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Hardships are a part of life. But when one is in Lord Sai Baba’s shelter and refuge, things become easy to deal with.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello, I am writing this mail from Ahmadabad. Kindly do not disclose my name and id. I am a South Indian, who is married. I am in my 6th month pregnancy right now. I got married and went to UK along with my husband and I have come here to my parent’s place for delivery.

Once I went to UK, I had to face a lot of financial constraints. I am the only daughter to my parents, who was brought up like a princess. But only after reaching UK, I realized about my husband’s financial position and we had a lot of misunderstanding because of that. Days passed by, I searched for a job and couldn’t find one though I am a MBA graduate. We decided to have a kid after 3 months time. I conceived after praying so much to Baba for 2 months. I felt so happy about it. My husband’s family is a good family and my mother-in-law is a good person. But she always wanted me to be along with her. None in their family realized that I have my parents and it’s secure to be at mom’s place for delivery. But I was strong in that and told I would leave to India in my 4th month. But for that 2 months gap, my husband wanted to bring his mom to UK. I was worried what he would do for money because he already had a lot of debts. So I asked him what he would do for money. He got angry and fought with me badly even when I was 1 month pregnant.

Days passed by with lots of fights. I was just biting my teeth to reach India. I had to stay in my in-law’s place in Chennai for a week before my parents came from Ahmadabad to take me. In that one week, my in-law kept on pestering that I should come back in my 7th month. I was already depressed. My husband didn’t even care to talk to me once we reached his house. I got so angry and burst out to his mom. The issue became big. Then somehow things changed after my parents came. They didn’t know anything. I took my parents to Mylapore Sai Baba temple with lots of pain in my heart. Suddenly a Muslim fakir came to me and asked me if I was pregnant. He blessed me that I would have a normal delivery and said that my eyes are true. I would go places and the family, which I have entered, will grow like anything. I had tears in my eyes and was crying like anything. He asked me not to cry and said my parents are everything to me. I felt as if Sai Himself came and blessed me. So many people were in the temple. He blessed me and went away.

Now again I am experiencing a very difficult situation. I came to Ahmadabad. But no one in my in-law’s place is happy about that. I also got angry and fought with my husband for treating me so badly, when I was at his home. He has not called me for the past two days. My health was not good, when he last spoke to me. He didn’t even call me to enquire about my health. I am feeling so insecure and scared. I don’t know how long this is going to continue. Please all of you pray for my child’s health and my reunion with my husband. I have been crying right from the day I conceived. I don’t know what sin my child did to suffer inside my womb. Please, Baba, help me soon. I might have been harsh with my husband for the sufferings I went through. I told him directly I don’t like, when his mom keeps pestering me to be with her or when she dominates in everything. He is very upset that I spoke about his mom. He is very attached to his mom. I respect that. But I feel there should be justice in everything. I don’t know if I am wrong or he is wrong. But definitely he is not a bad person. Please help me with all your prayers. My heart is full of pain. I am just trusting Saibaba.

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  1. Dear Sai Devotee

    May Baba bless you and Your child.

    Have you ever tried to figure out how much your mother in law loves you? You might be only child of your parents-what is wrong if your mother in law expects love from you as well? she must have lots of hopes from her daughter in law.

    Broden your mind, brain and heart, there is no limit that we can love only our mothers, not mother in laws.

    We can reach SAI only when there is ONE and only ONE-No DUALITY. Both Mothers are SAI ROOPA.

    With Prema & SAI Blessings.

    • Dear,

      There are cases where Mother in laws create trouble for their daughter in laws to stay in mothers place before/after child birth just for their convenience BUT in your case ur lucky that your in laws love you so much.keep yourself in your mother in law,s shoe and see the situation,u will find answer to your questions.


  2. please trust in Baba and wait.. Dont take tensions particularly in your pregnancy.. Imagine what the child inside would be going through.. It is also your duty to keep the baby happy (both inside and outside)..

    If thoughts are disturbing you, go on reading satcharitra.. it is both good and will keep your mind engaged in good thoughts..

    Baba is there for all of us.. TC

  3. Trust Sai…he won't leave you ever. The sufferings are going to live shortly and you are going to enjoy happiness in your life soon. Take care.

