Sai Baba Is The Mother Of All – Sai Devotee Sudhamayee

Today’ experience is also well drafted and very much guiding for all of us. So i wont reveal its content in introduction.

Sai Sister Sudhamayee Ji from India says: Hetal Ji, this is my experience. I referred this to two devotees, who posted comments in my previous experience. I would have replied simply to their comments. But Baba inspired me to write an experience for them. Every time, I sit for prayer and ask Baba. I feel doing some amendments to it. He Himself made me memorize some incidents one after the other and made me complete this. It took 3 days to write this. Please forgive if it is against the custom and norms of your blog. You can edit it at the places, you feel lengthy. But I request you to observe that it doesn’t lose its essence. Thanking you.

Om Sai Ram. Hello all. I am Sudhamayee. I posted four experiences previously. First of all I would like to appreciate Hetal Ji for her wonderful service. Here I straight away enter into experience.

This is in reference to the Anonymous Devotee and Renu Arora Ji, who posted comments in my previous experience Sai Baba Listens Each And Every Word Of His Devotee, dated march 15th, which is as given below.

Anonymous Devotee: “Sudhamayee devotee I dont know whether u r aware how lucky u r to get such frequent dreams from Baba when there r so many of us who dont get such dreams at all and like chatak birds r forever waiting for his light to shine upon us. It was so nice to read ur experience and how ur faith was increased by our dear Baba. His reham is upon all his devotees but dreams r so rare.”

Renu Arora: “Dear Sudhamayee, I don’t why but whenever I read experiences related to sai baba coming in devotees dream I felt very sad because he never comes in my dreams. Today is Thursday I pray to babaji to come in my dream and pls. forgive me for all my past mistake and show me the right path.”

I sensed an instance of grief and deep craving for Baba in your comments. I prayed Baba before writing to inspire me to say something to console your minds. He reminded me of an incident in my life and that I would like to share here. Indeed I thought of posting a simple comment, but Baba turned it into such a lengthy experience. Every time I sit for prayer, I get thoughts of amending this post and I firmly believe that it is Baba, who has written this one through my hands.

I always had a strong desire to offer Baba a Dakshina of Rs.2/-, which in His language meant Shraddha and Saburi. I have a habit of talking to Baba sitting before His picture. I call Him Nanna (means father/papa in Telugu). I always address myself as “We (Me and Baba)” before Him. Like I used to say, “Baba, we should wake up early and prepare for exams. Baba, we should not forget taking record for tomorrow. Baba, we will have to go to temple today.”, and before having food I invite Him “Baba, come and let us have lunch/dinner/breakfast.” This is the way I always talk to Baba. Even after sitting for meals, I say His name once for the first piece of food (like I am offering it to Him) and eat it. Once while chit chatting, one of my friends said that there is a practice in some families (including her), not to even perform prayer to God on the day of non-vegetarian consumption. So I thought it is not fair not to invite Baba, while taking non-vegetarian food. So I thought of becoming a vegetarian. That day too, I casually said to Baba “Nanna, You should have told me not to pray to You, while having non-vegetarian food. Why did not You tell me? Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience. From tomorrow, strictly I will not eat non-vegetarian. Although I declared it simply, internally I felt very sad and bad because chicken and fish are my favourite dishes. That night, Baba came in to my dream. He directly stepped out of the picture (original picture taken in 1916 with Bhuti Ji, Bhago Ji, etc.) in our prayer room and stood before me. He stretched His hand calmly. I had two Re. 1/- coins in my hand. I thought for a while and gave only one Re. 1/- coin to Him. He then came in to the dining hall and sat in the chair, in which I always sit. There was rice and mutton kheema curry before Him. I got afraid if He would reject it. But to my surprise, He took rice and mixed it with the curry and ate it, without any sign of anger or discomfort in His face. He ate the first piece of food and disappeared. Now I occupied that place and started eating the same curry.

In the morning, when I woke up, I understood that I need not give up eating non-veg and that Baba is indeed accepting my first piece of food every day. This happened in the year 2004. But why did I offer Him only Re. 1/- instead of Rs. 2/- as per my desire. I wondered if it is not my illusion. But Baba cleared my doubt. One day in my dream, when I was standing outside Baba’s temple, a person has put a coin in my hand. It is of medium size. I thought it would be some monetary coin. But to my surprise there was Baba’s figure carved in it. Baba comes in to my dreams in the form of idol or picture often. I thought this is one of those usual dreams. But the very next day, a small headline in news paper drew my attention. It read “Shirdi Sansthan releases coins with Baba figures carved”. It happened just a day before that is the exact day, when I dreamt. From then, I never doubted His dreams. I understood that even His name cannot be heard in the dreams without His desire and permission.

