My Love, Companion & Savior Through Millions Of Lives – Anonymous Devotee

Everything which happens in our lives is wish to Lord Sai Baba. Once we understand this simple fact of devotion, then there will be no trace of doubts in our mind. The following experience explains this to us.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal, I accidentally saw your blog when I was very lonely and depressed and it gave me great strength and happiness in that rough phase of my life. I cannot thank you enough for starting such a noble and sacred task. I have been thinking to write about miracles of Sai in my life, but I was not attempting to write and it was after reading your post on your recent Shirdi trip that motivated me to write. To my surprise, many of the incidents that you narrated were exactly similar to mine, when I went to Shirdi in JAN 2012. May Baba bless you and give you strength and spirit to continue this great work throughout your life. Please don’t disclose my name and please feel free to do necessary corrections if you notice any grammatical errors.

I strongly believe that I have been devotee of Baba since I came to know how to spell the word God. I believe He was the companion, love and savior not only in this life, but through many lives. I strongly believe that Baba wanted to know Him from the infant stage and that was reason He made me born to such lovely and ardent devotees of Baba (My Parents). I feel that I am blessed to have been born to them as they always have given credit to the happiness and peacefulness in life as Baba’s blessings and narrate His Leelas to us since childhood.

Let me narrate my association with Him in childhood. I was in a hostel, when I was in 3rd standard and I think you can imagine the state of child departing from parents at that very young age. At that time it was Baba, who gave me strength and happiness and all those wonderful moments with my friends, teachers and caretakers that I can never forget. I was a very pampered child by all teachers and friends as I was very active in my academics and extracurricular activities. Beside my hostel, the management has built a small Sai temple, where we all used to participate in Aarti every evening. We all kids used to clap and sing “Om Jai Jagdeesh” Bhajan after that we used to do seva by using Vinjamara(fan), which was made of peacock feathers. Baba has given me whatever I wished for at that age. After my exams, my friends asked me which rank I was expecting then I said to them that this time Baba will give me third rank as 3 is my lucky number. When results came, I stood 3rd. It was not accidental as whatever rank I wished for (1st or 2nd), Baba used to bless me with the same rank. There are many such miracles blessed by Baba in my childhood to the present day, but I can recite only few due to space constraint.

By Baba’s grace, I have completed my bachelors. When I wanted to do masters, many of my relatives discouraged my parents by telling that as I was the eldest daughter and I should get married first. So that my younger sister settlement will not be late. There were few financial issues too for paying my fees. But miraculously Baba arranged the fee through my father’s friend and removed all the fears and doubts from my parents mind and blessed me for getting the seat in masters. I got the specialization which I wanted in spite of heavy competition.

The below two miracles are the most precious gifts of my life which Baba has showered on me.

  • After completion of my studies, my parents were searching for a suitable alliance for me, but nothing was turning good. It was almost one year and they were very nervous and saddened as no match was appealing to us due to lack of higher qualification, which was our family’s first and last priority. I strongly believed Baba has planned good for me and would not let me down. Due to these circumstances, I was very depressed. One day, I was traveling in a bus for my job and there was a lady sitting by my side. I used to see her daily as we would catch the same bus at the same time, but we never talked to each other. That day she sat beside me and opened Shri Sai Satcharitra and started reading a story. I was overwhelmed as I thought to read the Sai Satcharitra due to these disturbances. I also started to read from her book and she asked me whether I believed Baba and I said yes. Then all of a sudden she started telling that she was also an ardent devotee and that when there was difficulty in finding a suitable match for her sister. Baba appeared in her dream and said that a very good match will come for her from south side and they need not search as the boys family themselves would come and ask for the alliance. After 2 days as Baba said an alliance has come and within one week her sister marriage happened. After telling this, she told me not to worry and everything will happen with the blessings of Baba. I was overwhelmed and my eyes were filled with tears as Baba gave me the answer for my sadness through other devotee and unburdened me from my doubts and fears. Till now, I don’t understand why that lady, who never talked, was so open about her life and narrated a story, which was answer to all my questions. Who can but for our beloved Baba ward off all the confusion and difficulties of our lives and give answers to our problems and affirm the truthfulness of His sayings that “I SHALL BE EVER ACTIVE FROM MY TOMB AND MY BONES WOULD TALK, MOVE AND WARD OFFF ALL THE FEARS OF MY DEVOTEES. OM SAI RAM”. Then within few days, an alliance has come with a very high qualification than I expected and within no time they accepted our alliance and dowry was not at all an issue. It was solely because of Baba that this match got settled and the marriage took place with grandiose and immense happiness. Every relative of our family got astonished as they were not expecting such good match to settle. I did not mention previously that my father was not well and could not search alliances due to his illness and no relative was lending any help. So obviously they were shocked. Nobody was there to help out, but our family strongly believed that Baba is always with us through every phase and He will definitely fulfill the dreams and wishes of His devotee.

