Sai Baba Came Into My Life For A Reason – Anonymous Sai Devotee

We never know why Lord Sai Baba chose us as His devotee. As an experience and opinion of all devotees of Lord Baba, they say they never went in search of Him. In turn Lord Sai Baba calls His devotee and helps in nick of time. Below experience illustrates this.

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Dear Hetal Ji, thanks for the brilliant blog. I have been reading all the wonderful experiences and decided that I should pen down my own experience on your blog. Please do not include my name and e-mail id. Being a Thursday today, I had this strong feeling to write down this experience.

Somewhere after mid 2011, I started going to Shirdi Sai Baba worship centre in Singapore. When I first stepped in, I felt so good as though there was a light that was directing me to Baba. Seeing Baba’s big life size statue, I felt that He was right in front of me. I sat there and spoke to Baba. From then on, I started going every week. It started with going every Tuesday. I went on the internet to know more about Shirdi Sai Baba. I then found out that Thursday was a good day and since end of 2011, I have been going every Thursday. I look forward being with Baba. It makes me so happy and I feel that I could share all my worries and problems with Baba. I felt so comfortable with Baba, He is like a father to me. I have been facing a lot of money problems because of a friend of mine borrowed a large sum of money from me and have not paid me back. I have a lot of commitment and a lot to settle with my new flat and looking after 2 children. I even had to borrow from my mum to help me with my flat. I used to go to Baba to ask Him for help. Slowly, but surely, there was help being given to me in some ways or the other. Everything was taking place, even though not straight away. I used to cry knowing I had so many things to settle and everything was on me. Being a single parent, it wasn’t easy.

I had this small problem with my mum and moved out to my sister’s place, but after one month plus, I was facing sleepless nights. My son told me to bring Sai Baba’s picture with me from my mum and I did just that by putting it next to me by my bed side. After a few days, I wanted very much to go back to my mum’s. I even asked her for forgiveness for upsetting her. It wasn’t the right thing I did. I manage to make the first payment for my renovation after that with my mum’s help. Slowly I am buying things for my place. All this with Baba’s help, He made it happen. Now I’m praying for Baba to please help me get back my money, so that I can pay for my renovation and buy whatever is needed for my new place and to pay back my mum for the help she has given me for buying my flat.

On 16th of February, Thursday, Baba came into my dream. He was holding a small pot in His hands, I went up to Him and put in the coins I had with me. He said no and He wanted $50. I told Baba that I will go home and get the money. Baba smiled and said it’s ok, just give me whatever you have. I put the coins in the pot and was wondering why Baba isn’t giving me His blessings. I waited and Baba smiled and put His hand on my head and blessed me. I was smiling and that woke me up and it brought joy to me knowing that Baba is with me. I want be able to look after my mum because she has given me and my children more than enough. I want to look after my children, give them a good education. With Baba’s blessings, they will continuously do well and make me proud of them. I am a stronger person now because of Baba and I know He is there for me. I have full faith and patience. Baba comes into our lives for a reason and with full faith in Him, we will be blessed and He will surely be there to help us. Every Thursday, I look forward to go to Baba to get His blessings. Baba is my Father and I will always be His daughter. I know there will more experience to come and you will be hearing from me soon again. I know that Baba will help me in this difficult time that I am facing. Thank You and Love You Baba.

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  1. Great experience you had of the feel of baba in your dream, Sai is always there for us and listening to our each and every thought 🙂 om sai ram ..

  2. Sai:
    Be always there with your august hands on me;
    When you are there, troubles can never make me fear.

    The abode of love Sri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai 🙂

  3. OM SAI RAM:)

    Great Experience sister…..May Baba be always with us and may thanks for all your blessings and love Baba.

    May you grant our wishes and sincere hearts be with you always Baba:)

    OM SAI RAM….Om Namoh Namah!
    Rgds Balvinder Kaur (Singapore)


    Great experience sister…..may Baba bless our family always and our true hearts be with Baba always.

