Sai Baba Helps In Making Our Faith Towards Him Strong – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Lord Sai Baba knows when His devotee particularly want Him and on exact time He enters life of His devotee. This experience of today explains us this fact.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, thank you so much for providing such a platform for sharing Leelas and Kripas of our beloved Sainath. I am writing you for the first time, but how can I dare to express the Leelas of our Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj. Still I am writing. Please don’t disclose my name and mail id and let me be the anonymous and sorry for writing such a long experience.

I can’t consider myself to be an ardent devotee of Sainath Maharaj, but still I trust Him and have a very strong faith on Him. I am very new to Baba (just few months back may be in the mid of November, 2011) and now had realized that Baba wanted me to worship Him with faith. He drags me towards Him and made to pray each and every day. My mother worships Him (although my whole family worships Bajrang Bali and He is our Kul devata) and once she had completed her 9 Thursday vrats (as she had heard about the vrat). On the last Thursday (i.e. 9th Thursday), I was in office and got a call from my mother to see her in the Deva’s Temple in the evening. The Temple of Baba is not very far from my house, but I don’t know the way to get there as I haven’t gone there before. So I was searching. I called my mother and she was telling me the way to reach there. I had searched about 30 minutes in the evening, but I couldn’t find the temple that day (that time I didn’t have faith on Baba).

I love a guy very much, but there are many problems in tying knots. So I was very upset and so was he. I am Manglik and it was known to him and his whole family that he is not Manglik. I prayed to Baba that I love this guy very much and don’t want to lose him. I can’t bear the pain of separation with him and praying to Baba we both matched our horoscopes. Nobody can imagine that our horoscopes were matched and we both are Manglik. This was just because Baba’s grace, but his parents are dying the fact. We have matched our horoscope by different pandits and all have said the same answer. Then suddenly, there came a thought that why can’t I do the Thursday’s vrat and pray Baba to solve my problems. I told my mother about this and the very next day, I again searched the temple, so that I can have the Darshan of Baba. I again went that way and I was very dismayed that the temple is just 10 minutes walking distance from my house. I was very astonished by seeing the temple. That day, when my mother called me to come to temple, I didn’t find the temple, which was in the same place where it is now. But the only change is that previously the search was without any faith and this time the search was with faith.

I started the vrats (from 26th January, 2012) and every day I went to the temple to have Darshan of Baba. Every day, the temple closes upto 7:30 pm in the evening. Though the window of the temple opens at 6 am in the morning every day, but to get inside the temple, the door opens at 6 pm in the evening. Only on Thursdays the temple remain open upto 8 pm. I offered a garland every day to Baba. This was again Baba’s wish. I was searching about Sai Baba on net; there I came across with this site and Baba’s question and answer site. I am going through a very tough time both in my professional as well as personal life. Both are very disturbed and I cry almost each and every day so I asked Baba some questions and requested Him to help me. Every day, I reach temple after 7:30 pm. Sometimes Baba allows me to have His Darshan (i.e. after 7:30 pm), other times I used to hand over the garland to the Kaku (the person who looks after the temple). The other concerned person, who looks after the temple always used to say to kaku (after 7:30 pm) “Mondir ta ekhon bondo hoyche aar kauke bhitore dhukte debe na” (Temple is closed now and don’t allow anybody to enter the temple). Two days before (i.e. on Sunday) I went to temple. I saw the doors were closed. I was shocked that the clock was not showing 7:30 pm, but still the temple doors are closed. Two more ladies were standing there with me. Then I hang the packet of garland on the door and come outside. But before coming outside, I had requested Baba inside that Today I came early so that I can have your Darshan. But still the same, then what’s the use of coming early. Then suddenly an old man came out and said to all three of us that the temple is closed. I said that I offer garland to Baba every day and I hung it on the door. Then he said try to knock the door may somebody open it and take it from you. With the hope we all three went and the lady knocked the door, but nobody opened it. Then the lady asked us to look up as there was a picture of Sainath on the door of the temple. We all bowed to the picture and the other two ladies went away, but I was still looking at the Baba and said that I am going without having your Darshan. I was about to step down and feel that somebody is opening the door. I don’t know why I had turned my face to the door, but I saw the kaku was standing on the door and was picking the packet. I rushed towards him and requested to offer the garland to Baba and he allows me to do so (as the clock was showing 8 pm). I was very happy that Baba allows me to do so. The same thing happens again. I was very much tensed yesterday as I had a very tough fight with my lover and I was crying throughout the day (as the problem between us is getting worse day by day). I was crying and telling Baba that “when everybody left me, You also left me and now I am with no one with whom I can share my feelings and with whom I can talk. I know one person, to whom I love the most, and he is not happy with me and now I don’t want to live”. I watch the clock. It was more than 7:30 pm, but I requested Baba to give me Darshan. I saw the door was slightly open the other person was sitting on the chair next to the door of the temple. The person said the temple is closed and took the packet of garland from me. But then I saw the kaku coming and I asked him to give me some UDI. He went in the temple to bring some and internally I firmly said to Baba that “You have left me and You are no more with me”. The other person (who was sitting on the chair and took the packet of garland from me) gave me the packet back and said “Go inside and offer the garland to Baba, but do it fast as we have turned many devotees out of the temple”. I was so happy and fell on the Lotus feet of the Baba and was saying sorry for accusing Him for not being with me.

From this, Baba taught me that He is always with all His devotees and takes care of all His children. He is always there with all of us. I request all the devotees to pray to Baba for me, so that I can get my love as my husband. We both love each other very much.

