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Lord Sai Baba’s indications are sometimes understood and sometimes they just go unnoticed even if we are keen always. This is His way to deal His devotees. In whatever way He deals with us we are benefited and our faith in Him increases.

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Namaste (Greetings), First of all I want to thank the creators of this website, which gives us an opportunity to share our valuable experiences with other devotees. I believe this is a great way to spread our beloved Baba’s preaching and will help people to develop faith and patience. I do not want my email Id or my name to be disclosed as I want to one of the devotees, who look upto Baba and seek His blessings.

Before I begin, I want to take Baba’s blessings and request Him to be with me, when I share my experiences with others. If I do a mistake, I request Him to forgive me. Om Sai Ram.

During my childhood, I was an atheist, it was my mother who pressed me and forced me to pray. I did pray, but I never really felt it from within. Whilst in high school, I started reading a book on Lord Krishna and I fell in love with Him. Then on I started worshiping Him. Along with it, I also developed the wrong adamant idea that I should only worship Him. So this was my background in spiritual life.

My father took us twice to Shirdi, when I was in school and college. To me, it was another tourist place back then. But I was drawn by the positive energy and the kind of peace one feel’s in Shirdi. Then I used to visit the temple in home town once in a while. I did not really connect to Baba until I got married. My husband is Baba’s devotee and he reads Shri Sai Satcharitra. It was he, who suggested me to read the book. I started reading the book and was taken aback by all the stories. But, I don’t know why, I used to feel that I was not doing justice to Lord Krishna, for all His love, which had rooted in my heart deeply, by worshiping Baba now. I read the book daily as I was committed to it and I was also looking for a job at that time. With Baba’s grace, within a week or two, I got a job. Because I had a very stubborn feeling and was confused whom to worship, I failed to appreciate Baba’s kind blessings. Soon I got busy with job and could not complete reading Sai Satcharitra.

After 8 months, the job that I taken up began to get troublesome and personal life was also not doing well. My job got sore and I had to resign. I was shattered and didn’t know what to do. I cried in front of Baba’s photo, and requested Him to help me. I have never felt so helpless in my life so far. Within 2-3 days, things started getting normal in my personal life. One day, I was doing Pooja like any other day and thanking God that my personal life is normal now and my eyes fell on 9 Thursdays vrat of Sai Baba, which my mother had gifted to my husband. I opened it and some voice from within said I should do the vrat and also I should finish reading Sai Satcharitra, which I had taken up 8 months back. Baba doesn’t forget anything, even if we do, so He always reminds us of our promises. The 9 Thursday vrat book was always there on the rack, but I never gave it a serious look. I began to do some research on the internet about the vrat and got all the details about how to perform the Pooja. I got a little fussy and need to do everything that is there in Pooja Vidhi (method). I don’t live in India, so I cannot get a yellow cloth for Pooja purpose instantly. Soon I remembered, I had plain white cloth, I then cut it into fine rectangle and stitched its edges and dipped it in turmeric water. And there was my yellow cloth ready. Now I didn’t know how to feed the hungry. Next day itself, I got a call from a representative of charitable trust to increase the amount I pay to trust every month. I felt that this is best way and Baba’s will and doubled the amount what I used pay every month. I started the vrat and just when I finished my 2nd week, on Thursday, I got to know that we are not suppose to consume salt during any other part of the day apart from one meal. I started feeling that I have done something wrong that’s why Baba doesn’t even want me to do the vrat. But I didn’t give up. I decided to start afresh. I just kept thinking that the whole night.

The next day itself, I got a call for an interview on coming Thursday. I was very nervous as I hadn’t done well in my past 3 interviews. I thought it would be another failure. But, I gathered my morale and started reading for the interview. On the day of interview, the voices within me called out and said have faith. On Thursday, I went to the interview after finishing the Pooja. With Baba’s grace, I did well at the interview, and they offered me a job there itself. Generally they do not inform the candidate directly, it happens via an agent. So to everybody’s surprise, I got the job, and soon I will be joining them.

Now after reading Sai Satcharitra, meditating on Baba and reading all the wonderful experiences from all the devotees, I have lost all my adamant ideas of differentiating between Gods, and come to realise that “Sab ka Malik Ek” (There is only One God)

I can’t thank Baba enough for all His blessings especially for settling my personal life. Now I have finished 2 Thursdays successfully. With His blessings, I will finish the remaining. Dear devotees, time can be tough at times, but never lose faith, have patience and you will come out with flying colours. I pray that may Baba be with all His devotees at all the times. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Jai sai ram sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam please help me baba i am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  2. om sai ram very nice experience i am also waiting for his blessings i feel he is always with me he will solve my marital life soon.also iam going to write my pg exam with his blessings in this time my father had some block in his food pipe so that he his hospetalised he will recover very soon with saiblessings . sai is there always om sai ram ,jai sai ram ,om sai ram, jai sai ram ,om sai ram, jai sai ram.

  3. Om Sai Ram
    Very nice and wonderful experience which increased my faith on baba.I too start 9 Thursday vrat to come out of troubles and calamites.Since morning i waiting to read the posting but today it has been late. Thanks for posting such beautiful experience hetalji.


  4. u r really lucky dat baba blessed u in form of lord krishna and as himself.i dont know wen baba will listen me.baba says we should hv patience but how long baba its been 6 years.i knw its bcoz of my karma but plz forgive my mistakes.i dont know what sort of sins i had done in my last births i cant bear anymore.people think dat m strong but m not baba.m broken and shattered inside its just my faith in u which is keeping me walking,talking or working but inside m dead baba.plz is tarah se pal pal marne se acha hai aap mujhe apne paas bula lo.i dont wanna live baba.may b m not ur true devotee..may b m not good person but as a bhiksha mujh pe daya karo.m at door empty handed as a begger plz dont close ur doors for me.plz me.agar aap hi sunege to where will i go?there noone dat i can talk to…u said u r everywhere…to meri awaaz aap tak kyun nahi pahunchti baba…..plz tell me.plz come baba mere ansoo bhi khatam ho gaye hain ror ro ke aap kab sunege..