    Thanks Baba for your blessings:)

  5. Om Sai Ram….sai baba please please cure me…i feel like ending down my life..i cant live more with this skin…..someone please tell me has Sai baba ever cured white patches of skin called vitiligo or leucoderma of any devotee among you all. If yes then please tell me what did you do for that…if no then you all there please pray to my lord to cure my white spots..and make me beautiful….om sai Ram

  6. Om Sai Ram !!

    Dear Sai's Daughter .. i pray to Baba to bless you always and to get you back your money. Even one of my fiance's senior has borrowed money from him and is yet to return it. I pray to Baba to help us in etting our money back.

    Baba you are our big and strong father. Please be with us always and help, bless, guide and advise us in all work that we do. We surrender all our hopes, aspirations, wishes, dreams, desires, thoughts , worries and fears .. everything at your lotus feet. Please keep your boon bestowing hand on our heads always.

    We love you a lot and many thanks for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. Thanx for sharing a beautiful experience.have full faith on baba,he is only one who can remove all our problems when the right time will come….

    i am also waiting for baba's blessings in my married life which has no value being a newly married girl….i still don't understand why baba made me get married to this guy.there is a saying baba knows our future and he knows wht is good and best for us…its my question to baba tht is this best for me he has choosen for me???????

    but whtevr has happend in my life i can't change and thiking its baba's wish.with full faith and patience m just waiting when baba will bless me a normal and healthy husband to me who can love me,understand me and care for me which is a natural thing in a married ife and tht is missing in my life and baba very well know about this but he is sitting and watching all this silently.

    my days start with this blog and this blog is my strength.atlest through this blog i can able to share my feelings…..baba plz change my husband and return back to me.even i have started giving bibhuti in his tea and apply bibhuti in his body wherever its possbel coz i can't touch him always.baba with full faith i m giving bibhuti plz kuch chamtaker karo meri zindegi main….plz baba do something as soon as u baba…

  8. Dear Sister (with skin problem),

    I dont have skin problem but whenever i have any problem i use udi. You dont you apply udi on your white patches or take water in which udi is dissolved. I am sure you will recover soon and will be blessed with healthy glowing skin.

    Om sai ram
    Sai's Daughter

  9. Please cure my father's illness. Wish our family to be healthy….those 5 persons are very important to my life among one is you. we can't live with out each other. Please take care of us. All we can give you is our love. Forgive us for the sins done by us in this janma or previous janma. Please keep us happy. Bless my sister with a qualified and good natured husband.
    Please do that soon as it is already late. Let us live there after happy.

    – Saidevotee

  10. ask for the vibhuti from shibpur temple and apply it on your skin.with baba ji grace you will be sai

  11. Dear sai daughter above who has given valuable advise to me (skin problem…i have tried all things…drinking holy udhi with water,applying udhi…..but nothing helps…please pray for me to Sai…i ll be obliged to you

  12. Very nice experience !
    May Baba bless you and guide your way to a happy prosperous life.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  13. Thanks……anonymous devotee who gave me advise to apply shibpur sai vibhuti…i have ordered now..

  14. Sai ram.. you are the blessed soul… baba came into your dream… excellent.. follow the path shown by baba…

  15. Dear Sai Devotee,
    I have bumps all over my body. I look ugly. I am young girl and do not like that. (nobody would like that at any age)
    Every girl out there does not like even one break out I have all over my body (these are not pimples they are bumps and for now there is no medicine)I am trying to accept as I am but it is hard and I know what you are going through.
    I put a glass of water in front of all God along with Sai Baba at night and in morning I put UDI in water and drink.. I pray to God Sai baba to Cure me that is what I can do and you can also try
    Again it is hard to accept but it reality for me that there is no medicine and I have to deal with it. (I think these are result of my bad karma and I have to pay what wrong I have done, may be in this life or previous life knowing and unknowing )
    I used to be very beautiful but not any more with bumps. People around judge me with my bumps but later they know me who I am inside … and that is important …. to be beautiful inside
    I hope this helps a little as I know what you are going through

    Sai Ram

  16. Very nice experience! I'm sure Baba will help you and your kids with your financial concerns, Baba has unlimited resources to help us and will always be there for us. We are all very lucky to have Baba with us and guiding us and I'm sure he will help you find the money to help your Mum also. OM SAI RAM!