The one rupee, I offered Him, is Shraddha. I always had strong belief in Him. But Saburi is a thing, which is entirely opposite to my nature. I am a very angry natured and short tempered girl. I always wanted things to be done at instance and had no patience for anything. A girl like me can never even imagine of having Saburi. So, I ignored it. But our Baba’s plans were different.

I had a close friend in my B. Tech. days. She is good, but had a defect, jealousy. She always felt jealous of me. She stops talking and doesn’t even look at my face if I secure better marks than her. I wanted to change her and I gifted her Saibaba’s Satcharitra. I bought the book with the reward money that I got for being one of the toppers in the college. I did not buy anything even for my sake with that money. But she was as usual harsh towards me. When campus interviews were on, she got selected in a very big MNC in her first attempt. I got a job in a very small company and that too after losing in many MNCs. I explained this in my first post “Believe in Saibaba of Shirdi”. Even I did not join that company for some personal problems. Mean while I joined PG only because of the grace of Baba. When I was trying for some central services, I caught migraine. I used to suffer frequent attacks of migraine. I felt it like hell to attend coaching classes from morning to night and prepare for exam. I struggled a lot for it. I have undergone many insults, failures and lots of strain. Results were out in the month of December 2011 and I got disqualified. I was in a bitter disappointment. In January 2012, I met that old jealous friend in Baba’s temple. She is very happy with the well paid job and said that she is reading the Satcharitra book regularly and said Baba is listening to her prayers very well. She pitied me saying, “I feel sad upon looking people like you, who sit idle at home in spite of having talent. At least you should have joined as a faculty in any college”. I lost face. I always thought that Baba chose her as His devotee and used me as a mediator to plunge her towards Him. She has been praying Baba from then and she is celebrating for 3 years of her devotion. I am happy for that. But why I am still being tested badly though I was worshipping Him for past 10 yrs. Why these many insults, failures? What did she do in her past incarnation for such a great fate? I questioned all this to Baba. Seeking an answer, I opened Satcharitra. It opened exactly at the chapter of 18-19. The Leela furnished in it is Hemadpant Ji feeling sad exactly with the same doubt as mine. My friend replaces Sattey Ji there. The message of Baba is to observe Saburi and remember Him like baby tortoise and His divine vision would grant everything to His devotee. I think I need not explain everything in the chapter because you would have definitely read it. But see how relevant was His message. Although I read that chapter many a times before, I never understood its importance so much that I did on that particular day. I got goose bumps on reading it and only on that day, I extracted the real essence of it.

Upon reading it, I firmly asked Him to bless me with Saburi. I begged Him that I am weak to offer “two rupees” to Him and it can be given to Him only if He desires to take it from me. It is He, who has to bless me with Shraddha and Saburi. That day in the afternoon, when I was having a nap, I got a dream. Baba sat before a temple and I was sitting very far away from Him. There were a woman and a little girl before the temple. Baba was asking them for Dakshina. On looking this, I thought in my mind “He is not my Baba. If at all, He is Baba, why should He ask people for money? He is some fake saint”. As if He reads my mind, Baba took His Joli (cloth bag in which he puts food items. I don’t know the exact English word) and His Satka, stood up and declared “From now, I decided not to ask anyone for Dakshina”. On listening to this statement I thought “Oh. He is resisting money. Yes, He is my Baba”. On feeling strongly, He is my Baba, it took out a Rs. 2/- coin and stretched my hand to offer to Baba. As Baba was heading towards me, He noticed me willing to offer Him money. He looked at me and said “You said that you don’t want to offer Me money”. I kept quiet, but strongly prayed in my heart that He should take it. I was still sitting and Baba was passing by my side. His left hand came very close to my face and I appealed to Him silently again by raising my hand holding the money. He took Rs. 2/- with His left hand and went away. I woke up in half an hour after this dream and remembered everything only during my evening prayer. When Baba was asking the women and girl for Dakshina, I felt that it is only “money”. Later I realized it is not mere money, but it has some spiritual importance. That is why I gave Him Rs. 2/- and that means I offered Baba Shraddha and Saburi rather Baba blessed me with Shraddha and Saburi. This is the happiest thing for me. This dream dispelled all my discouragement and gave new hopes. Now I am as confident as ever and have hopes of getting a good job.