  4. Yesterday i commented that today is my result..
    I got my result today but the result is totally negative.. ;( I dont know why Baba has given me this result..
    I have lost all my hope now.. 🙁
    my first wish is not fulfilled..
    My parents are very very sad..
    Sai Baba why did you do this to me?
    Can anyone answer to me..?? Why this happened to me?

    • Don't worry have complete faith in him. Sometimes we don't get the things we want but may be baba has another plan for you which is far better than you are expecting now. So work hard and leave everything on him. On said ram

  5. dear sister

    i cannot advise u anything because i also behave like you and go through difficult circumstances. But when i look back and realise, i think i should have not said harsh words or alteast tried to make situation better. Remember this that what you have right now (being pregnant is a blessing) is not easily achievable for so many persons around us and u have a loving family, mom-in-law and ur husband. Please try to make things work, some of it is definitely in your hand. What u are going thru no one will know, but u are the only one who can change things and give urself some peace, for urself and ur baby. Take some time, calm your mind and then think of a solution. Nothing comes easy, relationships are extremely difficult and taxing but there is always a better way out. Sai is surely there for you and he is only playing this game. Think that he will only give ur mind peace and calm. All of us go thru some difficulties in our relationships every now and then, but it is not cloudy everyday. Sun does shine, so will Baba's grace.

  6. Dear confused Sai Devotee, I understand the way you wanted to be at your parents' home for delivery which is very common in India. It would have been much pleasant for every one in your family as well as for the baby in the womb to have peaceful atmosphere. Pregnancy is to be cherished and to send as many good thoughts to the new life getting shape inside the womb, instead you are passing each day in so much stress. I wish BABA bless you with peace and good health for both of you.
    If your mother in law wants you to be with her in a good way, you are so lucky! I hope she takes your going to your parents' home for delivery in a positive way and shower her love and care when you are back to your husband's home.
    Be HAPPY and enjoy your special time. Now that you are at your parents' home, you have a good opportunity to sit quietly and talk/sing to your unborn child. Send good thoughts to the baby and eat well, healthy food.
    All will be good. Get ready to welcome the baby.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  7. Om Sai Ram
    Dear sister,
    Don't be annoyed trust our father sai. These are all the small issues which will be generally in every families.
    Within short period yours problems will be solved by the grace of sai baba.Be Patience. Do not mis understand me.


  8. Hi,

    I will definately pary for you for your pain and also i agree with above comments . if your husband or mom in law not called ..then you could have called them right? you could have try to solve the problems right? till you dont make efforts then how everything will go correct.If you have used any harsh word to your mom in law call them and say sorry. Asking forgiveness with elders dont make any one smaller. Please try this

  9. Dear Sai devottee from Ahmedabad

    Whats wrong with You? You might have been pricess with your parents but now you have to adjust to the present situation. Whats wrong with poverty? Why there are debts when you have to understand that whatever you have, you have to meet both ends with what you have and not depend on anybody. Sai sure helps everybody and he has shown his presence in form of Fakir. Mother in law is a respected person who is expecting love from you. There is no reaon for you to get worked up. Please conduct properly as you are a MBA. Lord Sai is watching and please indulge in nice thoughts of sai baba and get started with reading of Sai Satcharitra. It is wrong on our part also to comment but I also have grown up two daughters and feel that you as a daughter and a married person failed because you got worked up. Please dont loose patience and tell calmly your desires to your ma in law who will surely help. Please try to understand the family values of the family you are married with. May Lord Sai bless you richly and grant you bliss. I shall surely pray for you. OM SAI RAM

  10. Dear sister

    so long we donot love evrybody, we cannot claim to be devotees of Swami. The problem of today is that nobody want to listen to anybody. The duty of a wife in a house is the maker of a home, to end up quarrel and to let peace prevail.

    But i am afraid, the young couple of today wont agree to this.

  11. Sai knows all that is happening leave ur problems at his feet, he will take care of it. Don worry he will help u in solving all ur problems. trust him completely. Om sai ram

  12. OM Sai Ram, Sister dont worry BABA is there he will take care of you and your child. i agreed with above devotee comments. my advise call to your mother in law and shortout the matter BABA will help you ….Jai Sai Ram…..Saipreeti

  13. Om sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Siater.. i just pray to Baba to bless you with a healthy baby and to reuniteyou with your husband soon. May Baba clear away all misunderstandings and show you the right path always. Baba .. please shower your grace on all.