  5. One should be devoted to a spiritual ideal and yet not disapprove or criticize others who may be following other ideals. One needs to be steady and devoted to one`s own ideal; and at the same time, keep the doors of his mind open and welcome to anything of other spiritual ideals that would be conducive to his inner growth.
    'Sabka Malik Ek'
    Om Sai Ram.

  6. Dear anonymous devotee in the comments above who is waiting for 6 years…I so very much can relate to u and watever u said in this comment is exactly what i wanted to say to baba since even i am waiting for 6 yrs now for a very critical and important issue in my life…I was just surprised at the exact words that you mentioned and somehow felt i can feel your exact same pain and so I just want to pray to baba wholeheartedly to bless us and shower his mercy on us since cant do nething other than that i really really want baba to respond to you as well as me at the earliest and do share it if he does.

    Jai sai ram!

  7. Sorry for all sai devotees, maybe my karma is bad sai cant do anything, even when he cant help am praying him to come out of my debts hope he will do something to pull out of this situation.

  8. Om sai ram,
    its baba's miracle that your experience is shared today as i was you are devotee of lord krishna same way m devotee of guru nanak dev ji.from my childhood i have shared each and everything wth guru nanak dev ji.and since 2009 baba has pulled me towards him.and i was thinking am i doing something which is hurting my guru nanak dev ji.but baba replied me through your experience tht sabka maalik ek.though baba replied me earlier also but being a human we just keep on asking baba same thing time and again.m sorry baba….ur my guru nanak dev ji…..and guru nanak dev ji is my sai baba.

  9. Jai Sai Ram. Really wonderfull experience with good teaching. Thanks dear for sharing. Love u baba for everything. Om Sai Ram

  10. Dear Anonymous devotee above who have mention waiting for baba blessings for 6 years please dont lose your patience, I wil pray for u to baba i m also ardent devotee of baba he is the only life to me. I can understand your pain because even i m undergoing same pain in life even i am waiting for his biksha of blessings. Words which u have posted are same in mind too but i have faith and i trust him lot very soon our prayers will be answered i m sure about it u stop worrying about dat things will turn good i will do prayers for u too.

    Very soon i am going to post beautiful experience which happened in my life. Baba is just amazing god.

    Baba wants from all devotees to follow only these two SHARDA AND SABURI i know its very difficult in this generation but to get baba blessings we have to follow this no other go.

    BABA please bless all your devotees they are facing so much of pain in their life please forgive them with their past karmas and shower your blessings baba.


  11. Om Sai Ram.

    Amazing experience and mysteriousare the ways of Baba. he always knows the right time to grant us our wishes. He is so loving,kind,merciful and sweet. He is lovely and we need him always. Thanks a lot Baba for everything.

    The experience posted on Monday, 21.5.2012 'Baba gave me my dream job' (the last one on that days blog) is mine. i actually joined my new job on Monday and my experience regarding Baba's gift of my new job was posted exactly on the same day !! What a miracle !! I was supposed to join on Thursday, 17.5.2012 but it got postponed to Monday. I wondered why, but now i know 🙂 All is Baba's plan. And since i was free on the Thursday i.e 17th May 2012 , i could do the milk boiling ceremony on our new house that my finace has taken, where we will be staying after our marriage which is on the 9th of July. I was glad that we could do the milk boiling on a Thursday. How wonderfully Baba plans everything !! He is so kind and merciful. Thanks a lot Sai Deva.. our life is incomplete without you.

    May Baba shower his grace on us always.
    Thanks a lot Hetal Ji for your good work.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  12. Very nice posting. These doubts arise for many of us when we're introduced to Baba- Now ,when I stand before Siva Temple, I utter only 'Sai Shiva'- that comes unknowingly on my lips.
    Your experiences and conclusions- sab ka Maalik Ek- will guide many to follow Sai's path- those who 're in a dilemma..

  13. Dear Sai Daughter in above comment of 6 yrs,
    Thanks so much for your loving words…even I will pray for you we both seem to be in similar situation and your words make me feel a lil better and I feel confident that we both will share our beautiful experiences of how baba turned things around for us. Thanks again for your prayers. I have prayed for you as well wish u all the luck and happiness with babas grace.

    Jai sai ram!

  14. I m the anonymous devotee who said that m waiting for 6 years.thanks to all the devotees who prayed for me to baba.i m feeling as baba is giving me assurance thru all of u that he is listening to me.meri prayers wo nahi sunte ho sakte hai aapki prayers sunane ke baad hi shayd wo meri sudh le.main grateful to all of u.yes as few devotees said if he will listen to me i will surely share my experience wid all of u.i will pray for u as well.kehte hain jab dua apni bajaye kisi aur ke liye mangi jayi to usmein dugna asar hota hai agar aap sabki duao se meri jindgi sawar gayi aur mein is narak se bahar saki to main sab ki abhari sai raam.

  15. Very nice experience! It is wonderful that Baba brought you into his graces; it is true that Baba always chooses his devotees and it is wonderful he has chosen you to follow his path. Om Sai Ram!

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  17. sai ram
    I have one experience with sai baba.I was very tense for my husband's job.He gave many interview but he didn't select any company.He gave interview in one company but he was also rejected there.I prayed sai baba regularly. After a few days a call come from same company and they called us for 2nd interview.He select there with sai baba's blessings.After that i totally believe on sai baba.sai baba is my god…thats only miracle to get a job in same company…i never forgot sai baba's that miracle…

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