After almost 8 years of offering Him Rs. 1/-, and after almost 10 yrs of my worship, Baba gave me the chance of offering Rs. 2/-. Though I dream Him in picture and idol forms frequently, it is after a long time of 2 yrs, He came into my dreams in bodily form. I request both (Anonymous Devotee and Renu Arora Ji) of you to observe this. We all are His children and He loves everyone equally. He may follow different ways of blessing different devotees, but His love remains same for all. How could a mother show dis-proportioned love towards His children? He might have appeared to us in bodily form in reality itself, but we would have not noticed His presence. Let us remember Him and wait with Shraddha and Saburi for His grace to shower upon us. Please no one of us should feel sad if He doesn’t appear in dreams. Instead we have to realize it as the opportunity that He has given us to observe Saburi. Sorry if spoke anything over intelligent. I am just 24 years old girl and haven’t learnt the world much to suggest great devotees like you. I just wrote whatever Baba inspired me too. Please forgive me if I spoke anything wrong. Sorry even for the length of the post. Thanking you.

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  1. Sudhamayee ji,
    I read the experiences on this blog everyday, but today is the first time i am posting a comment. Through this experience i feel like Baba is answering my 2 questions that i was asking him yesterday. Yesterday for some reason i was sad and asking Baba "why you won't shower your blessing on me though i have been praying to you everyday and also "why would you ask money, you say i take money to wipe away bad karma, but still i am going through bad time".
    And here i have the answers for my questions from baba through you.
    Also couple of weeks back i was pleading with baba to come in my dreams, though sometimes i feel his presence in my house he never came in my dreams. And one day i did see him in my sleep, as a photo and he disappeared.
    Anyways thank you so much for your post. It answers a lot of questions for me.

  2. Excellent post! I've been asking Baba to come in my dreams often now-a-days but I don't think I am putting enough Shraddha or don't have Saburi , that is the reason I am feeling very resented. I pray Baba to give me Shraddha and Saburi so one fine day I can experience the bliss of His grace.

  3. Very heart touching tears rolled in my eyes reading this post and you are so blessed to see baba in dreams and things coming true
    be good and I wish god bless you all the time

    Om sai natha

  4. OM SAI RAM…such a nice experience and very well drafted..BABA is mother to all his devotees..He can never be partial to you Baba plz always be with us.OM Sai Ram

  5. Om Sai Ram…

    I was hoping yesterday only that Baba should appear in my dream and bless me.. Even though he did not come, this post was timely.. He has his own great way to communicate..

    Thanks Sudhamayee Ji

    Om Sai Ram…

  6. u r truly blessed Sudhamayeeji. U r absolutely right in saying that a mother can never be partial to her kids. I just pray and hope all of us get his blessings continously always and never ever should our faith waiver in our SAI.

  7. The other day while I was drafting the article Annadan in Sai Spirituality published in my blog Yoga and Spirituality, my wife Sailasuta told me: You are a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee. You regularly visit Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Anand Ashram, BTM Layout Bangalore to attend arati and darshan. You had also been to Shirdi for Sai darshan. You read and refer Shri Sai Satcharita as the wonderful life and teachings of Sai Baba. I want clarification about one thing: you casually eat non-veg. Is there no restriction of your eating non-veg. as a Shirdi Sai devotee!

    I replied: It is also mentioned in Chapter XXXVIII of Shri Sai Satcharita referred to in my article that Sai Baba sometimes cooked ‘Mithe Chaval’(sweet rice) and at other times Biryani’( mutton dish) as per Islamic rites. Those who were accustomed to non-vegetarian food, were given non-vegetarian food from the Handi as Prasad and those who were not so accustomed were given vegetarian meal.

