Out of Body Experience – Sai Devotee Shekhar

Today’s experience is heart throbbing experience. You will be choked till you reach the end. Marvelous is our Lord Sai Baba, this is what i can say.

Sai Brother Shekar Ji from Mauritius says: It is just blissful, divine bliss, the sensation of an out of body experience, which I once had during my visit in India. Thanks Hetal Ji to allow this wonderful experience, given to me by Sai Baba, to be shared and I am ever thankful to my sweet Lord to grant me such a blissful experience, making realise that we are really enclave in this body and how real freedom is when we join with the divine.

That Morning at Whitefield, Bangalore, after the morning Darshan of Sai Baba, I retired to my room. Still I was dressed in white and lying on my bed (in sleeping posture, face up) reading a Sai book. The Topic, I was reading, relates to a great devotee, who was clinically dead and whom Baba revived. So he talked about his experience ‘out of body’, which was very fascinating.

I made a silent wish longing for an out of body experience too “Not being dead … of course”. Almost instantly, I fell into a semi asleep and I sensed Baba’s presence near me and taking hold of my hands. I moved up from the bed and saw myself flying upwards “standing position” with Baba holding my hands. I could see my physical self lying, asleep, on the bed with the book against my chest. As we flew up and up, I was feeling so light, blissful and cannot really find words to describe that sensation. Baba asked me how I felt and don’t think I gave an answer, as I was enjoying that blissful state. It was so marvelous that I did not want to come back. Somehow, we came down and I got back into my body and instantly woke up.

Wow! I realised what an experience and I knew I was not dreaming but that it happened actually. To be double sure and to enjoy that state again, I closed my eyes and requested to experience it one more time. And it happened within seconds. I was out of my body again with Baba holding my hands as I flew up into the sky with Him. This time we flew further up and I could hear the sound “Ooommmm, Oommmmm” all around. It was so pleasant and appealing, like things cannot be described. Then again I was brought back into my body.

Once I opened my eyes, still under this ecstasy, I craved for one more ‘ride’ and so responded my loving Lord as He again took me for another ride. This time we went much higher up again, passed the place of the “Oommmmm” sound and getting even more blissful.

Suddenly Baba asked me if I want to continue, but warns me it’s going to be dangerous, or I want to get back. Somehow I requested to get back and so He did.

Once back, my eyes opened and this time I woke up and sat on the bed, recalling this experience and still under the ecstatic state. What an experience! Thank you my Lord to grant such favour and thank you to make me realise my true nature, which is not to be restricted to this Gross Body.

Thank, my Lord, to, prompt me to share this experience to the world over. Jai Sai Ram. You really are an unlimited Ocean of love and compassion!

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  1. yes its heart throubing experience and its really nice to know that atlest baba touches ur hand n u can get a chance to touch baba's hand.may baba always bless all his devotess.

    baba plz solve my problem as soon as possible..remove all my bad karmas past life for which i m suffering and bless me a happy married life with my husband and we both are now staying apart,baba plz before savitri vrat make us togather forevr.baba aur kitne din mere luck main dukh likha hai past karma ke liye.if u want it can be removed baba.

    i m leaving evrything at ur lotus feet.u knw beter wht is good for us and m here in my parents place as per ur wish .without any issue m here.i know baba m here there must be some reason and u will save my marriage as m a newly married girl and have not yet started my married life.

    plz return back to me a changed husband who can care for me,love me and behave with me as normal husband and if u want it will definitely happened and its my faith tht it will happen very soon.save my faith m patience on u….love u baba.plz listen my prayers. need ur blessings.



  3. Thanks Shekhar for sharing such an amazing extremely beautiful experience with us ,i got goose bumps while going through this experience and felt Baba's presence around me which made me adding my comments on this blog for the first time .Besides as per the dream baba gave you few indications that is, moving upward or flying high in dreams are the symbol of achieving great heights of success in life ,therefore through this dream baba indicated you ,there is a long way to go for you and he is there to make you reach to the peak of success as he holded your hand ,so more you desire in life he will give you the same.But don't becoming greedy to reach the top ,as he will give you though but there can be risk involved in it ,so you just need to take care of it .I pray that you dream will come true and you achieve heights in life .Om Sai Ram ,God Bless you 🙂

  4. Nice experience shekarji, u are really a blessed soul to see such a divine experience . This reminds me about Rana Gillji's experience, which i read in Unleash Sai's blessings. Thanks for sharing it with us

  5. Om sai Ram
    Dear Brother Sekhar your's experience is really incredible and amazing. You are really lucky being a beloved devotee of our father sai deva. Thank's for posting such wonderful and beautiful experience.