    Thank you Baba for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  14. Hi,
    I agree with the general comments asking u to adjust. I will tell u my story. Even my MIL loved me too much and would not allow me to go to my maika much and things like that. My first delivery was with her and it was the most caring , nicest experience I ever had.Through all this I did my best to adjust in my in laws small house and stuff but it was worth everything as today I have their respect and affection.Now I go to my maika as much as I can with their blessings. What I am trying to say is please adjust initially till u r settled in their house , then everything will be alright. Also husbands are usually mama's boy so dont ever criticise your MIL to him !! Hope you see light and make amendments.A sacrifice once in a while will go a long way, trust me.

  15. Read sai satcharitra in 7 days. your all problem will get solved. believe in sai baba. read it with faith. Baba is with you.







  19. sai will surely bless your baby,and your family,dont worry,leave all the things on our beloved sai he will take care
    om sai ram

  20. Your harmones will be all over the place … you need to compromise and enjoy your pregnancy … how lucky you are you have conceived … now just be happy and listen to your husband …god bless

  21. Dear Sai Devotee from Ahamdabad,

    1. Marriage is not a heaven. Marriage is an Institution. Institution where you learn. Learn the lessons of life. Your situation is not bad, but normal. So please learn, and stop the struggle.

    2. You were treated like princess at maaika that is the problem, but I am not blaming the parents. You should look around the married couples and learn. This part is upto you.

    3. You went with 'expectations' into a marriage, that is why you are so disturbed. Most women do, but when reality hits you get used to it quickly.

    4. Sai accepts you as you are. So learn to accept your husband as he is. It is not easy, it takes lot of effort.

    5. Before you ask Baba to change your husband and MIL, you change first and then ask Baba.

    6. You are lucky to get a good MIL. Look around, you will see how lucky you are…

  22. Om sai Ram…sai baba is not listening to me..i cant bear this disease anymore..it has ruined my life and ruining my future ahead…some one please suggest me what should i do…i have done nav guruvar vrat..i have done sai satcharitra pranayan…m reading sai satcharitra continuosly since 7 or 8 months..bt nothing helps….i really need help of you all..pplease help me by suggesting what should i do ……i am fed up of disease…i pray to sai either cure me or killl me…om sai Ram..please give me some suggestion ..i need it desperately…..

  23. Dear sick sai devotee, without knowing your illness all we can do is pray on your behalf to cure you sooner, can seek blessings for your good health.
    It seems BABA is teaching you a lesson in SABURI and testing your faith! Be patient (of course you are
    "a patient" because of your sickness!) Take care, BABA will bless you!

  24. Om Sai, Dear, always give our sai two paise always, shradha and saburi… Don`t worry , I will pray for and our sai will take away all your worries. He always transforms us by troubles. He is always with you.God is always more close with people in pain.Everything will be okay soon. Lokah samastha sukino bhavanthu.Sadhguru sai nath Maharaj ki Jai…..

  25. Jai Sai Ram…..Mam…being a girl i will support all your thoughts but at the same time i knw that what ever we suffer today is due to our past deeds so we need to always pray and say to our SAI togather that BABA please forgive us and wash away all our sins with full trust and faith on him, he has and he will always listen our prayers, so dont worrii and say SAI RAM…….

  26. @ ahmedabad pregant devotee- i'm also from tamilnadu..from what i've seen, itz very hard to get a such a nice MIL who says i'll take care of DIL's delivery.. i know itz the wish of every daughter to be pampered by her parents when she is pregnant and it gives a safe n secure feeling.. but, if u adjust now n make up your mind to stay with your in-laws, everything will be sorted out.. ur husband will be happy, ur MIL will be most happy..think about it.. and your pregnancy experiences also will be smooth instead of confusing yourself with all these..Also, fights n misunderstandings happen in everyone's first few years of married life.. one who passes that phase and adjusts with the partner will emerge successful.. give up your ego friend.. U initiate the talks.. you call n talk to your husband n MIL.. i'm sure ur MIL who wants to take care of u n ur child will definitely understand u and not hurt u.. Itz my opinion i.e., if i wud hv been in ur place, i wud definitely do like this only..Think about this ! OM SAI RAM ! JAI SHRI SAI BABA !