  8. Om Sai are a blessed child of Sai…i wish sai also bless me and fulfil my desire….i am dying of this disease….help me…bless me …cure me cure me…cure me…cure me….cure me…cure me…cure me Sai…cure me Sai..cure me Sai….cure me Sai…cure me Sai…cure me Sai..cure me Sai..cure me Sai..cure me Sai..cure me Sai…cure me Sai….cure me Sai….cure me Sai…enough of my disease……cure me Sai…cure me Sai..cure me Sai..cure me Sai..cure me Sai.cure me Sai…cure me Sai…cure Sai…cure me Sai…cure me sai…cure me sai..cure me sai….i regret for all my bad karmas of previous or this birth…this disease is beyond my tolerance now..its been its been 22 years that i am suferring…please my lord bless me by curing this disease….cure me cure me cure me cure me cure me cure me

  9. Sudhamayee ji, yours is a very well written experience ! May Sai bless you more in the same way throughout your life.

    We can't force Sai in anything. He will fulfill our needs and wishes in the appropriate and right time as per his wish. He knows the best things for us. He will bless everyone for sure in some way or other !


  10. Dear Sudhamayeeee…Though regularly i read experiences from this blog & even posted my experiences, this is the first time i am writing comments for this blissful experience. Tears started rolling in my eyes after reading it. You are very blissful to experience Baba's leelas in your dreams at each & every step.Baba comes in my dreams too many times. sumtimes we never know the meaning of that dream , but when time comes you will definitely understand wonderful meaning for each & every of his dream if we have faith on him. He knows everything, when to give & when not to give as He is the best & best Master of our lives. We might predict why this happened like this or that? but ultimate answer is only from him. SHRADHA.. SABURI are the ultimate goals to reach him…. MAY BABA BLESS ALL HIS CHILDREN.

  11. Om Sai Ram

    Dear Sudhamai your's experience is very good and heart touching. Thanks for posting
    Annoymous Devotee from comment side have shradha and saburi our father baba will definitely cure's your health issue i will pray for you.


  12. It is a deep and beautiful and honest narration. Your future is very bright and with Saburi you will atain God more than anything else. If it is a good job you want, only to prove to yourself that God loves you, then you will get that coveted job. He will satisfy you. But the truth is that he loves you, with or without your job. Dont forget that. He loves you and you already belong to him.

  13. Dear Sudhamayee

    Nice experience. It did solve one of my queries too, as to whether utter his name before eathing non-vegetarian food. Thanks..

  14. om sai ram sudhamayee…u r such a blessed and pure soul…after reading ur dis experience m feeling like baba gave me answer of my questions which were in my mind..yes u were ryt baba made u write dis experience to give answers to his small devotees like me…thnkyou so much for posting dis experience…thankyou so much baba for making me your devotee…m u my sai maa…please give shradha n saburi to all ur devotees…love u so much baba.

  15. Dear Sudhamai i just loved reading your post.Such wonderful dream of Sai you are surely a blessed child of dear sai.You said you have not got a good job but i feel your more lucky than your friend because you have got Sai with you and what to talk about job in mnc etc., it is all temporal benefits to be had as long as we survive on this earth.
    Even i wish that Sai should come in my dreams.Baba appeared only once in my dream long long back.Wish he blesses me tommorow 27th may as it is a special day for me.

  16. Wonder full Sudhamayeiji hats off to you.
    You have been drafted so well about baba, i am really impressed sudhamayeji, by this post i got answer for my question.
    Sorry for taking this space to share my experience little which i am not able to resist i feel like to share here now so much.
    Even i am ardent devotee of baba as you do, even i am doing same here as soon as i get up in the morning , i wakes him up(Baba) by doing kakkad arthi and before eating anything first i will offer to baba and then i take, Our bonding i.e(me and baba) is very beautiful i take care of baba like my own baby, If i go for shopping i make sure to buy clothes to baba too as i have beautiful baba statue at home like this our bonding. You believe or not baba literally speaks to me everyday he cares me lot the people who are in deep devotion to baba will understand this they wil know how wonderful god is baba.
    Though i am so much close and ardent devotee to baba, even i am undergoing so much of pain in life i am also facing with lots of insults and failures in life few people are insulted me like this she is one mad girl crazy about baba indirectly few people have spoken so much about me the worst pain which i am going still is dont have job in hand from past 1half years i am so much career oriented person i never drempt my life will be in such mess, few people they even asked me you pray so much to baba why your life is like this, that time i use to get emotionally hurt i use to cry like anything in front baba statue and ask him why you doing all this to me only.
    Today i got the answer to my question to get patience in me he is doing so much of testing in me even i am very much short tempered girl i lack in patience i have faith(shraddha) but saburi (patience) was very little in me to change me he did so much of testings.

