I was asking Baba like anything please, give job to him. Even if there is delay in my puja for my mistake, don’t punish my lover. Here comes the matter. Baba actually called me to Shirdi for giving job to my lover. I felt so blessed because greatest gift is given by my God to me. Baba actually knows well why I was not able to complete my puja. Why it was getting delayed. Baba excused me for all my mistakes and blessed my lover. He is so merciful. I can’t express how much I am debated to Him. What I can do to thank Him. Love You, BABA. This was not the job, which I prayed for or which I expected. It was just temporary job to my lover, but I am happy very happy that Baba excused me and showed him a way to settle in life, which he was awaiting since years. And Baba gave me a chance to complete my work. Baba gave me time. He made my mind peaceful. Baba is my father and mother. He takes care of me like anything, which I can’t express. I am so lucky. Every Baba’s devotee is lucky. Please have faith on Him and wait with patience. There will be some good reason even if your wish is getting delayed. My lover getting job is example. We are waiting from 2 years almost. Now Baba felt the time is best for him and gave him job. I am so happy. And my lover getting a good job is the only biggest wish I ever had because I love him so much. It is almost fulfilled and after completing my puja. I know Baba will bless him with a wonderful job and career. I will post that experience also soon. I pray and request our beloved Baba to give me strength in completing my puja soon happily, peacefully without any kind of disturbances. I always wish my lover should be happy in all ways in everything and have a very good great life. I know my Baba will take care of him in all ways. Also my Baba will take care of my parents and his parents. May Baba bless our families and everybody in this world. Lastly I would like to say sorry to Baba and I feel sorry that I felt bad about my brother aunt and uncle. Now I am very much thankful to them because they took our family to Shirdi with their expenses. Baba is everything to me. He opened my eyes in all ways. Baba made me very happy in all ways. Baba is there for me. Sorry for all mistakes and bad thoughts committed by me, Baba. I don’t do anything wrong knowingly. You know that my dear Baba. So please Baba sorry, really very sorry, Baba, excuse me please. Once again thank You so much for bringing me to Shirdi. Stay with me forever. Baba, bless us always please.

I even feel lucky to share this experience here. I always think whatever I do in any situation in any matter, anything that is according to Baba’s wish only. He wants me to do like that so I did and I am doing. I feel that way. I always keep asking our Baba’s suggestions in doing anything. I want my life to be like that according to my beloved Baba’s wish, my God’s wish. Dearest dear god is my Saibaba. Even writing this experience is His blessing.

I love You so much, Baba. I am very much thankful to You Sai Maa. Koti koti pranams to my God Baba. Sai, excuse me for all my faults and be with me please. Om Sai ram

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  2. Walk with Sai when your heart needs company,
    Take His hand when you feel all alone,
    Turn to Him when you need someone.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    pls baba bless me and my family

  4. Hi Hetal ji, Thanks for maintaining such a nice blog for saibaba devotees.Yesterday only i saw this blog and am impressed reading experiences of baba devotees…Miracles of baba i could see in every devotee's life.
    Coming to my turn, Hetal ji please correct me if am wrong anywhere.
    I feel so lucky for being devotee and daughter of Saibaba.i had a wish to visit shiridi if i get good marks in 10th. baba's grace i got good marks but i could not go. After that i thought to go after my 12th as i got good score then too and EAMCET rank. But i couldn't go. I might have not tried hard to go to Shiridi. I joined some engineering college fortunately my hostel is just infront of Saibaba's temple. So almost daily i used to go to temple after doing pooja in room, then only i used to go to college. temple pandit ji gave me 'Sacharita' book to me.This is truely baba's blessing and kind on me. I never know before that about 'Sacharitra'. At that moment I couldn’t feel it but now am feeling happy and blessed to get the book infront of baba by the pandit ji . i dint even ask him for that. He only gave me.
    I read Sacharitra many times during my engineering. Going to shiridi zeal increased in me.but i couldnt go.Baba’s grace I got good job and I joined job . I really had tough time because of some issues, used to read sacharitra book for peace of mind. One fine day my parents decided to go to Shiridi. Finally the great day has come i went along with my parents and brother to shiridi. It was almost 7yrs i had a wish to go to Shiridi. As Baba always says until and unless we get our turn we can’t go and see him though we try hard to go. Its all baba's who decides. I really felt happy when i first experienced the Shiridi air and i felt shivered when my feet touched the place where baba actually stayed and showed his all mahima's ,tears rolled out of my eyes. I had wonderful saibaba darshan,to my surprise when i touched baba samadhi and praying him , pandit ji who is just beside baba told me 'Hyderabad se aya beti'. I got wondered how does he know i came from hyderabad. Its all baba who made me to visit shiridi and see him feel his presence.I visited Dwarakamai and Chavadi.My heart felt very happy and peaceful. If i had gone after my 10th or 12th i would have not felt this much bcoz i did not read sacharitra that time. As i read sacharitra so many times i know the greatness of Dwarakamai and Chavadi. tears were rolling out like anything when i was around dwarakamai and chavadi and such a nice feeling for being in the place where baba spent all his days. I had so many experiences with Sainath. But I started with Shiridi Experience. Soon I will share my other experiences too. Jai sairam, Sairam be with me till my last breath and help me in all the way and my family.
    Bless all your devotees. Shower your blessings on us.

  5. thanks for sharing such a nice experience…
    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone…

  6. Very nice experiences! It is very nice that Baba helped you be strong for your trip to Shirdi and you didn't get carsick and also that the lady there came to you and fulfilled your wish to donate money for food. I liked what you said "I always think whatever I do in any situation in any matter, anything that is according to Baba’s wish only." Baba is always with us and will always be there to help us in any situation. Om Sai Ram!

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