  6. Blissful experience, u are a blessed person, indeed. Yeah it does reminds me too of Rana Gill ji's experience. As Shraddha ji said, it might be an indication of your future prospects being too good and I hope with materialistic success, u get spiritualistic uplifting too..

    The newly married bride will surely be blessed by baba..have faith and baba will answer your prayers..all the good luck


  7. Sai baba …… …. .. . … ……….. …. ….. …. …… .. … .. ….. .. ….. …. …. …. …. ….. … … …. …. ….. .. …. …. …… …

  8. Amazing experience Shekhar Ji. You are so fortunate to have Baba's darshan and this marvelous experience.

    Om Sai Ram

  9. Woooowwwwwwwwwww………………what an experience……you had. You are so lucky that you reached at the TOP and heard OMmmmmmmm…. it is like a heaven.

    Baba bless everyone in this world

  10. om sai naathaye namah…u r a blessed soul.kaash baba mujhe bhi itna piyaar karte may be my karmas r very bad.

  11. Amazing experience. It is a miracle that I read this experience today. I have been very sad about my sister's demise and pray to Baba everyday the following: 'baba, please keep my sister happy. I dont know where she has gone but please be with her and hold her hand always'. Today this experience gave me a glimpse of where we could all go and how much happiness we can derive holding Babas hands. I know my sister was very very spiritual and god loving and she used to chant gods name continuously, so I know today that she is with Baba and she is happy. Thankyou so much for sharing this experience. May Baba bless you always.

  12. Thank you sheker ji for sharing your experience,really you are a luckiest person in the world.you got the opportunity that Saima holds your hand . I got tears in my eyes after reading your experience.omsairam.

  13. Amazing! The more I think about BABA's Leelas and the way the Universe is created by BABA and seeing similarities in mega to minutest creations, the more I become speechless!
    I try to explain my astonishment to my family members and they might think I have gone crazy….and at the same time I feel why these people do not understand what I try to explain? Why they are not feeling the same enthusiasm that I feel?
    Reading your experience I felt solace that I am not the only one who think like unusual things can be there!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  14. Beautifull experience shekarji no words ur so lucky to get such a wonderfull dream he as shown ur bright future ahead sai baba is amazing god.

    om sai ram
    love u baba.

  15. Very nice experience! Shekar Ji, you are very lucky that Baba gave you such a wonderful experience! It is so nice that Baba also held your hand through the experience and guided you. Thanks for sharing your experience and hope all of us will get to have similar experience soon. Om Sai Ram!

  16. Marvellous !

    I m sure people who get such divine experiences must be very close to Baba. I really feel grateful on reading such experiences .

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  17. wow, very interesting experience. i guess that is what spiritual bliss is. baba must have shown you this so you can also keep in touch with the spiritual side of things. too bad today's fast paced world does not grant many people to start meditating and enjoy that kind of feeling.

  18. Thanks shekarji for sharing ur experience. Really ur a blessed we wish we could also experience the same

  19. It's a very beautiful experience indeed…. What I couldn't understand is that its going to be dangerous if you want more?… So my thought was asking question when you are spiritually uplifted why does Baba say it's dangerous, I got the answer through Shraddha who commented if you become greedy it's going to make matters worse. nice explanation, may be spiritual or materialistic what counts is Baba's love and his protection he has assured you throu this experience. You are indeed a blessed soul.

  20. I like Shraddha Ji gave an accute answer of what Baba might mean when he stated;' I I want to go further up, it will
    become dangerous'.
    I see this in 2 facets: 1st on the spiritual level, one need to get prepared for such venture(i.e must evolve spiritually) throuh spiritual practices and control etc. But By his own discretion he can at anytime permit you.
    2. On the material plane it's a warning that though he does help you to go up and acquire much materially, yet we must know and respect our limit. THIS IS WHAT I FAILED TO DO!Indeed I failed to interprete this experience given beforehand, and few years after this dream, I became very rich but fell drastically down few years ago!. I'll make sure to come with this experience also to Hetalji next time. Thanks for opening my eyes sai brothers & sis.
    Jay sainath

  21. Amazing experience, no words to praise lord saibaba's miracle!!!

    You are vvvery lucky!!!

    Om sai ram

  22. Your experience was indeed very interesting …. was baba taking you into your future ? … can i ask you to kindly explain what did you mean when you say We must know and repect our limit OM SAI RAM

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