  27. i can only suggest that try and be a goody goody wifey to your husband and daughter-in-law to your in-laws…i am also like you..throw tantrums all the time and later realize my silly mistakes…but adjustment is the key dearie..

  28. It is very easy to say that to adjust with every body but no one things that we too have dreams ,we have also feeling it is not nescasary that always in-laws are good, all says that be happy can they please tell how to be happy when we are depressed from inside, it very easy to give advice to others.

  29. right said ,giving advice is very easy, but understading others dreams and wishes is difficult.

  30. Dear anonymous sai devotee, You are so very right, everybody has dreams that others may not understand, but when you get married, you are mature enough that you would be needed to make adjustment with your spouse as well as with his / her family! It is more of such adjustments on the side of a wife compared to a husband's side as as per our social norms, girl leaves her family and units with in-laws! She has to adapt the new family and their way of day to day living incorporating her upbringing into new way of life.
    If we think with maturity, not letting our ego to interfere, many complications can be avoided. You can make your way of thinking clear to the other party without offending. You don't have to shout, scream or show tantrums.
    And other topic I have noticed, when any girl gets married, either she thinks that she was treated as a princess by her parents and it should be continued after marriage too! / or if she is from a family where she had "no say" because her parents either are too strict or could not afford, she strongly believes that now she is in-charge so she should get what she wants and it should be provided all her "unfulfilled dreams" by her husband and in-laws! As she can not say directly to in-laws, the frustration gets vent on her husband mounting pressure on troubled married life!
    So when we express our wish "to be happy" to any sai devotee, it is meant to ENJOY what circumstances one is placed by BABA and wait patiently for inner desire be fulfilled by BABA. Have FAITH that BABA WILL TAKE CARE OF HIS devotees , may be not right away, but at the RIGHT TIME!
    I wish everybody's dreams come true!
    Jai Sai RAM.

  31. i can't understand if you're worrying for your financial problems or bc your husband is not calling you and behaving the way you wanted. one thing i can say is that your mil seems to be a very nice lady and it's not nice to hurt her feelings. it's always a good thing for your baby to have a blessings from elders including your in-laws. why can't you invite your mil to your place in Ahmadabad as i am sure she is very excited to see her grandchild too. i am sure baba will be more pleased with you if you respect your in-laws and have a more open-mind than just doing poojas and vratas to Baba.

  32. You are lucky in every way but your judgement is clouded ….if your husband is a good man you should make sure he is not unhappy by your actions …keep the married life happy rest will just follow

  33. Very nicely written experience! Do not worry, Baba will take care of all your financial worries. Somehow you or your husband will come into money (new project, new job), and Baba came as that Fakir to tell you not to worry and everything will be okay. Your baby was blessed by this Fakir (Baba) himself, so the baby will be very happy and healthy. Sometimes we have to go through difficult phases in our current life due to past misdeeds we have done, and although it is something difficult we must suffer through, Baba is there holding our hands to help us through this difficult phase, and will guide us out of these difficult times. Om Sai Ram!

  34. DO what ever u feel good.Dont give another thought that you are wrong and others are right.I also suffered so much because of my inlaws and my husband.He listens to his mother what ever she says is right.my husband tortured me like anything.Initially i was thinking that i was wrong and they are correct so i was compromised so much.later such type of situations repeated so many times as they wont change untill you tell him that he is wrong.So trust in you.if you feel that you are correct then baba is with you .sai wont leave you alone.stand on your feet.and see that your husband will change.