    In fact now i am changed so much by baba grace i will share my beautiful miracle which happened in my life, just waiting for the right time to come, with baba blessings i will share with all sai devotees.

    I believe and have strong hope very soon baba will offer me good job he will fulfill my wishes their is no doubt in that.


  17. very nice n heart touching experience… even i always offer 2 rupee coin to my aayi as shraddha and saburi… i was very happy reading this experience

  18. sai sister sudhamayee ji

    i m in tears after reading ur experience…u said u r 24 even i m also 24…but ur thoughts are like some mature person is really sharing her experience…i would love 2 b in ur touch with u if u want..give me ur email id…as per ur wish…even m also sailing in d same boat jobless after my pg…baba came in my dreams too once in bodily form n granted smthng n many times in form of idols..but from last few months m nt getting any dreams as per his wish…


  19. I was flabbergasted to read todays post. I am that anon devotee who wrote the chatak bird comment and that you should actually write a post in response just brought tears to my eyes. I am lot older to you but your devotion is so matured.Recently I have felt even though he may not come in my dreams , he is forever blessing me and being with me. Yesterday looking at his picture in my home I actually felt him smiling at me with so much love that I automatically said– dont love me so much that I feel scared of it. Do you understand this– I was scared to lose his love! He was and is always with me. He deals with every devotee differently just like you said but his love is same for all.What more to say, you have clarified a lot of things. I need to think about him more deply to see him always. Baba willing I will walk this path forever. Thank you from bottom of my heart. When you talk to Baba again convey my gratitude too.

  20. Dear Sudhamayee ji wht to tell u i don't know.awsome experince of baba and trhu u i got my reply also from baba.i have been suffering alot after i got married from the da day 1st.but by keeping shradha n saburi on baba m waiting for the right time.praying baba always to chnage my husband and bless me a happy normal married life.

    i have been doing sai sachritra and guru charitra parayan very neatly without having non veg or sometime without onion garlic when i was in my parents palce before marriage…buy after marriage i my sasu don' belive on sai and i can't do the prayan having non veg as it cooks almost all day.

    i felt like to do gurucharitra parayan on this thusday and told baba to excuse me tht m eating non veg and doing parayan for the 1st time and i was not feeling good also.even im in sush a position while redaing m nt concentrating on reading.everything baba's knws.he will accept my parayan.. chahat honi chahiye parayn karne ke liye thts my belife.

    everyday i read all devotees experince and today when i start reading urs thn i kud not belive tht thru ur experince it was baba's message for me to have non veg n do parayan….thank u baba for ur love and blessings.baba plz mujhe maag kar dena ki main soke bhi parayn kar rahi hun and why im doing tht u very well know.

    baba plz bless me a happy married life and full fill my wishes soon.

  21. Dear Sudhamayee…I really appreciate you for sharing this experience and thanks to Baba for blessing you to write it.

    You have answered the question a lot of people like me wonder all the time – "Why doesn't Baba appear in our dreams?"

    Though I read the blog everyday and usually do not comment – today I couldn't help but thank you. Even I have a similar nature to yours and feel Baba just reminded me via you that I need to increase my Saburi, pray with full faith and leave the rest to his holy feet.

    I know its hard to want something badly and not getting it though your working very hard for it. I'm sure you know this too, but if Baba is not giving what you want, he is just preparing something much much better for you and hang in there a little longer with full faith – very soon he will surely bless you with a great opportunity.

    Om Sai Ram

  22. Very nice experience, it really touched both heart and soul, had tears while reading .Thanks a lot for sharing it

  23. hi.. this s saveetha.. your experience gave lot of answers for my questions towards saibaba…. sairam

  24. om sai ram
    i was also in doubt whether to say babas name before eating non vegetarian food but baba cleared my doubt,now i can chant his name any are very blessed soul,please pray for me and my children too.may sai baba bless and listen to all his children.
    jai jai jai sai ram,mera pranaam baba aap ke charno mei.

  25. Beautiful experience. Sai baba ji's miracles always gives such a kind of happiness which is incomparable to anythg. Job is a tiny thing in front of it. Sai baba ji , for sure have great plans for u.u r really lucky to have Darshan of Deva ji.

    Jai Sai Ram

  26. Sudhamayee every word and experience that u write down brings me closer to my divine deva….

    Jai Sai Nath !