  • The other important miracle, which makes me cry and get goose bumps whenever I remember. It is the one that took place on the day of my marriage. When I was studying my bachelors, I read a miracle about Baba. In that incident a girl, who was ardent devotee of Baba, invited Sai to attend her marriage by going to Shirdi and placing the wedding invitation at Baba’s feet in Dwarakamai. Then her marriage took place, but she did not receive any sign that Baba attended her marriage. So after marriage, she was very upset and cried before Baba’s idol saying that in spite of inviting Him, He didn’t attend the marriage. Later that night, when she slept Baba appeared in her dream and said that how can I not come to my daughter’s wedding. If you want proof of my attendance, check the photos of your marriage procession. I will be there. When she woke up and looked at photos, she could find Baba’s image in photograph. After reading that miracle, I decided that I would also invite my Baba to attend my marriage. So when my wedding date was fixed, I went to Shirdi and invited Baba to attend my wedding and asked Him to show any sign that He has come. On the day of my wedding, we were all busy and happily the wedding ceremony was finished. I only once thought in the process that has Baba come and why He has not showed any sign. Later I felt I was fool doubting Baba and believed He would be with me always and I was testing Him. Thinking that I removed all the doubts and was happy that the wedding took place without any disturbance and I actually forgot about the signs of Baba attending my marriage. When we all were taking family photographs together, my brother (his name is SAI as my parents named him believing that he was Baba’s blessing) came to me and gave me a packet of UDI. We were confused and asked that where from out of the blue he got this UDI packet. Then he said that he found that packet in the Kalash (pot), which we place in marriage rituals. We were shocked to hear that as there was no UDI packet, when we placed during the ritual. My mother confirmed and said that there was no UDI packet in it. As we pour water into that pot and do pooja, inviting the power of all Gods and sacred waters into it. With a flash the thought came to my mind that it was Baba, who placed this UDI packet in it. He thought that this girl may have doubts so He has made my brother Sai as mediator and sent it to me. My eyes were filled with tears of happiness and I was chocked and with goose bumps on my body was crying like a little child. My hubby was surprised, but when I explained my mom, dad, sister and brother were delighted and their happiness knew no bounds. We all prayed to Sai in our hearts and wished that He will save us and be with us throughout our lives.

Love You Baba for showering Your finest blessings and love on us. May You do the same not only on those, who believe and love You, but also on those who don’t believe. But we are on the path of coming into Your shade of love. I shall narrate other two important miracles in my next post. Baba, by your grace and will, though it has been late, I have kept my promise to write about Your Leelas in my life in this blog. Sorry for the delay, please forgive me and love me as You always do. Thank you all for your patience and reading the post.

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  1. Beautiful Experience. I am feeling very happy for you. You are a very blessed devotee of BABA.

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    You are blessed Sai Sister. Baba attended your wedding and blessed you and your family. I also want Baba to attend my marriage in July. I know he will not disappoint me. Love you Sai Deva for all your kind grace on us.

    Baba please be with all your children always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Simply superbbb experience…i loved it…proud to be a devotee from 3 rd standard..ur really blessed…even every devotee…omsairam!!!!

  4. every time i read devoees experience i become more close to baba.very nice experience written in a good sairam.

  5. Great experiences!Like this Baba should shower his Blessings on all his devotees and keep them under His LOTUS Feet!!!

  6. Om Sai Ram .Sharing your lovely experiences gives hope and faith to people who are going through difficuilt times.
    Sai you have unlimited khjana, you are an ocean of compassion and love for your bhaktas.Guide your bhaktas to do all that is good and correct so that your devotees
    are happy and have the capacity to serve people around.
    Sai Baba give us total Bhakti…Shradha and saburi.May Sai Bless each one of us

  7. Thanks for posting your experience,I feel lucky to read your experience…….MAY BABA BLESS US ALL.

  8. OM SAI RAM….
    u r really lucky that BABA came in your marriage ceremony :))oh SAI WHAT A LOVELY EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE GIVEN TO HER..!!!!

  9. Dear devotee even i got goose bumps by reading ur marriage experience.. it was baba who came n kept that udi packet :-).. amazing ve no words

  10. Dear Baba please forgive me for being difficult for my husband. I am not jealous of anyone but I m fed of my frustrations. I am blessed by you immensely but my own shortcomings and past karmas I start behaving badly. Baba I hope you will understand me and accept my prayers. Please grant me shraddha and saburi so that I can pass all the physical and mental hurdles soon with love for you in my heart. Baba please be with me forever.

  11. Nice experience..
    Thanks for sharing..

    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone.

    Om Sai Rama

  12. Wonderful and heart touching experiences!!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences you’re so lucky to do worship baba from childhood.

    Om sai ram

  13. kaash maine bhi ache karam kiye hote aur baba mujhe bhi itna hi piyaar karte…main to apki reham nazar ke liye taras gayi hun baba.plz save me.mujhpe daya karo baba.mujhse jane anjaane jo bhi galatiyan hui hai is janam mein ya pichle janamo mein mujhe maaf kar do par plz itni dair mat lagao.aa jao sai raam

  14. really nice experiences sai sisterji…its plessure reading your experiences..even my parents are trying for marriage…after reading this post i am more confident that baba will soon bless my marriage with my you sairam..

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