  35. Dear devotee, I read all the above comments and I understand your position too. I understand that you have been raised in a well to do home and you might be still in shock as the financial problems are disturbing you. I dont know anything about your in laws but I can say one thing. There are some people who have in laws who can make life miserable. I will quote an example from my own house.
    My sister has only one son and got him married to a beautiful smart girl. It was arranged marriage. My nephew used to be friends with another family- a husband and wife and spent too mcuh time talking and chatting with that family. It was very bad as he was obsessed with spending time with them , to the extent of talking to that family even during his honeymoon for 2 hours every day. Tell me which girl will put up with that. She complained about this to her in laws and parents. You know what my sister did….? She made her son file a divorce case against his wife for questioning his personal life. I couldnt interfere but at the same time I couldnt keep quiet so I told diplomatically to my family that it is not right to divorce that poor girl. Result…? I got chucked out of my family and even my mother does not talk to me properly.
    What i am trying to say is there are in laws who can make life hell. The poor bride is now struggling with the divorce case and is living in her parents house. At least your in laws just want you to spend more time with them. yes, you will surely feel more relaxed in your mothers house as you feel more liberty there, but please pray to baba to bless you with a mind to feel comfortable in both places. May be your in laws are very thrilled about the baby too. May be they love you so much and want to take care of you like your parents. I am sorry if i sound as if i have contradicted any views, but I know how much my nephews wife is suffering with my sister and mother. I will pray for you and you will surely be blessed with a happy life, because baba loves you.

  36. Sis,
    There is an ultimate reality which i relaised a few months ago which i would like to share with you. The only thign permanent is your relation with God. That never changes with time or is not conditional like human relations and the best way you can feel that relation is through following your heart which i see you do. You are doing your duty of respecting everyone say your husband and his parents but i hope they understand your feelings too. There is no doubt in the fact that a girl needs her parents the most at the time of the delivery. Baba itself has blessed you and answered you in the chennai temple which is a very vibrational one.So no doubts here. You have a God growing inside you.The baby feels what you feel,so your first ideal now is to be happy for that beatiful creation.As of your husband not calling, just leave it to God. Insecurity is a very common feeling in such a situation but Baba says "why fear when am here" right?. Concentrate on God and whatever touches your heart and am sure your inlaws and husband will finally understand. We cant change people, we can only change our reaction to their actions and that Baba will give you the strength am sure. Sairam.

  37. Dear devotee,
    Dont worry…dont think much about these issues…it may effect ur health badly….this is the time u need to be stress free…baba is der wid u…ur in safe hands…trust saimaa…things will changee…omsairam

  38. Just have Faith in Him. If you ever genuinely feel you are even at minutest fault & your ego does not allow you to apologize to anyone, please offer your heartfelt apologies to Him, He listens to every passing thought of ours- good, bad and even subconscious. Everything will be fine. I am in a similar situation, trust me mine is worse than yours, but only His thought gives me peace….everything else is an illusion. God bless you sister.

  39. om sai ram
    sai baba kehte h why fear i am hear ap daro mat sab thik hoga bas sai per vishwas karo

  40. Baba will surely bless u and ur child and ur family….don't worry….have faith…shradhha and saburi….om sai ram….

  41. I pray to Sai to resolve all your problems! Hope you have a safe delivery and a happy reunion with you husband

  42. Hello ,Why Inlaws are like dis only .? I am also suffering from the same situation. My inlaws dont want me to meet my parent. My mother in law always dominate for and creates isue between me and my husb.Since after 2 months of my marriage I am living with my inlaws and my husb went abroad , But mother in law has created lots of differences in my relationship . Even my parents are also tensed with her behaviour. Why Mother in law dont understand daughter in law who has left her home for u people.. I always pray to make my husb to realize things what has happened wid me after he went abroad and free me from oll dese problems and enlighten my life wid happiness which I deserve.

    • Dear Zareen ji, I will pray for peace and happiness in your life as well as all here in this post communicate. I always feel that any bride leaving her family and trying to adjust in totally new environment all family members should be very open to embrace new person in the family. It will take some time to know each other and emotional bond will grow stronger with loving care. At the same time the new bride needs to get adjusted to new home rather than bringing ways of life she was used to at her parents home. Gradually she may inculcate good points that she finds helpful that were at her parents place. And the in-laws too need to understand that it will take some years to have good emotional bond to be created with the new daughter in law. So be lenient to her. May all be blessed with happiness.

    • Hello Jazmeen ji, sorry addressed you ad Jareen ji. BTW, Jasmine is my favorite flower and here in USA it is hard to find so I crave for that fragrance! So reading your name also brought the same nostalgic fragrance to my mind! Jai Sai Ram.

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