  27. Hi,

    Ur experience is really good… i too had a dream where i was seated in a temple or madam with so many people around me having a prasatham or food… i saw a very old man sitting opposite to me a certain distance.. i went near him and poured the sambar that i had in my hand to his plate… he said as enough enough…. usually if i get a dream i ll remember the faces that i see in my drems exactly… but after this dream… in the morning i realized that the old man is none other than our Sai Baba…. :-).. can anyone help me in understanding this dream??

  28. Thank you Baaba and all the blessed devotees. I will now accept Baaba's dreams with grace. My mind has dropped the doubts. Praise the Lord Sai. May all Sai devotees be showered by his divinity.

  29. Very heart touching experience are really a blessed person to experience Baba so closely. Hetalji is also blessed person as Baba has chosen her for this pious service. I eargely wait for devotees experience everyday and feel incomplete if I don't read this blog.
    After Reading Sudhamayee's post yesterday in the morning, I felt happy and sad at the same time. I felt that Baba don't listen to my prayers. Hence in the morning, I prayed to Baba to show his presence today in any form to prove that he listens to my prayers. I know this is too kiddish but my heart was crying to see/feel baba.
    As I stay in the Texas, US, it is really difficult to see Baba's photos, idols etc. However, in the evening while going to HEB along with my husband, I saw Baba's idol in the car parked next to us and I had no words to thank Baba adn tears started rolling from my eyes. Similarly, again I saw the same car and Baba's idol at the Indian grocery stores. I had asked to show his presence in the morning which I forgot as the day progressed but he didn't forget me. He gave his darshan twice…is it really marvelous? I really thank Baba for all his blessing on me and my family. I pray to Baba to bless everyone.

  30. @Anonymous
    dear TANVY ji
    for sure you can mail me at

    i thank all the devotees for the comments.

    dear anon devotee ji who wrote the comment of CHATAK BIRD…thank god that you read this post and replied. i feel completely happy if even RENU ARORA ji reads and acknowledges this post. because i referd this post to both of you, before posting this, i requested baba to make this reach atleast to both of you,
    Once again,my whole hearted thanks to all the other sai devotees for such beautiful comments.

  31. Hi Sudhamayee-ji,
    You are really a blessed child of BABA. Very nice narration of your experiences with our beloved BABA. Thanks for sharing with us.
    I am really praying hard to have "Patience".
    May BABA bless everyone with happiness.

  32. sudhamayee You are so young … but you seem you have achieved more ,…. ur understanding of baba is amazing , thanks for sharing ur experience

  33. Dear Sudhamayee Ji,

    Your experiences is really wonderful. I feel this note is applicable to each and every Baba devotee. As a normal human being we tend to feel little jealous or small itch that why Baba is not coming in our dream. And each and every experiences will make us to long for Baba's blessings. But your final note makes all of us to feel that we all are Baba's affectionate children. Thanks for writing such a great experiences.

  34. dear sudhadmayee ji,iam a regular reader of this blog,daily iam reading the experiances and thinking every time, baba is coming in dreams for almost all devotees who is praying him whole heartly,iam also a baba devotee,daily iam asking baba please baba come in my dream give me your darshan touch my head,but till now i didnt get any dream,finally i said to baba ok baba you are not coming in my dream means iam not a true devotee of you,thats way you are not coming,the people who r gettting your dreams they only your real devotees,what mistakes i did,how unlucky iam,till now iam thinking in this manner
    but after reading your post now i got answers to my questions,baba only given answers through this post,but one thing i would like to mension is iam not doubting about babas krupa which is same on all devotees like a mother as u mentioned,but iam doubting on my devotion,but your post clarified so many of my doubts
    thank youvery much sudhamayee ji
    om sai ram


  35. hi i am suresh from chennai. Daily i am reading this blog but today only writing first comment to the blog. really i am so much impressed with your blog. you are so lucky fellow. thats y baba always with you. Baba always with all devotes but we only cant feel his presence.

  36. Hi sudha,,,,,,u r a blessed child. Baba is with u. He will give u gud job which is suitable for u….

  37. Wow You are very lucky to have such an amazing experience and your narration is excellent …All the Best .om sai ram.

  38. Very nice experience! Thank you for sharing such a detailed experience! Baba comes to us in many forms and although he may not come to all of us in our dreams, we will see him in a different form. Baba will come to us at once if we call for him (just as a mother comes running at once if she hears her child crying) and Baba will console us and help us in whatever we need, we just need to have faith and patience and everything will be ok in the end. Om Sai Ram!