  17. I am in pain, i was married 5 years back from that day my husband also pray Baba i had tough time with my in-laws then i got separated from them me and my husband where leaving happily suddenly my husband lost job he is jobless from past 1 month thanks to baba that i am working and a able to look after my family we are three.My dad mom brother are helping me in money matters i have not told this to my dad as he has heart problem, baba had helped me many times i had seen baba in my dreams i had also been to shirdi.
    My husband prays baba always even baba build-ed his confidence by so many miracles in our life as he is jobless from month no matter how many times we are calling baba for help he is not coming i feel so unhappy to go home after work my husband wont eat food properly always sad he cries, it is so painful to me i hide my tears and cry hiding frm him and tell baba is there he will help and give him confidence yesterday his father hurted him by telling you are suffering for your sin i believe in baba how can we be sinner.
    I have lost all hopes in life baba please see me once help me i neither can leave or die life is becoming painful day by day u know everything but you r not responding i m sorry baba if have hurted you knowing or unknowingly please help my husband i cant see him breaking day by day please help him.I trust you baba until my last breath.Om sai ram…….

  18. Jai sai ram
    I had posted my problems of my husband loosing job(married 5 years back) and difficult situation at home.Now my family is blessed by baba my husband got double the pay job when i received his annual pay i was shockd(suddenly near my house crackers started bursting in sky i was sure ther was no festival or cricket), still i m not out of it i m scared god has given so much that i will keep some money to help poor .One thing i would like to share is "these are the words i received from baba".
    1>Always do good to others do not cheat do not hurt, do not have bad intentions,do not differentiate work hard behave properly heaven and hell r hear only.

    After implementing all this things in my life sincerely in two days only i got good news that my husband got job i felt so happy that words are short to use regarding baba's miracle baba will always be there for us please have broad mind .
    I have surrendered all my wealth life to baba u all follow it baba will always help u beleive in baba.
    I LOVE SAI BABA Thanks for everything BabA.
    Once you implement this in life baba will always b there for u .

  19. Hi Anonymous,

    Good to hear that your husband got a job. We are also in a similar situation. My husband started a business and it did not work. He is now trying for a job. In the meanwhile he went through mental depression.
    I am praying baba for a miracle and get a job for my husband. Also all our family is in hyderabad. Pls baba get a job for my husband soon and please relocate us to hyderabad with jobs for both of us. Please get admission in a good school for our son. If it is better he gets a job here – then let him get one soon. Baba please take care of us.


  20. Hi i understand your condition one thing i learnt from my problem is when we had done sin baba wont see us or help pretend to be blind and deaf.
    So we must come out of sin break the wall between us and baba.
    As posted earlier believe in baba tell baba sorry for sin that u & ur husband done knowing or unknowingly.
    Change yourself dont think bad about any1 in ur dreams also try to do good things pray baba whole heartedly do not hurt any1 think before u speak. Remember baba always so that u dont do wrong things analyze all these in mind start implementing in ur life baba is seeing everything when he comes to know ur going in right path he will rush to help u believe baba trust my words its my own experience change yourself and also ur husband.
    One example :If your kid do wrong things u will scold or hit him so that he rectifies.
    Same way we are also kids of Baba we would have done wrong things so only baba is punishing us you also think about it and rectify and be happy.

  21. babapls make my daughter beautiful.all the other kids of her age is very pretty.she is just 5 and from now onwards she has this complex.pls baba bless her with beauty,pls listen to me …i dont want her to have the complex as i had since my whole life

  22. baba i love one person in my office , he do loves me . Guys parents have agreed for the proposal. But my parents are not happy with it because of different caste and they are not financially stable as us.
    My parents also believe in horoscope matching , that too didn't match. I always prayed u from childhood . u have solved many of my problems , please do help me in this too. Make my parents agree for the marriage happily because i dont want to hurt them too.

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