Bolo SadGuru Sainath maharaj ki jai.

Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. dear sai devotee,BABA knows what is good for us and when to don't get tensed and have firm faith on our beloved sai.i pray to sai for your happiness and well being. SRI SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.

  2. Nice experience. I could able to feel the joy you would have had when when that person allowed you to go inside..
    Baba never lets his devotees down. he will take care of all our pains and sufferings. Om sai ram. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Sai Ramji,

    My experience is similar with urs , The same love problem.
    Baba took me in his hands during the periods of the severe problem in my life, he knew that i have face many problems, and thus he was with me all time when none was there even the person whom i loved the most..
    so don't loose your faith and love.. he will really do what is good for you .. just stay calm ,sit back and watch, what Baba is going to gift you .

    i had 2 suffer for more than 3 years and it was the most horrible pain.

    Baba's gift will always be best..

  4. Have complete faith on BABA and trust HIM, very soon your wish will be granted.

    My experience was similar. Now by BABA's grace am married to the person I loved and very happy.

    Thank you BABA.


  5. its Thursday today…i can feel that baba will not let you go empty handed…Arrey Deva how can you let two people in love fear for separation…please unite them

  6. Our sincere prayer goes to Shirdi Sai Bhagavan,and trust him, he'll never let u down.
    You've turn towards the real solution by placing all in the hands of our merciful lord.
    Your problem is already solved, only time is separating it.
    Shri Shirdi Sai Ram

  7. Dear Sangeetha,

    you are so lucky that baba granted your wish and got u married to your love….I am facing severe problems on the same front for past almost 5 years now and just 2 years back i came to baba's darbar to solve that problem and he did show some very positive signs but then again things went back to as they were before infact the condition is worsened more than before I am still relying only on baba to reunite us forever this time and to give me peace and happiness on that front and to bless me with my huband my love back forever and give us the kind of life we had imagined with each other. So ur experience really made me feel good that there are some lucky ppl who have got babas blessings in this matter and that really gives me some peace. I am desperately waiting for baba's grace and help regarding this most critical isssue of my life. May he bless the sister in the above experience, me&my man, and all people who are suffering with love marriage problems and reunite people in love forever. I would request everyone on this blog to pray for me and all such people who are passing through this difficult phase coz believe me its extremely painful. At the same time lets thank baba for his love and mercy that he has been showering on all of us. Love u baba

    Jai Sai Ram

  8. I second all that our fellow Sai Bahakts have said. Baba is wanting Faith & Patience. Though am the one who at times lacks patience and am in similar situation. My love is in Pune but I know Baba would make my wish come true and I would marry the love of my life from Pune. My faith, efforts and love would win and it's just matter of time. Pl be patient. I would pray for u also. Just keep doing good deeds, make everyone happy and most importantly be positive and be sure that wish has come true and u bet it would.

    Om Sai Ram

  9. Dear devotee, I can understand your feeling, pls have faith in baba, he will solve your problem and bring happiness in your life.

    Beautiful experience!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Om sai ram!!

  10. Baba, I have placed my life at your feet. Do as you will. You know the problems surrounding my family at the moment. I ask for your grace and blessings on my husband that he gets a good job soon.

    Om Sai Ram.

  11. nice post, don't worry BABA takes care of your worries..
    May BABA keep showering on everyone..

    Om Sai Rama

  12. Experiences of baba almost everyday. Whenever any problem happens he comes to save me.

    Once i'd given a exam for promotion from senior bank manager to chief manager. The requirements were high but baba made me pass.

    Om sai ram

  13. Nice experience! Don't worry, Baba will ensure that you and this boy have a long and happy married life together. It is wonderful that Baba let you into the temple even though it seemed like the temple was closed; perhaps Baba wanted to test your faith in him, will you stay and insist on seeing him or will you just try a little then leave? I'm glad Baba gave you his darshan afterwards. Om Sai Ram!

  14. Dear Sister ,

    I am also facing the same problem and praying to BABA for many years now . Though the whole world turned against me I still have faith that BABA will help us and reunite lovers and bless us with our marriage to them . I sincerely pray for you . Please pray for me too .
    My Prayer to BABA
    Please SAIBABA forgive all my past sins which I have ever made in this birth or any previous birth and help me .

    Please BABA unite me back with my love and bless me with my marriage with him with our parents blessings and happiness . Please SAI you are my last hope .

    Please don't let me lose faith in you BABA ji .I have left my favorite food until my wish is fulfilled and I come have your darshan .

    Please help me BABA and also all others who are facing problems due to love issues .

  15. Sai baba will definitely help you sister.
    You will have your love as your husband and shall live a happy married life.
    I say this in confidence of faith.
    OM Sai.

  16. Om sai ram…..
    The world is full of love and sai babas grace…. Everything has a reason…. As baba says whatever we go through is because of our past sins… Once it's washed away …. Baba will give us the reward of our faith and patience… I'm one the lot facing the same issue for more than 4 yrs…. Facing the worst side of life for past six years… But still baba has given me so much … Iam thankfull to him for everything he has given me…. I trust in baba… He sure will save me from this too.

  17. Sai Ram madam, may Baba bless you with all the happiness and prosperity in this universe!, Baba so many times takes the test of his devotees, and always remember the more severe the test means the bigger and much better gift he will give in the end!!, he takes those tests just to bring you closer to him and make you super strong like you never were before!!.. so always have a very strong faith in him, may he grant all your wishes!!..

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