  39. Dear Sudhamayee ji, I have no words to appreciate you and ur thinking abilities. Though I read many times about these two rupees ,today after reading your experience and your resoning I'm actually feeling more comfortable about the whole concept of Shradha and Saburi.
    Thanks much for sharing such wonderful thoughts.

  40. Sudhamayi Ji,

    Ur experience is very well written..As other ppl said u dont sound like 24 year old girl.. U have attained so much maturity in such a short age…I know its very hard to have saboori… I used to have strong devotion towards Baba.. But from past 3 years so many worst things happened in my life that I never ever dreamt of…and strangely I feel that Baba is behind all those things.. I feel like he is punishing me for the sins I have done.. But now I am in worst stage of my life and I dont know how many more days I can carry on like this.. I keep on praying to him to forgive me for the things I have done and relieve me of this punishment…My faith is wavering and I am drowning in miseries.. He is my last hope and Baba does not seem to listen to me….

  41. Dear devotees,
    I did saburi for 18 years and my illness is not cured. I am now unmarried woman of 46 years. Ihave written in many sites about my negative experiences with sai baba though I was a strong devotee and visited shirdi till a couple of years ago. But He always hit me. Today also I spoke to some one angrily about baba in one hour i got some bad news which made me shaking for whole day and it is going to hurt me for the nest few years. The news was such. I had strong faith in baba and I used to take his udi regularly. I visited shirdi many times and I used to keep vrt on saturdays, read sai sacharita in a week atleast 3 times and did n week vrat also. By 8 th week I got a news which was unexpected and my career was put in trouble. anywya my intention is not so discourage anyone I was also His devooee for 15 years but some how he hates me so much and He never misses a chance where He can hit me. All my ambitons are killed, my hard work of 20 years has gone waste and personal life is finished, I was cheated by people and I am in great depression. Now I pray to Him to give me death becuase I do not wish to commit suicied but that prayer also will not be granted. I still go to baba temple many times and I keep asking Him why He hates me soi much I get no aswer. Calling it all karma is not the solution, if baba cannot give us happiness then why ddi He make all those 11 promises. I am not willig to fight with baba I a mtoo too small for that but baba can give back my years that ws all made a disaster when al lthe opportunites which came to me was all killed by some or other reason for l lthe illness aI suffered lal the days I suffered crying like mad insteadd of living and all the humilations and disgrace I suffered publically when I was only minding my own business, people mcame to me lieds to me expolited me and now humiliating me to the core, took away my personal life a;lso, today Iam home less with no one for me, except my old parents who are also baba devotess and who are i ndepression looking at me? My sister whpo got married is issuelss and she is 50 years old? my parents have helped so many people and pour family is in most unhappy state even depressed ther is no smile on pour faces? ( have to struggle with the thought of suicied every time, will my saburi and shradda will undo every thing? Saburi is not the solution, there is a saying that justicce delayed is justice denied. When you are hungry if you do not get food, when you have become sick and unable to eat that time after dpoing saburi if you get food is it of any use? I had never never hd all these questions and I was ablind believer in bba but now I have nany many questions and even now I go to temple and ask bba He never answers! For Him I am just a small atom, I am no body my life is killed whetehr I live or commit suicied does not matter to Him there are millions and millions of devotees for Him if I am angry with him it does not matter but for me my life is important! I am not talking in ahankaar or against baba, I lost every happiness I wanted in life and spo angry, i am only hurt hurt and hurt by baba till this moment! every site I write this does not allow my post to be published I do not wheteh at least this site will publish this!

  42. anonymous devotee 46yr unmarried devotee : jus read ur painful story..can understand ur pain..sincerely wishing that Sai also will understand ur pain,never too late ..hope he bless u with happiness n peace.Sai will bless u bless u ..

  43. Om Sai Ram to all my Sai devotees, actually it’s a nice coincidence to read this post as i was doubting from many weeks,days whether my dream will come true or not where I saw my baba.because it’s been years it was not happening and many other dreams came may be to test my faith but after reading this I won’t doubt at all and I’ll keep my faith firm on Sai maa
    I love you Baba

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